WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — They’re competing with each other and currently leading the pack of Republican presidential hopefuls, but Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann are riding the same issue out of Iowa: jobs.

One day after Bachmann’s victory in the Iowa straw poll and Perry’s announcement of his candidacy, the candidates told party faithful attending Black Hawk County’s Lincoln Day dinner in northern Iowa they have credibility and experience creating jobs.

“I happen to think the biggest issue facing this country is that we are facing economic turmoil, and if we don’t have a president that doesn’t get this country working, we’re in trouble,” Perry told about 300 Republican activists in Waterloo’s Electric Park Ballroom. “And I’ve got a track record.”

Bachmann touted her experience running her family’s small business in Minnesota.

“We started our own successful small company,” she told reporters. “We know how to build from scratch, putting capital together and starting a business from scratch and building it up so that we can actually offer jobs to people.”

A segment of the GOP’s establishment and economic conservatives have sat on the sidelines in the early months of the race, waiting for an alternative to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Support for Romney, positioning himself as the Republican most associated with job creation, has been muted in some parts of the GOP primary electorate.

Perry was mobbed by dozens of reporters at the Lincoln Day dinner, his first appearance as a candidate in the leadoff caucus state. He plans to hold private meetings with GOP elected officials as he travels around the state Monday and Tuesday in a motor coach splashed with his name and the slogan “Get America Working Again.” On Tuesday, Perry plans to hold an economic roundtable with businesspeople in Dubuque.

“We’re going to spend a lot of time in Iowa,” Perry told reporters.

The reaction to Perry was a sharp contrast to another part of the room, where presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator, moved through the crowd with less commotion.

Perry struggled to move from table to table. “It’s going to be a big time,” Perry told Cedar Falls Republican Jeanie Balthazor.

In the 24 hours between Perry’s announcement in Charleston, S.C., and his arrival in Iowa, the ground had shifted profoundly.

Bachmann, a Minnesota congresswoman, beat her home-state rival Tim Pawlenty by more than 2-to-1 in the Iowa straw poll, an early test of caucus campaign strength. Pawlenty, a former two-term Minnesota governor, had put all his chips on a strong showing in the poll. But his distant third-place finish, behind Texas Rep. Ron Paul, prompted Pawlenty to quit the race Sunday morning.

Bachmann, on the other hand, rose sharply to the top of Iowa polls since launching her campaign in June and made an aggressive push for straw poll support with evangelical pastors and Christian home-school backers.

Bachmann waited on her campaign bus in the ballroom parking lot while Perry spoke at the fundraiser, and entered the hall to her trademark introduction theme, Elvis Presley’s version of “Promised Land.”

A vocal opponent of the deal reached in Congress to raise the national debt ceiling, Bachmann sought to broaden her appeal to include budget hawks and noted her tea-party backing to project herself as appealing to a range of voters.

“It’s a movement coming together. It’s a movement of social conservatives, a movement of fiscal conservatives, particularly on the debt ceiling issue,” she said.

But she also stressed her opposition to abortion rights and gay marriage, issues Perry did not touch in his remarks.

“Without social conservatives it will be very difficult to beat Barack Obama in 2012,” Bachmann said.

On Sunday, Gallup’s daily tracking poll had President Barack Obama’s approval rating at 39 percent, his lowest in more than a year.

Bachmann and Paul, the libertarian favorite, combined to receive more than 60 percent of the vote at the straw poll, sending a strong anti-establishment message from Iowa’s GOP activist base.

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Comments (108)
  1. Pat says:

    Look at that photo. Could they have found a worse one?

    Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that liberal media bias is alive and well?

    So much for balanced reporting.

    1. John T. says:

      She’s a hideous, idiotic, wench. Pictures don’t lie.

    2. jeff says:

      she is so full of it. i’m sorry but how does an extra 30,000 not help but hinder a business? she didn’t explain that too well. i wish she would stop pooping out of her mouth.

