MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The nation’s biggest crackdown on drunken driving began Friday and Minnesota is taking part. To illustrate the problem, officials offered some sobering statistics.

Although the number of alcohol-related traffic deaths has been going down, drunken driving is still involved in a third of all fatalities on Minnesota roads each year. And authorities have a special mission for end of summer traffic.

“Stem the tide of the recent six weeks in which we’ve had a spike in fatal crashes,” said Lt. Eric Roeske of the Minnesota State Patrol.

Roeske says special enforcement efforts do work: “Campaigns like this one have helped reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths to a record low.”

There were 131 alcohol-related traffic deaths in Minnesota in 2010, the fewest on record and down 21 percent from five years ago.

Still, in the last five years, 791 people have died in accidents involving drinking.

More than 30,000 motorists are arrested for drunken driving each year in Minnesota and one in seven motorists has a DWI on record.

Four-hundred law enforcement agencies in Minnesota — and 10,000 agencies nationwide — are taking part in the DWI enforcement effort from now through Labor Day.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

Comments (40)
  1. Reasonable says:

    This is the ultimate in taking away of freedom. We have three laws for the same thing, what boils down to driving while you’re intoxicated. We also use an arbitrary standard (BAC) to measure if a person is capable of operating a vehicle.
    Then you thrown in the neoprohibitionist lobby known as MADD (chairwoman arrested for DUI no less) and their pictures of dead people to suddenly have a “face” for the campaign.

    If I want to have a drink at the bar near the office before going home, that’s my right. If I want to have a beer while I’m stuck in traffic that’s my right. If I do something stupid while sober in my car I have consequences to pay, just as if I do it while I’m enjoying a beverage.

    DUI is a victimless crime, vehicular homicide while intoxicated is not.

    If you want to argue that it’s prevention, then I argue that pulling over 1% of vehicles for a spot check is the right way to go since you never know how many people out there have had a drink before hitting the car. Or they may just have had some allergy meds that make them a little loose in the head. Hint, it’s at least 20%.

    1. Sandra Bluem says:

      Sounds to me like you have gotten busted a few times & are a little… well… REALLY bitter! Victimless crime”??? Who acutally argues AGAINST sober driving? Oh yeah… someone who wants to drink & drive.

      You can drink all you want after work but, CALL A CAB!!! No one is stopping you from going to the bar, but CALL A CAB or go with someone that can drive you home safely. It’s a simple soution really.

    2. Jeff Jensen says:

      Reasonable? Far from it, you sound like an ignorant, arrogant SOB…YOU deserve to be splattered across your dashboard by a drunk idiot driver.

    3. Dan says:

      Actually I think the “ultimate in taking away of freedom” occurs when you rob a family of one of their members from selfish, reckless behavior.

      No one is taking away your right to have a drink after work. If you can’t make it through a traffic jam without having a beer…well, probably time to examine your mental state.

  2. ITsOKJusttakeAToke says:

    When a nation is finacially broke as we are….you start seeing the police state become more beefed up. last 2 weeks it was that BS speeding agenda. Now its this….its hilarious how we say alchohol is legal just dont opperate your vehichle when your done. Personal responsibilty is the most important thing here…If you drink and drive and kill yourself, I call that process of elimanation. Its hard to be in the land of the free when are freedoms are constantly stomped on by legislation passed narrowed mindedness of our goverment.

    1. Pealing Paint says:

      Good points….

      Can someone tell me how many of these they have in Europe? Where if you’re caught drinking and driving the fines are much stiffer? And I’m NOT talking about MONEY!!! I’m talking about taking your license away and the LENGTH they do it!!!

      Nope….not in the US….you pay $7000 in fines…but you can drive 2 days later with a good lawyer…again…costing you $7000…..

      This is a JOKE

      MN Troopers…..I know you are just doing your JOB…..but I am SURE you would complain if all of a sudden we came over to your HOMES and decided to cite you for CODE enforcement like pealing paint or weeks on your driveway…I’m SURE ALL of you would be crying and complaining MORE than us!!!!

