ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A Republican who’s not well known in state political circles is joining the race to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

St. Bonifacius city council member Joe Arwood will announce a Senate bid later Monday. He becomes the second Republican seeking to challenge Klobuchar.

Former state Rep. Dan Severson has been in the race since May.

Republicans are struggling to come up with a well-known name with proven fundraising ability to take on Klobuchar, who has a high approval rating and won her first race with a commanding margin.

A release from Arwood’s campaign says he will push for a simpler tax code and lower taxes. He plans to file paperwork to start a campaign this week.

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  1. Tom says:

    It sounds like the GOP in MN is doing the samething that the GOP did in IL about 10 years ago when they put Alan Keyes in lions den to go up againest Obama just to have someone run againest him and Keye’s lost BIG.

    1. Carl says:

      You are attempting to compare Chicago politics to MN? Chicago sells its Senate seats to the highest bidder! Good luck with that one Tom!

      1. Tom says:

        @ Carl

        I wasnt comparing Chicago Politics with MN. If you read my post i said that the GOP in MN is doing the samething that the GOP did in IL when they threw Alan Keyes into race just to have someone run againest Obama. My oldest brother lives in Chicago and he has said that Chicago Politics is very corrupt. But as you apparently didn’t notice I didnt say sell the seat to highest bidder

      2. yeehaw says:

        Carl, who’s being naive now? Good luck being smug

    2. Bert says:

      Best quote I saw this weekend on a DFLer’s parade float. “When a Democrat Wins, Everyone Wins”. How about this instead “when a Democrat Wins, everyone who has done something with their life and is succesful, loses.”

      1. jimmy says:

        You must be a winner then.

      2. Botanist says:

        “when a Democrat Wins, everyone who has done something with their life and is succesful, loses.”

        I’ve never made a higher income than under Obama. Do I give him credit? No. Do I blame Republicans that I didn’t make this much 5 years ago? No. Why? I’m not a GD idiot like you are, that’s why.

        1. darkman1z says:

          You must be a drug dealer that has Mexicans and somolians as customers. Obama, klobachar, franken all want uncontrolled immigration, them for votes, you for drug your drug sales.

  2. Tan pup says:

    The GOPs battle cry is getting a bit old. . . “lower taxes” Just take a good hard look at the states of Miss, AL, LA and TX then you will see how MN will be in a few more years. If you don’t like taxes, pack up and move to one of those states – this way, you’ll think you have more cash in your pockets and no snow removal. However, if you don’t mind the snow, SD and ND are looking for more residents. The current GOP has become an embarrassment to this country.

    1. Reality says:

      I think the Democrat voter battle cry is getting old too – “gimme gimme gimme”
      We Don’t Have Any More Money!!!
      You single out Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Lousiana . .
      What exactly makes Mississippi and Alabama so bad? I lived in Mississippi for a number of years and it isn’t that bad at all the people there have a sense of pride and for the most part, those that I dealt with stand on their own two feet.
      Texas has kept tax low and there were more Private Sector jobs created there than any other statue in the union over the last few years. Whats so bad about that?
      Lousiana – I have to agree, that is a sht hole – mostly Democrats standing around with their hands out, palm up waiting for FEMA or some other government agency to support them.

      1. cindy says:

        the fact they had t ocut from education and now rank 47th education wise and yes they did have more job growth at minimum wage

      2. lefty says:

        why did you not stay there then we may not have had to read your stupid post. Try this on for size go find someone who gets assistance from the state then go home and pay all your bills with only that amount of money. do not use your cell phone or watch cable TV for the next 6 months then come back and comment on gimme gimme gimme

        1. Reality says:

          Lefty … I currently DON’T live in Minnesota but I do pay all my bills including my TAX bill which in turn pays the bills for someone who does get assistance so they can afford their cell phone and cable TV.
          Cindy … Spoken like a true educator … When I did live in Minnesota, the school district owned a cross country ski trail groomer. That’s an education necessity isn’t it? Regarding the jobs, I suppose they could all be hired at the CEO position but those were filled by those with more ambition.