      1. Carl says:

        I wish the same of you jeff

        1. jeff says:

          well ya know what they say, you can wish in one hand and………

          1. Carl says:

            That was funny, I will give you props on that one!

    3. Tan pup says:

      That statement is getting old: try a new one: read this web-site – liberal media – SUUUUURE it is . . .. http://www.freepress.net/ownership/chart/main?gclid=CPaX2OLJ0aoCFYfCKgodCyHZ2Q And YES they could have found a worse one. Tell me Pat: where exactly is the liberal part? How is showing a photo liberal or conservative. See MB loves people like you; no substance just repeats mindless rhetoric.

  2. Joe says:

    Is there any doubt that you’re paranoid and obsessed over the “liberal media?”

    Give it a rest, dude. The picture looks fine.

    1. Matt says:

      reporting the truth is liberalism

      1. Joe Too says:

        And truth has a well-known liberal bias.

  3. Murph says:

    Gee thats really great.My experience in roller skating must make me eligible to take over the nations rapid transit program! Like Michele,my wife is really great at riding a broom! There must be a spot for her too!

  4. Hunky Dorey says:

    Let’s not get tricked folks, Bachmann is the establishment candidate right now. They plan on pulling the carpet out from her very soon now that Perry is in. Bachmann doesn’t want to talk about how she is for the Patriot Act and more undeclared wars, both of which are big government positions. You’re being tricked again.
    Ron Paul is the people’s real choice and they(the establishment) knows it.

    1. meow says:

      Ron Paul is looking better and better for a GOP candidate. Agreed. I’m sure the Dems and Obama would be THRILLED if Bachmann got the nomination… it’d be a landslide win for Obama with little campaigning.

      Honestly, I haven’t seen ONE piece of good media about her. Not ONE. Even FOX news has ripped her apart.

  5. Paul Mackay says:

    Bachmann will do the same thing she did in Minnesota. Nothing but get paid.

  6. Republican Otter says:

    Perry/Bachmann 2012

    1. Joe Too says:

      Just what we need: two theocrats who have God’s private number.

      1. Tan pup says:

        I heard GOD changed the number and now forwards all calls from “experts” to customer service.

        1. Me says:

          I heard God outsourced his customer service to India.

  7. steve says:

    More good news: Today’s Gallup Poll says Obama’s approval rating hits new low now below 40 percent.

    1. Iconoclast says:

      Forgive my ignorance, Steve.

      How and why is that good news?

      Thanks for your response.

  8. frozenrunner says:

    Bachman Perry and Paul are all political hacks. They have been in politics a long time. They are not outsiders. Bachman’s claim to have created jobs is a joke. Perry’s candidacy as anti big government is a joke as Texas is now deeper in debt with more government jobs than ever. Ron Paul. What idea in over 10 years did he propose and have the skill to muster through. That would be ZERO. Why would you support someone who has no skill?

    1. just sayin says:

      For the same reason you libs supports Barrack.

      1. Iconoclast says:

        What’s funny here is you can’t find anything positive about ANY GOP candidates, so you just mention “libs” and find a disrespectful way to refer to the President, similar to when idiot democrats called GW Bush “Bushie” and “Shrub.”

        Same level of maturity. Same probably non-successful life stories. See? You’re all really the same at your cores: Dumb.

  9. snowman says:

    You Bachmann supporters are a bunch of hillbillies! Why dismantle national
    healthcare, and go back to an expensive broken healthcare system?

    1. meow says:

      Agreed. True. Healthcare needs an overhaul and ours will need some fine tuning over the years but it could take the burden off some companies and businesses. It’s the smart choice. Good post snowman.

  10. Jesse says:


  11. Ken says:

    Obama approval rating now at 39% , Joe Fabetz could beat this socialist.

    1. Iconoclast says:

      Maybe, but neither Bachmann or Romney can. And they’re actually running.

  12. Mark says:

    How do they talk jobs, when this REPUBLICAN controlled house has yet to introduce even one jobs bill?