      1. Chris says:

        Mn Troopers are not coming to your home and arresting you for DWI. They are doing it on the public roads. Roads that they drive, thier families drive, your family drives, and peoples families that you don’t know or care about it. So your comparison is far fetched. I say everyone who drinks and drives is fair game!! Take thier money, take thier licenses, take thier freedom. If you’re dumb enough to do it…your dumb enough to pay for it!

  3. Theresa says:

    I for one am against MADD this cmapaign does nothing to help the victims of the offenders, my mother was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver the other driver had a 4.0 and it would have been her 4th dwi had she not been killed but yet she had a valid driver license and minimum insurance .. all MADD has managed to do is make more money for the state and the insurance companies after all a dwi will cost you about 7000 in fines and then the insurance company benefits because you are on Risk and pay higher premiums I believe if MADD really meant to help the victims they should push for laws that would require the insurance companies to lower premiums and force the dui offender to carry the max insurance instead of the minimum…

    1. Reasonable says:

      you mean .40? A 4.0 isn’t intoxicated, it’s pickled lol!

      1. Iconoclast says:

        4.0 is dead.

  4. Mikey says:

    Wow. Those have to be the three dumbest, most ignorant comments I’ve ever seen on a news story.

    1. Reasonable says:

      Well thank you Mikey for coming along and making everything better.

    2. Security0207 says:

      That’s what i’m thinking mikey.. how can 3 people be so STUPID and ignorant ??? And for all you idiots drinking and driving i hope u get BUSTUD cause people like you kill incent people every day and year. And it’s not your right to take our lives into your hands..get a life

    3. Dumb and dumber says:

      And yours tops the “dumb” list!

      1. Security0207 says:

        At least i know it’s wrong to drink and drive and i’m not so selfish to take incent lives into my hands.. thats why the troopers have to be out there to babysit people like you. if you dont do nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about.. simple as that DUMBEST

        1. I'ms smurts says:

          What is a “incent life”

          And I love this one…

          “if you dont do nothing”

          If I DON’T do Nothing, I AM doing something!

          WOW…..Graduate much?

      2. Security0207 says:

        At least i know is’s wrong to drink and drive .and i’m not so selfish to think it’s ok to take incent lives into my hands after drinking. people like you are the reason the troopers have to babysit our hwy’s in the first place.. dont do anything wrong and you have nothing to worry about Dumbest

  5. MN needs MONEY weekend says:

    I am sorry for ANY families who have been affected by drunk driving…so please do not take this the wrong way…..

    But this is a TOTAL SCAM!!!!!

    It’s MORE about raising revenue than it is about drunk driving!

    How many of these accidents happen in rural 2 lane roads? Compared to the amount that happen on 35E! BUT…..how many Troopers will be FLOODING the METRO issuing seatbelt tickets…..speeding tickets……”we don’t like the way you drive” tickets….

    THIS IS BULL ****! Maybe send these Troopers out to the areas where they are NEEDED, not to where they will “raise the most money”

    1. Dan says:

      Not needed? I live in the heart of downtown Minneapolis (and have for years). When Twins games let out or really on ANY weekend night I can crack my window open and hear/watch MULTIPLE groups of completely wasted St. Cloud, Chaska, etc. people stumbling over to their cars. Every single weekend I witness it. And not just a little drunk…stumbling, puking, couples arguing wildly about not driving. And then one by one they all get into their cars and drive off.

  6. Momma of 2 says:

    It’s simple … If you drink and drive, then you deserve to be caught.

    Go get em’ po-po!!!!!

  7. Amazing says:

    As an avid drinker, some may say heavy drinker, most of these comments shock me. I will be the 1st to admit I do still on occasion drink and drive, however if I were to receive a 2nd DWI I would not be crying about how I was wronged, it’s appauling to think that you people feel like your civil rights are being violated, or this is MADDs fault, you can socially have 2 drinks after work in 1 hour and still drive home, there’s people complaining about seatbelt tix and speeding tix, again why are you being wronged you’re breaking the law, I havn’t been pulled over in years, I havn’t even had a convo. with a cop for at least 4 years.

