By Liz Collin

ELK RIVER, Minn. (WCCO) — On Friday night, dozens of families are expected to discuss how they believe a church in the north metro has too much control.

On its website, The Crossing in Elk River states it is “A church for people who don’t do church.”

But, many families said becoming a member comes at too high a cost.

Eric Dykstra and his wife Kelly lead The Crossing in Elk River along with three satellite locations.

The church is known for its unconventional approach to weekly worship. What started as 40 members six years ago has now grown to more than 2,000.

Katie Kennedy blames the church for taking her son away. She said she started going to the church with her 18-year-old son to support him playing music during the services.

“Down in the pit of my stomach I knew something was terribly wrong in this place. He gave up his life, his parents, his siblings, his music to follow Eric Dykstra,” Kennedy said.

In just a few months, Kennedy’s 18-year-old son quit college, moved out and got married to another church member. Kennedy said it all came at the urging of the lead pastors.

“I didn’t get concerned until I started seeing these changes in my son that weren’t my son,” Kennedy said.

Tracey and Jeremy Rogahn parted ways with The Crossing shortly after they were married in the church. They said they were told they were sinning against God if they didn’t donate a certain amount of money and that volunteers who didn’t agree with Dykstra’s teachings were asked to leave. They also said the Dykstra’s told church members not to talk to them again after leaving the church.

“My thought was this is not in the Bible,” Jeremy Rogahn said. “My thought was this was becoming a cult,” he said.

While no one from The Crossing would talk to WCCO-TV on camera on Wednesday, Kelly Dykstra did respond to a list of e-mailed questions to say they are not a cult, they follow Jesus and “That anytime an organization does something differently it becomes suspect.”

She also wrote, “No one is ever asked to leave The Crossing Church for disagreeing with Pastor Eric’s teaching.”

Katie Kennedy doesn’t buy it. She started a blog and said she has heard from dozens of other families who want The Crossing closed.

Kelly Dykstra said the Kennedy’s allegations about her son are a family issue and they are praying it will be resolved.  Kelly said Eric teaches Conservative Baptist Theology at The Crossing and in another statement said, “The Crossing is made up of normal, jacked-up people trying to serve Jesus and follow the Bible the best way we know how.”

People concerned with The Crossing’s teachings will meet at Elk River High School at 6:30 p.m. Friday. People attending are asked to use Door H.

Liz Collin

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  1. Pavel says:

    Another case of radical religious movements. They are the same and all are dangerous.

    1. Chris Rosebrough says:

      please contact me at this email address

      or leave me a message on my facebook which is

      I am the one speaking at the event on Friday night at Elk River High School and I will be discussing whether or not the Crossing is a cult.

      1. Annonymous says:

        I can save you a trip. It’s not.

        1. Iconoclast says:

          All religions are cults….

          1. Katie says:

            Religions are not cults! Religions don’t matter. Its your relationship with God. And if you don’t think god is real then fine. But if your wrong and there is a god. then you burn in hell forever but if im wrong and there is not a god then im just wrong. Nothing will happen. So whatever you want to beleive is fine with me. But JEsus loves you.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Chris, I hardly believe you should be one to talk based upon your own recent family failures and the lies with which you useto paint an all too rosy of a picture for the outside world. Please, recuse yourself from being a so called “sage of wisdom/truth seeker” until you get your own household in order.

    2. annoyed says:

      This is so not true! I have done the offering at the church for many years and they DO NOT have guards who take the offering off the facility! The offering is collected and brought to the offices. People need to stop making up stories!!!!

    3. Paula Coyle says:

      people ought to be leery of him because of his false teaching. False teaching gives rise to bad behavior quite naturally. Sadly if this mother had taught her kids how to recognize false teaching the boy would never have gone there more than once.

      I’m not blaming her, but the evangelical church these days is far too easily swayed by false teaching, especially ‘seeker sensitive’ false teaching. And especially if for some reason it doesn’t result in really obvious abuse/control freakiness like is the case here.

      1. Stephanie Wessel says:

        Eric and all the other pasters teach right from the Bible, so are you saying the Bible is false? The information is presented, how you take and use it is up to you. Let’s take some personal accountability for our decisions. There is no abuse or control happening at this church. I have never felt welcome in any church. Why is there no issue with the Mormons? I was raised Mormon and that is a far bigger issue here than the crossing.

        1. The truth will be heard says:

          So you are saying ALL these people who have been kicked out are lying?? are you in leadership there?? Have you been to the COL meetings?? What examples do you have of Eric teaching from the Bible……He tell us to turn to a page in the Bible, but then never reads from it. He goes into his self help mode. The Crossing is NOT a Mormon Chruch, the focus is on Eric’s VISION from God that he cast upon his Church. Come to the event. Everything that will be presented is right out of Eric’s mouth in his sermons. It will get compared to what the Bible actuallly says, so bring your Bible with. If you Disagree, you are welcome to “rebuke” it in the Q & A part of the night. I pray you come.

          1. Dale Gribble says:

            You reject the word of the Lord. Your soul is eternally damned to Hell, heretic.

    4. Paula Coyle says:

      and please do write to Chris. He can get your story publicized. The truth needs to be told.

    5. we need divine intervention says:

      There are many of you defending the Crossing. I watched first hand as my child slowly become angry, distant, mean spirited and tired. She would defend the Crossing tooth and nail and I just kept praying “God open her eyes!!” Finally one day she came home and said “Mom, there is something wrong” and started telling me everything. After much prayer she left on her own. Never one word from Eric. The horror stories that I heard simply saddened me. I went myself many times to the Crossing and felt there was something wrong but just couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I started praying for the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what I couldn’t see. You see I believe there is a delusion over this church. The Bible says God will give His people over to a spirit of delusion if this is what they want instead of Him. I clearly see that. I have many friends that have friends themselves going to the Crossing and say they never see them anymore because the Crossing takes up their life. The Church is not for the lost, it is for the believer to grow in their faith and then go out and reach the lost. Eric D. say’s it is for the lost, find that in the bible. I could tell about as many stories as Jeremy and Tracy and agree with everything they say. Eric and Kelly D. I pray this Friday will humble you and your followers and you will turn from your sin. In the last days many will rise up teaching false doctrine and malign the Word of God.

      1. ComeSeeForYourself says:

        show me where it’s false doctrine, as far as what the church is to do according to scripture, Jesus only tells us to be fishers of men. (do the lost qualify? you decide)

        The publiity is great! people are already lining up to come see for themselves what the complaints are by attending. God can turn malicious intent into good!!

        nuff said

    6. Anonomyous2 says:

      Check it out the Crossing yourself before making nasty comments. I have an awesome church home for the past 13 years, but I also attend the Crossing because I am drawn to the phenomonal talks by Pastor Eric, and Kelly is a pretty awesome speaker, as well. This is the most Bible-based chruch I have ever been to, and no, there is no pressure to do anything unless you WANT to, whether it be giving or serving. I feel sorry for the mom who THINKS she has lost her son – when you read her blog, it sounds like she basically lost her BABYSITTER. Her son Curtis is a man, capable of making his own choices, NOT a helpless little boy who was TAKEN by Eric & Kelly Dykstra. Curtis has not given up his music; he is up there every Sunday, using his musical talents to glorify God. Parents should be so lucky to “LOSE’ a child in this way- I would be giving thanks and singing praises to have a son like Curtis. Yes, it would be hard to have him leave home and get married so young, but its time for you to move on from your bitterness, anger and blame and pray for him and his wife.

      1. The Trust will be heard says:

        Anonomyous2……Give an example of Eric Teaching from the Bible. To lose a son like curtis to a cult and have him no longer talk to even his brothers and sisters. You are welcome to come and listen tonight, EVERYTHING will be exactly from the mouths of Eric and Kelly Dykstra on what they have said in sermons and wrote themselves. You can then “rebuke” what you have heard in the Q & A part if you still agree with Eric’s teachings. Her blog does not sound anything like she LOST a babysitter.

        1. Dale Gribble says:

          Blasphemer. The wages of sin is death.

  2. C. Murphy says:

    Unfortunately if its not a common practice people get all in an uproar about things. The Crossing is just finding a more conventional way to get people to church and believe in what is the most important thing, which is GOD. And therefore all these close minded people out there are trying to stop the one thing that can get some people that have no faith or lost there faith back into the church. Now I find that to be the Outrage!! Not the methods they use to do so.

    1. Weird Church says:

      I disagree, If they are not talking to outsiders who had once been in the church but are dismissed, and required to pay a certain amount in an offering or they are “sinning” then you are not preaching the word of God. if people are quitting/ changing good things in their lives to be dedicated to the church, that is a very Bad sign. Most people who get involved in church maintain their lives outside it.. they work, go to school, are close to their friends and family. Church ultimately is their to remind you other Christians are out there and to worship with one another. It sounds like a bad church that needs to be closed.

      1. God Loves You says:

        “Church ultimately is their to remind you other Christians are out there and to worship with one another.”

        …NOT what “the” church is about. Church is a group of people who are the BODY OF CHRIST. The church is a GROUP OF PEOPLE who love Jesus, who want to help the LOST, the BROKEN, the people who have no idea who Jesus is.

        What you said is a lie. Church is there to rescue people who are hurting. Remember the parable of the lost son. Remember that Jesus said, JESUS, said: “I’ve come to call sinners to change the way they think and act, not to call people who think they have God’s approval.” LUKE 5:32; MARK 2:17; MATTHEW 9:13.

        Three different places in the Bible Jesus states that lost people is what he has come to earth for. Jesus said it. Jesus.

        The parable of the lost sheep: Luke 15:4; Matthew 18:12. Another thing that Jesus, and God’s heart, are after.

        That is what this church teaches.

