AFTON, Minn. (WCCO) — This year’s fall color season is expected to be the best in 10 years. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources gave that prediction based on favorable weather over the last few months.

Under the summer sun, visitors will notice small signs of change in the leaves at Afton State Park.

“It looks like a good season for fall colors,” said Kris Backlund, of the Minnesota DNR.

Leaves, now lush and green, will in just a couple of weeks transform the St. Croix River valley to shades of yellow and orange.

“People love fall color season, because of the array of colors,” said Backlund.

A rainy spring and early summer, combined with a dry August could set the stage for one of the most vivid displays of color in the last decade.

“There’ll be all kinds of colors — the reds and golds. It’ll be beautiful,” said Carol Steele, who loves looking at fall colors.

For some, the hope is that nature’s beauty also makes for a profitable fall.

“It’s great for business,” said Dan Jarvis, manage at Current restaurant.

Current Restaurant sits just a couple of miles away from Afton State Park and manager Dan Jarvis sees an opportunity to make up for business lost during the 21-day state shutdown.

“Weather is expected to be nice, so we’re going to see higher traffic this year,” said Jarvis.

For most Minnesotans, the fall colors are a perk to having four seasons at the same time, it’s also a reminder of what’s to come.

“The part I hate is that it’ll be winter soon,” said Steele.

The DNR has a map showing when fall colors peak throughout the state on its website.

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  1. Tim says:

    With oil company greed, corporations hoarding their earnings and congress not willing to do what is best for the people of this country, who can afford to drive around and enjoy the autumn colors other than the top 2%.

    1. ez says:

      There are plenty of parks within walking distance of most people, there is no need to drive in order to enjoy the view.

    2. DJP says:

      oh give it a break!