APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — A 36-year-old Apple Valley man is accused of stealing nearly $2,000 worth of Freon from his neighbors’ air conditioners, according to charges filed Wednesday in Dakota County Court.

Brentyn Edwin Krueger was charged with one felony count of theft in connection with the incidents.

According to a criminal complaint, the thefts occurred at severalApple Valleyhomes from Oct. 20, 2010 to Nov. 20, 2010.

Krueger was found passed out in neighbor Deb Baker’s yard last fall.

“He was probably passed out here a lot because we had to completely recharge our air conditioning unit with Freon,” Baker said. “I had no idea that people huffed.  I didn’t even know what huffing was.”

At about 1:05 a.m. on Nov. 7, Apple Valley Police responded to a report of a trespasser on a property near 129th Street West andFloral Avenue. When authorities arrived, they found a man later identified as Krueger slumped over an air conditioning unit with his torso lodged between the unit and the house with his head facing down behind the unit, the complaint states.

After being woken up, Krueger told police he had been inhaling Freon from the air conditioning unit.

At about 8:45 the next night, Krueger again was at a neighbor’s residence inhaling Freon from an air conditioning unit. He then became confused and walked into the neighbor’s house when he thought police were on the way, according to the complaint.

After another incident, Krueger told police he had been huffing Freon from the air conditioning units of four of his neighbors. The overall loss to a total of five victims was more than $1,700.

Krueger faces up to five years in prison and $10,000 in fines if convicted on the charge.

“Collectively, in our neighborhood we all feel very sad. We’re a great neighborhood, and everybody cares for everybody,” Baker said.

Comments (30)
  1. sniffing dude says:

    What a wierdo

    1. Denny Long says:

      A crack habit may have been cheaper..and more discreet

  2. Bottom feeding says:

    I’ll huff and I’ll puff and then I may blow yer brains out too. 😦
    Good thing they busted him before he did harm to anyone…huffing this chit is about as low as ya can go. Pretty common….well, it happens moreso, in the south. Mighty sick addicts use it as last resort

  3. Typo says:

    Wow, this happened all the way into the future to Nov 20th!! I wish I could see the future

    1. Knucklehead says:

      Read the article a little close it says Oct 20 2010 to Nov 20 2010. Skimming stuff only gets half of the answer.

      1. justsayiin says:

        and if YOU would have read the article earlier when it was originally posted, you would have noticed that it stated Nov 20, 2011

        1. postnowfactchecklater says:

          I applaud WCCO for updating their errors, it would be nice if there was a revision comment or something.

  4. TL says:

    sooo…Charlie Sheen moved to AV, grew his hair out sprouted some forehead pimples and is stealing freon from peeps now, huh?

    geez, and just a few short months ago you were a rock star….winning!

  5. wow says:

    Oh god… for a moment I thought this article was going to say he was using it to serve to a group of paganist and form a pentagram on the floor for a retreat journey.

    Close call!

  6. metal head says:

    That guy has been listening to too much slayer and megadeth.

  7. Lefty says:

    Can you say ” Back to the future”? Looks like this article could use a little more proof reading.

    It’s really sad that these news reporters / writers don’t even bother to proof read the articles they post here, but then again, who cares, the article wasn’t even credited so why bother getting it right, makes me wonder what else they didn’t bother to check. .

  8. keel says:

    Freon Head! LOL. What a loser. Perhaps he needs counseling at the expense of the taxpayers. Or…just put a fan on him and rent him out when it’s hot. Either way….

  9. Mike Hawk says:


  10. what!?! says:

    WCCO – always a pleasure to come here for a great afternoon laugh..

  11. justsayiin says:

    november 20th 2011? nice, i didnt even know october passed…

  12. PIDC says:

    Talk about a brain freeze !

  13. C Jensen says:

    I would have recharged all his neighbors AC systems for free if they let him continue until he died…..we need less of these a-holes in the world.

  14. nutts says:

    He was huffing refrigerant not freon. Freon is a brand which is like saying he was drinking Coke. Freon is made by Dupont which is a type of refrigerant. Get your terminology correct before you write about it.

  15. nutts says:

    One more thing. He’s lucky he’s not dead. Refrigerant is not toxic unless it is burned. It does however, displace oxygen. Must not be the brightest pea in the pod.

  16. poor sap says:

    Oh man, what a poor sick creature. When you’re so desperate for a buzz that you’re tapping into your neighbor’s AC to huff refrigerant it’a all over except for the funeral.

  17. Roger Palme says:

    Wow,,, Just looking at him gives a person the chills, he’s not just cold he’s frozen.
    He’s wanted to be Jack Frost ever since he was a small child and saw him on Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.
    He’s been acting out ever since he watched his dad melt away one spring never to return.
    He should also be getting charged for the damage he did to the environment

    Contains Dichlorodifluoromethane (CFC-12), a substance which harms public health and environment by destroying ozone in the upper atmosphere.

  18. RRRR says:

    he should of told them it was his religion, we seem to be pretty lenient on what people do in the name of GOD around here. “I pray to the freon Gods!!”

  19. friend says:

    a little follow up to this story, I know this gentleman, and he has been sober since mid December, he did inpatient treatment right through Christmas and New Year’s because he needed the help, also, at the time of the incidents, he was taken by police to a detox/treatment facility where the police explained the severity of the situation and he was twice sent home 1/2 an hour after arrival, thanks for the help!!!

    1. friend says:

      one last thing, the picture everyone is commenting on so harshly is from roughly 10 years ago, you wouldn’t even recognize him today

  20. Sarah says:

    Thank you, Friend, for the kind follow up. I hope he stays sober for the rest of his life.

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  22. plus de facebook fan says:

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