ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A policy that requires big state contractors to check new employees’ immigration status is back in play.

Gov. Mark Dayton let the policy initiated by his predecessor lapse last April. It required state agencies to use a federal system called E-Verify to check on the immigration status of new hires. A memo from the state Management and Budget commissioner at the time said E-Verify was “inefficient and yielded negligible results.”

The provision inserted into the budget bill during last month’s special session reinstates the policy, but applies only to businesses. Companies that provide more than $50,000 worth of services to the state must use E-Verify to check the work status of new employees.

Minnesota Public Radio News says unlike the old policy, the newly-enacted bill doesn’t require that state to verify the status of new hires.

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Comments (4)
  1. dan says:

    So why would Dayton let a policy that checks immigration status expire? Doenst make sense unless you are looking for future votes!

  2. Kevin says:

    Millions of REAL Americans out of work and suffering…..and Gov Google eyes just deficates on them….way to go liberal garbage……lets just keep the doors open so millions more can come on in…….who needs laws? If I were not a legal white person….I could decide what laws to follow too……the down side of being a legal white person…………

  3. Mr. Tax Payer to you. says:

    I think DUH is appropriate here.

  4. Hazel Ickes says:

    E-verify can save employers from being caught. Starting January 1, Georgia businesses with 500 employees or more will be required to check their employees using an online system called e-verify. Workers must be US citizens or otherwise authorized to work in the country in order to be hired.

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