          1. Citizen says:

            @Reality. If you don’t live in Minnesota what are you doing commenting on a Minnesota Senate race? Are you a paid hack? Minnesotans don’t need or want your opinion inserted into our MINNESOTA elections.

            1. Reality says:

              Vote there, pay taxes there but live in a different country. It’s an employment thing, you probably don’t understand.

          2. Botanist says:

            Is a x-country ski trail groomer more or less necessary for education than a pair of football goal posts, in your estimation? How about a baseball scoreboard?

            Just curious.

            Also, just curious if you know that state education money that goes to schools doesn’t go for sports equipment like cross country ski trail groomers. Those are paid for by boosters and fund raisers and an athletic escrow.

        2. Barackbottom says:

          Because you don’t have any money, that gives you the right to steal someone else’s money. I would rather keep my dignity than to whine and be jealous. How completely disgusting!!! I only want what I earn otherwise it means nothing!!!

          1. Botanist says:

            What money is being stolen exactly?

      3. frozenrunner says:

        The Texas unemployment rate is 8.4 %, making it the 9th highest rate in the nation. The areas of the most job growth in Texas is in the food service industry and construction laborers . Laborers in Texas make about 12 an hour. From But of the top 10 occupations in the state, only two — nurses and elementary school teachers — earned on average more than $15 an hour last year. For the nurses, mean pay was $31.82 an hour; and for the teachers, on a 12-month basis, it was $24.56.

        Many of the huge, fast-growing categories are lower-wage occupations: food preparer-servers ($8.60 an hour), cashiers ($8.93), waiters and waitresses ($8.98), retail salespeople ($11.48) and office clerks ($13.50).

        Work it is, but not even median wage jobs. The median wage in Texas ranks 29th in the nation. The Texas job growth is based on luring companies from other states because of low wages. To do that as a nation we would have to get back jobs from the far east. Anyone out there want to work for a few dollars a day?

      4. Reasonable says:

        while it’s one thing to “create jobs”, it’s an entirely different thing to create jobs that pay living wage or above. Texas does not do this. South Dakota is being advertised as some haven for business and work because their governor gets on the radio to mention there’s little to no taxes. So how does that? Oh yeah, for ever $1 that goes to DC from SD, they get $1.50 back. Talk about a welfare state…

        Mississippi may have proud people who stand on their feet, but those feet are covered in velcro shoes after the residents get through the atrocious public schooling, if they even get through it that is.

        Face it, you get what you pay for and in MN we get A LOT by way of job creation, educated citizens, low crime, high culture and civic pride as well.

      5. Tom says:

        @ Reality

        So you think that the Dems battle cry is ‘gimme, gimme, gimme” Well there have been plenty of GOP / Tea Party Gov who blast gov’t spending then have their hand behind their backs and saying privately “gimme, gimme, gimme”, which is somthing you forgpt to mention. And yes we don’t have anymore money, and you seem to blame the Dems for that to and you forgot to mention that it was Bush and the GOP who went on their spending spree between 2000 -2006. And if you voted for Bush and the GOP in 2004 then you lose the right to complain about what you call “out of control spending”. And you do mention the private sector jobs in TX, well once again you fail to mention that one biggest employeers down in TX is their military bases and that is public sector, which people like you like to criticize. And you seem to think that only Dems that have stood around looking for their handouts. Are you trying to tell us that it was only Dems who got hit during Katrina? That is was Dems who were waiting for FEMA? It was only Dems that were looking for help that the Superdome. And that it was only Conservatives who were looking to rebuild everything on their own? And apparently what you are saying no matter where this a disaster like Joplin MS, that it was only the Dems were looking for handout then and conservatives were not? Yeah Right!

