MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two men have been charged in connection with a weekend homicide on the 2500 block of Logan Avenue North.

Police say a 19-year-old man was shot just after midnight last Saturday. When officers arrived on the scene, they found the teen dead, with several gunshot wounds, and a 25-year-old man with non-life threatening injuries. He was transported to North Memorial Medical Center.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office later deemed the teen’s death as a homicide.

Minneapolis Police were able to identify two men involved in the shooting. Lonnell Javey Powell, 23, has been charged with second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder. Tionne Gregory Hunter, 30, has been charged with accomplice after the fact, which is a felony.

According to the criminal complaint, the two men were at a residence owned by three women when three other men arrived. All were having drinks and discussing going out to the bars when an argument began between two of the men.

A large fight ensued, with the three women begging them all to stop because there was a child in the home. The three men were told to leave but before long, multiple gunshots were fired.

According to the complaint, Lowell shot the teen multiple times before shooting at the 25-year-old man, while he was running away, down a hallway.

After the shooting, Lowell got into a minivan, allegedly driven by Hunter and the two fled the scene. Hunter wasn’t located by police until Tuesday.

Police are still looking for more information in this case. If you know anything, call the TIPS line at (612) 692-8477.

Comments (17)
  1. MC HAMMER says:

    If they are found guilty,GET OUT OLD SPARKEY AND LIGHT’EM UP!!!!!

  2. Uncle Rico says:

    FINALLY. I knew it wouldn’t take long. All that Senser nonsense was getting soooo boring.

  3. Crack Down on the Criminals says:

    Mr. Powell has a public criminal history dating back to 2005 – fleeing a police officer, underage drinking, DUI, open bottle, marijuana possession, controlled substance possession, carrying a weapon w/o a permit, burglary… and now add in there Murder.

    1. Brian says:

      Strap them down and stick a needle in their arm. Oh wait…this is Minnesota. Lets just put them in a state-run facility where they’ll have free medical care, free meals, and free room & board for life. Ugh….

    2. JIM says:

      about time to get his ass off the street for good.

      1. fred says:

        probably back on the street in ten years…..prison overcrowding ya know.

    3. Man On Fire says:

      Straight gangsta Homie. I ain’t even playin.

  4. Toast 'em says:

    2 more Classy lads from the great Minneapolis.
    By the names I can only guess that …… need I say it?! 😉

    1. Alvin says:

      I bet you’re thinking they’re a couple of nice, upstanding, tax-paying, misunderstood kids from Norway……

    2. kate says:

      Hmm, and where are you and your racist comments when the person accused is white? It does happen, but you don’t seem to show up then.

      1. Community Organizer says:

        Been to any of the boards regarding the Senser’s pending case?

      2. fred says:

        I was almost thinking the same thing….why don`t the ultra liberal career collage students ever chime in with all of their love, when the vicious murdering street thug happens to be white?

        1. Not enough real problems says:

          the only race that would rather tear itself apart to look good in the face of other races is that of the “white” people. Every other race will stick together but white people wuold rather fight with each other due to years of psychological impact that tells them to feel guilty for things they never had anything to with.

            1. Not enough real problems says:

              Elaborate, “Fred,” Prove it wrong.

              1. fred says:

                black gang bangers sell each other out every chance they get…..they would sell out their own mothers for a reduced prison sentence…..watch the first 48 sometime

                1. you need to think says:

                  Youre right. But white people would sooner watch each other fall apart in the name of righting a wrong (ala our latest prez) than ever stand up for themselves and tell those that are destroying thier communities to stop and that they find it unaceptable. It’s a joke man, none of them will ever tell anyone else of another color to cool it, cause theyre branded a racisit the second that they do. There is a MAGINIFICENT double standard and everyone in the white community plays by it even though they completely disagree with with. It’s terrible, but it is the way it is and there is nothing that can be done while white people are the majority and blamed for incredible atrcoities that they had absolutely zero influence on. Once this is realized at a broad scale across all races, white people wont feel the need to protect themselves, be afraid, or hate other races, and will simply work togethre; but we are looking ar 2515 at best. The bigget key to racism is reminding white people who had nothing to do with what happend 200 years ago that its not their fault. but it doesnt make good marketing or press so along the winding wheel of misplaced agression we continue.

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