        Regarding money: The Crossing does not ask members to give a certain amount of money and tell us we are sinning if we do not give. In fact, they encourage people hurting for cash to reach in the offering bucket and take loose bills if they need help for groceries or gas. The Crossing is a generous church. Unlike other churches where nothing changes, you can see where the donations are going for this church: advertising, new campuses (which do require paid staff), coffee every service, and other things. MATTHEW 6:24; again, just another thing Jesus himself taught. Check it out for yourself before believing the lies this story is covering.

        1. Frustrated says:

          Yes, a “church is a group of people who love Jesus, who want to help the lost, the broken” etc. That does not mean families should be torn apart in the process.

          All of the loving Christian communities I’ve belonged to have never asked their congregations to make abrupt, ill-advised life changes and encourage them to isolate from the outside world.

          No matter which verses or parables you use, it will not change the glaring fact that this is not a healthy community.

        2. may the truth be heard says:

          You must not have listened to his “code of the samarai” service. People are required to give, or they can find someone else to go… and treats that you enjoy come out of the volunteers pocket that serves that weekend. You may want to go to a COL meeting before you comment on something you know nothing about. And you must not have heard his COL tithe service where he states only 10% of the people are tithing and they are robbing god. I am assuming you are not in leadership there, because nobody in leadership makes comments like this, because they know what is true behind closed doors.

          1. ComeSeeForYourself says:

            I was there, and you are totally twisting parts of what was said. But that seems to be your theme here.

            1. derek says:

              wow, u guys shud be ashamed to attack the crossing, ive been there for almost a year now and the crossing has helped me fight thro all my struggles and everyone from the crossing puts their all into every service to reach ppl about god and show them how awesome he is, and i was at the code of the samurai series and Eric used the term,”u r robbing from God if u dont tithe” metaphorically bcuz God is giving u everything in this world, and it even says in the bible that u shud give god the first 10% back, so if ur saying that Eric is leading a cult bcuz of this quote, then ur basically saying that the bible, which everyone shud read and live by, is leading a cult, which wud be everyone following christ? so ur not only attacking eric, ur attacking the church, the members of crossing…but ur also attacking Jesus Christ, and if you want to tick God off, go ahead…all im going to say is good luck bcuz only God will judge u, and i can already tell u which side ull be on

              1. jcb says:

                Wow, you need to go back to basic english class and write a reply that has real Webster Dictionary words in it. Really??? write like you mean it not like you are texting while driving.

                1. ComeSeeForYourself says:

                  good one jcb, your elitism is showing.

                2. Trinity Jensen says:

                  I did not know that Christians were required to use perfect grammer. Are we judging people according to their education and writing skills? If so, you might want to capitalize the “w” in write. If this is how you treat people, then I am sure you are not gaining many followers in your campaign against this church. Maybe you could attempt to give us some scriptures and facts instead of insults? I have a few scriptures for you, 1 Corinthians 1:27 and Matthew 7:5.

      2. Chad E says:

        You have NO idea how many people this Church has saved over the years! This Church has saved more drug addicts and alchoholics and given their lives back than any other organization I know. The decisions people make in their lives are no fault of the Church. This womans son made his own decisions. She needs to look in the mirror. This Church does great things, especially for the community in which these people live

        1. RZ says:

          I think AA may have saved just a few more

        2. Leaha Roth says:

          Saved to what? That “church” is clearly in apostasy and is doing EXACTLY what II Timothy 4:3 is talking about,……it tickles peoples ears, it is clearly an EMERGENT Church, if youre not sure what that is do and internet search and I am SURE will find the Crossing there, heres the formula for that “church” and the rest of the Emergent churchs……. a little bit of Jesus, a little bit of the world= mix well, an all- inclusive fuzzy wuzzy Jesus.,Ooooops, this is not biblical . Your picking on one woman for her comments well maybe you should check the website he does a whole expose on the false teacher Eric Dykstras and the dangers of his teachings, also there is another guy who used to belong to Crossing who gives a really eerie creepy testimony about the things that take place there.

        3. JesusFreak says:

          This “Church” didnt save anyone! Jesus Christ saved them. I know “Pastor” Eric teaches the Crossing is the only hope in all the world, but its Jesus who saves, not Eric Dykstra or the Crossing!! Purely by your comments shows you are brainwashed

          1. chad says:

            Oh come on JesusFreak you clearly know what I was implying by my comment dont argue for arguments sake! Clearly God saved these people but he did so through that Church! and Eric does NOT teach that the Crossing is the only hope in all they world. Pastors come from churches all across the country, including local churches and preach at this very church! Lets not judge what we know nothing about.

      3. Taylor says:

        They do not say to put a certain amount in the offering or you are sinning. They say that Jesus requests the tithe, which he does. IF you read the bible it says repeatedly that Jesus requests the first 10% of your earnings. Since this is IN THE BIBLE, the Crossing teaches it, just as any church should. Get your story straight.

      4. Mel says:

        I attend the Crossing Church, and I still have a great job, and spend time with my family. The Crossing teaches all their messages from the bible. In fact, at every service Eric says that we are to serve and worship God, and that we are to read and study the bible. He has never said to serve him. Do you know that God is the only judge, and we are all going to stand before him in the end to account for our lives? What are you going to say to God when he asks you why you persecuted a church that was trying to help save people far from God? This church has helped to save thousands of people who were turned away from other churches in the past. The bible also says over and over that you are to tithe your money, for it is really God’s money that he has provided to you. Have you read the bible? If you are too greedy with the money you were given that you decide you would rather leave the church than follow what God has said, you will also have to answer for this in the end. I hope everyone will decide to attend the Crossing Church form themselves, you will see that the Crossing is teaching the true message of God, and it will change your life positively for eternity.

      5. Christian Sundberg says:

        Church ultimately is their to remind you other Christians are out there and to worship with one another? The Crossing Church is there to help lost people find jesus not to sing songs? Im 14 and I choose to go there everyweek and volunteer, i choose to read my bible, and i chose to get baptised, i certainly have never been controlled there. and my life certainly doesnt revolve around the crossing church? It revovles around Jesus. Please dont judge my church, i think that might be gods job

    2. youre an idiot says:

      C MURPHY are you a moron?? have you seen the flyers they are sending out in the mail? if you havent you can have mine cause i’m lucky enough to get one in the mail? HOT STUFF?? with a sexy outline of a man and woman? its a flyer pretty much promoting sex before marriage which is considered a sin, and when someone is preaching gods word i’m pretty sure that you also shouldnt be promoting sex. you’re an idiot just like the rest of them. I see you all every sunday in your yellow vest jumping around acting like idiots. just go inside and go to church, none of us driving by are dumb enough to pull in and fall for your bullshit.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I thank God every day for the Crossing Church and the pastors we have been blessed with. They are doing an awesome job! I pray for all of you lost sheep, hopefully you will find your way back before its to late…

        1. Amen says:

          Amen!! I will be praying for them also, and hope that God’s glorious light can shine down on you and show you wut this radical Church is doing to change people state-wide.

      2. Laura Sargent says:

        They do not promote any unbiblical behaviors!!!!! If you’d only go to the Crossing–it takes a second visit because it is so different–you will see that it is a great church. They are presenting God’s truths in ways “lost” people can understand and people not-so-lost (like me) can better understand. What Pastor Eric presents is directly from the Bible (the BIBLE–not one specific to the Crossing).

        I became a Christian 11 years ago through another church. I never knew how amazing God was, and that he felt the same about me! I just recently began going to the Crossing to be supportive of another person, but I am thankful I found this church! Pastor Eric is definitely “out there”–that’s why I said it takes two visits before you see what a great church this is. His style is different–but it is of God and it is obvious that he loves Jesus. This is a radically different church–that is why they will undoubtably face persecution. It’s happened before… In the BIBLE….. It happened to followers of Jesus then–and now.

        Check out the Crossing–you will be amazed if you open your eyes and ears to him and not to those who judge him. PS: I do not work there–I go there.

      3. J Lemon says:

        Maybe if you attended you would realize that they only condone sex if you ARE married! And they also consider it a sin to have sex before marriage. Do not speak if you do not know what you are talking about!

      4. Latisha Paschall says:

        The crossing does not believe in sex before marriage or even living together before marriage. The flier is used to draw people to church and that is what kind of people are in the world today they are drawn to those images.

  3. C. John says:

    There are always two sides of a story, this unfortunately is a personal conflict between a mother and son. It saddens me that a highly respected new station like WCCO would publicise a false fabracation without getting his side of the story.

    This is her son’s own blog about what happened between his mother and himself.

    I can only ask that you keep an open mind about the Crossing-Church. Services are on Saturday and Sunday, come check them out for yourself, and make your impression.

    1. The real truth is coming out says:

      I’ve read Curtis’ blog. Many times. It fully backs up every word his mother says. He doesn’t validate the Crossing but rather shows how he was, and is, manipulated. At 18 he might have found it to be a gift from God to be able to quit school but those of us who have been adults more than 12 months know that getting a degree, even in a field that doesn’t produce a lot of work, is worth something. Every action they took with him was self serving and not in his interest but their own.

      1. Observer says:

        Not sure Bill Gates would agree about the degree – He did not finish college sure worked out for him. This kids mother says he quit his music – I believe he is playing more now than ever before – lets at least deal with a few facts. His mother CHOSE NOT to attend his wedding! This is tragic that she will regret this when she gets over her emotions. Her kid is available she is the one not talking to him

        1. holy moses says:

          Putting Bill Gates as an example of what happens without a college degree is disingenous. Glad I never got the calling. Too much going on in life to get involved in this BS.

        2. Truthspeaks says:

          Ummm..NOT TRUE! His wedding location was moved to a “secret location” and due to inclement weather possibilities was moved back to the church…with doors locked and security guards posted at door to keep the family from being able to show up and cause trouble.