    If you think 2 lane roads have less cops take that way home, I still think even though the freeway has more cops there’s less chance of being stopped with traffic flow, please keep in mind I drive a sports car that sticks out like a sore thumb, yet when i drive with perfect traffic flow Im not as noticable. Moral of the story is there trying to stop innocent people from being killed, and if it makes the state money then it does, you’re not being wronged.

    Another obvious is driving after 9pm intoxcicated is much more riskier, If I drink and drive its usually afternoon to 6-7pm, you can’t imagine how many times i’ve said im not going to so and so because I don’t want to drive home drunk, I guess the I admit I have my flaws when it comes to drinking ang driving, but am smart enough to know I can make my own decisions, therefore I accept personal responsibility, I which more of you did.

    1. Dan says:

      I admire your candor!! I am the first to admit that when I was younger I had the same attitude. Now I look back and I’m really horrified…if I’d been in an accident where someone was injured or killed, I would have been ruined by guilt.

      But, at any rate its nice to hear someone accept personal responsibility. Of course, ya know if you can afford that sports car you can afford a cab 😉

  8. amazing says:

    Yes im drinking now might explain some errors in my post.

  9. NO RIGHTS !!!!!!! says:

    BULL S-IT!!!!!!

  10. Sarah says:

    Drunk drivers suck!
    (and all the idiots crossing the center line and killing innocent people)

    1. security0207 says:

      AMEN to that

  11. Security0207 says:

    Drinkers even if you take responsibility for your your actions some times it’s too late after you killed someone incent person or seriously hurt someone then sorry is and jail time is just not enough

    1. @sec. says:

      I won’t drink and drive tonight if just 1 time you spell innocent correct, I know you have incest on your mind, but twice you have typed incent. You understand rent a cop

  12. Security0207 says:

    i hope all you drunks drivers get BUSTED and you get some hard core judge and they locked you up for a good long time. And it cost you thousands of dollars to get out. then they take your car and anything else they can do to make you suffer.. So beware i have cell phone in hand if i see you i will call thats a promise you will be pulled over

    1. @securitysloth says:

      I hope you don’t care for yourself or have a family, I believe my 7 year old could write that sentence better than you just did. I doubt you’ll see any of us because you will be working the overnight shift doing security in a factory. Try doing something with your life instead of worrying about what we’re doing all night, remember I might be to quote you “incent” lol.

    2. still smarts says:


      Drunks Drivers?

      And they locked you up?

      And my fav?

      So beware i have cell phone in hand if i see you i will call

      Yo! Smart guy…..Do you realize driving while calling on your cell phone is as bad as drunk driving?



  13. Bearly a reason says:

    I thought there was a weekly DWI crackdown.
    These are normally funded with Federal money (your tax money) via a grant and the real victims are the person who had a beer on the way home and blows a .081. They arn’t drunk but they will suffer.
    There was a story earlier this week about some turd with a .40 BAC driving a Jag. What wasn’t mentioned is that this is the SEVENTH DWI/DUI he’s had. The sysem obviously doesn’t work but the state does need the money!!!

  14. security0207 says:

    whatever Dumb A** Do you even realize what your arguing over. seriously. And that makes you smart ?? don’t think so

  15. zee the reporter says:


  16. johnny says:

    It’s 7:08 PM right now and im hamskied. But I need more. off to the local licker store i go 5 miles down the road. lookout and wish me luk!

  17. lovemykids says:

    Wow!!! Law enforcement has a job to do and I’m sure they all have a boss that they report to…cut them a little slack please!! Anyone drinking and then getting behind the wheel is well aware of whats right and wrong. When someone gets killed or severely disabled in an accident that a drunk driver caused ….That drunk driver knows what choice they are making and what could possibly happen. It’s a horrible thing for the families of the victim and I’m sure the drunk driver that causes that accident can hardly live with themselves after something like that. I agree with call a cab if you drank too much…Don’t potentially go out and take an innocent life…..please!!

  18. Jake says:

    I do not condone drunk driving in any way, but this just seems like a ‘revenue enhancer’ to me. In addition, I think that it is STUPID to charge someone with a DUI if they are on a LAWMOWER (unlless it’s in a public street) or if someone is running a car in their driveway or garage. Sure gives MADD and the DUI lawyers plenty of action, that’s for sure.

  19. BOB says:


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