        1. Betty says:

          The news crews did a great job in both disasters. In New Orleans we saw most people sitting on the porch waiting for someone to take care of them or in a boat being pulled by someone else. Joplin on the other hand was everyone chipping in and getting the place cleaned up. I didnt see anyone in Joplin demanding help from anyone. Yes, more conservatives in Joplin thean New orleans.

          1. Tom says:

            @ Betty

            So if FEMA showed up in Joplin that not one single conservative went upto FEMA to ask for help even though they lost everything? I am knocking people who look for help from FEMA or the FED GOVT in times of disaster. But when Conservatives sit there and say it is only Dems who go looking for FEMA when they have lost everything. I remember that deadly Hurricane that hit FL yeas back and believe that Bush Sr. was President then and his son Jeb was Gov of FL at that time, did Jeb turn away FEMA or any type of Gov’t help?

            1. Tom says:

              Ooops I am not knocking people!

          2. Sheriff Joe Biden says:

            You know when Iowa flooded, I never saw 1 person running from a store with a plasma TV? I guess they only have them in NO? That will be the dems explanation!!! Ha Ha Ha!!

    2. Tom says:

      @ Tan pup

      That is the GOP’s answer to every is lower taxes. I think of man was having a heart attack and was told he needed a surgery a GOP person would step and say he doesn’t need surgery you just need to lower his taxes.

      1. Barry says:

        The dem response to the guy having the heart attack would be “here, just take a pill”. At least that is what Obama would do for them.

  3. Mike says:

    I love Amy, she gets my vote.

    1. scratch man says:

      Klamchewer will never win! Period!

  4. Amy J says:

    They can also do what they did in WI and throw in some fake democrats.

  5. richard says:

    Amy does a great job for us “regular” people. I know because I watch hers and Sen. Frankens voting record closely. She WILL be re-elected!

    1. JMJ says:

      God, I hope not. Fools the both of them. I want my vote back.

    2. dan says:

      Both Amy & Al will vote right along party lines. There isnt even a discussion on any of the topics. They are yesmen to the Democrats. If Amy would spend less time jumping on every bleeding heart cause she might have time to actually read what is in the Health Care Law she voted for.

      1. Flower child says:

        And the GOP congresscritters don’t vote along party lines????? LMAO

        1. dan says:

          Actually No, you just have to look at the debt limit increase to see that Republicans do actually vote on their own and not along party lines. Please find me one piece of legislation that Klobuchar didnt vote on party lines. So if Amy is solely voting on party lines how is Amy representing all of MN??

          1. Denise says:

            She doesnt represent all of MN, that’s why she is on the ropes for re-election. Good Luck with your next career, Amy.

            1. Tom says:

              @ Denise

              Are you that delusional right now? You must be! As as of right now the only two people who are going againest Amy are two people who are not well known. Yep right now Amy is shaking her boots! LOL

              1. Denise says:

                We saw what being well known got us for a govenor! Old goofy eyes is running the ship!

                1. Tom says:

                  @ Denise

                  Look across the border to Wisc and look who they got stuck with! Or look who FL got stuck with for Gov! or Ohion! or IN! Or NJ!

                2. Tom says:

                  @ Denise

                  Are you fan of T-Paw? If you are look what happened to him!

          2. frozenrunner says:

            Example one for Klobach not voting party line
            By comparison, name me one thing that Rod Grams or Norm Coleman proposed that was moved through and passed. Look at their voting patterns and tell me they were not near 100 % party lines.

            1. dan says:

              Excellent you found one where she doenst believe in Democrat junk science! Guess what happen to Grams and Coleman——-They lost re-election bids HUMMMMM???

              1. Citizen says:

                You must be worried about those regs impacting farmers’ ability to grow your food, dan. You are such an advocate for personal responsbility, why don’t you grow a garden–that’s exempt from EPA regs, isn’t it. I’m ashamed of Amy’s vote on this one.

              2. frozenrunner says:

                They lost because they were out of touch with the people. Klouachar works for the people. Then again by your post you are either too lazy to read or can’t understand what you read. Klobuchar voted against lowering EPA regulations.