    Just a bit more hypocrisy to pile on the already too high mountain of lbroken promises this political group continues to offer us.

    He’s not the best President, but why go back to the lies andbroken truths of the past? In the words of Dumb-ya:

    “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, uhhhh…

    A fool can’t get fooled again!”

    This is one fool who won’t get fooled again!

    1. Ken says:

      Republicans do not believe that ‘creating government jobs’ is creating jobs. They believe creating the environment for the private sector is what creates jobs. This means lower taxes, stabilizing energy cost, repealing Obamacare, stopping card check and the labor department from pushing unions on the country, fighting the EPA on new regulations costing businesses money,and lowering the debt but cutting spending They have been addressing all of the above through bills that have been stalled in the demacratic senate thanks to Harry Reid.

      1. jeff says:

        all great ideas. but let’s get rid of minimum wage so that our fellow americans can earn $0.15 an hour working 16 hour days with no breaks, no medical, and make it so a person can be arbitrarily fired. only then will we be able to compete with china and india, bringing all of those desperately needed jobs back to the u.s., filling the bottomless pocketbooks of the insanely rich. it used to be that simple supply and demand created jobs. not so with republicans. if you simply stop taxing corporations that inofitself, will create tons of jobs. those in charge will be opening positions all over even thiough they may not be needed. maybe we should also disband the epa so that we could have regular weekly intervals from one disaster to the next. a jamestown one week and a horizon the next. “strip the mountains, pollute the rivers and take those expensive mercury filters off the of our coal plants, they are hurting our bottum line!”

        1. dan says:

          Jeff, would yu like some cheese with your wine? You are obviously a Union member that cant handle the fact that Unions have seen their glory days and are are soon to be a relic of the past.

          1. jeff says:

            is that the best you can come up with? let me guess there “bookem”, you’d be one of the people that’d be employing people at those wages?

            1. dan says:

              Sorry, wrong Jeff. Self employed and run my own business. I am sure if you work at your Union post long enough you will get a raise but certainly not based on what you bring to the company or your worth as an employee.

              1. jeff says:

                i’m a gardener. i have never worked for the government in my life. i have no intention of ever working for the government. i agree with you on how far unions go to protect their workers. i think it’s shameful that a worker can sit on their but all day long playing cards and getting a check. but i think that there are somethings that unions are good for. your example is just one of those things that’s being taken advantage of. and i’m sure it just chaps your hide that you work your fingers to the bone day in and day out while someone else who does much less has a secure future at the cost of the taxes you pay. i get that……but that is not the only thing that unions are there for.

                1. Deano says:

                  That is great, where and for how much. My brother will do the work for even less. He’s got lots of friends to help too.

                2. dan says:

                  @ Jeff,

                  So as a gardener you are probably not part of a union, correct?

                3. Iconoclast says:

                  Gardening is a hobby, not a profession.

        2. meow says:

          @ jeff … good points. It’s true, the slave labor over in China and India is what has replaced jobs in America. Also, I don’t think companies have to pay for Healthcare in China or India… or am I wrong? Then throw on top the fact that the Internet has taken thousands upon thousands of jobs away with music downloads, movie downloads, online shopping. What I don’t understand is why our government isn’t taxing the BaJeezuz out of imports to make it more attractive to keep jobs here?

          1. just sayin says:

            Who signed into law the Free trade Agreement.
            Clinton signed it into law on December 8, 1993; it went into effect on January 1, 1994. Clinton while signing the NAFTA bill stated: “…NAFTA means jobs. American jobs, and good-paying American jobs. If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t support this agreement.
            And where did our jobs go?

            1. Ordinary Guy says:

              Clinton was dead wrong to do so, in hind-sight, but it sounded good at the time. Enough people warned of this day, but refusing to admit it in the face of these times? What do you call that? Their skepticism is proven.

        3. Carl says:

          Jeff, I suggest you go out and get a degree so you don t have to rely on the Govt to make sure you receive a minimum wage. Who works for minimum wage anyways? Even students working at DQ and McDonalds make more than minimum wage.

