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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Twenty two people are accused of conspiring to distribute marijuana and methamphetamine around the Twin cities between January of 2010 and September, according to documents released Friday in Minneapolis Federal Court.

The charges come in connection with a Sept. 3 incident where a Minnesota State Patrol officer shot at a female after she fled the scene of a traffic stop and dragged the officer for about 200 feet.

The federal indictment, which was filed Sept. 7, charges 22 people with one count of conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute 500 or more grams of methamphetamine and 100 kilograms of marijuana.

Eighteen of the 22 accused appeared in court Friday, and 16 of them are still in federal custody.

Police arrested the 18 people over the past week in California and Minnesota, and four still remain at large.

Those that were charged include Adelaida Barragan-Sanchez, Robert Alan Delforin, Javier Hernandez-Coria, Harold James Hurley, Lawrence Joseph Martinez, Todd Allen Mudgett, Jose Rafael Oceguara, Jacob Dwight Olstead, Judy Lynn Redhorn, Miguel Angel Sanchez-Rodriguez, who are all from St. Paul, Scott Wayne Doree of Landfall, Susanna Barragan-Sanchez and Uriel Magana-Faris of California, Brian Robert Bibeau, Jose Juan Gallardo-Hernandez, Juan Carlos Ruiz-Meza, who have no known addresses, Duane Eugene Smith of Whit Bear Lake, Jose Ramirez Valdovinos of Roseville, Jesus Lopez-Vasquez of Spring Lake Park, James Peter Jeanetta of Little Canada, Erika Romero Montenegro and Jose Barragan Sanchez of California. Jose Barragan Sanchez, Delforin, Mudgett and Mangana-Faris remain at large.

The indictment alleges that from January 2010 to September, all 22 defendants conspired to distribute marijuana and methamphetamine. The drugs were delivered from California to Minnesota on Sept. 7.

On Sept. 3, Debra Doree, the wife of defendant Scott Doree, was shot by a State Patrol officer on Interstate 94 after she attempted to flee the scene of a traffic stop.

She was stopped at about 1:30 p.m. that day and the officer had information that she might have been transporting drugs. When the officer went to his vehicle for search equipment, she drove off. The officer got hung up on the passenger side door and was dragged for 200 feet before firing his gun and hitting her. She later died, and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension later found the suspected drugs in the car.

If all the defendants are convicted, they face a maximum penalty of life in prison.

Comments (22)
  1. Kevin says:

    Lions and Tigers and Bears….Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jean says:

    Of course…Mexican’s. Did we expect anything else? No! Puke!

    1. jh says:

      Wow – and what ethnic group do you come from? Racism is alive and well in America.

      1. R.Hill says:

        Are you a racist just because you disagree with Jean?. Drugs know no ethnic group. If the names are Hispanic in nature Jean is not saying anything racist. Also doesn’t your comment towards Jean kinda leave room for you being a racist?. After all you did ask for Jeans ethnic group.

        1. NavyVet says:

          There were other names in the posting that were not “Mexican”!

  3. Jake says:

    Yeah, I recall all of the nasty comments made about the Trooper. He busted a big dope distribution ring BIG TIME. Good job. Probably more to come as well.

    1. mj says:

      I agree Jake. Good job Officer.

    2. Uncle Rico says:

      I was thinking the same thing. There was one big time idiot, I think going off the handle “Mike” who kept on saying that the trooper was a loose cannon and that by killing that POS in a manner of self defense, he created a void for more “dealers” to step in and fill. Funny how things work out, looks like the score is State Police +23, POS dealers and traffickers -23. Nice.

  4. KegHead says:

    This sounds like St. Louis..lot’s of meth.

  5. Cath says:

    Kudos to the trooper who shot this lady, preventing more deaths from the deadly substances she was funnelling. It’s ridiculous people defend these low-lifes who know what they are doing and disregard laws to protect us. I don’t want them to kill when they can’t help it, but come on a dope fien with huge stashes, dragging a human she didn’t know. Quit defending the losers. Bring them down.

  6. Cath says:

    That’s a lot of drugs. My biggest worry here is you still don’t have them all in custody. Please finish the task and get them confined. Thanks to police for their continued efforts at making us safer.

  7. R.Hill says:

    Navyvet————You are not making any sense at all, sorry to have disturbed a already disturbed person.You didn’t answer the question about you being a racist for needing ethnic catagory of the original poster.That alone tells me you are.

