Monday was Jim Thome Day. Now it’s turning into Jim Thome week and rightly so.

The Twins announced plans to honor Thome’s #600 and now #601 during this week’s home stand against the Yankees. Even though the Thome and ARod couldn’t be more different, thinking about two #600 Club members playing against each other at Target Field is neat.

Speaking of neat, I’ve gained a new respect for Tiger fans after a standing ovation for Mr. Thome during Tuesday night’s game in the 9th inning. But then again, I wonder if they would have been so eager to stand had the score been 1-1 rather than 1-7.

I was listening to the radio man during yesterday’s game. I didn’t hear any accounts of ovations after Thome’s #601 or his late inning RBI. I could be wrong though.

It’s fine. Twins fans will be lined up to give Mr. Thome all the ovations he deserves tonight.

I didn’t think I could say it in 2011 but we’re lucky to be Twins fans this season!

Heck, why don’t we dub the whole season the “Jim Thome Season”?

Comments (5)
  1. Gloria says:

    Great points!!

  2. JOHN says:

    rightly so and bring him back next year too if he would come he is more valuable in many ways as a leader than 189 million dollars smith

  3. rayjay says:

    Too bad alot of the younger generation doesn’t appreciate an honest athlete as much as some of the older guys do. Hats off to you Jim Thome. An honest hard WORKING athlete.

  4. TwinsRAwesome says:

    Jim…PLEASE COME BACK AT LEAST ONE MORE TIME. Class act, class man, call player…….

  5. Shattered Image says:

    As soon as he came to the Twins, I bought an authentic Jim Thome jersey, identical to the one he’s wearing in the picture.

    I wish I could trade my Mauer jersey for another Thome jersey.

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