          1. jeff says:

            yeah it doesn’t really benefit any companies financially to pay minimum wage. nobody ever cries out when they raise minimum wage because nobody pays that. do you even hear yourself? are you actually that out of tune with the world and what’s going on that you’d think nobody works for minimum wage? hahahahahahahahahahahaha you are just too precious.

            1. Carl says:

              Please name a job that pays minimum wage. Make sure its a job that a reasonable human trying to support a family would apply for.

              1. jeff says:

                exactly! you took the words out of my mouth.

                1. Carl says:

                  So why would you start a family when the only job you are qualified for is a minimum wage job? I guess this is just another Democrat in the making. Look to govt for your monthly handout.

                2. Carl says:

                  Jeff, please answer my question.


        4. Ken says:

          Who made the rule it was up to a business to provide you with healthcare? Thats your responsibility. A company should be able to fire you whenever they feel you are not doing your job, its their company. The rest of your complaints, minimum wage, working conditions, hourly work, etc are all government rules now. No union jobs are flourishing in the south. If you don’t want to work at a job, don’t take it. You got it all upside down. You don’t hire a company, they hire you.

          1. jeff says:

            if you don’t want a job don’t take it? are you serious?

        5. Claire says:

          Not sure if you heard but there is a really big state just to the East of us called Wisconsin. The Gov took a stand against Unions, Democrats legislatures fled to Illinois to hide from a vote, garnished up a repeal vote to get these evil GOP’rs out of office only to find out the people have spoken. Enough with big Unions and the weak that they employ.

          1. jeff says:

            maybe if we bring the salary of teachers, firefighters down enough we can get rid of public education and privatize fire. sounds like a great plan. now let’s see if you can get it through the legislature.

            1. Claire says:

              Salary reduction was never part of the discussion. It was to simply reign in the Unions, pay a fair share of Health Insurance and amount towards pensions. Yes, the net salary is reduced but in comparison with their peers, this is more than a fair offer.

      2. Mark says:

        @ Ken;

        As a former republican party member (but we are talking years ago, before the religious zelots took over the GOP “God’s Oil Party”) I could never vote for another one of this group, especially the group that is vying for the endorsement.

        Why should the economic mess continue to be paid by those who have the least, while those who have the most continue to pull more and more in, and invest it in the stock market? And last I checked, investing in the stock market creates ZERO jobs!

        IAnd to Dan, I wouldn’t mind some cheese with the wine, but I can’t afford either one on what I’m left with because of median wage stagnation!

        1. Carl says:

          Mark, you must be a teacher on summer vacation. Dont let summer dull your senses.
          “Investing in the stock market creates zero jobs”? That has to be the most ignorant statement yet.
          Do you understand what the stock market does? It allows small companies to go public, raise needed cash to expand their business. This is either an equiptment, employee or brand expansion. It also employs hundreds of thousands of stock brokers, mutual fund employees and union pension managers just to name a few. Investing in the stock market does create jobs!

          1. Mark says:


            I am not a teacher, and investment in the stock market sir does not create demand for product. Without people purchasing goods and services, there is no need for employment. The only capital that investment creates is in the check printing industry, for those great diviodend checks.

            We need to stop shipping jobs overseas, crate import duties and tariffs to make USA products more competitive. We need to create living wage, not minimum wage jobs. And bring back corporatins to manufacture goods from raw materials here in this nation!

            Do you sir, understand that real economic wealth is created from taking raw materials and creating a finished good to sell in the marketplace? That is what we used to do in this nation. We imported large amounts of raw materials, and created large amounts of goods that we sold not only here in the US, but exported to all parts of the world.

            Now, our nation does it just the opposite. We export our raw materials and resources, and import created finished products from other lands. This is a recipe for economic disaster, and third world nation status.

            This is not ignorance sir, IT IS ECONOMIC REALITY AND THE COLD, HARD TRUTH!!!!!

