BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota workers with Moorhead-based American Crystal Sugar who are locked out in a contract dispute have been declared ineligible for unemployment benefits.

The Forum newspaper reports that Darren Brostrom, director of unemployment insurance for North Dakota, says state law prohibits unemployment insurance for workers embroiled in labor disputes. Judges have ruled that locked-out workers are involved in labor disputes.

Almost 1,300 American Crystal Sugar workers in North Dakota and Minnesota have been locked out since Aug. 1 after their union rejected the cooperative’s proposed contract. A federal mediator brought the two sides together Thursday, but union representatives said no new contract was offered and no more negotiations are scheduled.

Minnesota law says workers locked out by their employers during labor disputes are eligible for unemployment benefits.

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Comments (5)
  1. Clowns says:

    Suckers, congrats you no longer have a job and never will return to this job, thank the union for costing you your job. Now not only did they cost you your job, now you have to leach off the governmnet tat, thanks for nothing Union, why do you even exist anymore, glad we shot the union down when it tried to ruin us by invading my workplace, instead im employed and happy.

  2. JKB says:

    The issue of ineligibility isnt new we all know. I DONT feel sorry for them, they knew the economy is inthe state it is. They HAD good jobs, good wages, and good benefits, and because of their greed ,are now suffering the consequences. See where bullheaded got you!!!

  3. Unions Blow says:

    Unions HAD a time & place. Now all they do is cause employment problems, an un-costly/un-competetive overhead and keep lazy Joe at the same rate as bust his arse off Bob. Congrats Union, you ruined 1,300 more peoples lives. Flash backs of NWA, eh?

  4. Greedy dummies says:

    Are these workers really that dumb? Wow, welcome to the recession. Bad time to go ‘all in,’ should have taken what was there. Sugar beet factory work; that must take at least ten years of post grad education.

  5. serena blaze says:

    money is pouring in in the form of donations from other unions like the teemsters and others to assist those that cant get unemployment so suck it up and stick in there vote no till you get what you want and need. NO TO JOE..

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