GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) — A Brett Favre lookalike says he wasn’t trying to fool anyone when he showed up at Green Bay Packers practice last week wearing the former quarterback’s jersey and signing autographs.

Kirk Ermatinger of Ripon says he was shocked when he saw the story and his picture all over the Internet.

WGBA-TV says Ermatinger signed autographs but doesn’t say whether it was Favre’s name he signed.

The 47-year-old says he’s often told he looks a lot like Favre, down to the gray sideburns.

He says he didn’t know the picture was taken and he didn’t intend to create a stir. He also says he wore the Favre jersey because it’s his only Packers jersey.

Favre’s travel coordinator said his boss hasn’t been in town since the last Minnesota Vikings game.

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Comments (7)
  1. Jim says:

    How is it that a story about a Brett Favre lookalike has a photo of Favre, but not the lookalike? Everyone already knows what Favre looks like.

  2. Sally Seath says:

    So, this normal person, just going to watch practice thought it was normal to have people ask for his autograph? Really???

  3. PaulM says:

    I agree, where is the photo of the look alike? And why would you start signing autographs? Was he signing his own name or Brett’s name?

    1. Skol says:

      Most certainly, he was signing Favre! Why else would people be lining up to get an autograph? If I got an autograph from “Favre” that was signed “Gary” I’m sure I would notify the others in line that it wasn’t really Favre!!! Anyway, I haven’t seen the photo of the impersonator but Hmmm. I’d like his number. Boomchickaboom nahnahnah.

  4. JKB says:

    Saw a pix of the guy on another website. A really good resemblance. I’d like to know what name he signed too.

  5. Aldo says:

    Real reporters don’t go out to get a picture of an imposter. Too much work.