MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A mother who confronted two boys who bullied her 10-year-old son has been banned from her son’s Minneapolis school and even her son’s bus stop for the rest of the year.

Tanya Sydney said she does not regret taking actions into her own hand to keep her son from being a victim.

Last week, fifth-grader Sovante Griffin told his Mom and Stepdad he was being bullied on the school bus. Sydney said he told her boys were hitting him, so she took matters into her own hands. She went to the bus stop the next day and confronted the bus driver.

“He told me ‘I am doing the best I can, I can’t be in 50 million places at once,'” Sydney said.

She then got on the bus and yelled at the two boys that Griffin said were the bullies.

“Specifically to the two boys I said you need to keep your hands to yourselves,” she said.

The driver ordered her off the bus. She and Griffin then walked to Lake Nokomis Community  School. Sydney said when she and Griffin got to school they were met by the school’s police liaison officer, the principal and a transportation supervisor.

Sydney said the supervisor pulled out a photograph of another African-American woman who he said he created a disturbance on a school bus last year.

“That is when the transportation guy apologized and said ‘I assumed you were the woman from last year,'” she said

Her son and the two bullies later had to apologize to each other. Sydney got a letter from the principal saying she is banned from school grounds and the bus stop for the rest of the school year.

“It’s mindboggling,” she said.

She has filed an appeal to the year-long ban with the Minneapolis School Board. Sydney said she does not regret her actions.

“There are too many stories of children getting bullied. I don’t want it to get to the point were he is scared to get on this bus and he can’t be successful,” she said.

Griffin has gotten back on the bus this week and has been going to school without incident. The school district released a statement on the matter Wednesday, saying they can’t comment on the incident because of data privacy laws.

“Because of data privacy laws, we are unable to share any particulars about this matter. For the safety of students and staff, we are committed to following the MPS policies regarding bus protocol, including only allowing MPS students to board school buses; it is not our protocol to allow parents or other adults to board school buses. Maintaining a safe and secure environment in the school district, including our school buses, is a top priority.

Minneapolis Public Schools encourages parents to contact their school immediately if there are bullying concerns. Our schools take allegations concerning bullying very seriously and have a protocol to address these types of situations,” the statement reads.

Esme Murphy

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  1. B in MPLS says:

    Apparently parents don’t get to be part of the solution anymore. The schools have it covered. The bus driver who gets paid next to nothing to babysit 50 kids while driving totally has it covered. No problem there. No bullying deaths or anything to worry about. There hasn’t been a bullying related death in what, a day or two?

    She was totally within her right to yell at those kids. You hit my kid, whether you’re 10 or 100, I YELL AT YOU. Sorry, but there are only so many ways to get through to people. Yelling helps…

    1. Gardoglee says:

      However, the school district policy must be written to cover not only the situation where the mother gets on the bus for a seemingly valid reason, but all the other situations in which a parent might get on a bus, including the one where the irate parent brings a weapon.

      What might be needed here is someone to assist the bus driver, who should be paying most of their attention to driving the bus safely. Pity that the school district probably doesn’t have the funds to hire and additional someone to ride on the bus and deal with student behavior Most likey they don’t even have funds to do training or background checks for volunteers. You never get more than you are willing to pay for.

      1. Michael Bingham says:

        When are you going to stop thinking that money is the answer and that it is the school’s responsibility to parent these kids. This is a problem that is rooted in the home environment and should be dealt with there. If the parents cannot administer proper teachings and discipline at home, no amount of money or supervision will fix the problem.

        If the kids can’t act in a civilized manner kick their butts out and i guarantee the parents will resolve the issue.,

        1. Icarus Barnabus says:

          Exactly right. One room school houses educated kids for a long time. There was no money. Money fixes nothing. The schools are mere adjuncts of the government and they interfere in private lives as much as they can get away with. They ought to ban the principal and the bus driver for a year. A good walloping for the bullies might not hurt either.

          1. Julie Tippets says:

            Money fixes nothing? Really? Doesn’t money fix roads, broken bridges, flood-damaged towns, hurricane-ravaged coastlines? Doesn’t money support the military? If money was really not part of the equation of our reality while living, we wouldn’t have bills! We could get face-lifts and liposuction for free! Free cars and airplane tickets!

            1. luckydog says:

              You missed that one completely!

              1. LaQuan Demitrius Theodorius Jackson says:

                Julie is a teacher and a democrat.

                1. Wun Hung Lowe says:

                  Cool name ya got there LaQuan!

                2. Shamika Tawana De'Andrea says:

                  ROTFLMAO at your name LaQuan! Leemie axe you a question: did you vote for O-Zero and will you vote for him again in 2012?

                  In any event, good for this mother in defense of her son. I’d be in jail if it were my son after I beat the hell out of the bullies (and their useless parents).

                3. Kyle Michel Sullivan says:

                  Good for her! She helps create jobs through education and intelligent thought, unlike those billionaires who pay little or no income tax, send jobs to countries everywhere else but the US and put their money in secret Swiss bank accounts.

            2. T says:

              no, all those things are created through manpower.

              1. Kyle Michel Sullivan says:

                Yeah, try using manpower to pay for the asphalt and concrete and machinery needed. I’m sure the private companies those are purchased from will be glad to accept it. Right.

            3. Bill says:

              Hey “Jules”….

              Icarus was not stating that money is not NEEDED. He’s stating very intelligently that money is not the solution to all the problems in our educational system. And, if you were not such a whining liberal “female d-o-g”…you would aptly understand that. Please….get the heck out of my country. Seriously…people like you should have been spanked more as children!

            4. jhr459 says:

              Is 1942 your birth year? If so, I’m guessing you’ll be dead soon like all the other old bigots

              1. kat40915 says:

                Your a real jerk, you know that?

              2. dconn says:

                Heh – you kooks are all the same. In MY world, we don’t tolerate bullies. If the bullying doesn’t stop, the next step is the parents. Directly. Deck daddy a time or two and the bullying WILL stop, regardless of a bunch of whining libkook school staff. You’ll wait a LONG time for caring parents to die off. A LONG time, libkook!

            5. kat40915 says:

              What he meant is that money doesnt fix lack of discipline or make kids be kind. did you really not get that?

            6. kat40915 says:

              What he meant is that no amount of money will make kids be kind to each other or fix discipline issues that stem from home. Did you really not get that? Might want to reread his post.

            7. Larry Croft says:

              Julie, the commenter is correct within the context of the article.

            8. DaveyB says:

              Thats not money its currency. The government doesnt have any “money”. All those wonderful things you mentioned are paid for with debt-backed-currency. So all those shiney warm fuzzy you see in in plain sight are funded through future taxation and enslavement of your children. Those “fixes” create twice as many problems which are just a little to far ahead for you to see. So yes in a very myopic sense I guess you could call them “fixes” 😉

          2. sneezewhiz says:

            One room school houses went away because they were no good, they did not work, and they did not succeed.

            1. Pattib says:

              Actually the one room school houses did succeed. The number of children increased and the need for more space. However, sociologically speaking, the school board was created to oversee more than one school so the education was more efficient. As with all organizations, they were founded on a good premise. Over time however, the school board looses sight of the reason they were organized for. As the schools build, the board becomes very inflated, especially with a good tax base. After a period of time, the focus becomes the Survival of the Organization; ie: the school board’s survival, NOT the orginal purpose for which it was formed. Now, the school boards look to funds for the board survival, not the education that they were formed for. One room school houses are still very good, there are a few out ther!

        2. MorganGray says:

          Nah, I doubt it. The parents of the bullies don’t bloody care. Otherwise, they’d be paying more attention to their budding terrorists, and making sure the darling little thugs obeyed the laws of polite society.
          Nope, only one way to deal with bullies. Send them to the orthodontist.
          That’s how I dealt with it. Then again, that was nearly 40 years ago. Nowadays, the kid being bullied would get sent to reform school and the bullies’ parents would sue.

          1. steve says:

            And you would be on the jury and award the bully $1 million

      2. Magic says:

        Are you suggesting the taxpayer again be burdened with another official on a bus to police the brats that have never had any discipline at home or been held accountable for anything. Nothing will ever change with in our society until people are held accountable for theri actions. There must be teeth in or rules and punishment must again be unconfortable.

        1. glenn pate says:

          How about one less administrator to read and implement a regulation, which allows no case by case, common sense decision making. Why have principles and vice-principles and vice-vice-principles when all you need is a technocrat to read the regulation and the pre-ordained punishment to the parents and the student. A $150,000 a year administrator replaced with 3 $50,000.00 per year technocrats.

          1. Marc says:

            Spider, there aren’t many unions that would not allow the district to fire one administrator and hire three more union members.

            1. kevin s. says:

              There aren’t many unions that would not allow that, true. Unfortunately, the ones that would happen to be education unions.

          2. zbake13 says:

            Administrators are not legally allowed to be part of a union. Teachers (and some other school staff including bus drivers in most states) are the only school personnel that are allowed to be members of a union.