            1. Curt says:

              Talk to the Obama EPA, Union thugs, and taxes. If a business can produce a better product overseas they will. Just talk to the CEO of GE also the Obama Jobs CZAR, he has plants all over china and didn’t pay a cent of taxes. This is the guy advising Obama.

            2. Carl says:

              Try to stay on point Mark, You claimed that investing in the stock market does not create any jobs. Now after proving you wrong you spin to investing in the stock market doesnt create demand. No one said it creates demand.
              You simplistic anlogy is flawed. We created wealth in our country by being innovative in turning raw materials into products. Once the innovation is sold at Wal-mart the technology and its production has always moved over seas. Simple minded people think we should make the same products we have made for generations, never close a manufacturing plant and never better ourselves. Sorry, but we have thrived on new innovations and products, period.

              1. Mark says:


                Sir, I’m not saying we shouldn’t be innovative, however we need to keep the jobs here, do you not agree? Or do we become a “service jobs” only nation? Service jobs create no true wealth at all.

                So if we want to keep jobs in this nation, my analogy is to create the best products here, and charge tariffs and duties on ALL imports brought in. Then if the consumer really wants to pay for something that isn’t keeping the wealth here, he is welcome to, but it will cost him more because of the Fees attached to the product.

                Sometimes simplistic is better than complex, especially in this world of dividend checks.

                You never proved me wrong sir, because real economic growth is only created through the sale of finished goods. That sir is economics 101.

                1. Carl says:

                  Again Mark,

                  My argument was simply that investing in the stock market does create jobs. You seem to think that it does not create jobs, so be it.

                  In regards to tariffs, dividends and service jobs thats your opinion that you are free to have.

                2. Ordiinary Guy says:

                  IPOs create jobs. How many of those reach the common investor? Not many, the brokerage house sees to that. The rest of trading employs traders and accountants. Industry and jobs are unrelated to further trading raising capital at the initial offering, except as an indicator of market confidence in the viability and worth of the particular business.

                3. Carl says:

                  @Ordinary Guy

                  So when Apple, Catepillar, 3M & Walmart all went public these jobs didnt reach the common investor looking for a job? I think you are wrong. the average person can get a job at any Walmart in any town over 5000 people, and if they had an extra $100 to invest back in the early 80’s they would have greatly benefited from a Walmart IPO.
                  think before you spew

              2. Ordinary Guy says:

                Those IPOs did generate capitol and jobs and in turn, fabulous growth for those companies. That’s just what I said. The holders of those shares did benefit from the appreciation, contrasted with those who’ve gambled and lost. But many companies and people, as employees grow out of innovation and productive effort, not from further trades. Further trades do nothing but speculate.

                I think that any WalMart employees had better charish their stocks, because from what I’ve seen of their service, wages and benefits, they are not likely to prosper as a result of their efforts. Since Sam Walton and his red, white and blue packaged “buy American” promotion died away, the tax holiday from foreign labor has devastated our country and bankrupted it by those who followed the pattern.

                Why not? Target and K-Mart and the others would go out of business too if they didn’t follow the economic betrayal of the American dream.

        2. Claire says:

          And how has Obama changed the course? We are still fighting wars over Oil/Terrorism, GITMO is still open, we dont have open access to meetings as promised to be covered by CSPAN, and Obama extended the Bush tax cuts.
          You unknowingly are voting for more of the same. Outside of Universally stupiod health care and spending Trillions of dollars, what do we have?

      3. Ordiinary Guy says:

        There really wasn’t a prosperous middle-class consumer economy until the rise of the American labor movement. Most management people had salaries and benefits comparable or above the union package, simply because it was there. I don’t know where you’re from, but those union folks helped us all out around here.

