ST. Paul, Minn. (WCCO) — A missing laptop is on its way home and it’s in surprisingly good condition after falling off a car on a highway, spending time on TV and now being reunited with its owner.

It’s been quite a week for Jacki Bilek and her 19-year-old son Alex.

“He saw this package on top of the car in front of us,” Bilek said.

They both tried to warn the driver, but it was too late. They saw a laptop fly off the roof of a car driving onto I-94, pulled over and picked it up.

They posted an ad on Craigslist and talked about it on TV.

“It’s a very nice laptop and if it were mine, I would hope someone would do the same thing,” said Alex.

And somehow, they found the owner — or the owner found them.

“We finally needed our computer Friday afternoon, went to get it in the backseat of the car, it wasn’t there, checked the car three or four different times,” Jim Loude said.

Loude took his son up to Bemidji State for college and when he asked at the hotel if they’d found a missing laptop, they had some interesting information for him.

“She said she saw a report on ‘CCO that somebody had found a lost laptop that fell off a car and we just couldn’t believe it,” Loude said.

It was true and they were reunited Sunday afternoon.

“Can you believe it does not have a scratch on it?” said Bilek.

Alex is starting college in a few weeks and plans to be a police officer, so he feels like he solved his first case. Loude did take care of Alex with a bit of a finder’s fee.

Comments (14)
  1. Minnesota Awesome says:

    Awesome job Alex and Jakci, nice to know there are at least 2 honest people with morals in MN. Seems it is too few and far in between these days.

    Jim, great job with the finders fee, but note to self, never put anything on the roof of the car, it willl come back and bite you.

    Alex, I am sure you will be a great addition to any police force you choose to serve after college.

  2. Kevin says:

    This is news?????

    1. Ellen says:

      Yes,,,,some non-violent, non-political news for a change.
      It’s called a human interest story.

  3. Get a life says:

    “real men aren’t cops” – Please reconsider becoming a blogger. There are plenty of of honorable and respectable careers out there. Understand that by even entertaining the thought of going into blogging indicates a major personality flaw/deficiency.

  4. rj says:

    Thank’s mom and dad, good job on that boy.

  5. JT says:

    It is great to hear about someone caring, honest, respectful, and diligent in the world. There are too many stories about war, violence, politics, and scams. It is easy to forget that there ARE good people out there and putting effort into the next generation as well!

    Thanks Jacki and Alex!

  6. Judy says:

    Great gesture by this pair. Its good to see there are honest people dedicated to get what doesnt belong to them beck to its rightful owner.

  7. Erica Tatro Morton says:

    Um, can I find out what model the thing is? If it doesn’t have a scratch on it, I think my teenagers need one…..:)

  8. Jim says:

    Yes, great people! Went way out of their way to find me, the owner! Did I mention they are great people?!

  9. Jim says:

    OBTW-3 year old Dell!

  10. JamieinMN says:

    Stories like these give me hope for the human race. There are in fact decent, honest people still living among us 😀

  11. Anna Lyn says:

    I hope someone like Jacki and Alex found my laptop, which fell off the roof of my car Sunday morning, August 21, on highway 191 south of Moab, UT. If you found it, please leave a message at 360.794.0416. Thanks!

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