          3. Julie Tippets says:

            School administrators do not belong to the teachers’

            1. LaQuan Demitrius Theodorius Jackson says:

              Julie is a wannabe administrator.

            2. Susan Nunes says:

              In many parts of the country, administrators such as principals DO belong to a union.

      3. KW says:

        If they were to go back to when kids would get 3 or 4 licks from a sturdy piece of wood then they would be less likely to want to create the situations that would cause them to experience that punishment. I know it stopped me from wanting to participate in such shenanigans back when I was in school. You know what? I never heard of anyone ever dying from that either. A lot of tears were shed but there was a lot learned by those visits to the principal’s offices or hall visits.

      4. sick of criminals says:

        what needs to happen is that violent kids and criminals go to jail where they belong and we stop pandering to groups and gangs because of their economic status, background, gender, and/or race.

        1. LEon says:

          HA HA HA HA HA!!! You’re funny, but disbanding the government isn’t a viable solution.

          1. Frank Zentura says:

            Perhaps not but giving local communites more sovereignty certainly is. No one is vested in their own communities because they rely on government handouts!

      5. troy says:

        Why should they have to hire someone? Why isn’t the principle, a teacher, or school staffer riding on the bus? Why should more money be spent when there are already people that can do it but choose not to because it is below them.

        1. lukuj says:

          There is usually one principal per school. A school might have 8 or 9 busses. Teachers need to be in their rooms before school to prepare for the day and parent conferences. They need to be in their rooms at the end of their day to be available for parent conferences and other meetings and duties. If the teachers weren’t available for parent and student conferences, they would be criticized and chastized. It is the parents’ job to teach their kids how to behave. When they don’t, they and the schools need to stop harassing those who try to correct their behavior as long as they aren’t physically injuring the child. If more kids realized their parents weren’t going to take their sides even when they are completely in the wrong, conduct would improve greatly.

      6. Jess says:

        In my school district, there is a camera at the front of every bus above the driver’s head. Install a camera in the front and the back to record the bus rides. When an incident is reported, district security can then review the footage for proof and appropriate responses. Tada.

      7. Matt says:

        Have parents volunteer.

        1. Dave says:

          The parent would have to join the teachers union first.

          1. lukuj says:

            And the parent would probably be threatened with lawfuits or sued if he/she dared to yeall at the kids or try to make them behave in any way.

        2. Lisa says:

          A good friend of mine volunteered to go on a field trip with her middle school aged son a few years ago and they wouldn’t let her on the bus without a background check. She was a driver for Brinks at that time.

        3. dienst says:

          Get real. The parents of a bully don’t volunteer. That would be too much like taking an active interest in their brat’s life.

        4. Tom N. says:

          Parents volunteer? Why would anybody do that? Seriously, The first time a Volunteer Parent does anything to stop a bully incident or a fight, that parent will be the one in trouble…You know the drill, “Don’t ever touch my kid”..etc. The parent will then be brought up to the principles office with the resource officer and informed that a criminal complaint is being filed. Then the obvious lawsuit….And that’s if the Parent has the balls to do something to help a kid being beat on…If the Volunteer Parent was too intimidated to do anything, that parent will be confronted by the victims parents and demand to know why nothing was done to protect their kid. That parent will then be called to the principal’s office for answers. That parent would probably get sued…..
          No, get rid of the kids who cause problems…Period! BUT a lot of classroom behavior doesn’t get reported because the Administration will accuse the teacher of not being able to control the classroom. The real reason is that the Administration doesn’t want to deal with the parents who come in screaming how little Johnny is being treated unfair, he wouldn’t do such a thing, the teacher just hates him, etc….
          I mean if you want to volunteer, God Bless you. Just be aware what’s gonna happen..
          The Video camera is a good option. At least the parents can’t defend Johnny who is caught on film…

          1. Newbern W Johnson says:

            Sure they can “The video was interpreted wrong.”

      8. NavyVet says:

        The school district policy will not stop someone from bringing a weapon on the bus or stop an irate parent from getting on the bus. If someone is going to bring a weapon on board a bus…you think a piece of paper is going to stop someone? I actually drove school buses for awhile, right after leaving the military and the problem is school policy. Driver’s are not allowed to touch a student for any reason. Fight on the bus? They tell you to pull over, radio the school and they’ll call the police. So…you stand there…yelling at the kids to stop and if they ignore you? Your told to watch the kid get beaten and hope the police get there soon. Insanity. You have to trust the teachers and drivers to handle situations that require immediate action. We even had kids fall down the stairs and get hurt and we weren’t supposed to hug them to comfort them. They come to you crying and hug your leg and your told to not put a hand on them and just stand there…like a robot. Insanity. The fear of lawsuits and total BS lawsuits is paralyzing this nation. Major Tort Reform and Loser Pays are needed NOW!

        1. William J. Lasseter says:

          That’s horrible. The minute bureaucracy replaces human judgment is the minute society falls into a tailspin.

        2. Catherine says:

          I have been retired from the school system for 9 years. It was no longer a place I wanted to work. I had Health Office Duty and Cafeteria Duty.. Not being allowed to hug or confort a child was too much for me. This was after 22 years in an elementary school that I had loved. Sad…

      9. Scott Battles says:

        Pity the parents of the bullies do not have the wherewithal to demand apologies from the little piles of human garbage. Teach the kid martial arts and let him do what a young man is supposed to, defend himself. I once kicked the school bully so hard while he was sleeping it broke the window. Needless to say he then left the little psycho alone.

      10. Yon Yames says:

        Ah yes, because a school rule would stop an irate parent from getting on the bus with a weapon. Earth to Gardoglee….

      11. Hal McCombs says:

        Oh sure. They need a “policy”. For when a parent brings a weapon on the bus. I guess the bus driver can just whip out a copy of the policy and the parent will put the gun down.

        Are all lefties born stupid? Or is it beaten into them?

      12. HML says:

        I’m with Michael, money doesn’t fix everything, studies in the 80s about schools and money showed that some of the worst schools got the most money, and some of the better schools got far less money. A lot more involvement from the parents is what’s needed.

        1. dffggs says:

          She got involved and she got here knuckles rapped by the State. She should have just went to the State Indoctrination Centers Nurse and had the two bullies put on Ridalyn. Or just ignore the problem like most parents do until lil Sovante gets his hands on a good semi-automatic handgun. Obviously thats what these types of ridiculaous policies are meant to encourage right? Funny how we seem to be more setup to handle problems like school shootings then adults dealing directly with problems concerning their children.

      13. Iska Waran says:

        Minneapolis Public Schools spends $21,000 per year per K-12 student. “The school district doesn’t have the funds”? Are you insane? I’m not saying there need be a monitor on every bus, but Mpls public schools have more money than just about any school district in the country, yet in too many cases they turn out a lousy product for the money.

      14. somewhereinus says:

        Assist the bus driver? How about paying a higher salary to bus drivers that are competent to fill the shoes of a bus driver and fire those that can’t handle it? Now there is a real solution!

      15. roagie says:

        pity that no one teaches there brat children to behave on a bus or at school so mothers don’t feel like they need to step in an protect there children.pity that our GOVT. schools don’t have discipline in them anymore.. Pity the GOVT. schools are afraid of being sued out of there skins for doing the things that they used to do back in the day, when we never had these problem in our GOVT. school system.if the GOVT. school system didn’t waist large amounts of OUR money on BS , an top heavy admin. they would most likely have money to help the bus driver..we have put way to much responsibility on the school an allowed to many bullies to exist without puttin them out on there ass so the decent kids don’t have to worrier about them .. I’m on the Mom’s side .. a kid lays a had on my child repeatedly like that .. well she did what i would of don’t ..

      16. Nate Womack says:

        Money isn’t the problem. The problem is the public school system’s continued advancement of an agenda that is exclusionary toward parental involvement in their children’s lives. The idea that somehow the school system is equipped to protect students better than a child’s own parents is ridiculous, but is part of the philosophy that individuals must rely on figures of institutional authority to solve their problems rather than any sort of self-determinism, or reliance on family.

        Culturally-speaking, this is a relatively new phenomenon. In decades past, you didn’t see children committing suicide because of school bullying. You either stood up to bullies or avoided them. It was only with new zero-tolerance rules and policies that protect the aggressors as much as the victims that those with these bullying tendencies felt empowered enough to act without fear of real consequences. I will teach my children to stand up to those who would victimize them and, if necessary, use physical force in self-defense. I will also teach them how to win in such confrontations if they arise.

        When my father was eight years old, he had a cat that he loved dearly. One day a bullying neighbor came to him and handed him a sack that contained the remains of his dead cat, who he had killed purposefully. My father cried all the way to his home hysterically. When my grandfather arrived, he literally had to slap sense into my father until my father was able to explain what had happened.

