MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The countdown to the first day of school is on, and parents are hustling to get their kids supplied and outfitted.

Mall of America trend specialist Sara Rogers says the first thing to do when back-to-school shopping is take inventory of what you’ve got that still fits. Next, consider the age- and gender-appropriate trends right now.

Rogers recommended layering different items and mixing & matching prints for elementary school-aged boys.

For elementary-aged girls, Rogers said tops with lace are big right now. And though skinny jeans are still a big item, another option for younger girls is to go for jeans with flared legs.

For older girls in high school, Rogers said tops with distinctive necklines are a must, as are feathers — either in earrings or in your hair. Burgundy is a big color for high school-aged girls, and don’t be afraid to go big with your belts.

For high school boys, T-shirts and jeans are still a given, but emphasize vintage flare with those shirts, and experiment with different colored jeans, not just the basic indigo wash. Also, boots are a nice way to break away from your basic sneakers.

Lastly, nerds unite! Across the board, “geek chic” couldn’t be hotter right now, so consider a hip/square pair of glasses.

A money-saving tip: any spring and summer pieces can be layered for fall and winter.

Comments (5)
  1. hdmc says:

    school fashion? should be school uniforms. school should not be a fashion show. christ..

  2. Dave says:

    Many can’t read, write, think, or avoid criminal activity for the most part, yet they wear the latest fashions. What a sick society we live in.

  3. MVY says:

    I thought this was very cute. I don’t see anybody saying that fashion is more important than reading/writing. They’re giving tips on saving money in a fun way. Children grow fast, and parents gotta buy smart. I think the economy could use the spending too.

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