By Andrea Fujii, WJZ-TV

BALTIMORE (CBS Local) — A total of 68 Marylanders died in the Sept. 11 attacks. As of July, the 9/11 memorial of Maryland to honor them nearly halfway complete.

Placed in front of Baltimore’s World Trade Center, it will be unveiled Sept. 11, 2011, to mark the 10-year anniversary of the attacks.

“I think people will slow down just a minute and take a look back at where they were,” said Douglas Bothner, memorial architect.

This is what it looks like: Two tons of mangled steel beams from the wreckage will be purposefully laid on a marble bed.

“We all are vertical beings and when we lie down in our final resting place, it speaks,” Bothner told CBS Baltimore station WJZ-TV.

The steel should be arriving in late August and reportedly spanned between the 94th and 96th floors of the WTC North Tower.

Marylander Steve Peck escaped.

“The firefighters and police officers that gave their life that day, thousands of us got out,” Peck said.

Watch WJZ-TV reports:

Maryland victims’ names will be carved into the marble. Once the memorial is revealed everyone will be able to touch part of American history.

“It’s an opportunity much like in New York to show our appreciation for their sacrifice,” said Camila Clark, of the Maryland Office of Tourism.

A list of the attack victims can be found online at


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