MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A rally held in downtown Minneapolis Tuesday sent a clear message to Congress — don’t cut public transportation funding.

The national rally, which began in Minneapolis at 10 a.m., brought together public transit riders, community groups, business leaders and union transit workers for an event called, “Don’t X Out Public Transportation Day.”

The event came after a recent proposal from the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee that would cut 35 percent of federal highway and public transportation funding.

Supporters of public transportation say that amount of cuts will have a “drastic impact” on those who rely on public transit every day.

The rally was being held at the Minneapolis Government Center Plaza.

Comments (6)
  1. Joey Olson says:

    There is one person in each car sitting in mounds of traffic everyday. Let’s increase the amount spent on Public transportation. Didn’t Obama just emphasize that during that speech to Congress? More trains and less highway congestion. And now a 35 percent cut. Many of us would love to have an alternative to driving certain places. Only if it didn’t take 2 1/2 hours by bus and train.

  2. Phil MaCrackin says:

    Rally my ass, 2 people showed up, more BS for thoses who cant support themselves with their hand out. How many people could we put back to work if we got rid of busses and trains and forced everyone to drive.

  3. Bus Junkie says:

    Seriously$5 for the HOV lane? That is BS right there. Talk about Highway Robbery and I do mean that literally!
    How about 7 minutes on the bus from downtown to mpls?
    I dare you to get that anytime after 5 PM on 35W in your car!

  4. Sally says:

    I don’t understand why the state and feds just don’t hire everyone. We all would have wonderful wages, benefits, retirement and our infrastructure would be the envy of the world.

  5. UnionMan says:

    We think the government should buy all the stock of Wal-Mart and make it a government union business. All the workers could get Public Government Union wages, benefits and life time pensions. This would also make the Public Government Unions much stronger and have more people to
    vote in the politicians who would help them the most. We could keep prices very low as tax money would be used to subsidize everything. There is no reason that Public Government Unions employees would not support this idea. It would be better for the Wal-Mart workers “Workers Rights” as unions like to say. So I am asking all Government Union employees to show your support for this idea and write your congressman now!
    You have NO reasons not to do this now. You have no reason not to be all for this great “say yes to workers rights!”. idea …or do you really not support workers rights?
    And we do NOTwant a private union, WE WANT A GOVERNMENT PUBLIC UNION!!!