    2. Annoyed says:

      I have attended the Crossing since the beginning and it is not a cult in any shape or form. They are all about Jesus! This all started because of a mother’s sadness over her son growing up! All churches can be labeled a “cult”. Each church has their own ways of doing things. Obviously the crossing is doing something right to get people in their doors and follow Jesus. People need to stop being “bitter” about why they left the church and move on with their lives!!!

      1. Anon says:

        Why would a church need to stand outside and wave at people to get them to go in the doors to be christian like? Every time I drive by I just laugh because it is rediculous that people have to stand outside on the street, dance, and try to get people to worship. If they wanted to worship there they would. And the flyers do send the wrong message about sex and marraige in my opinion. This place should be closed!

        1. Chad E says:

          If you knew anything about the Church you would know that the flyers going around are presenting the exact OPPOSITE of what you are saying. Its NOT promoting sex or premarital sex its promoting how to increase the positive elements of your MARRIAGE through the Bible. This Church you people are bashing are saving more lives and doing more for the community its in than any other organization so before you bash is you might want to get to know it first!!

      2. Truthspeaks says:

        When I “grew up” I didn’t turn away from my whole family.

    3. anon says:

      I feel bad for Curtis, just read the blog… he seems like a nice guy, but is clearly delusional.

  4. Abby says:

    If people do not see the connection to untaxed Churches possible being a scan or a business model, they are blind. Amway modeled their business on this ponzi scheme..
    The Mormon church visits countries with natural disasters and recruits members. After the potato famine in Ireland they brought hundred of families to the U.S. and they had to stay within the church for x number of years, and by that tine, few if any left. Encouraging members to have many children is a potential bonanza of tithing 10% potenrially until death. Selling salvation can be profitable.
    If your pastor has a plane and a benz, you are a sucker.

  5. Sue J says:

    So we can leave comments for this Church story, but no the Muslim one? Whats the matter WCCO? Talk about censorship!!

  6. SUe J says:

    Hey Chris, Can you find out why we can leave comments here but not on the Muslim story?

    1. lib says:

      Censorship is right Sue, I just posted below this and refered to Muslim Mosques being used to plot terrorism and it was immediately deleted. Wcco most definately practices censorship. They want a puff piece on Muslims without any critique. Such as Muslims from MN going to Somalia to plot terroristic acts against this country, or how they cheered in the streets after 911.

      1. G Dog says:


        This church sounds like the perfect place for you. Your myopia would fit right in.

  7. Mark Bjorlo says:

    My friend, Pastor Eric Dykstra has gotten a lot of attention this year. Some of it has been positive and some of it has been very negative. Through it all the church he pastors, (The Crossing in Elk River) continues to be a place where “people who don’t do church” are finding hope and life and life in Jesus Christ.

    The Crossing Church isn’t a perfect place because it is led by imperfect leaders and filled with imperfect people. That has always been God’s plan though…to redeem the world through the only perfect one (Jesus) in partnership with His broken people.

    1. It's just business says:

      Thank you, please leave your donation with security at the front door and take a seat.

    2. I want the truth to be revealed says:

      Mark it looks like you are beginning to drink the cool-aid, I have had my doubts about your support, now I know for sure how you stand. The Crossing is a very dangerous Church. This Church is ruining the lives of many, many people. It’s a scary place right now and it needs to be exposed. Eric is preaching a false gospel.
      It’s unfortunate that leadership has not taken a stand, what are you waiting for?

    3. God Does Not Exist says:

      To paraphrase PT Barnum; “There’s one born every minute.”

    4. TRUTH says:

      Church is about family. Anything that tells you to go against that is a cult. Plain and simple.

      1. Peter says:

        “I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.” Mat 10:35

        Another of his disciples said, “Lord, first let me return home and bury my father.” But Jesus told him, “Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead.” Mat 8:21,22

        God tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac in Gen 22. God sacrificed His own Son. Church is not about family – it’s about JESUS.

    5. Paula Coyle says:

      .”The Crossing Church isn’t a perfect place because it is led by imperfect leaders”

      Typical dodge. Every abuser is imperfect. But Scripture says that sort of controlling worldly leadership “should not be so among you.”

      “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones exercise authority over them. 26It shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant,c 27and whoever would be first among you must be your slave,d 28even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

  8. Chaplain Donald Forncrook says:

    Folks every one has the right to belive in what every they want however there is a limet to thisright here are a few #1 when a church is started just to get money and or use people control then there is something very wrong ya all remember JIm Jones well if not go to the news paper office and ask to read about him ; you see when somebody claims to be following JESUS look to see how they are living claims are one thing you know anyone can claim something but if they are not living the teachings of JESUS then there is no light in them; its not what you beleive but how you live what you beleive GOD never forces anyone so we should never force anyone ( FORCE IS NOT LOVE) nor is it GOD’S way.
    I suggest all of you who read this go to the meeting ask some hard question like how much does the church take in every month and then how is it used there are laws in this country the church has a legel obligation to open its books if they refuse then the law can make them open it up.
    So if the leaders of the church of the church have nothing to hide then open up your books don’t tell people they can’t see where the money gose or whats its used for.
    To the leaders of that church do you know the state and Federal gove can send in auditors to check your books well if not wake up because they can so be carefull your treading a fine line here you can’t ask to be excempt form paying taxes if your using the money for other things like giving your selves high wages and such do you have a church board if not you should all elected by the members all meetings should be recorded and kept on file in the church office.
    Think for a moment In the USA we have a law that protects envolvment of church and state keeping them apart but also there is a criteria for this you are treading on very dangerous grounds if any member of the church be it a pastor or head elder miss uses any funds then you could ,lose your tax excempt status as a church so folks if your church refuse to open its church books for you to read then get out and away from that church.
    IF eevrything I have read about your church what people are saying is true then the law hase been broken nobody wants to pick on your church just be open and honest about everything if you don’t want to be open and let members read see what is being done with the offerings then something is so very wrong leave the church and find a church that keeps the comandments of GOD and the Faith of JESUS.
    So think don’t follow a human follow the LORD if the leader is not following JESUS then deaprt because because he os she is a faults teacher!

    Chaplain D. Forncrook

    1. @ Chaplain says:

      Go back to school please, you’re ramblings were a bit incoherent. Horrible grammar and spelling takes away from any point you’re trying to make.

  9. John B says:

    All churches are cults, whats the difference with this one? People seem to be fulfilled with just about any BS that is given to them. What people don’t know they make up,simple.

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      @ John B

      Totally spot on comment. Finally someone gets it…

  10. lisa c says:

    I can’t even read/watch these negative things about The Crossing anymore. It just saddens me so much. This church has changed not only my life, but countless others, by showing us the path to redemption. I think there are just some people that twist things and misunderstand things, to make them mean something they don’t, whether it be intentional or not, it happens all the time. I have yet to see anything other than the truth of scripture being taught here and so I will stand with The Crossing and Pastor Eric & Kelly until pigs fly.

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      There is no path to any redemption, and no redemption is needed.

      Just live your life, you brainless sheep. Nobody needs to “show” you anything.

      When you die, you die. Just like the Hale-Bopp Comet idiots who all committed suicide. Dead is dead. No virgins, no seeing your old dog Spot again.

      1. Haley C says:

        1 Corinthians 1:30
        New International Version (NIV)

        30 It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption.

        My heart weeps for you, unsaved one. When you are ready the Lord will forgive you and hold you close.

      2. Stacy says:

        Cool there’s 2 Daves that believe enough to call us sheep.

      3. Mel says:

        Have you heard of Pascal’s Wager? I learned this from pastor Eric too. To sum it up for you, it says:

        If I believe in God, but there turns out to be no God, I am out nothing, but if I believe in God, and there is a God, my eternity is Heaven.

        On the other hand, if you don’t believe in God, and there isn’t a God, you are out nothing. But if you don’t believe in God, and there is a God, you are going to Hell.

        I would rather believe in God and go to heaven. I hope you open your eyes and see God’s truth before it is too late!

        1. Todd W. Olson says:

          Pascal’s wager is flawed. If you were to spend your life worshipping a god who doesn’t exist, spending resources and time, you’ve wasted a degree of opportunity. So, in that instance, one isn’t really “out nothing” as you put it.

          1. Mel says:

            I know that God is real, I was just making a point to try to save a non-believer. That’s why we are on this earth, to try to save those lost so that they can live for eternity in heaven too. Thanks.

            1. Todd W. Olson says:

              I love Jesus, too, Mel, but I don’t think he asks us to turn off our brains. Pascal was a brilliant guy, but the wager isn’t very well thought out. trying to reason someone into faith is a fool’s errand, in any event

    2. markH says:

      lisa-If you’re happy with the church, then you should remain just where you are and not let anyone tell you otherwise. However, it may be in your best interest to actually investigate the claims that any church makes (the idea that we need “redemption”, torture and human sacrifice to save innocents, eternal damnation of those who don’t /can’t believe, etc). Most churches don’t want these questions raised. I attended many, many churches and posed these questions to churchgoers and clergy and was met with coldness or verbal attacks. To me, that’s a pretty clear sign that there isn’t much (read:any) evidence behind these core ideas and teachings. The best bet is to live your life to be happy and not wrap your happiness in supernatural ideas-because they are just unnecessary to human happiness. Peace.

      1. lisa c says:

        Torture? Human sacrifice? Wow. Not sure where that came from. But back to reality……I am not seeking happiness in this life. This is not my home. My home is in Heaven with my Father. Until He returns, or calles me home, I seek to glorify God. The Crossing and Pastor Eric are wonderful guides in this journey. Being a Jesus follower is not easy. And it is not for the weak. It has been sometimes amazing yet sometimes painful (see all comments). However, “God blesses those who are persecuted because they live for God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.: ~ Matthew 5:10 I love blessings…….looks to me like I’m stacking them up! Whoo hoo!