      4. Iconoclast says:

        You mean lower taxes on wealthy corporations. That’s who your savior Michele Bachmann says needs lower taxes the most. You’re ok with that though I’m sure. 😉

    2. Stan says:

      The government jobs Obama has proposed are a burden on society. They produce no taxes and require raising taxes on all to pay for. They add nothing to the GDP, the trade balance, and produce nothing. You obviously have never owned a business as you would know every bill the republicans have introduced are jobs bills. If you are spending money on taxes, energy cost, increased labor costs, increased healthcare cost, etc, you are not hiring people. A business only has so much money.

      1. jeff says:

        so you mean to tell me that you’d hire more people if you were taxed less? even if demand for your product was the same? you clearly don’t know anything about running a business either. you don’t just hire people because you are getting more of your money. you hire people because demand is up. please don’t sit there and pretend that if your taxes are lowered that you are going to have a hiring free for all.

        1. Stan says:

          What a bunch of jibberish. Why do you think right to work states are doing great. Why do you think states with high taxes lose business? Hello McFly, anybody home upstairs?

          1. jeff says:

            you still didn’t address my question i noticed. i’ll keep waiting but won’t hold my breath.

            our economy in minnesota has always done pretty well. we have many fortune 500 companies here. our downtown has about 200,000 workers alone. most of the class a office space is filled. the vacancy rate is higher than usual but that’s expected in an economic downturn. oh and we are one of the highest taxed. so don’t sit there and tell me that everyone is bailing out here because it’s just not happening.

            1. Jack says:

              Thank T-Paw and every other republican governor for the veto over dem tax increases. And by the way, we are in debt up to our eyeballs and it will have another stalemate in two years over taxes/cuts.

              1. jeff says:

                no your right, tpaw didn’t increase taxes he used the word fees. you can dress that pig up all you want but in the end it’s the same thing…… a tax!

        2. Claire says:

          Keep up the tunnel vision and watch every business leave MN or even the US. Its people like you that think you have a right to business or govt paid health care or guaranteed pensions that will kill our economy.
          Be part of the solution not the probem jeff

          1. jeff says:

            you also didn’t address my question. before you start indicating that i’m part of the problem perhaps you’d take a second to address what i said. and let’s take a look at our business history o’claire. if you put the corporations in charge what would they want to pay you? as little as possible? as much as possible? would they want to be concerned about rights in the workplace? or would that be too time consuming and a waste of resources. what would your workday be? 4 hours? 8 hours? 16 hours? what would they give you for benefits of any kind? i mean if i was a greedy, power hungry ceo i’d want to do as little as possible and pay as little as possible to my workers. after all we are all pretty much expendible and can be easily replaced. if you doubt for one second that something like that would happen you only have to look a hundred years back and see where we were when it came to common business practices and how we got to the point we did today.

            and don’t forget to answer my question.

            1. Claire says:

              Free markets and competition will always level the playing field. If all my employees were simple drones that plugged along and placed hood ornaments on a car all day long then yes, pay less and work more hours would be the incentive of any employer. In the real world outside of Unions people are paid and treated based on their worth to the company. You work at free will and I hire and fire at free will. if you dont like my wages and benefit package that I am offering go across the street and work for someone else. If you bring value to my company I will reward you with higher wages and benefits to keep you as an employee. if you want to trudge along the Union way please find somewhere else to work. i hope this answers your question.

              1. jeff says:

                it didn’t answer my question! my question is this; if your business is not taxed at all (suddenly) and you have a ton of money to work with but the demand for your product is unchanged, will you hire more workers to put out all kinds of EXTRA product that may not even sell? does that make any business sense to you whatsoever? simply lowering taxes isn’t going to create new jobs my dear. you need DEMAND! HOW DOES SIMPLY LOWERING TAXES CREATE DEMAND? more money in your pocket doesn’t guarentee a purchase of products. especially if you have to pay for your own retirement, medical etc. i really hope that you guys get the whitehouse for the next 50 years. i think i’d rather shoot myself in the foot just to see your ilk fall on their faces. and when i’m on my deathbed i wanna be there so i can say, “i told you so”.

