INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — State legislators and University of North Dakota officials are preparing to change the school’s Fighting Sioux nickname following a meeting at NCAA headquarters.

After spending more than an hour with NCAA President Mark Emmert on Friday in Indianapolis, Gov. Jack Dalrymple said the NCAA would not change the settlement agreement that goes into effect Monday. If the school doesn’t change its nickname, or get permission to use the name Fighting Sioux from a second tribe, it will be banned from hosting postseason tournaments and using the nickname or logo at NCAA tournaments.

Dalrymple says he will introduce a bill Nov. 7 transferring authority of the nickname and logo back to the school. Earlier this year, the state legislature passed a law requiring the school to use its current nickname and logo.

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Comments (9)
  1. Swamp Rat says:

    Why? The Sioux Native American nations are a part of North Dakota’s Heritage and history. The NCAA is wrong in this instance with their stance on the “Fighting Sioux” nickname etc.. It does an injustice to UND, the ND citizens, and the Sioux nations’ tribes. This is political correctness running amok.

    I wonder if the NCAA is going to pay the costs of the nickname changeover for all concerned. The whole mess is disrespectful and unwarranted. Has the NCAA changed the Florida university which has the nickname “Seminoles”. What about the “Hawkeye” nickname isn’t that name being disrespectful to the Mohigan tribes? What about getting rid of the ‘Gators’ or ‘Gophers’ names those nicknames do sound offensive to some effete snobs sensibilities. The PC list could go on.

    What about the teams called the Senators or Congressman? Aren’t they not in vogue? Who’s next???

    1. 777 says:

      its racist, end of discussion.

      1. Poor Richard says:

        Absolutely. My high school dropped the name “Indians” about ten years ago, and immediately the plight of Native Americans became drastically better. If only Notre Dame wasn’t so friggin’ insensitive, we’d finally see peace in Ireland.

  2. Swamp Rat says:

    p.s.: No wonder the nation is in such a mess!!!

  3. M Warmath says:

    I’m hoping the University of Iowa finally wakes up and changes it’s extremely offensive name. I’ve been pushing hard for them to call themselves the Iowa Public School Teachers. We’d beat them in football every year when they refuse to play more than three quarters.

  4. bpk says:

    I myself have always found the Vikings to be offensive coming from a Scandanavian heritage. In fact I have become so distraught (especially after last seasons play) that it is causing me emotional distress and ruining September thru January Sundays for me.

  5. Senora Gringa says:

    Look, I don’t get it, either. I don’t find Fighting Sioux offensive. But it is to the Sioux so have the name changed. But in ten years, when I can no longer overlook sharing St. Patrick’s Day, I get to ban the non-Irish, even my hubby!

  6. Gaven says:

    it is to the sioux huh? i find it offensive that before the europeans even came to this continent, the lakota tribes totally wiped out myriad other tribes and noone says boo about it. why do you think pawnee , shoshone etc allied with the union against the “sioux”, because the sioux have always been barbaric xenophobes and killed any tribe that even came close to them. they are offended by whatever now? too bad.

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