By Pat Kessler

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For the first time since he dropped out of the presidential race, Tim Pawlenty is reemerging in the public.

Pawlenty dropped out of the presidential races after finishing a distant third in the Iowa Straw Poll behind Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul. On the Colbert Report, he joked was “enough for any one person to endure.”

The Pawlenty who appeared on the Report was much different from the buttoned-down governor who dropped out of the 2012 race.

On the show, he complained about presidential campaigns, which he said resemble reality TV shows.

“These races, you gotta have not just money, but you gotta have an entertainment component to it,” said Pawlenty.

In a series of national television interviews, Pawlenty reflected on his own failed campaign race and said on MSNBC Mitt Romney is the strongest Republican candidate over Rick Perry.

“You gotta have a candidate who can go get his or her share of the independents and the conservative democrats,” said Pawlenty. “I think Mitt Romney can do that. Can Rick Perry do that? We’ll see.”

With Neil Cavuto on Fox News, Pawlenty defended Romney against attacks from Ron Paul, praised Romney’s economic plan and said Republicans are likely to defeat the president.

“Barack Obama has got his own problems,” said Pawlenty. “I mean, look at his numbers. Lowest in his presidency. Right now, if the election were held today, Neil, Barack Obama would be defeated, and I think he would be defeated handily.”

Pawlenty said a few times Wednesday he’s not interested in running for Vice President. If he was, however, many political analysts say Romney is the best fit.

Comments (11)
  1. Murpjh says:

    # Death Panel” Tim,one of the most despised governors among many in Minnesota! Just doesn’t know when to leave it the f— alone.With a Mn district court conviction and aMN Supreme court appeal snub on his resume.The totally out of touch nimno,still doesn’t know when to leave it alone and hide in shame! Rather than tax the rich he was more than willing to sacrifice the most vulnerable people of MN for his “conservative” credentials! Well sure got ’em ,but take clue, that just makes you one of the worst losers of 2012! But you were one long before that, so just GO AWAY!

    1. a says:

      I so agree…..problem is all of us in MN will have to live with the policies and laws he got passed for a long time… too bad he couldn’t just go away… I am not a hateful person… but what he did to us for his political ambitions at the expense of our great state… which had been at the top up until he came into office… is unforgivable… I dont know how he can sleep at night knowing that… but then again it never was about MN it was all about his self perceived power… all of washington has turned into sociopaths with no conscience… all about them and our money… not about us…

    2. a says:

      ps… I am soooo glad he was made to look like the fool he really is… I was praying what happened to him would happen… and to Michell Bachman no less…lol… and she is more scary than him… many people in her district when she was only a state rep understood what a nut she is… what is this country becoming? is it all about the hype with not substance? are we really that shallow? Is timmy right? the rise and fall of rome… or is that the US… history repeating itself? quit being twits twittering and start to see the big pic…

  2. AntiTeabagger says:

    Does this guy ever go away?!

    1. Joe says:

      Apparently not. 😦

      Timmeh Pawlenty, will you please go now!

  3. Ivan says:

    As bad as he is, I actually think he was the best candidate the GOP had. Which tells you how bad that field is. He really made a mess of things here in MN! How Bachmann can be considered a “leader” is a joke! Only Romney can be looked at as a serious threat to Obama. The Tea party has stolen the GOP to the detriment of the GOP.

  4. You're the Greatest says:

    Long live governor Pawlenty.

  5. A Voter says:

    As Governor of Minnesota all Pawlenty did was blow sparks out his butt.

  6. Unemployed Pawlenty says:

    I’d say he needs to find something to do but he hasn’t done a damn thing in the past 8+ years so he isn’t going to change overnight.

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