          3. Tom says:

            @ Dan

            And how many times did the GOP vote to raise the debt ceiling during the Bush years? 7 times! To pay for two wars, two tax cuts, etc.

            So then Dan you are saying that someone like Bachmann voted for everybody’s interests in the 6th district ? Or was she thinking about people who are just as nuts as she is?

      2. Tom says:

        @ Dan

        Amy and Al are yesmen to the dems like Bachmann , Coleman, Kline, are and were yesmen to the GOP!

      3. Bozo Joe Biden says:

        After all they’ve seen reruns of Perry mason so they’re qualified!!!!

  6. Ron says:

    Another wanna be like Pawlenty, look what happened to him!

  7. molly says:

    Amy is just obama in a dress.

    1. Hugh G Rection says:

      Amy looks like her father in drag, not that’s bad mental picture.

      1. Botanist says:

        She’s still better looking than Michele Bachmann…

    2. Tom says:

      @ Molly

      Have you seen Amy go out of her way to plant a sloppy wet on Obama after a State of the Union address or ask for Obama’s autograph. Guess what Bachmann did it to Bush!

      1. Betty says:


        Put your sloppy tongue back in your own mouth. Your rants on here appear to be causing you to drool out of the corner of your mouth. Either that or you are biting your tongue as you type. Good luck in life!

    3. Mike says:

      molly, does that mean Bachmann is just BUSH in a dress? I know Perry is just a copy of Bush… the last thing this country needs. More Republican Wars.

      1. Bozo Joe Biden says:

        Like the Libyan war? Good one!

        1. Botanist says:

          We are not at war with Libya you dumbfounded dipsh.1.t.

          NATO is leading the actions in Libya. Open your fool eyes.

  8. Murph says:

    The sullied GOP will never recover from their fascist assault on truth and the Constitution. Why two turds would challenge Klobuchar who is a decent human being who does her job,knowing full well they can’t win just shows how utterly out of touch they are with reality! The Party of No has to GO! Their Mein Kampf playbook is showing and the storm trooper boots all the way up to their panties are just ridiculous!

    1. H Stassen says:

      Yikes. I have no issue with the “Klobuchar is a decent human being” part, but the rest of Murph’s post is just plain wacky. Assault on the Constitution? Seems most Republicans want the Constitution to actually mean something and not just be a guidepost for whatever the current trend wants it to be. And seriously, Mein Kampf? No cheap shot there, huh?

      While Klobuchar is a good public servant and has a great tone for civil discourse, one can reasonably oppose her positions on specific issues and especially dislike her support for the Democratic leadership that controls the congressional agenda. Since she is very likeable, it will be hard for a Republican to beat her, especially if they have low name recognition.

      1. Murph says:

        Sorry you took it personally however much the GOP wants to break wind in public.The public has the choice of accepting it or complaining.I’m a complainer! They have done their best to win an election by destroying the wealth and well being of everyone else! It sux of course,but the turkeys will lose in 2012! Even the most redneck FOX viewer will wake up by that time! It’s called FAUX for a reason.

      2. Mark Dayton says:

        Plus she is cagily dishonest. A fake husband and child to hide her shame?

    2. meow says:

      Murph, you rock. Great post. A bit abstract, but entertaining and original. It’s a bit sad that the GOP is looking like it’s grossly out of touch with the larger scope of the diversity of American’s. Sure they can rant about the economy all they want but there are more issues than JUST the economy. With those other issues, they fail and fail hard.

      Amy is fine where she is and doing a great job. AMY YOU HAVE MY VOTE!!!

  9. I'm Just Sayin' says:

    Wow, look at all the love here, “two turds.” How about a full explanation of what Amy has done for us? Once done with that short list, then lets talk about the other two candidate. I know nothing about either on, but if you do not know them, then name calling and insults only goes to show your lack of maturity,let alone political party politics. I can only hope that this latest person is a moderate, versus your far left Amy or the obviously far right Dan Severson.