                1. Claire says:

                  Sorry jeff,

                  I missed your question because that was the one you posed to Stan not me. I never said that lowering taxes would create more jobs. But you must assume that raising taxes increases demand, correct? On the contrary, raising taxes is like economic chaos, everyone shrinks their spending habits and saves more. No new demand, no new tax revenue from sales and certainly no new jobs. You may want to rephrase the end of your last post. “when i’m on my death bed i wanna be there so i can say, i told you so”? What??

              2. jeff says:

                also claire honestly when you write your theory down on paper it looks good. but when it boils down to it people are greedy, money hungry and will do anything to get ahead. when it comes to actual life and people and what they go through, it doesn’t look as good. it just doesn’t. a government in a capitalist society is only as big as the injustices within that society. that is a fact!!!!

                1. Claire says:

                  @ Jeff,

                  Actual workers in a Union that are not held accountable will slack off and get by with as little as possible, that’s a fact

                2. jeff says:

                  i can still respond to mine claire. and my question was in the original post that you originally commented on. yeah teachers don’t do anything at all. and firemen don’t do anything either. maybe if we privatize them and give them less money and benefits they’ll do better.

                  how about holding everyone accountable? you want to disassemble the whole thing instead of dealing with the problem within?

                3. Claire says:


                  Nice spin now you are whining about teachers and firemen. So when you dont have a point go for the vulnerable.
                  Heres a spin for you: what happened in Wisconsin last week basically makes a statement the people are tired of Union thugs and their supports like yourself.

                4. jeff says:

                  thanks for clair-ifying that for me. you certainly wiggled your way out of that one.

                5. jeff says:

                  it was nice claire how you thwarted another answer. indeed the people of wisconsin spoke. and i hope that they get everything they deserve.

                6. jeff says:

                  i notice you didn’t have anything to say about this statement of mine. “a government in a capitalist society is only as big as the injustices within that society. that is a fact!!!!” except for “that’s a fact”…..

              3. Ordinary Guy says:

                That’s simply not the case in any way. “Fair trade”, with the rules the same for imports and domestic producers being the same, is the only just way. Exploiting the American government’s tax preference for imports and the innocence of the consuming public to the effects of this policy must place you on the side of some other society. Third-world conditions will replace the country you’ve known here. I assume you are loyal to this state and country. No amount of frugality will make up for the 55 billion dollars lost per month to your foolish sideshow distractions and Reagan-era platitudes.

      2. Me says:

        Are you saying gov’t employees pay no taxes?

        1. Stan says:

          taxes pay for govt employees. It really doesn’t matter if they pay or not.

          1. jeff says:

            then you’d have no problem making all government workers tax exempt……permanently?

            1. stan says:

              absolutely as long as you dock their pay according.

              1. jeff says:

                why aren’t you pushing for that to happen then?

    3. dan says:

      And in the past 3 years how many Democrat Jobs bills have produced one non-govt job? Zero!

  13. Redneck Purist says:

    Obama’s presidency is dead as disco. He’s toast.

    1. Mark says:

      @ Redneck Purist

      Disco never died. It re-incarnated in the form of Madonna and Lady Ga Ga.

  14. JoJo says:

    You might need his dental plan. Must be tough with only three teeth in your empty head. How can you eat your corn on the cob?

    1. Redneck Purist says:

      I’ve got a dental plan. I have a job so I’m not an Obama constituent. You however, may want to get your teeth fixed before next November. After that, your sugar daddy and all his freebies will be history. Anyone on the ballot by the name of “not Obama” will win in a landslide. A dead Parakeet could beat that huckster.

  15. Mike A says:

    The lower taxes thing, how’s that been working for the last 10+ years? Alot of new jobs yet, or are the businesses just pocketing the extra money? I’m not going to fall for the same old line again, it’s what they’ve been promising for years – lowering taxes will help the business environment create new jobs. We need to put people back to work to create a more stable revenue base. We also need to find a reliable way to keep uneligible people from finding ways to obtain benefits they are not entitled to. We also need to provide for those in need, i.e., the elderly, the children, those who are unable to work – it would be the Christian thing to do.