  11. Betty says:

    If members of The Crossing are stupid enough to line the pockets of these brainwashers, then so be it. Instead of closing the church, provide the members with a lesson on common sense.

  12. Me says:

    Churches like this are the reason I’m agnostic.

    Until they stop demanding excessive amounts of money from parishioners and focus on charity instead of being greedy, I will not be going to any of them.

    1. sam says:

      how do you expect a church to practice charity or help the less fortunate/needy if it’s members do not give an offering? where do you think the money comes from to run the food shelves/heart ministries, etc. that Churches operate? Offerings and tithing are in the Bible, so it isn’t greed of the Church that is behind this principle.

    2. Paula Coyle says:

      You’re going to make them all be perfect before you attend a church? Well that’s convenient. Then you’ll ruin it.

      No real church demands money. You just have to find them. They’re usually small and don’t promote themselves and their ‘good works’ because good works are not the primary message of Scripture. Forgiveness is. And then after that people do good works out of gratitude and joy for having been forgiven. People who believe the truth will find other believers to fellowship with. You’re making excuses to justify yourself just like those you judge as selfish are doing.

      1. Christian S. says:

        The crossing doesnt demand money at all, tithing is for jesus followers and members of the church, and if it was a “greedy” church they wouldnt allow you to take money for the offering bucket if your hurting for gas or groceries.

    3. Leah says:

      I believe in God/Jesus. But I totally agree with u.. Alot of Christians do a horrible job of repesenting God. They are always fighting and judging one another when it should be all about LOVE….It’s just sad 😦 I’m sorry for the bad experiences u have had. I hope u find ur way in this messed up world! If u ever get a chance u should see the movie Lord Save Us From Your Fallowers, love the movie it’s awesome!

  13. food for thought says:

    I have attended the Crossing on many many occasions and I can say this, never has an armed guard forced me to give money. Never have they said, if you don’t give x amount of dollars get out. Never did i hear Eric preach not to talk to members who leave.

    This sounds like there is a family issue between Katie and her son that shouldn’t be on a news station.

    For the other family in this story. Those claims that were made are simply false.

    Side note* I notice that people who are claiming to be true Christians as well as Agnostics and Athiests are all arguing together on this. Christians and athiests arguing together?

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      What happens to people who aren’t christians? When they die, do they float to a nightmarish dream world? LOL

      1. Praying for you. says:

        Yes, it’s called Hell…. only it’s not a dream.

    2. Love the Lord says:

      We have attended off and on the Crossing from the beginning and it has changed so much, not for good. Our child still attends and we are praying for the truth to be heard. Our child has said that she no longer talks to friends as they are not apart of the inner circle and not relevant to the Crossing. If you are apart of the main group inner circle and not there on a daily basis you might not see it. You may not know if someone is carrying a gun as I am sure they will not have it visible. I personally would like to see Eric and Kelly repent and change as they could with God’s help have a great church for Jesus. Things are just being done wrong. There are good churches out there so if you have been hurt, abused or kicked out. Keep looking for the good church.

  14. holywood says:

    so, if you dont like the church, dont go. if your adult son made a decision that you as a parent disagree with, get used to it.
    why are all you people such pansies?
    so what if they say you should give x amount of money or be labled a sinner. dont pay, dont go, or pay and go. or gosh, dont pay and still go!
    judgemental conformist nazies.
    sounds like a witch hunt to me.

  15. Paula Coyle says:

    Can you cite a chapter and verse that tells us how much as Christians we must give to the church?

    This is a sick, fake church. Dykstra talks about himself, not Jesus. Typical evangelical.

    1. Jeremy Cox says:

      Mal. 3-16 Says to bring the full tithe into the storehouse. That means that we are to give at least 10% of our income to God.

    2. Chad E. says:

      Paula, there are multiple verses in the Bible that state that Jesus asks to bring the Tithe of 10% of what you earn as a gift to him..maybe you should read the Bible before you bash it! I have been going to the Crossing for over a year and LOVE the way they teach the truth of the Bible. I would be the FIRST person to say something was wrong with it if there was. I feel sorry for people like you Paula..God Bless!!

      1. I want the truth to be revealed says:

        Chad E.
        Show me the verses …

        1. Peter says:

          In Matthew 23:23 and Luke 11:42, Jesus acknowledged to the Pharisees that they tithed and should do so.

          Jesus speaks against idolatry and says that one cannot serve both God and money. Proverbs says the love of money is the root of all evil. The greatest commandment is to love God with ALL of your heart, soul, mind and strength.

          God wants our hearts. Tithing takes money off the throne of my life and clears the way for the King of Kings.

        2. chad says:

          Paula, take out your Bible and find them yourself. They are pretty clear. If you are having a hard time locating them you can look in the index at the back of the Book under the word TITHE!

      2. Read The Bible says:

        Chad, Jesus never once says to bring a tithe in the Bible. Jesus does say to give to the poor and to Widows. He never says anything about giving to a Church.

        1. chad says:

          Wow really? Maybe you should practice what your title says and read the Bible. your comment is almos laughable at how naive it is. Look in the back of your Bible at its index and look up the word TITHE and read the passages.

  16. Bill says:

    Hey Jezzus people, why don’t you try reality sometime it’s very refreshing.

  17. Eddie van Halen says:

    I go to listen to the music! The church band is pretty tight! Rock on Garth!!

  18. Leaving your Son says:

    Katie i am so sorry that you have chosen to hate your son and his wife so badly to do this so publicly. I will speak life in to them and tell to always love you even tho they can choose hate like you. hope you can enjoy your life away from your son. YOU have chased him away. He has not left you, YOU have left him.

    1. jim jones loves you says:

      @Leaving your Son. You must be a kool aide drinker from the church. More proof religion is just another addiction like drugs and booze.

      1. Leaving your Son says:

        Isn’t wonderful that you have created such hate towards your son way to go. I am sure your son loves you even more for doing this. But I will tell him and his wife to always love you even tho you hate him so much.
        why are you so unkind.

        1. I want the truth to be revealed says:

          Leaving your son
          Katie loves her son so much she is willing to go as far as she need to go to see that he is set free.This 18 year old young man quit school, left home, left his family, married a 26 year old girl, and sold his car to give the money to the Church.
          I have personally experienced what Eric Dykstra does to families, he drives a wedge between parent and child, he promotes disrespect, attempts to destroy the child/parent or child/family relationship as a parent I have personally experienced this mode of behavior. He instructs members to cut of communication with people who have left the Church. Eric has done this with hos own child. at one time Eric was an exceptional Pastor, leader, and mentor. I learned a lot from him … but he ha gone off the deep end

        2. we need divine intervention says:

          You will never know until you walk a mile in her shoes. Maybe she is not doing everything right but I know first hand what she is going through, my child just happened to leave before the delusion took over her! Everything and I mean everything said here against the church is TRUTH! Stop harassing her and if you soooo strongly believe God is in control, we will see what the future holds for this church. God be merciful and just!

  19. Todd W. Olson says:

    The last time I checked, in this country we have the right to worship as we please. If you don’t care for the church’s message, worship elsewhere. The individual in question is 18 years of age and an adult. Enough said.

    1. ComeSeeForYourself says:


    2. Dave's Not Here says:

      18 might be the age of adulthood, but 18 is still a young kid. They’re only running on half a brain for almost an entire additional decade after they can legally vote and die for the country.

      1. Todd W. Olson says:

        So you’re suggesting that he forfeit his 1st Amendment right to freedom of worship? I don’t get it. I don’t want the government telling me how to pray. I might not like this church, but if I let the government tell them how to pray, then the government would get to tell me how to pray, too.

  20. idi says:

    “People attending are asked to use Door H (for Hell).”

    1. This is a dumb story says:


  21. mnsotamama says:

    Personally I’m into using my own God-given brain and using my own interpretations of the Bible to live the life that I believe was intended for us. I think too many people of all religions (all man-made) are brain-washed. Find a young or vulnerable person at a time of weakness and the skys the limit on your influence over them.

  22. ComeSeeForYourself says:

    This type of mis-information about the church has already been foretold, and happens everyday:

    All these are the beginning of birth pains.

    “Then you will be handed over to be persecuted and put to death, and you will be hated by all nations because of me. At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 1Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

    Matthew 24:8-14

    New International Version (NIV)


  23. Think about it says:

    There will be a meeting on Friday to discuss whether this church is a cult:

    1. Think about it says:

      An an eye-opening first-hand account of the scary things going on in this church here:

    2. markH says:

      The only difference between a cult and an “accepted” religion is how widely subscribed one is vs another. Christianity was considered a cult when it began, just as Mormonism was considered a cult (and still is by many) until just a short time ago. The fact is that whatever you call it (cult, religion, spiritual philosophy) does not mean for a second that any of it is actually true. Religion can easily function like a placebo; it could all be false but just make you feel good and be hopeful about some future existence where everything comes out right.

  24. my opinion says:

    I personally know some people that were asked to leave cause they didnt make a commitment to the “Big Give” for the new building. The more you get involved….closer to the “inner circle” the more you hear and know!! I have never been treated badly or disrespected there but am hurt by all the wonderful people leaving the church or being kicked out as they truly had good hearts ❤

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      Why do you care if they’re there or not? It’s not like they dragged them outside and shot them. If you like them, why are they just gone to you? Are you in a home for disabled adults?

  25. Disappointed says:

    Disappointed in WCCO for not interviewing Curtis. There’s two sides to every story and this story leans severely in one direction.

    1. Paul says:

      Did you miss the part about the Crossing Church refusing to be interviewed by WCCO?