        My grandfather, at that point, walked down the street to that boys house. He was gone for a while and when he came back he told my father that the other boy would never bother him again. And the older boy wouldn’t so much as look at my father ever again.

        Those of you arguing in favor of increasing public involvement in these situations are sick, socially, culturally, spiritually. There isn’t justice anymore and it is because good people haven’t stood up to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    2. tony says:

      who the hell gave the school power to ban parents from and from area’s outside a school. they think it is cute to parents homework to do, but protect your kids from a bully, the parent gets expelled from school, not the bully.

      1. just me says:

        Unfortunately, the schools have a lot of power now. This is one reason why I home school.

        1. parent says:

          Exactly! This is just another prime example of the government trying to control us. Similar situation happened to me with my child, and I didn’t think twice taking matters into my own hands, especially since NOTHING was being done about it…hence the reason we now home school. What kind of message is being sent to these kids when the only person trying to help is the one being punished?! I applaud this mother for stepping in and doing what every parent should do!!

      2. Frank says:

        The school district doesn’t have the authority and they themselves are acting as bully’s. Time to put pressure to fire the transportation supervisor.

      3. Dr. 9 says:

        All it takes for schools to become the new Gestapo are weak, dumb parents. And today, they are the rule, not the exception.

    3. A. Levy says:

      This is the result of a nation of formally free people allowing themselves to become govt. controlled, PC’ized sheep. When you allow the govt. to take control of your own children, that means you can’t control them, and shouldn’t have any. Parents who are so weak and stupid as not to see what the govt. is doing, should not be allowed to have kids.

      Weak parents and government indoctrination is the highest form of child abuse.

    4. notyranny says:

      Nah, the government owns your kids so the parents really have no say. We cannot have parents interfere with our social indoctrination of these students to comply to the bullies that will be police thugs or congressmen when they grow up.

      1. Maria says:

        You got that right!

    5. d says:

      i can’t stand these school boards. They are going to force everyone to sue them. They are so stupid. Their policymaking is taking the schools straight to hell in a handbasket via the express lane.

    6. Fred says:

      Yeah, but the bleeding hearts of public schools don’t want little punks feelings hurt and of course they won’t do anything until the good kid gets hurt. Then the schools steps in all shocked. Go Mom! your were right!

    7. JFK45LO says:



      1. andrew says:

        You don’t have to shout.

    8. Enzo says:

      She will just have to sue the school. In this bizarro world called America, it is the only way to get things done because people have lost all common sense.

      1. andrew says:

        I question that logic.

    9. Jaime Staalenburg says:

      Why stop there? If some kid kept beating up my son I’d find his dad and beat him in front of his kid. I think that would take care of the problem rather quickly.

      1. wootdude says:

        You’d probably get your @$$ whooped!

    10. Sheri says:

      I would sue the school and take my child off the school bus. I would also strongly consider moving my child to homeschool or a private school. Our disabled child was being bullied and we decided to remove her permanently from the public schools and homeschool her. She is a lot happier and she is making better grades.

      1. carlahoag says:

        I salute you for having the determination to do what’s best for your child. Our children are now grown, but some of my regrets are of the times when I didn’t fight hard enough for them. I’m not making that mistake with my grandchildren.

    11. D in CS says:

      BIG PICTURE…. schools ARE parenting your children and you are not even allowed access to YOUR children. Imagine, parents in protest pulling their children from school, declaring themselves as homeschoolers and the school only gets paid for the minimal amount of bullies in attendance. That kind of protest would get attention and turn things around for the community. It’s about time we all banded together and actually speak on the language the school districts understand…… money. You want a government handout being paid per head in the class at second period? You better listen to your parents and not the government. Awww, who am I kidding? The apathy in the country is WHY bullies are running crazy and those in charge say they cannot be in 50 places at one time and parents won’t pull their children out to make a stand of protest.

    12. LEM says:

      Yeah, the school systems have it covered – except for when they don’t. Which is 99.9% of the time. Eye roll.

    13. PaulaPrimo says:

      I agree with you in some points. If something bad happen to my kids and I didn’t do anything to prevent it, I will definitely blame myself for it. But she could have also just talked to the bullies’ parents to resolve the issue. http://www.Survive-Pack.com

    14. sueinmi says:

      Hey mom…there’s a jujitsu professional in your area. It is self protection martial arts and it is very effective. Your child is one of sooo many that suffer at the hands of bullies. You will not worry about your son once he’s gained knowledge of how to disarm a bully and it’s not about violence.


    15. Jeff Campbell says:

      I agree with you 100%. We keep getting told by Schools that it’s the Parents fault for not getting more involved with our Childrens welfare, yet when we try, we get punished.

    16. Cece says:

      Yes, she had every right to protect her child from bodily harm. The school is not correct in this matter-it is a tax payer funded school she has a right to be there. She needs to sue period and in the suit demand compensation for her child’s trauma, her trauma .She should also demand in the suit payment for private school the cost of transporting said child and have the removable(Fired) of all parties from that school district that made wrong judgments in this matter.
      No I am not a lawyer but a parent who had dealt with this with 2 of my children back in the 80’s when schools ignored this very problem. I am sorry I did not sue- TODAYYOU HAVE TO!
      I can not believe they spend $ 24,000 per student and have no money to supply monitors. My public school in Pennsylvania only spends $9500 per student and I complain that is to much since 75% goes to pay and benefits!

    17. Who Cares says:

      While I agree with you you miss the point of our new politically correct society. Only Government can solve any problem. This woman needs to go home, shut up, and pay more taxes to solve all the ill’s of our would.

    18. Kingfish says:

      Just another show of union idiot’s misuse of power, she should have taken the S.O.B’s out, like the union suggested.

    19. Pilot.Dave says:

      Amen. Too many lawyers for the school…

    20. Jack says:

      Here in Kansas we have something called home schooling. Some of the best students, the ones who win full ride scholarships to our university, are home schooled. Message to parents: Home school your children because the NEA owns the Department of Education in D.C. and in every state and they are determined to take away your rights as a parent and to make our school systems and stupid as possible.

    21. Parent says:

      “Apparently parents don’t get to be part of the solution anymore” – you are spot on. Liberals (who run schools) don’t believe we are smart enough to manage our own lives and want to control us all.

  2. Amber Sheehan says:

    All I can say, is good for her! My kids have been getting bullied on the bus for the last 3 years. you call the school they say its the bus company’s responsibility, the bus co says nothing they can do. When the bullying started this year, I started making the calls again. Things have been ok for 3 days, but if they start again you can durn well believe I will be back at the bus stop making my presence known!

    1. Citizen says:

      @Real. Yes, kids need to stand up for themselves, but watch the bullied kid who sticks up for himself with a fist to his tormentor’s nose, get hauled off to court and charged with assault on his tormentor. The schools have zero tolerance for fighting and call in the cops at the drop of a hat.

      1. JMJ says:

        I am in shock i never agree with Citizen. But on this i totally agree. And i had the same issue with my child as Amber. My daughter was in 2nd grade and the bully was in the 6th and a bus patrol. No one would help. So i threatened the school with calling in all the news stations and filing a police report.

        1. Michael Clark says:

          and what came of that situation, JMJ?

      2. Beenthere says:

        Amen. And…..any and all others who try to intervene to help (even if it’s only reporting the TRUTH, ALSO get the same punishment. Zero tolerance is a complete joke.

    2. Scott says:

      Honestly, the best thing you can do is put your kid in martial arts. No amount of presence by you can last the whole day when you’re not around. It will only take once for your kid to knock one of them silly and they’ll learn to pick on an easier target.

      1. Beth Dennis says:

        You are absolutely right, Scott. I started my sons in martial arts when they were in elementary school because of a neighborhood bully. He actually told me that the cops wouldn’t do anything to him because he always got away with it, and my own kids would get in trouble for fighting. I wanted to get my shotgun right there, but I got my kids self-defense lessons, instead. My older son was never (successfully) bullied again, and my younger son is a black-belt champion in competitions.

      2. tim says:

        Scott, you are 100% right. I am a wrestling coach and my boys wrestle. My 50 pound 7 year old has already stopped the 80 pound 10 year old bully in the neighborhood, no problem. Dumped him on his butt, held him down and made it really clear that he is going to take nothing from him. Has not messed with him ever again.

      3. Ron G says:

        Absolutely. The bully is only emboldened by the actions of the school. Bullying is not to be taken lightly. This bully needs his world rocked either by the boy or by a bigger friend or yes, a parent. Most the time all the bully needs is a dose of his own medicine followed by a strong “leave me/him alone!”

    3. Old Dominion Boy says:

      I am old school. When I was their age, our school had a simple system. Two of the oldest kids on the bus with the best grades were made ‘Monitors’. If both monitors reported you for an incident, you were off the bus for a week. If it happened again, off the bus for the year. That made the little troublemakers Mommy’s problem, but it takes gutsy school admins to enforce it and those are long dead. Gave the older kids incentive to make grades too. With good grades came authority. If someone your grade level on your bus beat your grades, your badge went to them.

