ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – A 53-year-old St. Paul man was convicted Friday in Ramsey County court in the January beating death of a woman in St. Paul.

Michael Sherman was convicted of unintentional second-degree murder in the beating death of 44-year-old Lelia Kim Scott in his St. Paul apartment back in January.

Sherman had been charged with two counts of second-degree murder in connection with the Jan. 21 incident. According to a criminal complaint, police were called to his apartment on the 300 block of North Dale Street at about 6:40 a.m..

When they arrived, they found Scott’s body in Sherman’s apartment. She had suffered severe blunt force injuries to her head and neck. Police observed a baseball bat in the apartment with what appeared to be blood on the barrel, according to the complaint.

They also noticed a note under the kitchen table in the apartment that appeared to be about making a deal for sex and money, according to the complaint.

The complaint states people at the apartment knew that Scott had a history of being a prostitute and that Sherman had a history of picking up prostitutes. Sherman admitted to police that he beat her because she was going through his stuff and wouldn’t stop.

Comments (17)
  1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    Now I’m confused.

    How do you get charged with TWO counts of murder for killing ONE person.

    Secondly, I was always under the impression that murder required intent and that unintentionally killing someone was manslaughter.

  2. just sayin says:

    When you are that ugly – it’s a wonder you can’t get any without having to pay for it.

    Hey look everyone – he looks like Michael Stipe from REM. LOL


    1. @Just says:

      Just sayin I’d be willing to bet you’re a goblin also, so i wouldn’t throw to many stones.

  3. Max says:

    Gee, it’s a White guy. I guess we won’t see the flood of racist comments we see when the criminal is a person of color…

    1. @Dax says:

      I bet the prostitute is black at least, so thats something.

    2. fred says:

      i was almost thinking the same thing….gee it`s a white guy. I guess we won`t see the flood of stupid comments from morons sticking up for the criminal, because he is white.

  4. allan says:

    He looks nuts. Better off having this guy locked up for the next fifty years.

  5. See BS says:

    I’d rather get killed than beat someone to death with a baseball bat. No one deserves that level of violence.

    1. BSthe stump says:

      Um she did get killed, please re-read your sentence, your ability to post comments should be illegal you’re quite clueless. You need to say i’d rather be shot than beaten to death. Go ride your unicycle.

      1. See BS says:

        You won’t miss me, I’m the guy who looks like I’m peddling my unicycle bow-legged.

  6. hereandnow says:

    “unintentional murder” what????? he beat her on the head and neck until she was dead what’s unintentional about that???? I say ship him to Texas and hang him, oh that’s right Texans only hang blacks or Mexicans.

    Sarcasm aside, this man needs prison for a very long time, it’s first degree murder and very intentional.

    1. See BS says:

      Nerdy White liberals always desperately trying to scare minorities.

  7. curly_racks says:

    Another example of a psycho white guy killing someone. Isn’t diversity grand?

    My guess this guy is related to our racist troll cyber friends.

    1. Hugh Jorgan says:

      Let’s count the number of white crimes comparatively speaking, a-wipe. Here’s a clue:,0,5488047.photogallery

  8. we says:

    I say use him for batting practice!!!

  9. em0886 says:

    I think they may have charged him with murder because of the level of violence associated with the crime; generally when there is no malice or premediation then they would go with some level of manslaughter. I don’t think he had it planned but definitely should not have done this to her….he savagely beat her, I can’t imagine the level of pain that would have been endured.

  10. Victoria Meyer says:

    If he was know to pick up prostitutes …A) Why didn’t anyone call the cop if other tenants knew there was that sort of traffic ? . B) If he killed one prostitute how many more are out there laying dead and unidentified and unsolved? C) I hope they (police Departments) start looking hard into unsolved cases ! This man is a monster and there is no telling how many where before this woman.

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