      1. Paul says:

        Edit: And, more than likely, they ordered Curtis not to comment as well.

        1. Disappointed says:

          Can’t assume anything, as stated in your “edit”. Note: I said Curtis, not The Crossing.

  26. Think about it says:

    This story is way more then just about what the Crossing did to Curtis. There are so many families that have been destroyed by this place. Jesus Christ does not shame you into giving your whole to orbit around the church. We are to put Jesus Christ before everything else, not Eric Dyksta and what he teaches. If you really want to know what goes on behind closed doors in leadership meetings check out this blog and many others:

    1. This is a dumb story says:

      I’m pretty sure there are NOT SO many families being destroyed by this place. A little exaggeration perhaps??? There are always families from all types of churches who leave mad. It happens. The fact that WCCO would cover a scorned mother is stupid. Also… I’m pretty sure Eric Dykstra is not asking you to follow HIM… he is asking you to follow Jesus Christ and be radical with your life. Take chances… and see how God can change your life. One more thing… why would we listen to you on your supposed “closed door” meetings. They were closed door, so you can’t prove anything you’re talking about, it’s all gossip.

      1. Interesting says:

        Guess again! (From the article linked above):

        He told us that our Small Groups had to be all about his talks. There would be no more groups just studying the Bible, it was about his talk or you did not have a Small Group anymore. He then said what make my skill crawl. “You will all become mini-Eric’s” . . .

        1. This is a dumb story says:

          Oh brother. So he’s reinforcing what his topic was from Sunday. Lots of churches do that. Sounds like a joke about the mini Eric thing. Oh, and no I don’t go to The Crossing, I’m not drinking any Kool-aid. I just happen to be looking at it logically instead of all emotionally. Just sick up people making up stories, taking comments out of context to “support” their story, and gossiping.

          1. This is a dumb story says:

            For example, ““Down in the pit of my stomach I knew something was terribly wrong in this place. He gave up his life, his parents, his siblings, his music to follow Eric Dykstra,” Kennedy said. There are so many things wrong with this statement. I read through the links provided by whoever. 1. Looks like he did not give up his music, looks like he is MORE involved in music then ever. 2. Looks like she chose to not attend his wedding and just continues to stir up controversy… why would her son want to be associated with that right now. She’s pushing him away. 3. Most importanty, from reading his blog, he did not give up everything to follow Eric Dykstra. He chose to follow Jesus, not Eric and she’s looking for someone to blame.

            1. jim jones loves you says:

              For being a “dumb story” you sure have a lot of comments.

              1. This is a dumb story says:

                Yes, I do.

            2. greg says:

              I totally agree with that.

        2. markH says:

          Did you ever think that that’s because if you study the Bible you can draw your own conclusions and perhaps think for yourself? Think back to the ridiculous Garden of Eden story: Eve’s real “sin” here was that she attempted autonomy of thought and honest investigation. The tree in the story simply represented knowledge of good and evil. What is this if not the quest for truth at all costs? And what was her punishment for wanting this knowledge? Well, we all know the outcome of the participants-death, pain in childbirth, etc. One thing is clear from this story-if you want to discourage honest inquiry and self-directed thinking, just threaten and fear will keep people in their place. THINK FOR YOURSELF.

      2. I want the truth to be revealed says:

        The Cross Church Code #2 “We are united under the visionary (Eric) The church is built on the vision God gave to Pastor Eric.We aggressively defend our unity and his vision.
        This Church is all about Eric and not Jesus, I hope and pray that the people of the Crossing see that, and open their eyes and see the truth that Eric preaches a false Gospel

        1. Brian says:

          Of course!!!! Every church has a vision and a mission which is usually the Pastors that should be given to them by God through prayer. All this Code is saying is that you should be in agreement with the vision and mission of the church and it’s Pastor. This church is not about Eric. I have heard him several times say that he is as messed up as the next guy and that people should not follow him but to follow Jesus. He has also been quoted to say “It’s always only about Jesus”. The only person I feel bad for is for Katie Kennedy. She has destroyed her relationship with her son and it will never be the same again.

          1. I want the truth to be revealed says:

            You are absolutely right every Church has a vision, but what makes Eric so special to receive a vision? I would be very leery if I were of a Church that is all about Eric and the supposed vision he received from God. Apparently he got this vision after he went down to Texas to visit with Bil Cornelius a motivational speaker. The vision usually comes from the Pastor working with the elder board unless your Church is Elevation Church in south Carolina, or Mars Hill, or Ed Young’s Church, or Bil Cornelius’ Church, but wait Eric fired his elder board and now has a executive board or something and of course Bil Cornelius. Do you realize that as an attender you have no say or vote in how the Church is run? Your job is to follow the visionary.

            Remember your visionary has said things like this:

            If you read your bible your nothing but a bible nerd
            If you are not growing spiritually it’s not my fault
            When you go to heaven you need to go to heaven tired

            Your ‘visionary’ is preaching a false gospel, I challenge you to check out some other Churches in the area and see what they are like. You are not getting fed at the Crossing, your getting fed teaching that is non biblical.

            We are praying for attenders like you each and every day that you see the truth, Eric is not preaching the truth. we are praying for Curtis that he wakes up and sees the truth. Jesus said ““If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

            Read your bibles and truly see what Jesus said

  27. markH says:

    I truly fail to see the point of this article. How exactly are the practices of this church substantively different from any other monotheistic church? “Those who don’t agree are asked to leave the church.” Perhaps they are-and so are practicing Baptists who just happen to regard homosexuals as human beings; they are also asked to leave the church. The problem is that these religious philosophies are man-made, and serve largely to divide people who think one way from those who happen to disagree. The fact is that all of these religions began as fringe cults in their time and only grew by force and coersion of the credulous and superstitions.

  28. Flyers says:

    I keep getting flyers in the mail and send them back to sender…..seriously they haven’t gotten yet to STOP sending…….go away!

  29. Jesusisinme says:

    Every single week, and in every single service, when the Crossing Church gets ready to give an offering the person on stage actually says “If you need help financially please feel free to reach in the offering bucket as it passes you by and pull out some cash for gas or groceries”
    WOW, sounds like a money hungry church to me………..Come check it out for your self people, it’s the best church I’ve ever attended.

  30. Former Crossing Attender says:

    I went to the Crossing and my family was deeply involved, I can tell you that the accusations made in this story were true and are just the tip of the iceberg. My Family was hurt by leadership in this Church, spiritually abused, coerced into giving money that we couldnt afford to give and verbally abused and threatened by a “so called Pastor” in this church. These pastors treat people horribly and then when it is reported the people who report it are kicked out of the Church. On the surface you dont see it, but when you get more involved with this Church you will see it. Beware of this place.

  31. Reality says:

    The catch phrase “Church for people who don’t do Church.” Says it all.

    Think about it!

  32. Mark Marshall says:

    I went to the Crossing and my family was deeply involved, I can tell you that the accusations made in this story were true and are just the tip of the iceberg. My Family was hurt by leadership in this Church, spiritually abused, coerced into giving money that we couldnt afford to give and verbally abused and threatened by a “so called Pastor” in this church. These pastors treat people horribly and then when it is reported the people who report it are kicked out of the Church. On the surface you dont see it, but when you get more involved with this Church you will see it. Beware of this place.

    1. markH says:

      You just described most churches in your statements. Churches want and need money-they are in the business of selling you on the idea that you’re defective and born “guilty” and need to be saved. The Christian religion convinces you that you should be ashamed of your human fallibilities and shortcomings and then tells you that a god-man came a couple thousand years ago, was flogged and beaten and nailed to a cross and that makes it all better if you can just believe it. Nonsense. THink for yourself and stop looking for answers in other primates. There’s a jolly good chance that all they want is your money, your body, or your allegiance; which is why it is man-made. Peace.

  33. markH says:

    “I find it curious how the invisible and the non-existent look so much alike.”
    ~Christopher Hitchens

  34. Leaving Curtis says:

    Why would a mother hate so much to drag her son thru the mud. Katie why dont you just call your son and ask for forgivness and quit the hate.

    1. jim jones loves you says:

      @Leaving Curtis, the church has brainwashed you also. Get out now while you can.

    2. Katie says:

      1st off cant call my son. I’m 16. I believe in god with all my heart and all my soul and all my mind! I do not go to the crossing but i went there afew times with some of my friends and I loved it, The only reason why i did not go back was because at my home church I had to go to meets for a mission trip i took this past summer. Her son did not give up music he sings at the crossing! He did not leave college for eric he left it for god! He fallowed god with all his heart and all his soul and all his mind! Would you rather have a son leave home for drugs and gangs and sex and all the other hate in this world or To God? And im sorry that this women who has not seen her son for months but thats what happens. Kids grow up and and become young adults! they leave home and start there life. THATS WHAT LIFE ON EARTH IS!

  35. Anna Wachtler says:

    Ok, so has it occurred to no one that maybe there is something amazing going on here and the devil has just stood up and took notice?? God loves His people and loves to see and help people come to Him and live an amazing life!! The devil hates people and wants to steal kill and destroy EVERYONE!! The Crossing is being used by God as a source of taking hundreds and hundreds of lives and turning them around for the GOOD! Just ask anyone who’s life has changed dramatically though Christ at the Crossing! Now this whole sinerio has really pissed the devil off so he’s stirring up the pot trying to divide and destroy… Make sense? Publicity is publicity and God will work all this out for His good in the end… I have been attending the Crossing for a year now and have NEVER been forced to do anything!! I have been supremely hel;ped by the friends I have made there and have grown in my relationship with Christ! Eric, week after week, invited broken, hurting, wounded, addicted, people to come and find hope and process God at their own pace! As for Mrs. Kennedy and her son Curtis, it is a family issue, not a church issue.. They have both blogged on the issue and after reading both it is very clear that it is simply a mothr who is refusing to let go of her son and accept that he is a grown man and can make his own decisions, right or wrong, it is his right! This church is not forcing anyone to do anything! If you WORK for them there is rules and policys just as there is in ANY workplace. You don’t have to follow them, but that might mean that you forfeit your job. The Crossing is an amazing place that I have found amazing friends and Jesus 🙂

    1. Discernment says:

      God gave us minds to analyze and test whether things are true and in line with the Bible, or not. So many people are lacking discernment today. You shall know them by their fruits, as well. Think. Question. Analyze. Test. For many have gone out into the world in order to deceive, if possible even the elect.