    1. NavyVet says:

      UH No!
      You seem not to be making any sense!
      I was simply stating that there were other names listed that were not of Hispanic origin that he failed to comment on! Who are you that you feel I have to answer that dumb question that was posted by you? Especially when I wasn’t the one who asked his ethnicity? Get over yourself!

      1. R.Hill says:

        @navyvet—- Sorry, but I’m not into myself as you suggest. And yes ,you didn’t ask Jean about the people caught . But you did make me believe that because of the lack of them all being Mexican (as you seem to know) That one can’t say what jean posted. You are not simply stating as you suggested you were, It’s not a “dumb” question to ask but that’s a good response. Here’s another Question you can avoid, If the others aren’t Mexican are they less guilty?.Oh wait! is this getting to confusing for you. You ask who I think I am asking That dumb question?. You were the one bringing up with emotion that several names weren’t Mexican.Sorry that Jean didn’t post about the very few non Mexicans there were but Who do you think you are telling someone what they “failed “to have posted?. Put on your man pants and let people post what they want.

  8. Brooke says:

    Jean, you are ill informed, and an ignorant disgrace of a human being. Drugs are a problem for all races, & economic levels. One of the above listed, Robert DeFlorin is a man I know very well, & he is white. You need to re-evaluate your life & open your mind to see that this a problem that plagues us all. In fact in my opinion, close minded bigots such as yourself are as disgraceful & disgusting as these drug dealers…I put you all in the same categories as rapists, molesters, & murders…worthless human waste.

  9. kathy schmieg says:

    You are all full of …….. Bob did nothinig wrong, do not beleive everything you read in the paper. Cops lie, the cops kept me in my and Bobs house for 3 hours that day and I did nothing wrong. Bob did nothing wrong. The st paul cops are framing him, I know that and everyone elas should know that. He did not know any of these people. So so not beleive everything a cop tells you or the newpaper. Robert is a good so get off him

    1. lynn says:

      You are so stupid kathy! I can’t believe you are even trying to act innocent! You are nothing but a junkie. You and Bob both. To think you two were selling drugs out of that house while his only son was upstairs…how innocent is that? I had to pack up and move my son out of there because you two were selling meth out of the basement…you both are junkie losers. I only wish you were going down with him but you won’t because you’ll help put him away to save your sorry ass. Isn’t that what you did with your first husband? And I think you were responsible for one of the times your wonderful man went to prison…will this be that wonderful man’s 2nd or 3rd time in prison…hahaha innocent my fat ass. He could of changed his life around but there you were with the meth. He could had his family back but there you were with the meth. Why don’t you try to put down the bubble?

    2. lynn says:

      Bob is a good man…if you’re a junkie! There’s your answer. If you are his family, it’s another story. We had a wonderful family at one time. I was proud to name his son after him…back then. Too bad he found the meth because he hasn’t been able to put it down since. You’d think those couple of times in prison would have cured “Mr. Innocent” but, he’s hopeless as a man or father.

  10. Kelly says:

    Says Kathy Schmieg the #1 junkie who keeps her meth up in her “coin purse” or as most of us would say her vagina (its all hear say but I believer you would do just that! seems like everyone you get involved with in some way shape or form, anyone who ends up close to you, ends up in prision, and yet you always skate free… kinda strange if you ask me. i smell a rat! a dirty nasty, hinding drugs in her vagina RAT!)! Bob WAS a good man… but that was long ago. Before you came in to his life as more than just a friend. You came in to his life and brought his world crashing down… Im sure that you are probably some where behind him being involved and WANTED by police again!

  11. me says:

    maybe you should look in the mirror and put down the bottle. throwing stones when your glass house is bigger than your ass. you only wanted the money when grandpa died…selfish does anyone blame j vennemann…ricos girl

  12. kathy schmieg says:

    I really do not care what you people say. Everyone knows what happen. And just for the record, I did not come into Bob’s life until after in was in trouble. I wonder who the person was that called the police when they moved out??????? As far as the nice family you had, I never saw that I must have been smoking the bubble, maybe I was trying to get the meth out of my vagina. If any of you were that good to Bob he would be contacting you. By the way Bob told me to tell you TO GET A LIFE. Have a nice day.

    1. Kelly says:

      Funny Bob would be telling us to get a life. We have all moved on past him. When we talk about our past we have fond memories of the man that WAS, and we just shake our heads at the man that IS. None of us could care less about him any more, he is a lost cause. He would know better than to even try to contact any one of us, his own (and ONLY) son would rather see him rot in prison than have anything to do with him. Sad that you guys are in your 50’s and still cant grow up! You are both degenerates, and a waste of space!

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