  3. Concerned and Had Enough says:

    Terrible that the school district just sends out a letter stating she cannot go to the corner or even go to the school itself. Was there a meeting with the principal of the school before this letter was even sent? Obviously she was concerned enough for her son, and the bus driver should have been strong enough to say I will make sure this issue is brought forward. Public School Staff — all staff — need to start addressing this bullying issue and respond immediately. I hope they communicate with this woman and walk through the issue again with her so that this never happens again to her son, and that this never happens to another parent. Suicides and School Shootings are serious consequences of school bullying. Immediate responses need to happen.

    It’s unfortunate a mother had to yell at the boys who were doing the bullying, but had a bus driver been concerned enough to say we’ll take care of it immediately, I feel she had no other choice. The action of the District to proceed in their decision reflects the aspect of no communication, no ability to resolve issues and take a stand to address bullying. I hope it changes.

    1. Guy says:

      So what gives the SCHOOL the right to demand that she stay away from a PUBLIC STREET CORNER (aka the bus stop)?

      I would have told the school to “f” themselves & show up at the stop EVERY DAY to pick my kid up.

      1. Tough toe nails says:

        Amen to that. She ought to show up with a Louisville Slugger on her shoulder. The public schools these days are whack. Their zero tolerance policy on dicipline for the little thug shiites is getting really tired. Maybe if people take matters into their own hands, they’ll start doing something about the problems.

        1. AP says:

          Wow. You are like, SO tough. It’s a shame more kids didn’t grow up like you.

        2. roneida says:

          Better watch you back and sleep lightly.

        3. stop ur scaring me says:

          That’s one mean keyboard you’re wielding there! Why didn’t you publish your address se we can take you up on your offer? Hmmm?

        4. Eggcellent says:

          I’m in your camp!! Mr. Bus Driver said he didn’t have time to “police” the kids on the bus, yet he had enough time to tattle to the School Administration. I rode the bus during second grade, but we were in mortal fear of the bus driver, knew what deportment was appropriate on the bus, and behaved ourselves. In High school I walked, but had to go through an area where a group of bullies lived. I began carrying a baseball bat; luckily I never had to use it, but the “threat” was enough to keep them off me. Of course now everything is so PC and Nanny-esque that I’d probably get in trouble for carrying something to defend myself.

        5. sick of criminals says:

          it’s people like you who should be in jail. what a loser.

        6. Man on the Silver Mountain says:

          Love to meet me, huh? Hmmm… I didn’t see your address posted here. What is it? Schmuck.

          1. Japes Macfarland says:

            ” I didn’t see your address posted here. What is it? Schmuck.”

            So are you sticking up for the bully, or the Mother in saying this? If it’s the bullies, than you voted for Obama. If it’s the Mother, than it could go either way. One thing is for sure. The left does not want parents involved, and they want more power. A larger State is their solution for everything, including their own lust for power; which they get by capitalizing on compassion. To be frank, the left is wrong about literally everything, and they work for the devil but most don’t know. Lol, there, I said it. 😉

            1. Andrew says:

              I think you meant virtually, not literally. I might note also that the left aren’t the only proponents of big government. There’s also the right. It makes sense, really. Plumbers want more plumbing work; accountants want more accounting work; politicians want more government.

              1. Japes Macfarland says:

                Andrew wrote: ” Plumbers want more plumbing work; accountants want more accounting work; politicians want more government.”

                Yes, but the distinction between left and right is in the Left’s core values, or what defines them as ‘Left’. It is part of their MO that they *always* want to increase the size of government. Or, centralized power, emanating from a huge and to huger State, as the solution. This is in contradistinction from those of more traditional American values (not European) believe that the bigger the government gets, the smaller the citizen.

                It has to do with this. The idea of prioritizing individual liberty *over* our decent instinct for egalitarianism, is an anomaly in human history and experience. The default position of the human is to be on the Left. (Just like it is for men to be generally more sexually aggressive than woman, but to be ‘civilised’ means we learn to stifle the natural urges.)
                The abnormal faith in the average person, that it took for the Founders to come up with our vision, came largely from their faith in a God that loves each person so extra-ordinary. (Yes, in spite of all the Left’s excitement about the few, so called, Deists… even these were not the ‘Deists’ of today. They believed in ultimate justice and an afterlife and that God was involved, etc. So not even that’s true.)

                Anyway, no, I think I meant the word literally, as for describing the Left’s endeavours. I literally can’t think of a single example of real success, from a leftist idea (i.e. one that the right specifically disagrees with) Not a single one. In my opinion the Left (…as an ideology, and largely faith based, dogma, emotion dependant world view as much as most any religion.) has only increased misery, suffering, cruelty and death on earth.

        7. jimbo0265 says:

          what a joke, you are the bully that is discussed here. No you dont want to come to Texas and meet me that I promise, just how big of boy are you? You had better be the one to bring a bat and a sack lunch. people have to stick up for the people who do not feel they can stand up for themselves. In cases like this its two or three or more on one. You are a dolt.

      2. Mainer says:

        Even the school is public property

      3. Bernie Goetz says:

        F*****in A!

    2. onceproudamerican says:

      Simply unconstitutional!!

  4. Emie says:

    Bravo to this Mom! Maybe if the school district had an adult riding on the bus it would reduce the number of these incidents. I you don’t stand up to bullies you have given them permission to continue being a bully.

  5. KM says:

    Shame on the school for banning this mother from school grounds or from the bus stop. Both are public property and especially as her son is at that school, she has every right to be there!

    Good for her in protecting her son!

    1. Citizen says:

      @KM. Yes, the school system is part of the problem here, and not part of the solution. I hope the school board rescinds this stupid administrative ban on Tanya. With this kind of reaction from school administration, no one should doubt why parents and the public are nonsupportive of the education system. I’m not sure if the schools are more worried about lawsuits than they are worried about the kids, but that certainly appears to be the case.

      1. Mary says:

        to citizen: I agree with everything you said. When did our school systems lose every bit of common sense? We want our kids to follow the rules, but when the schools have such unreasonable responses, how can we possibly support the schools’ decisions? Now, would you want an administration that acted so inappropriately to be in charge of your kids’ moral and sex education?

  6. bjs says:

    Someone had to do something. any good parent would/should do the same thing. there should be 0 tolerence for bullies. Also people need to be more responsible on their damn jobs. The bus driver should be disciplined

  7. rml says:

    Good for the mother! But shame on the school….. the boys who are doing the bullying should be banned, not the mother trying to help her son!!

    1. red says:

      i agree- Why are the parents of the kids doing the bullying involved in this. It’s like they are sitting back and laughing at the this woman trying to protect her son instead of teaching their kids some morals to grow up and not become trouble makers

      1. whoaaaaaaaa says:

        Do we know that baby boy wasn’t the cause of the issue in the first place? Mom jumped in mighty quick based on what ????? oh that’s right. Her son’s words. Ever been around a little lying kid before anyone?????? He had a bad day, told someonew to get F’ed and they retaliated. He’s the innocent victim them?
        just sayin’ there is a whole lot of screaming going on here and none of us know the facts is all. She may have been smarter and addressed it off the bus like an intelligent person would…emotions can get one killed

        1. markH says:

          “emotions can get one killed” Yes, and so can indifference-that’s why we have terms like ‘innocent victim.’

        2. VA Mother of 2 says:

          I don’t think it really matters if the boy said anything to the bullies and his comments started the beating. WORDS are just that words, not physically touching another person. You can say stuff all day long – which again can be bullying – but you CANNOT put your hands on another person. EVER! I tell my kids that fighting is wrong and as an adult if you hit a person you can go to jail. Only animals can’t control themselves. This woman was right in defending her child. I would do the same thing. In fact, my child was being bullied at school when I found out who it was, I went to the child’s home and told them in front of their parent to leave my child alone. You don’t like her that is fine, but you don’t need to say mean things or harrass her. That girl hasn’t talked to my child since. Blame the school and the parents – Zero tolerance should be ZERO tolerance, not a slap on the wrist for these little thugs. No detention – they laugh at that. Suspension and then kick them out if they are repeat offenders. Parents need to do more parenting – teach your kid values and morals! If parents actually have to wake up and figure out what school is going to take their brat, they might actually start trying to fix their behavior.

    2. Big Bear says:

      Not in liberal-land. It’s all about polishing turds and the lowest common denominator.

      These bullies might grow up to the pwecious cwiminals, providing lots of jobs for paper-shuffling liberals in the socialist services field.

      1. wootdude says:

        And you would be the first one to cry to the school board because some “liberal socialist commie” yelled at your poor wittle cubbies. Get a grip and house train your pet kids.