  36. Me Myself and I says:

    My family and I are deeply involved in this church right now. We have attended this church for five years. Nearly everything said here and every where else, blogs and such, is either an outright lie, a severe exaggeration of the truth, totally taken out of context, or someone’s opinion. There is so little truth to all the negativity out there. Pastor Eric continually says “It’s always ONLY about Jesus”, and it is people, get back to the work that God called you to and quit spewing hate.

    1. Former Crossing Attender says:

      I went to this Church for several years and that used to be true, but in the last year or so it became “Always only about Eric” He is obsessed with Steven Fyrtick and Elevation Church and Eric himself has admitted that he will do anything to get those kind of attendance numbers. I used to beleive in Eric but I truly beleive he has lost his way, and for the sake of all the Crossing Members who are still there i hope Eric figures out that he has gone off track and get back to the mission of making true followers of Christ and not just trying to get as big as we can.

      1. Katie says:

        Its not the attendance #’s that matter. IT’S THE LIFE’S THAT ARE CHANGED! Getting people to that church is the differents for some between living the rest of there life in heaven with Jesus or burning in hell! Thats why he cares about it. Its not #’s its Life’s!

    2. Truthspeaks says:

      You know you are not telling the truth. And so do I.

    3. Former Member says:

      If you really listen to his talks (sermons) Eric never talks about Jesus…How can it ONLY be about Jesus when he is never mentioned?? Please listen to Tullian Tchividjian (Billy Grahams’ grandson) and listen to the difference. It is not about Jesus what so ever….


    Katie Kennedy hates her son and hates that her baby has grown up.

    1. A Crossing Attender says:

      Not nice knock it off………

  38. PS says:

    By the way, every single service at the Crossing Church when it’s offering time the host for the service stands on the stage and says “If you hurting financially please feel free to reach in the offering bucket and pull out some cash for gas or groceries”. Every single weekend people actually pull money out of the offering bucket to get their needs met. Sounds like a greedy money hungry church to me. 😉

    1. markH says:

      The fact that some may take money who are in need says nothing of the truth of the propositions put forth by any church. I think it’s great that people can get together and help each other, but this has nothing to do with the supernatural or life after death ideas.

  39. Hmmm... says:

    Have to wonder if the hateful comments are from people from the church in question. Would normal people from a normal church say these kinds of things?

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      They’re filled with the Holy Spirit. It’s OK; Jesus said so.

      1. Dave Bartholomay says:

        Dale. take your medication, your freaking weird.

    2. Piper says:

      No, they’re too busy hiding in the closet with their porn addictions, alcohol, drugs, pride, and hate.

      1. Mel says:

        Your comment makes our point: This is the Church for People who don’t DO Church. People like the ones you listed, who were turned away from other church’s (your church). The fact of the matter is, God created us all and loves us all. Just because you judge others and don’t want to help everyone to find God and eternal life, we care about everyone.

  40. Hmmm...(another) says:

    Why does religion always have to get so weird? People always fight with one another because they think their beliefs are the only right ones. How can any one person be completely right about something as mysterious as religion? And aren’t the teachings of many religions, especially Christianity, that we should love and care about one another, even if we don’t get along with them?

  41. Stunned says:

    “Do not bear false witness to God”. Another way of saying don’t lie. Really?? I got 2 words for you all— Backround check. This head of security at this church is definately bearing “false witness”!!

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      Stop your treasonous slander. Crossings is church of God-Fearing Christian Americans which is at the forefront of the effort to take back our country from the atheist, criminal DFL and the lilberal traitors. Shame on you for betraying America and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with the Holy Spirit, one God and Forever.

      1. Dave Bartholomay says:

        You LOS. Mindless followers of an imaginary false god.

  42. Iconoclast says:

    This sounds like most churches, Mosques or synagogues. Close them all and free some minds. There are no answers in these false constructions and ideas. Divinity is all around you every day. All you have to do is open your eyes and heart. The more open you are the more you understand. To stop learning and put your faith in any religion is to stop growing spiritually. Time for the kids to grow up and stop believing in parents in the sky.

    1. Real Talk says:

      Exactly…thank you.

      But the genius behind the scam of religion is that they are taught thinnking freely is to be without faith. So to even broach this subject with most believers is a violation of their “faith”. Total catch 22. The fact that they believe there is some magical creator, sitting in the sky, watching and constantly judging for the purpose of determining one’s placement in the afterlife is so engrained in into them…they honestly cannot see how ludacris and irrational their “faith” is.

      Like you said….divinity is all around…they are just too brainwashed to open their eyes.

    2. Shawn says:

      YES! Dead on!

  43. Dave Bartholomay says:

    I can’t believe that people are worshiping a corpse stuck to a stick, have you even thought about this? What a bunch of mindless sheep.

    1. I'm Just Sayin' says:

      Dave, many of us will pray for your soul for you know not what you say. Fine, you do not believe that one being would lay down their life for you, that I can understand. What about the thousands of reported and documented miracles are all what? Sightings? Near death and deathly experiences? complete catastophies that suddenly turn out to be not much of anything (gulf oil spill). While I choose not to believe as you do, at least me and my fellow believers do not attack and impune your beliefs with petty references to it. Why don;t you go over to the middle east and make such horrible references about Allah and see what the repsonse is….

    2. Stacy says:

      Sweet! Dave, atleast you believe in sheep! One step closer brother.

    3. Mel says:

      I will pray for you! You will have to answer to God for this! I hope you open your eyes and see the truth.

  44. Ashamed that some people feel the need to put others down says:

    Do you read at all or just decide to make false claims on what was being said. where did she say she hates her son??? Just because she disagrees with his choices does not mean she hates her son and shame on you for for spreading a false word! I do not attend this church or any other but i will say if the followers of this church or any other church that feel the need to put others down and insult them by spreading false words they should take a good long look at themselves first. “Lett he who is without sin cast the first stone”. Word to live by in my opinion.

  45. Trebor says:

    These fantatics are the Taliban or Al qaeda of the Christian scam

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      You’ll smoke a fat one in Hell for that, Trebor.

  46. Disappointed says:

    WCCO, I am disappointed and surprised! You are better than this! Get the WHOLE story if you think it deserves to be told!

    1. I want the truth to be revealed says:

      They tried

    2. M says:

      I agree, there are thousands of people who attend the Crossing Church regularly, yet you believe what a few dissatisfied people have to say? We do not go around saying negative things about other people’s religions/ churches, yet I know people who have been turned away or burned at these other churches because their views did not match that church. Maybe you should not be discriminating against this church because it is trying new concepts to help save people far from God, people that other churches have left at the wayside.

  47. Sabrina says:

    I just went to this church on Sunday and I am sorry I see nothing wrong with them. Yes they do things nontraditional but that is what made me go to this church and I am going again next week not because they are brainwashing people and forming a cult haha but because they are able to relate to you and I can understand. I was never religious and I decided to give it a try and I meet nothing but nice people. Every church says you should donate a certain amount of your money, I remember my parents in a catholic church and my parents were married young because t hey had children does that make it a cult as well.

    1. Be careful says:

      You might not “see” anything wrong on the surface at a Sunday morning service. But if you dig deeper, you may see things differently. You need to know what these people believe and what they’re about and how they operate, and you probably won’t see that after just attending a few times. Do your homework, as we all should be doing in regards to any church or leader!

  48. It's Important! says:

    Please come on Friday night to hear for yourselves, Elk River High School. 6:30pm-9:30pm

    To the few people that have said the “Kennedy’s” are haters. Unless you have walked in their shoes, experienced what they have, you know that they love their son deeply and have done things the right way throughout this process. This isn’t merely a mother upset that her son got married like all of you crossing people think. It is much more than that.

    To the Kennedy’s, you have always been in all of our hearts and prayers. You did good! Many of people are proud of you for getting the message out there.

    1. Regardless says:

      2Timothy 2:23 “Again I say, don’t get involved in foolish, ignorant arguments that only start fights.A servant of the Lord must not quarrel but must be kind to everyone, be able to teach, and be patient with difficult people.Gently instruct those who oppose the truth. Perhaps God will change those people’s hearts, and they will learn the truth. Then they will come to their senses and escape from the devil’s trap. For they have been held captive by him to do whatever he wants.”

      The creators of this event have ridiculed Eric Dykstra publicly, they have ridiculed a few other people in the church that have stood up to say something, Just this morning I saw a post on the ER Star News page bullying them because they chose not to run an article in support of this event. While I don’t doubt they feel like they are doing this “exposure” to glorify Jesus, when you are running others down in the process, it is NOT accomplishing that.

      Unless you have attended the Crossing church, Met and spoke with the leadership/pastors there and gotten the whole story from people who have experienced life change at the Crossing and not just the few people who left hurt (Which happens at every church) then you don’t have the whole story.

      1. Dale Gribble says:

        Right! Anyone who opposes Pastor Eric is in league with Satan!!!

      2. Standing for truth says:

        1 Timothy 1:3

        Timothy Charged to Oppose False Teachers

        “As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain people not to teach false doctrines any longer …”

      3. Used by the Crossing says:

        I challenge you in the same way, unless you have spoken to and heard the stories of the ones that have been hurt by the Crossing you do not have the whole story either.