  10. Tony Zuk says:

    I think Amy is going to be a lifer polition.

    1. Mike says:

      Amy is wonderful. I love her. She gets my lifetime vote.

      1. Mark Dayton says:

        Hence the reason our country is in the shape it’s in!!! Lifetime politicians!

  11. Angus says:

    I have seen the stats on the southern states that were cited for their low taxes. They also have low standards of health care, education, and general welfare of their citizens. Of course they are high in poverty levels except for the rich who insure their taxes will remain low. No need to be concerned for other people and yet rate themselves high as Christians.

    Interesting statistic a couple of weeks ago in an article. More than half of the jobs created in Texas were filled by people coming to Texas. It seems that there were not enough educated Texans to fill the positions. Maybe they should secede, we could give Mexico $20 million to take them back

  12. lefty says:

    maybe we should look at the record of the people that want to run against her I see no republikin here commenting on how wonderful these gopers are.

    1. Tom says:

      @ lefty

      The Republicans don’t base their views on their candidates on their records! The only requirement these days is the nuttier the better.

  13. TL says:

    I guess this election year, the mantra for the GOP running for anything seems to be “a snowballs chance in hell is better than no chance at all.”

    Them GOP’ers….funny people

  14. Citizen says:

    I don’t think the GOP is funny at all. Even a “snowball’s chance in He11” is too much to take with the GOP. The GOP agenda is becoming very clear: get rid of as much of FDR’s New Deal legislation as possible–get rid of 80 years of benefits to the American People. Eliminate environmental regulation, overturn Roe v. Wade, amend the U.S. Constitution to eliminate gay marriage and redefine religious freedom, privatize Medicare, cut social security to the bone and eliminate cost of living increases, only allow Medicaid for emergency care, and eliminate banking and financial regulations.
    Those of you who think you want to vote GOP need to think again. We will turn back the clock in this country to the 1930’s. While Libya is celebrating a chance at freedom and Democracy, the GOP apologists are attempting to enthrone a religious dictator in America and turn Americans into serfs. Think this viewpoint is extreme? Think again….

    1. Betty says:


      Didnt you say the same thing about the recall elections in Wisconsin??

      1. Citizen says:

        No, Betty, I did not. Try reading the Dismal Political Economist and get some perspective on the GOP agenda.

        1. Murph says:

          Citizen is correct on all counts.Since the GOP took control and since they prevented the President from correcting their mistakes several items became crystal clear. Number one is seeing the reward at the end of the game.So sure of themselves but to what end? The rich can travel around the world whenever they want.But notice there is now a target on the backs of all Americans who travel.Even while still on the plane or on the boat! With lower taxes,how many more vicious criminals will be set loose in America and who will they target.People who have next to nothing? I think not.So who will live behind the barbed wire and armed guards? The rich or the poor? If anyone rich,poor or in the middle think anything will improve under a fascist GOP,they have not thought it thru to it’s inevitable goal and reward.Less freedom for everyone,most especially the rich! Toss the bums out in 2012!

    2. Mark Dayton says:

      Paranoia or just a plain old schizophrenic? The boogey man will get you!!!

  15. StraycatStrut says:

    A Vote for a Democrat is a Vote for higher unemployment, less jobs, more welfare, higher taxes, more spending, no budgets and reckless commentary if you do not agree with them. Sign me up….. somehow this looks good to some.

    1. Botanist says:

      Also, they want to kill kittens, spit on veterans, and pour oil into the BWCA to pollute it. Additionally, they want a constitutional amendment forcing it to rain on your birthday.

      1. StraycatStrut says:

        “Reckless commentary”….. an example of…….. because of the truth.

        1. Botanist says:

          LOL. No. Because your post was a madlib caricature of what you believe to be truth, but really is only what you think, not what you can demonstrate. Sorry. Yours was the doofus commentary. Mine at least was funny.