  8. rml says:

    …there needs to be some serious consequences for kids who are doing any kind of bullying…. maybe some juvenile detention or some mandatory counseling for kids caught bullying…

    1. re-think-it-all says:

      And some serious consequences for the adults responsible for making sure it DOESN’T happen. Why doesn’t someone fire the bus driver? Can’t be 50 million places at once? That’s fine buddy, then you aren’t qualified to do this job. Start making bus drivers and teachers more accountable for this stuff, and things will change. Fear of losing one’s livelihood works as a wonderful motivator, take that fear away, and you get poor results.

  9. Elisabeth says:

    Ok, while I agree she did the wrong thing getting on the bus to speak with the children (those rules are in place for the safety of all the children on the bus) … this is ridiculous! She is a concerned mother, precisely what these schools keep screaming they don’t have enough of … let her participate in her child’s education! Absolutely the wrong call by the school admin.

  10. clt says:

    Good for Mom!!! It is terrible how the school has treated her. I agree with Emie. There should be a parent riding on the school buses. I used to be a school bus driver and it is very hard to drive safely and be watching what is going on behind you constantly.

  11. tbone says:

    Who does the school district think they are. They do not have any authority about the street corner where the buses stop. She can stand on any corner on a public street she chooees too in orde to ensure the safety of her son. The school district idiots are on the public dole and are not city policy makers, police, or the PARENT

  12. so says:

    Schools DO tolerate bullying-teachers and those supervising are busy with lesson preparation, paperwork or just chitchatting. It is assumed that ‘kids will be kids” or something along the line of “They need to learn how to survive on their own”.

    Walking away as response to bullying is still taught despite mounting evidence it does little to discourage bullies and nothing to help a hurting child.
    I am not sure whether teacher overload is the problem or just general apathy. I only know it comes at a great cost. Unfortunately too, most school districts are good only at lip service. There are plenty of slogans and beautiful sounding catchphrases-but that’s it.

  13. Ray says:

    Thank God my grand daughter is in the south suburbs and not in this wound-tight Minneapolis school district.
    This board must be comprised of past thugs themselves!

    1. Whiney says:

      Wow Ray, how did you get your head out of the sand long enough to sit at your keyboard. Bullying is actually a bigger problem in the burbs. Direct violence is a bigger problem in the city schools.

  14. WinonaB says:

    The bus drivers are there to transport your children, not to discipline your brats.

    1. Amber Sheehan says:

      Thats very true, however, they are still bound to keep them safe. If they cant do this alone, there should be chaperons on the bus. If the driver cant do something at the time of the bullying, they should report it to the school upon arrival.

    2. red says:

      Heck If I have to I would pull over and I would tell them that this bus is not moving til they f– shut up and sit down whether it is going to school or home.

  15. Reality sucks says:

    Tanya Sydney, I’d take this one pro bono!

  16. Pavel says:

    The problem is she got on the bus. It is best to notify the school and make sure they follow through to correct the problem. If the situation is not resolved, follow up with a meeting of school officials.

    A good bus driver will do his best to resolve the situation on the bus. Sometimes even the best can’t resolve the situatioin so the school is the best to handle it. It is “dangerous” to have parents board the bus. Not all are as well-intentioned as this mother.

    It is good that she took some action for her son.

  17. Johanna Pinckaers says:

    This mother is my hero! I was bullied through elementary, middle, and high school and now even in Community College. Bullying needs to end now.

    1. tbone says:

      If you are still being bullied now in your adult life at community college, maybe you should take an assertiveness training course and a class in self defense. You have been pushed around all of your life, its time to start pushing back at the low lifes that cause you problems. Good luck to you

      1. Beth Dennis says:

        I was bullied my entire life, too, because I’m very small and look like an easy target. I had several stalkers in high school; one of them stood on my lawn and threatened to cut my heart out while my mother was listening and even threatened my friends. At the age of 20, little boys would throw things at me on the street. The stalking stopped when I got myself a big boyfriend, and little boys stopped bothering me when I had a baby. Something in me changed after that; I developed a mother-bear attitude and nobody messed with me again. I’m still amazed at the complete switch. It does help to get a great big boyfriend/husband who is a teddy bear; strangers only see that he’s big and won’t know that he’s just a gentle giant. Believe me, if adults are bothering you now, they won’t if they know you have him around.

        1. Doug says:

          Those strangers may know more than you think; while he might be a teddy bear with you, I’d wager you woudn’t want to watch what would happen if he saw you threatened (more power to him) just like you would be with your kid(s)

        2. Doug says:

          My wife thinks I’m a teddy bear and it never occurs to her that even though I would never desire to hurt anybody, if I saw her being threatened I would take whatever was handy and kill the person without a second thought.

      2. Warming says:

        Right. I was bullied in school. My parents said to ignore it and it got worse. They said to laugh at the bully and it got worse. Finally, they gave me karate lessons and that ended it. I never had to use the karate.

    2. Real Talk says:

      It’s a basic law of nature. The strong survive and the weak perish. Luckily for you, we live in a safe, coddling society.

      But in your case…..why do you think you’ve been bullied your whole life? Let me give you a hint: Its not the bullies that are the problem!! In general, people will treat you how you let them.

      So wise up and toughen up cowboy. Its life…not a day at the fair.

      1. Danielle says:

        That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I too was bullied in grade school, and as a CHristian I had always been taught to “turn the other cheek.” My bully in SUnday School moved away, and when she returned 3 years later she tried it again. But, everyone ignored her. They respected me for turning the other cheek. My 5th grade bully kept following me home. I told my mom how she would spit at me etc. Finally, my mom had had enough. So she pulled up after school to the partk one (in her AMC pacer-real tough, I know). She asked who wanted to fight her daughter. no one answered. She then informed them that if they wanted to fight me, she would teach me and that since she grew up on the streets of New Jersey, I would’nt lose. The bully left me alone after that and her friends became mine 🙂

  18. Sue J says:

    I’m sure if her son was gay this would be another story. She is a Hero for doing what she did. Keep up the pressure, and Never Give Up!

    1. tbone says:

      I wonder if the unusally high amount of homicides in mpls involving children getting killed lately, has anything to do with bullying taking place on school campus. After all, these kids have to leave the school building at the end of the day and still deal with those kids who are bullying them out in the community

  19. Momma Bear says:

    I go straight to the home of the children that bully my kids and I make sure that the bully tells their parents what they did. I have done this more than once, and let me tell you the look on those kids faces when they open their front door is priceless. obviously its very important to be sure that the parents are home when you go, and bring a witness. I don’t bother the schools they are afraid of lawsuits and have enough to deal with anyway.

    1. tbone says:

      children often mimic what they learn at home, so the bullies probably wont get much dicipline there. If they were getting dicipline at home in the first place, then they would already know how to act. The parent(s) are more than likely the kind of people who walk around through life thinkimg they are entitled to everything, simply because they exist

  20. tbone says:

    The fact that the school has a police liason officer on site, tells me that the school personnel cant even handle the issues that take place inside the school, much less anything that happens miles away on a city street corner. School officials must subscribe to the philosophy that the government can take care of your child better than you can. Typical BS of the government thinking they should control every aspect of your life. Send your kid to private school if you can afford it, the curriculum is centered around learning not muslim tolerance and gay rights

  21. curly_racks says:

    She is re-married jerk and her new husband was sitting next to her during hte interview. I am proud of her for being an involved parent!

  22. Sheila says:

    Its about time!! The schools want what they want. To take on this or that when it is easy for them. I have kids that are just starting the school system and I will be right there to stand up for them at any cost. This issue has gotten so bad. Parents needed to step up weather your child is being bullied or your child is doing the bulling. Protect your babies and be active in raising them ALWAYS.

  23. Ended Bullies up North says:

    Bullies can be bullies forever. I’ve seen elderly people bully other elderly people. It isn’t just kids. You step in where the bullying is.
    I worked in a nursing home where there was a few old gals that would torment other old gals because they could. Whispering about her, wondering where she was from and what she used to do, commenting that “she wasn’t going to sit at OUR table because they didn’t know her.” They were informed by the staff that they didn’t make the rules and she would sit anywhere she pleased without any problems.
    Bullies come in all ages and sizes. End it if you can.

  24. Concerned for kids says:

    I can’t understand why it says the boys apologized to each other. Why would the victim need to apologize to the bullies? Am I misunderstanding this?

    Another thing that is more concerning is, if this bullying isn’t happening on the bus now, it’s likely that it has moved online. Cyberbullying is a million times more prevalent and relentless. It’s all horrible, but cyberbullying follows the kids into their own homes.

    1. Beth Dennis says:

      My elementary principal also made me apologize to two boys who threatened me when I walked home from school. I was a small girl who weighed less than 50 pounds in 3rd grade, and these were 2 bigger boys who said they would beat me up if I didn’t bring them candy. My mother called the school and the principal’s response was to say “Boys will be boys” and we had to apologize to each other! I still don’t understand why I had to apologize for being bullied. That was in 1960, by the way.