    1. MIke says:

      If you look at the history of the 1940’s and 1950’s. One of the biggest economic booms for America came after Europe’s wars along with the Hydrogen bombing of Japan. The 1950’s were a time of massive growth for America.

      1. Iconoclast says:

        One of the bombs, little boy, the first bomb was uranium based, and the 2nd one, fat man was plutonium based.

        It is colloquially referred to as the hydrogen bomb because it employs hydrogen fusion, but the bulk of its destructive energy comes from uranium fission, not hydrogen fusion.

        Just sayin.

  16. Me says:

    Woo hoo! Texas is number two for jobs! That is – it ranks as the number two state in the nation for having minimum wage jobs.

    And how will Bachmann put people to work? In factories making those awesome lightbulbs?

    I don’t want the GOP to get the WH but surely they have someone better than these two clowns?

    1. Carl says:

      I wonder how many of those jobs in Texas are held by illegal aliens?

      1. jeff says:

        considering it’s “republicland” you’d think thay would have checked into that. they are too busy giving breaks to the wealthy and creating jobs that only illegal immigrants would want. how about paying something a little more attractive? not everyone wants to live in a two bedroom house with 16 people sleeping on floor. yeah…..that’s that old american dream. perhaps if you republicans are at the helm long enough you’ll be able to bring our country to the brink of destruction and only then will you get the common american to appreciate a job that pays 15 cents an hour.

        1. Carl says:

          Republicans are too late Obama has already brought us to the brink!

          1. jeff says:

            i still see business going on as usual where i live. downtown is bustling, people are in stores making purchases and police, fire and schools continue to operate.

            1. Carl says:

              Unemployment near double digit and acutal people unemployed who have just given up looking for a job is probably closer to 18%. Yep, business as usual for a Democrat run country

        2. Sinbad says:

          I got news for you jeff, this country owes you squat. Get off your rear and find, create, or buy your own company. No one owes you a thing. Its people like you that expect a handout that should listen to JFK speech “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. I think your afraid of life and providing for yourself and family. If 15 cents an hour is all you get offered its probably all your worth.

          1. jeff says:

            i love it when people think they know me! that’s when i get to force feed them their own foot. not only do i work full time but i also go to college full time. and when i get home i go straight to volunteer for twenty hours a week at a catholic church. oddly the same group of people that are trying to keep me from getting married to my significant other. don’t you dare sit there and pretend to know me because you don’t have a clue. i wonder if you fit about 100 hrs. a week into producing something weekly. i do more than my fair share. additionally i have no family to provide for. clearly in our economic climate nobody would get away with paying 0.15 an hour but if you took away a minimum wage what do you think employers would get away with paying? hmmmmmmmm. got something smart to say now? tell us a little about yourself. what do you do for a living? how much do you volunteer a week? how many children are you a big brother to? mhmmmmmmm. what are you doing to make this a better place to live…….besides paying taxes………?

            1. Ben says:

              Oh, so you’re gay. Good for you. I hope you enjoy your life with your significant other.


  17. Ordinary Guy says:

    You’ve just got to face it, there are businesses that have a business plan that is so marginal that exploiting desparate workers is the only way they’ll make a healthy profit for the owner. That is a blight on society. Responsible companies and corporations that care as much about how they profit, as they do how much they profit, should be honored and rewarded by society.

    It seems to me, that in America we’ve decided to do things the right and responsible way. You can argue about what that means, more or less, but we should not handicap these responsible businesses. Instead, we should treat all equally for entering our consumer marketplace. And when there is no advantage to doing otherwise, those exploitive foreign societies will be encouraged to raise their workers and citizens’ standards and enjoy the prosperity of a fair consumer economy too.

    I don’t care who you elect, just make them ones that serve the citizens. I believe they want to, but they have to stick their necks out and really do something right.

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