NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A former police detective who pleaded guilty to helping cover up deadly shootings on a New Orleans bridge after Hurricane Katrina has started serving a three-year prison sentence.

A spokesman for the federal Bureau of Prisons says Jeffrey Lehrmann reported Monday to a low-security prison in Sandstone, Minn.

Lehrmann is one of five former officers who pleaded guilty to participating in a plot to make it appear police were justified in shooting six people, killing two, on the Danziger Bridge several days after the 2005 storm’s landfall.

He is the first of those five former officers to begin serving a prison sentence.

Lehrmann was a government witness in the trial of five other current or former officers who were convicted last month of civil rights charges stemming from the shootings.

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Comments (7)
  1. Good going Jeffrey says:

    I predict someone is gonna’ get a major @$$ kicking over the next three years – let’s hope so…

    1. Dave's Not Here says:

      Your prediction is a dumb one. He’s going to minimum security. I know you’re hoping for a “bubba” sentence for the guy but that isn’t going to happen in Sandstone…

      1. Hmm says:

        Wow a guy can’t get beat up in Sandstone, a guy was killed last year in sherburne county jail, id say a butt kicking could happen in Stoney

  2. kvue says:

    Finally I see the the government is on the public side. With all of this going on, I though to myself that it was another government cover up that’s not going to put of of their own in prison and lose face in the eye of the public.

  3. cs says:

    Only 3 years for covering up 2 murders and 6 assaults?

    1. TL says:

      he was a giovernment witness…thats his prize.

  4. Winning says:

    So he’s a crooked cop and a snitch, wow this guy is a bag of turds.