    2. Doug says:

      “I can’t understand why it says the boys apologized to each other. Why would the victim need to apologize to the bullies? Am I misunderstanding this?”

      Your primary error is: using common sense; a quality that is in short supply in our modern institutions of esoteric learning.

      They had to apologize to each other because morality is relative and all moral claims are equivalent! Didn’t they teach you that in PC class?

  25. porked by it all says:

    I’d have kicked the snot out of the beeetch if she stepped on my toes
    Bulling – the new American cause. Only been around since man was created but it’s the IN and Hot Topic in the new era of never letting kids grow up w/o interference.
    America – land of puzzies and wussies

    1. Not Impressed says:

      @”porked” ..guessing you are/ used to be a bully. Nice language.

    1. Nerves are being struck says:

      Pork came across wrong but he is dead on on the point. This is old fashioned everyday human behavior, always has been.
      It won’t change, nor do we need the world were “everyone is all equal”.
      Sorry – that is the truth and fact. This young lad may be the new leader of the world for all we know but we know he won’t ever become that is the helicopter parents do not let him grow up and learn to survive and thrive all by himself.
      People – you cannot spend your life making your kids into dependent people. Unless of course you plan on resolving all their conflicts and living forever yourselves. 😉

      1. John says:

        Your statement is contradictory and I am having a hard time understading the point you are trying to convey. The statement that ” ……this is everyday human behavior’ seems as though you think we should give it a pass. You are Oh-so-wrong. Allowing these bullies to get away with this type of behavior only perpetuates it. (you may want to re-read your statement)

  26. Jackie says:

    Schools all over the country need to understand that bullying is why half the kids drop out of school or there parents pull them out and home school them. Schools districts complain because there not getting enough money for the kids they do have in school. Well if they would address major issues such as this, they would still have most of those kids in there schools. These school districts need to wake up.

  27. DeeDee says:

    And one more thing.. mama, you did good but now you need to teach that boy how to stand up for himself. I’m all for talking and working things out but sometimes people don’t understand anything but a good old fashioned tail whipping. And to those writers who keep fussing at mom- be quiet! No decent mom worth her salt is just going to stand around and let her child get bullied. Kids are not like they were when I was young ( I’m 42) some of them can do some serious damage now.. even to the point of death and this mom wasn’t willing to let her kid get that far. If the other kids mama’s were at the bus stop checking their little minions then maybe this mama wouldn’t have had to do it.get your own kids and then maybe you’ll see why she did it. Leave her alone and talk what you know.

  28. Joyce says:

    KUDOS to Tanya! Your son will forever remember the time you stuck up for him. Our children need more heros in their lives. If the schools and others who are advocating anti-bullying are not following through with what they are saying, then the parents need to get involved. If the bullies are allowed to continue with these tactics, it only escalates as they get older.

  29. Martha says:

    Bullies need to have more Moms like this confront them.Schools and bus companies defend the bullies way too often. Kids are killing themselves because bullies do not stop and are not made to stop. I feel what this Mom did was right and I will not criticize her one bit for protecting her son.

  30. surreal comments says:

    Pork came across wrong but he is dead on on the point. This is old fashioned everyday human behavior, always has been.
    It won’t change, nor do we need the world were “everyone is all equal”.
    Sorry – that is the truth and fact. This young lad may be the new leader of the world for all we know but we know he won’t ever become that is the helicopter parents do not let him grow up and learn to survive and thrive all by himself.
    People – you cannot spend your life making your kids into dependent people. Unless of course you plan on resolving all their conflicts and living forever yourselves. 😉

    1. BL says:

      Surreal- sounds like you should go back to school.

  31. judy says:

    Kids being bullied should get enrolled in a self defense ( Karate) class. Builds their self esteem and no one will bully him/her again!! Happy this Mom stuck up for her kid and intervened in the situation.

  32. Molly says:

    This bullying thing is so maddening and has gotten so out of hand. The schools look the other way and rarely confront or deal strongly with the bully. I believe in this case the Principal needed to haul those bully’s in, ALONG WITH THEIR PARENTS and administer some strong warnings; like suspensions. the schools/principals seem to punish everyone BUT the darn brat bullys. Stand up to the bullys school principals and do your job so parents like Tanya don’t have to step in.

  33. roneida says:

    Amen brother.

    You’ve been reading my mail.

  34. bill says:

    she’s doing what a mother is supposed to…don’t schools want parents to get more involved…i hear that all the time… and i didn’t know a schools rule making extends I
    beyond its grounds, and everywhere else…i’d better watch out that my old 3rd grade teacher will chase me down and shake the hell out of me like she used to do…

  35. iusbvision says:

    But it obviously is the schools protocol to let bullying go on to the point where a parent has to intervene because that is exactly what the school did and it is the same story we see over and over and over again. Is there any doubt that if the parent didn’t act and the news media did not get involved that the young man would still be getting hit on the school bus, all while the school would be saying “we don’;t have a bullying problem”.

    The entire purpose of banning a parent from the bus stop is to isolate the victim and put pressure on the boy to shut up about being bullied.

  36. Dave says:

    Look… if the school’s cant get it done, parents need to protect their children. Does the school want to wait until this kid is fed up and brings a knife to school? Good for this woman for stepping in. The others kids should be the ones who suffer the “ban” from school property. God help the kids who takes the first swing at my girls in school. I am sick and tired of children without manners, without respect for other people and a blatant disregard for authority. When I was in school and I got out of line it was handled right there by the teacher. A big paddle and a trip to the hallway. For those people who say spankings don’t work… bull. I stayed in line, I wanted nothing to do with that big board on my butt.

  37. Tom Amlie says:

    Who is this woman to think she has ANY say in how the system treats her son and spends her tax dollars? Now that she’s become involved they have to admit that a problem exists and was brought to their attention. In the public school monopoly parental involvement, opinions, and feedback are completely unwanted. we see it over and over: a kid gets bullied, commits suicide, and those in the system who were in a position to know about it and do something about it suffer no repercussions.

    1. james says:

      You hit the nail on the head.As a rule kids are a commodity to the school system. Until a voucher system is accepted it will never work.Until then Homeschooling will keep growing.Im glad of that.

  38. dave says:

    When my son was about 10, he was being bullied at school. We addressed the issue with the teachers, the principal and nothing was done. I was active duty military at the time and was in full uniform when I dropped my son off one morning at school. He pointed out the bully and I confronted the punk right there on school grounds. This punk wouldn’t even look at me and I told him point blank that he better address me appropriately as an adult and that my son, who had been studying karate for years for self defense, had my permission to beat the daylights out of him if he ever touched my son again and that I would also proceed to go to his parents house with the police. He never touched my son again.

  39. TroyG says:

    You see, the problem is too many regulations and laws. Laws can’t protect anyone, and it’s about time all American Citizens learn that. The problem is the very laws which some idiot felt would protect children are used in 99.99% of the cases for the children to hide behind.
    When I was a boy, ANY adult had the right to discipline me, if I was starting trouble, any adult was encouraged to put me in my place. If I was the bully, I got slammed against a wall, or locker, or head slapped. If I was the victim, the other guy, or guys, got the same treatment.
    I dislike Hillary Clinton, but the Title of her book says it all “It takes a Village.”
    Bullies need to be put in their place, physically if necessary.
    Pukes and Punks is a loud mouthed fool hiding behind the anonymous post.

  40. james says:

    This one of the many reasons that parernts more and more are taking their children out of public schools and homeschooling. “Death by bullicide”is an excellent book to read on this.A real eye opener.How many more children will kill themselves because they are too shy to stand up.This has been going on since the beginning.Only today its much much worse. Exodusmandate.org is other good resource to learn the evils of the public education system.God help our children.

  41. james says:

    Bullies are pigs.No other way to explain them.

  42. Dan S. says:

    How can someone be banned from a bus stop? It is part of a public street, is it not?

    Anyway, the bullying seems to have stopped, so the mother’s actions may have worked.

  43. Jim Bob says:

    You go mom. I like the ball bat idea at the bus stop.

  44. Mannie says:

    How do we even know the boys are “bulling” her pwecious wittle boy? All we have in this article, was an adult assaulting two children. The school district did right.

  45. max says:

    Sovante? You named your kid Sovante and you are surprised that he is getting bullied?

  46. Enough says:

    Charge the boys with felony assault.

    Charge the principals, teachers, and bus driver with aiding and abetting in the commission of said felony.

    It’s happened in the past, it continues to happen. They’ve know about it since the first incident. By placing the aggressors together with the victim on the bus they are by definition aiding and abetting in the continuation of said felonies.

    These kids need to know their actions will not go unpunished. Straighten up your life and treat people decently or you will be a felon. You will not vote, you will not get a decent job, EVER. Why isn’t this being taught?

    The school staff needs to learn that not standing up and stopping this is just as bad as if they were doing it themselves.

  47. Zulu says:

    This is absurd, ridiculous and outrageous. That mother did the RIGHT thing and the school has no authority to ban any parent from public property unless they are a felon or child predator.