      4. It's Important!! says:

        I WAS a MEMBER of the Crossing. I was BAPTIZED, I was a VOLUNTEER.
        I WAS in the “IN” group. I left because it didn’t feel right and that’s it. I have friends and family that continue to go.

        When I started attending there, Eric was a gifted speaker, then it changed. All he talks about is sex and money. I was also there for the “Your mother is Evil.” He played it off as a joke but kept saying it.

        I also must say that when I first attended, I was at the lowest part of my life.
        I became healthy and left because of his talks.

        Blessings to you. Please attend tonight.

        1. Dale Gribble says:

          Your apostasy will result in an eternity in Hell. You do the work of Satan.

          1. It's Important!! says:

            You are SaTan and its going to be proved tonight Eric!

        2. It's Important!! says:

          Have you ever noticed the “lost blank stare” of all the “PASTORS”???
          I am sorry, not EVERYONE there is a legal “PASTOR”

  49. Bigcat says:

    Has anyone checked out the website for this church? They have racy imagery that is there to titillate and call Jesus a Samaria? I don’t know if this is a church but it sure appears to be a money making scheme for pastor Eric. Their website states “If you don’t tithe or give an offering, we would challenge you to. God says, “Test me in this” and he promises to bless us when we do it!” This is the exact reason why Martin Luther broke from the Catholic Church. Paying for salvation and it is obvious as they actually say it. This is definitely an organization that preys on the weak and lost. I don’t know which faith is the answer but this ain’t it.

    1. Just sayin says:

      That does not say paying for salvation. that says (using a bible reference) That God says to test Him at his word. That passage that is being referred to talks about pouring down BLESSING (not salvation) upon those who are faithful with what has been given to them. The concept of tithing is that everything is God’s because he gave it to you in the first place. Why can’t we as receivers of this gift give back a small portion to God to show our faith in Him that HE will take care of us.

      This has nothing to do with salvation. Salvation is only found in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  50. former crossing attender says:

    These comments from Crossing people are driving me crazy, stupid, hateful comments that are not the kind of things that come from a person who is truly following Jesus. These people have learned nothing about Grace, Compassion or Forgiveness from Erik Dykstras teaching. They keep saying this is all hate and lies against the Crossing but do not even acknowledge that we were part of the Church and saw these things firsthand.

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      Grace, compassion and forgiveness do not make one a Christian. Only by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior does one become a Christian. Your teachings are blasphemous and you are a tool of Satan.

      1. Former Crossing Attender says:

        mr Gribble, what I said is in reference to being a follower of Jesus, not just accepting Jesus. They are 2 very different things, and where do you see me teaching something blasphemous? and how does this make me a tool of Satan

        1. Dale Gribble says:

          You promote the heresy that charity, compassion, forgiveness and good works make one a Christian. You also bear false witness against Pastor Eric. You are a tool of the deceiver, Lucifer. You are no better than the liberals and atheists you serve.

          1. former crossing attender says:

            so Grace, Compassion and Forgiveness have nothing to do with Christianity?

            1. Dale Gribble says:

              One becomes a Christian soley by accepting Jesus Christ as one’s Lord and Savior. All other things lead only to eternal damnation.

              1. Paul Solinger says:

                I accept Dale Gribble as my lord and savior. Is that close enough.

      2. Megan says:

        Those sound like Eric’s words to me…

  51. Another Former Member says:

    I too was a former member of the Crossing and what WCCO states and Katie Kennedy states is correct. If you did not volunteer or tithe or in a small group, you weren’t considered a member (I have the letter to prove it), you were asked to volunteer from at least 10 people after service each week, God lays that on your heart, not man. I know of people selling their boats and stocks to help support the new building, if God wants a building he provides or you take out a loan, you don’t ask people who don’t have money to pay for it. People have gotten kicked out for not doing what Eric says. Small groups are about Eric’s sermons and can’t be about anything else. They told people who had been hurt by the church they get one month to get over it and need to move on. I questioned many of Eric’s sermons as some of them had no basis from the bible, just his opinion. It’s scary to know that many people are going there and have no idea what is really going on there. I’m glad I got out when I did.

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      Pastor Eric is a great man who preaches the word of the Lord. You are a lying agent of the Devil.

      1. Fed up with Gribble's Dribble says:

        Lying agent of the Devil? You sir are obviously drowning in the Dykstar’s Kool Aid.

        1. Dale Gribble says:

          This former member was shown the way and the light of Pastor Eric’s teaching and then turned away. He is guilty of apostasy and damned to Hell for all eternity.

          1. Bigcat says:

            So if you follow Gods teachings yet go against Pastor Eric makes one a sinner and damned to hell. This sound like you hold Pastor Eric above God thus a false prophet making you the one damned to hell fire.

            1. Dale Gribble says:

              None of Pastor Eric’s teachings are against God’s law. He teaches only 100% scripturally correct Gospel of Christ Jesus. Those who turn away from Pastor Eric turn away from the Father. The apostates who have commented here are marked by the Beast and have sacrificed their souls to the Wh•re of Babylon.

              1. Daisy says:

                if one turns from Eric it does not mean they turn away from the falther (God). That is holding Eric as an Idol. The church is about Jesus. Not Eric or Kelly or anyother pastor. It is about GOD!!! You can still be with Jeus and not agree with a Pastor. What would happen to The Crossing if Eric left? Would it be about the church and the Lord or would it crumble because Eric would not be there? I wonder….

  52. Former Crossing Attender says:

    actually Jesus is the way, the truth and the light. Not Eric Dykstra. You obviously arent even hearing what the Great Eric Dykstra you claim to follow is teaching, but hey you are just another “Jacked Up” Crossing attender doing the best you can so I wont hold it against you. Hopefully you will learn something from the “Conservative Baptist Theology” that Eric teaches.

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      The only way to Christ is through Pastor Eric. Other churches have fallen away from the Word of Christ. Pastor Eric and his church only remain true to the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Other churches promote the works of Satan.

  53. Really? says:

    Dale you really need to take a look at what you are saying. I thought the Jesus was the head of the church. Leaving a church doesnt mean you are leaving Jesus or your relationship with him. Some of the problems with Mega Churches are that the Pastors get put up on a pedestal and are worshipped. Saying that someone leaving the church is dammed makes it look more like a cult than ever. If your answer is you said the turned away “from the teachings” of Pastor Eric how could you know that? Unless he is teaching that if you dont follow him you will be damned.

  54. Greg says:

    Okay, I’ve heard most of these comments and as a crossing member, I can assure you that most of these rambling’s are false, and that the crossing church has helped more people out in their community then most conventional churches. In Catholic churches, to be a member, you are required to give 10% of your income, and it comes straight out of your bank account on a monthly bases. So what’s the difference? You are giving a church money so they can reach the needy and the poor. I have been helped on a couple occasions where I didn’t even have any money for gas. I serve here so that others can be helped the way I was. This is the only church I will go to, ;and yes I have time for my family and friends. I think that Mr.s Kennedy just has a son who didn’t want her controlling him any longer. Which I can understand entirely. The mother didn’t loose a son, who just lost “control” of her son who is 18 years old. Get over it mom, and the rest of you. It is not a cult , or will it ever be. I’ll see you all at the meeting tomorrow.

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      The Kennedys were shown the light and they turned away. They will most surely be cast into the Lake of Fire!!!!

    2. Mark says:

      Greg, unfortunately most of what is being said here doesnt even touch on the Spiritual Abuse at the hands of the Crossing Leadership, I used to go and my Family was deeply involved and I can tell you that bad things are happening deep within the Crossing. Since we have left we have gotten connected with many families that experienced these things first hand and they are not lying. I hope you come with an open mind tomorrow. I would love to meet you and share our personal Crossing Story with you.

      1. greg says:

        Yes , I’ll be there. I have an open mind and always have. I don’t know what most of you expected out of a church of mortal people . We all have sinned, and we all need to forgive also. That means the Kennedy family too. If youve moved on, I’m sorry to hear that, and if you were spiritually abused, sorry to hear that too. But remember, we are not God, and we all make mistakes. I volunteer for Crossing Recovery, and we have helped hundreds of people live a better life. To say this place is a cult though? Come on! I still think it’s one womans vendetta.

  55. A cult says:

    Dale Gribble, you are making it easy to believe this church is a cult.

    1. ComeSeeForYourself says:

      I wouldn’t be so sure that Dale is really FOR the Crossing.

  56. Brian says:

    I don’t understand why people are freaking out about this when there are Priests messing around with children. I think we should worry about more serious issues than a distraught mother over her grown up child deciding what he wants to do with his life. Every church is going to hurt people in one way or another. I have been to a couple churches and hurt by them. This church is also helping people. They even let you take cash out of the offering bucket as it goes by if you need help. Or you can call them and they will help out with gift cards to gas and groceries. Yet no one ever mentions that here.

  57. Former Crossing Attender says:

    Mr Gribble, I want to thak you, the ridiculous comments you are making as a supporter of the Crossing should do more to keep people away from it than anything I could ever do or say.

    1. Annonymous says:

      Former Crossing Attender…. Get some discernment. Mr. Gribble is stirring the pot. Nothing more. People like him get on website and “stir things up”. Can’t you tell by his comments? Duh! Let it go.

    2. Dale Gribble says:

      Why do you hate Gid and America so much?

  58. Chad says:

    Its a sad sad world when people are trying to close a Church that does great things for its community yet will praise Oprah Winfrey. I Pray for you all!

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      It is true! They will worship the false idols of liberal atheism and praise godless traitors like Oprah but they turn away from Pastor Eric’s message. The wages of sin is death and they shall be amply rewarded! As ye sow, so shall ye reap!

