MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Police have arrested an alleged serial burglar who they say has been targeting the south side of the city for several weeks.

The Hennepin County Attorney charged Charles Medgar Hall, 48, with two counts of second-degree burglary on Tuesday.

According to Minneapolis Police, nine burglaries occurred between July 13 and Aug. 3 in secured, underground parking garages in south Minneapolis. Each time, the suspect broke into vehicles by smashing the window or prying open the car doors to get items inside, such as stereos, GPS units and money.

Police said the suspect also broke into storage lockers and stole other items, including bicycles.

In all, police said the suspect broke into at least 52 vehicles on his crime spree.

Police said Hall is the primary suspect in all of the burglaries, though he’s only been charged with two so far. Hall has allegedly confessed to committing several more, according to police. He is currently being held in the Hennepin County Jail.

The Minneapolis Police Department’s Fifth Precinct Property Crimes Unit said they suspect Hall committed other vehicle burglaries that have not yet been reported.

Anyone with information on these cases or who needs to report a motor vehicle theft is asked to call the Fifth Precinct Property Crimes Unit at 612-673-3591.

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  1. The Axe Swinger says:

    Death Sentence.

    Better yet, he should take his own life to spare his family the dishonor of his incarceration for being a stupid petty thief.

    1. yo bro!!!! says:

      Looks like obamas brother

  2. rj says:

    He will never be good for anything Get rid of him now.

  3. Tom says:

    In other news Hall says he backs TeapubliCON favorite Michelle Bachmann…

  4. Kessler says:

    Another with a rap sheet that includes domestic assault, stolen cars, theft, burglary. Glad he will be in the big house for a while and not dirtying up the streets with his presence.

  5. DP tha groundhogg says:

    Whoa…50 years old…kind of late to be starting a criminal career. Like my tax dollers gone get this guy 3 hots and a cot…..glad he aint break in my ride!

  6. The Axe Swinger says:

    He’s kinda cute though..If I were locked up with him,I’d surely offer him a massage..Those black guys can be sooo bossy..I love that!!

  7. Missing Laptop says:

    Good now move on and find the ones who were getting into cars in West St. Paul, taking my laptop and money, there dept wont even call me back when I tell them I found a lead for them. Sent a ‘reserve’ officer to take my report who basically told me to file a claim with my insurance. I don’t have insurance to cover that, which (besides the illegal act of theft) is why I called the cops in the first place. The police are suppose to help solve crimes, not be a conduit salesman for the insurance industry.!

    1. JustSayin says:

      I think the cops have MUCH bigger problems. Not saying a missing laptop is not a big problem, it REALLY is, I would be just as upset. But you must look at it from their point of view. EVERYONE knows, you need insurance for everything to save your own butt. Anyone who doesn’t insure just about everything they own is stupid IMO.

    2. JustSayin says:

      Just wondering……..why on earth would you leave money and electronics in your CAR?!!?!?!!!!! Not very smart…….

      1. Missing Laptop says:

        Because I work out of my car and happened to not bring it back inside the house I was staying, and had some spare change in the cupholder. I didn’t realize I was suppose to live in constant fear of being robbed. On the plus they didn’t take several thousand dollars worth of other electronics/sporting goods I had right next to the laptop so hey what can ya do?
        And seeing as though I’m technically homeless I can’t get homeowners/renters insurance to cover any of my property anyways.
        Isn’t that why taxes go the police to help those who need it, not simply tell the victim to file an insurance claim?!?

        1. sorry you lost your stuff says:

          Missing Laptop, this is not St. Paul. Felons from Chicago have taken over. They will steal anything. They will kill anyone. The cops can’t keep up.

    3. duh says:

      its not the cops or insurance companies fault your an idiot and leave valuables in your car…that is why the cops dont give a damn.

      1. grammar police says:

        i always love it when people that say: “your an idiot”