    The bully problem is serious and can be life-threatening for some of their victims (suicide). Bullies never stop until the victim has had enough and pushes back. Unfortunately the victim then will be punished and the bully goes free.

  48. If a child is bullied out of success, he was not going to be successful in the first place. And parents confronting children, well that’s becoming more common as adults stop growing up….


    1. Tmom says:

      Bullied out success???? A CHILD should have to worry about his very life just getting onto a bus? And if he can’t handle that he won’t be able to handle life? A parent’s job is to protect and defend their child. Especially if those whose care they leave their child won’t do it. You’re not a parent, are you?

      This is the exact mindset that has put our schools in the position they are in. Send your child to the wolves! Make a five year old have to learn things no five year old should ever know just so they aren’t eaten alive! And expect them to learn something while doing it!

      Pull your kids out, people! You CAN do a better job at educating your children than these places can. Let there be nothing left but the bullies to bully each other and the administration to be forced to deal with what they’ve created.

  49. Miguel says:

    All the school’s officers and all the school’s officials can’t seem to stop the bullying or set the tone for a proper educational environment. The mother is well within her rights to protect her child from budding criminals who are coddled by the school’s publicly-paid officials.

    Until public school teachers unions are throttled and most people send their kids to charter, private, religious, type schools this problem will only continue as American eduction degrades at the hands of progressive plunderers and controllers of our educational system.

    1. re-think-it-all says:

      Plus one, thumb’s up, and all that.

  50. Chris says:

    This same thing happened to my son and my wife marched right on that bus and told those boys that if they ever touched or talked to our son again there would be some violence. The bus driver thanked her for saying and doing what she did. It never happened again that was two years ago now.

  51. Adam says:

    So now, not only is the school system so scwewed up that they don’t deal with behaviour problems in an effective manner, but they now step on a parent’s right to parent.

    1. Not for Strinking Violets says:

      Yep! It happened to my son in first grade. LONG STORY! I tried to call in my lawyer to make them stop their stomping all over my son but my lawyer worked for the d a m n school district! So I dealt with it the best way I knew how. I got in the principals face because not only was he bullying my son he was bullying me!

      Next Thursday I have a meeting before the school board for the Hisotry Alive! books they teach our kids to have them retract and replace them with factual history books.

      I’ve made myself a presence. Annoying to them but they know I can put up a web site and flag this city I live in in a few feel strokes of the keyboard.

  52. Will says:

    Am I the only one who moticed that the mother “walked” to school after the incident? If the school is close enough to walk to why is the student riding a bus to begin with? Is this school dristrict so rich they can afford to transport everyone regardless of how far they live from the school?

    And people think schools don’t have enough money.

    1. Warming says:

      Maybe because he carries a 50 lb. backpack like the rest of them.

  53. bill says:

    I rode a school bus for my high school years. The last thing I wanted to happen was the bus driver or principle calling my parents. If, one of my friends and I were required by the driver to sit in the seat right behind him because we had misbehaved one year. Some of these children need a good butt kicking.

  54. jt says:

    good work mom, how can your son focus on academics when punks are terrorizing him. i recommend enrolling him in jiu jitsu or boxing and he will never have that problem again.

  55. Usually a snark says:

    My daughter was harassed by a group of boys as she walked home from school. The school admin said they couldn’t help as it wasn’t at school so I called the police. They came, took my daughter’s statement and then visited the homes of the boys who had been throwing rocks at her. They never came down our street again. Mind you, she was EIGHT years old at the time. If a parent can’t stick up for their child, how can the child ever trust?

  56. Sue says:

    We had the same problem on my sons bus a few years ago. The solution from our school disctrict (K- 8th grade) was to elect bus monitors from the 8th grade class who got to sit in the back of the bus. If there were any problems the kids knew to go to those kids anytiime. Our school also started having weekly discussions about bullying. So far it has worked. The volunteer kids like to have the leadership and feel special. It has become so popular that they have to take turns and switch every month. I think it took the power away from the bullys

  57. SGT Ted says:

    Time to break up the Public School Cartels that only serve their own interests with student safety being way down the list.

  58. Mike G says:

    I find it interesting that almost all government agencies now hide behind privacy provisions when asked about their mal or misfeasance.

  59. Call Me Mom says:

    If I am not allowed in the school you can bet your sweet bippie, my son wouldn’t be there either. Homeschool people. If you love your kids, homeschool them. Plus it would be an added bonus to know that by pulling your child out, you would be denying them the money they get per student from the government.

    1. Call me Single Mom says:

      Well that’s great….some are single parents and can’t home school let alone afford private school. It doesn’t mean we don’t love our kids it means we are stretched out and THEY know it.

      Try to rephrase your comments to be less hoity toity and stay grounded in reality so you don’t make such hurtful assumptions to your fellow struggling Americans who would want nothing more than to pull their kids from public school.

      1. Tmom says:

        Use the online public school system (if your state has it). It’s free for you….computer, all materials, etc….and you can do it in the evenings. Yes, you’d have to find care for your child during the day and it would be a lot of extra work for you coming home from work and helping your child with school. But it will be worth it!!!

      2. Call Me Mom says:

        It’s not hoity toity, it’s reality. You may not like it because your situation makes it more difficult for you, but that’s the only conclusion I have. My child was in public school, homeschooled for 5 years and in then a charter school that combined on-line learning with a classroom for when the student needs more help, or just prefers the structure of a classroom to work in, which was an acceptable solution for us. If your district doesn’t offer this, ask them to do so. Homeschooling was best for ust.

        The bottom line is, which is more important, your kid or your excuses for why you can’t do what is best for them. If public school is working for your kids, more power to you, if not, you need to find an alternative. Homeschooling doesn’t cost any more than you make it cost. Libraries are great and you clearly have access to the internet.
        My child would not be in any school where I was not allowed to go, period.

  60. Dikauff says:

    My question is why did only the victim have consequences? The 3 kids involved had to apologize to each other? PULEEZE……The bullies and Their parents need to have consequences applied for thier actions. The bullies get away with things because no one will stand up to them. They rely on this and continue to bully into adulthood. I suspect we have only been given the media biased version of the story, but based on the facts given here, it would seem that the child was victimized twice. Shame on the school.

  61. beegee17 says:

    How’s that living on the Democrat Plantation?

    She could have fixed this issue very easily. Find a couple boys that are a year or two older then the bullies. Slip them a $20 and have them deal with the bullies.

    I know this works because I had my oldest son take care of my youngest sons bully. No violence just warning the bully to stop or else.

  62. Californian says:

    “Her son and the two bullies later had to apologize to each other. ”

    I missed it…Why did the school/school district compel the bullying victim to apologize to his tormentors?

    1. Jack says:

      Accidentally hit the troth link…instead of reply. Just wanted to comment that this having to apologize to the bullies, is part and parcel to the new liberal paradigm that has been haunting our freedom-loving society for about the last 20 years, whereby there is no ribbons for first-place, there are no losers; only winners, etc. This actually creates a societal equality that ignores the beauty of individually, the reward of success, and the character that can be derived from failure. This culture I speak of, only allows the bullying mentality to thrive.

  63. frank says:

    I remember when I was a kid being a military brat, they required parents to be bus monitors. Wasn’t any problems.

  64. frank says:

    I remember when I was a kid being a military brat, they required parents to be bus monitors. No problems!

  65. Antoinette Keen says:

    to the Mom in question: i smell a lawsuit big enough to be able to send your child to the private school of your choice. good luck!!!

  66. Nothing New says:

    I’d show up at the bus stop anyway. Let the school drag this out and be shown up for who they are and keep them in the news! If they try to arrest her let there be a camera there. If they send her fines for money, which they probably desperately need, then don’t pay.

    The bus driver can’t be everywhere at once is an excuse! It’s call stopping the bus, turning off the engine with his keys in pocket for safe keeping, then proceeding to the part of the bus where the bullies are! Calmly but firmly confronting them, getting their names and turning them into the principal at the school they go to. Also moving the bullies to the front of the bus should be done too for the remainder of the school year. Pretty simple. IT’S CALLED COMMON SENSE!

    As for the school authorities, your time is coming! You all think your insulated from trouble with your secure paychecks and stroking each others egotistical powers, you’ll soon see. The real bullies are the public school officials and unions.

  67. Mark Matis says:

    Deleted, eh? About what I expect from Minnie Soda…

  68. Rob says:

    The messages left here show that the successful way to stop bullying is for the bully to be confronted, hard. So they are in fear of consequences. I’ve seen that myself. Whether it’s the parents, the victim themselves, an older brother, teacher, etc. It’s time for a revolt against the Mindless Liberal Marxist Tyrants. The public schools should all be taken over by parents directly. Lawyers should be given jobs digging ditches. Bullies will be paddled publicly. American maturity, common sense and morality have declined so much that at this point, America is doomed. Government is so corrupt and answers only to special interests. Chaos, further economic collapse, civil war, revolution, martial law, disintegration are coming. Be ready. Be strong. Good luck to everyone.