  59. Bonnie says:

    For those of you who have comments yet have not attended a service, why don’t you all just come this weekend to a service and see for yourselves what the Crossing Church is all about.

    They are starting a brand new series.

    If you don’t agree with what is being said you can simply leave.



    1. Dale Gribble says:

      You have born false witness against a Servant of the Lord. Righteous and swift will be his vengeance upon thee in thy wickedness.

    2. Stacy says:

      You may want to check out what scripture has to say about qualifications for a pastor not the world.

  61. Former Member says:

    The Truth is in the Bible…

    We went to the crossing for a about 2 years and Erics talks (sermons) do not talk about Jesus. I did not realize this and did not have my eyes opened until started really reading the bible. Then I listened to Tullian Tchividjian, Billy Grahams’ grandson…Jesus+Nothing=Everything!
    Here is what he says if the Gospel is being communicated in a sermon/church.
    If the lasting impression (gut feeling) you get causes you to focus more on what you must do, then on what Christ has done…then the Gospel has not been communicated! In other words, I better get busy if God’s going to be impressed with me and love me or for my best life now, I’VE got so much to do…that equals No Gospel..that is why we left The Crossing!!

    Read your bible and test what Eric says vs The Bible then find a gospel centered church…you don’t need another self help talk.

    The crossing consists of a lot of law and guilt (this really hits when they pound the tithe/giving to get). If you are going to live by the law then you have to keep all of the law that is not the Gospel. It Jesus+Nothing=Everything!!!

  62. Theresa says:

    To all who view this story, what ever “corner” of this ring you are in: Make your own decision but make it an INFORMED decision. I encourage you to investigate for yourself. Investigation looks at everything! Explore what is said Friday at “Double Crossed by the Crossing’, read all the blogs you can find. view Eric and Kelly’s sermons (apparently the “I LOVE MY CHURCH” is a big one), listen to Chris’ radio program, David Jeremiah’s teachings…. STOP the madness of being hurtful when you choose not to look at the entire story. What have you got to loose?

  63. Another Former Member says:

    My prayer is that the people that get hurt by the Crossing realize that it is not God that has hurt them but human beings thinking they know what God wants. When you read the bible you will see the truth, that God loves you and would never hurt you. That is something that took me a very long time to learn after another church I attended while I was a child hurt my family.

  64. You worshipped who? says:


    Maybe the people who think the Crossing is all about Eric left the church because for them, it really was all about Eric. Perhaps they sought after his attention and approval, and when they weren’t satisfied, they left and chose a righteous reason to justify their behavior.

    1. Annonymous says:

      I like this theory.

  65. lisa c says:

    Controversy bites but fellow Jesus followers and The Crossing Church members, please remember to act and re-act with loving kindness. And don’t forget “God blesses those who are persecuted because they live for God, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs. God blesses you when you are mocked and persecuted and lied about because you are my followers. Be happy about it! Be very glad! For a great reward awaits you in Heaven!” ~Matthew 5:10-12 So I say bring it on! I love blessings and it looks to me like we’re stackin’ ’em up! Whoo hoo!

  66. I want the truth to be revealed says:

    Thanks for the verses but nowhere does Jesus command us to tithe 10% you will not find Him saying that. Paul does not even say to tithe 10%..

    In fact Paul says in Corinthians: “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7)

    1. Stacy says:

      Did Jesus say to void the Old Testament?

  67. yoho says:

    Dykstra is a convicted felon go figure

    1. Annonymous says:

      WHAT????? No he’s not!!

  68. Taylor says:

    This mother is so incredibly out of line. If she thought this tirade was the way to get her Son’s attention, she is completely mistaken. If she was my mom, I would be so embarrassed of her. There is only ONE judge, and it is not her.

    I have gone to the crossing church for a year and a half and the ONLY thing they teach is GOD’s word, from the BIBLE.

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      She has blasephemed and will be cast into the Lake of Fire.

  69. Stacy says:

    It’s tough being held accountable to scripture. Especially when it’s not convenient for us. So if we don’t hold ourselves accountable, I am sure glad church leadership does. It’s why they’re called to church leadership.

  70. Hmm I wonder says:

    Why does Eric Dykstra have his staff call him their “Earthly Master”

    1. stacy says:

      We all work for and/or married to, “Earthly Masters”.

    2. annonymous says:

      He doesn’t. This is a lie.

      1. Dale Gribble says:

        Satan has turned so many against Pastor Eric. Their souls are forfeit for their heresy.

  71. Casey Nygren says:

    Crossing people, does the Crossing preach the Gospel? If it doesn’t, then that is a big problem! Please visit my blog and check out today’s post!

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      You do the work of Lucifer, the Deceiver. I rebuke you for your wickedness.

  72. Annonymous says:

    Listen to this. I’m 12 years old and I used to go to The Crossing. Their are people being kicked out for disagreeing with the church. I’ve met these people. This church is hurting people. I’m begging you not to go to this church. They may be may be saving people, but they are abusing people too.

    1. Dale Gribble says:

      It is very sad to see a child so young condemned to He’ll. You have done it to yourself. Repent and return to Pastor Eric before Satan claims your soul.

      1. Annonymous says:

        Just think for a moment Dale. Who are you worshiping? Jesus or Eric Dykstra?

  73. LL Brozek says:

    only those with their Spirirtual eyes open understands what is going on
    Christians are in this world but not of it we see the nesseity of following Christ and seperating from those who don’t know the truth the truth Will set you free my Nephew Joe started going to crossing a while back he is no at all the self destuctive man he was unlike the young man’s family a large # of our family are DELIGHTED that the new Joe showed up, I feel sad for the mom several of us will pray for deliverance for her God is Good all the time

  74. Get a real life says:

    Top Ten indications that you’re over-obsessed with religion:

  75. J.Lynn says:

    Are any of you hearing yourselves? I mean really. I attended church there for 6 months. I volunteered in the kids ministries, and because i was unavailable some weekends they told me I couldn’t volunteer anymore. They also told my mother that if she did not fill out a contract for volunteering she could no longer be there. I think it’s all B.S. The Crossing church can kiss me where the sun don’t shine.

  76. Jenny says:

    This is really sad, people involved deeply and on camera in this story were involved in adultry, divorce, lies, theft, and slander while attending. Using the Crossing as a cover while attempting to make themselves look innocent, were baptised, and remarried to each other in the church, brought children here, ruined lives and families but profess to have come out better Christians, When church leadership found out about them, they left and then used the excuse the church was a cult. They were more broken than most but this church led them to Jesus Christ. They once were lost sheep too. One day we will all meet our maker and be accountable for our actions.

  77. Leaha Roth says:

    Hey, I am willing to picket and warn others on the street about that den of LIES, on Sunday morning or Saturday night if anyone wants to get a group together let me know , contact my e-mail. Im praying to the Holy Lord of Israel for that place to be exposed and shut down for over a year now. Thank God for answered prayers.

  78. Connie Nitz says:

    All I have to say is that be careful before you defend this church. I was a member for a few months and there were certain things that stood out to me right away. The craziness envolved when it came to the church asking for money. Then it was when Eric was teaching and he said that he was not here for his members but to bring other people in. Why would I want to be a part of something where my Pastor did not care for me or want to be there for me and the other members. The final straw was when I went to volunteer and was given a list of the church values. The first one was we are to follow Eric as the Lord speak through him. I am sorry we are not to follow anyone but Jesus. This exactly what the Bilbe says not to do Idolatry. Please be careful and research before you become a member at any church.

  79. Brian and Marybeth Dunn says:

    I have been reading the Bible and attending church for 31 years. My husband and I have attended The Crossing Church several times since they moved into their new location, because it appealed to our teenage children. Although I approached it with caution, I have found that their teachings and practices are VERY biblically based, with a conventional twist to reach people that “don’t do church.”
    It is very clearly stated in the Bible that we are to reach out and teach people about Jesus. Some churches send missionaries into third world countries, The Crossing Church is sending missionaries into our own community. Every accusation I have heard against this church, I can find Biblical bases that support The Crossings intentions.
    The Dykstra’s appear to have a deep and thorough understanding of God’s word and an ability to teach it at a level that is easily understood and applicable to the average American.
    We are thankful they are in our community!
    Brian and Marybeth Dunn

  80. nick says:

    you can watch any message hes preached and see for your self they dont force people to give money they even tell people you can take money from the offering if you need gas or food. go to the crossing and ask for the cd’s.

  81. Dawn Gebhard says:

    Wow, all I can see here is that a lot of judgment calls are being made from both sides. What would Jesus really do? I don’t think He would do what you all are doing. I think it would grieve Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit to see and hear what is going on down here with all of this bickering, arguing, and mud slinging about a church. Yes, some mistakes may have been made, but let he who is without sin cast the first stone here. (John 8:7) Our job as Christians is to be a loving friend first and the Holy spirit’s job is to convict. We need to let the Holy Spirit do his job for God. We are only the messengers, don’t shoot us. If you are feeling bad about something we said, then search the Bible and pray to God about it yourself. Find out why you are responding to the issues the way that you are. I would also suggest that everyone read, “How To Be Like Jesus.” (Pat Williams) The book paints an awesome picture of who Jesus was and how He was persecuted by folks who didn’t like what He was saying or teaching. This is why He went to the cross for us. He really didn’t do anything wrong. He only did what His Father in Heaven told Him to do. (John 3:2) Yet, he was rejected (Matthew 21:42-46) by folks just like you and me and hung on the cross to die for us. So again I ask you, what would Jesus do about this situation?

  82. Jen says:

    I agree with the final post! WOW most of you sound like fabulous Christian folks; very sympathetic and compassionate people I must say! I am new to Elk River and looking for a great Church of God, I know where I won’t be going. Thank you all for the insight, may God be with each of you.

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