  69. Tom Davidson says:

    Bullying is a form of assault. If physical contact is made it becomes assault and battery – a felony. The school officials are accomplices, aiding and abetting a felony after the fact.
    The story neglects to tell us whether the bullies were also banned from the school grounds.

  70. This is AMERICA says:

    I am fed up with SOCIETY and the BOLOGNA that we are being taken over by GOVT RULES and local Laws.. Since when cant a PARENT DEFEND their CHILD???
    What was this mom suppose to do? Hire a Private Investigator? Call the Police, file a Police report??? I think we are capable of dealing with situations such as these on our own…Yelling at Kids who are Bullies, is one thing…As long as no lines were crossed or physical contact was made..this MOM was perfectly within her rights to “talk /yell or voice her CONCERNS to the “bullies in question” ..and if that didnt work..She should call their parents..of course if the kids are anything like their parents..Maybe that would be the time to call the Police.
    WE DONT need to be a NANNY State where we are not allowed to handle issues such as these without having the help of Laws. rules * Bills in congress..

    1. Jack says:

      I agree 100%. If you read the most recent Schools Safety Act passed by congress, it essentially states that it is federal law now, that if someone states anything deemed harmful to another, regardless of race, creed, color; anything even perceived- is against the law. As the might appear to protect students from bullying, it flies in the face of adversity with regards to bullying, in the sense that it prevents anyone from saying anything that could be necessary for voicing one’s opinion or have constructive dialogue in the classroom to me the challenges head-on. In essence the bill sets about limiting the rights to free speech in the classroom, or on school grounds, even off of schools grounds..don’t believe me – read the bill. The limiting the rights to free speech in young children, indoctrinates those children into a Machiavellian society where the behaviors of the children supercede and outweigh the rights and behaviors of the legal voting-aged adults. The “powers that be” want to strip you of your 1st Ammendment Rights, and the are doing it through the children. You have no rights over your children, and bills like this one, ensure that.

  71. BlogMagog says:

    Welcome to the new America. I’m pretty sure they can’t do that. Get a lawyer. Schools do nothing to protect your kids, until they get hurt. Schools also do nothing to protect teachers from disciplining kids.

  72. ben405 says:

    So much for the anti-bullying policy.
    The schools just need more money

    The country is going to hell with liberal policies in place.
    Punish the good and reward the bad.
    What kind of pessage have they now sent to other bullies?
    As Michal Savage book title says, “LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER”.

  73. Corey O says:

    The school system doing something idiotic and failing a family in their protection of their students? Proposterous! The sad part, though, is that the same people who are upset with the schools for doing this are more often than not…supports of the DOE…..a corrupt, political institution that has removed the family from the schools entirely and swims in tax dollars while doing nothing towards actually educating students on issues that aren’t “socially acceptable”.

  74. TIMOTHY ROAN says:


  75. Em Spearing says:

    Hi! We’re from the Government Schools and we’re here to help you. Step one, get your kid out of the government school any way you can – go private or home school. Step two, kill the Department of Education, Jimmy Carter’s tribute gift to unions (NEA/AFT) and curse to US public schools, and make local school administrations and boards accountable to voters and and parent in their districts. Arrogant, caveat-issuing commissars must go, top down, root and branch.

  76. MidWestMike says:

    This is simple – TERMINATE the School Principle – what a COMPLETE IDIOT.

  77. Howard Feinski says:

    we live in the 21st century! Give the kid a camera. No bully will carry on if he or she is being filmed.

  78. TIM ROAN says:


  79. Evangeline Brabant says:

    The arrogance and and fuzzy thinking displayed by many school personnel these days is frightening, and dangerous to our children.

    Thus emboldened, these bullies will keep on, perhaps escalating.

    The left, and this includes most school personnel, are historically more concerned about the rights of the criminal than of the victim. In addition, with all the national dialog about bullying, schools seem to get a pass. All it would take, especially in elementary school, if for a teacher to promise and deliver consequences for bullying. Neither teachers, nor yard duty personnel do anything about bullying.

    That driver could have stepped back into the bus and told them to stop.

    The concept that the victim and the bullies had to apologizes to each other is a common school tactic. It is also disgusting, and reflects a frightening, new path in left wing institutions, that will cause a great deal of harm.

    Currently, Harvard students sign a pledge that they will not say anything in a class debate, for instance, that upsets or challenges others.This pledge does not refer to personal conversation, it refers to classroom academic discussion.This means no debates in a philosophical or academic discussion. It is to avoid offending other students in the class. Do you see what this does to intellectual vitality?

    How is the mother going to put her child on that bus every day, with those bullies, knowing now that the bullies have been vindicated by the bus driver and the school.

    I would take my child out of school before I allowed him to apologies to those who victimized him. In this article, I did not read that the victim did anything to these boys, that the mother confronted them. Why was the boy made to apologize?

    This is a common tactic with schools. Your child may be bullied for an extended period of time, even telling school officials. Nothing is done, and then, when the child has had enough, the bully and the child are treated as if equally to blame.

    Yet another reason Homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds, and unless that mother has to work full time, she should consider it. The only way to get the attention of school officials is by taking away their ADA. In addition, your child will receive a superior education.

    This whole thing is shocking, even in an education system that has had too much time to develop into a frightening monopoly.

  80. ben405 says:

    Too bad they don’t name the school involved.
    The staff should be bullied by the parents, and then ban the staff for taking action. Just a dream that I know would never happen.

    Until the establish DISCIPLINE in our schools, no amount of additional money will solve anything.

  81. Dave says:

    You can only be banned from a bus stop if you allow them to ban you. This is still a free country. I would continue to go to the bus stop and if they tried to do anything about it I would take it up with a judge.

  82. Bryan Cook says:

    This is what happens when your votes support a system of dependency and take away the individuals’ right to stand up for themselves.

  83. Madea says:

    Get ’em Madea! I hope you made them shard their pants… little farts!

  84. melissatx says:

    Parent, your sovereignty as the caregiver of your child and the person to make decisions on their behalf is under fire…..take this seriously. When you are not allowed to do anything on the behalf of your child and the school will “handle it,” you both lose. Public schools lack any common sense and they will not handle anything.

  85. Roze says:

    The reality of it is that we are paying good money for our own children to be abused, whether it’s physically by some other kids or mentally by the school system. It’s not a “school” anymore, it’s an indoctrination camp!

  86. Bilbo says:

    Since when does a lowly school principal have ANY authority to ban someone from a public place like a school bus stop? Even a ban from school is questionably beyond her authority. It’s not the principals school. It’s the town and school districts.

  87. Cass says:

    It is wrong wrong wrong of that woman to interfere with the school raising her child. What is she, a Republican?

  88. Darrel says:

    How about banning the two little bully punks from the bus and the bus stop instead, you ignorant liberal turds?

  89. gutcheck says:

    The driver said he “couldn’t be in 50 million places at once”… how about being ON THE BUS!!! Damn government good for nothing lackey. And “Her son and the two bullies later had to apologize to each other.” Why is he apologizing – for being a target. “Sorry I was such an easy target guys” I am sick of schools kowtowing to jerks and a-holes like Obama to the Saudis.

  90. bullrider says:

    What might have been better is when the bus driver said ‘I can’t be in 50 million places at once’ I would have said ‘If you let those boys hit my son again you will be in one MORE place – in court, because I will sue this school district and you personally. And if you think I am kidding, wait and see.’

    1. john says:

      Bullrider made one of the best comments I have read.
      Filing a lawsuit reallys gets someone’s attention; including the progressive idiots that run our schools.

  91. ericdb says:

    We all live in a leftist submarine, a leftist submarine, a leftist submarine.

  92. Ghostsouls says:

    If schools did their job, and punished the bullies, parent’s would not feel they had no choice, other than to deal with it themselves. The mother should sue the school for failing to protect her son. Where I live, the principal of my child’s school told all parents on day one”From the time your child leaves home to go to school, until the time they return to your home, they are MY responsibility” and as such I will deal with EVERY case of bullying on the way to school, during school and after school. And she does!! The first week of school she had over 80 parents in her office, this continued for a time until they began dwindling down. Parents were made to “shadow” their students, in some of the worse cases. When parents were held accountable, almost all bullying has stopped.

  93. Kel Suaziago says:

    Bravo to the MOM! The school does not a damn thing which is why we as parents need to get involved. I bet the “bully” will no longer bother this mother’s son. I am sure he’ll have her memory long etched into his brain, and won’t attempt to antaganize one of his peers. I highly encourage parents to be more outspoken for their chiildren because at the end of the day, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR CHILD LIKE YOU DO! We need to take a stand and let schools know WE WON’T TOLERATE BULLY BEHAVIOUR AT ANY COST!

  94. CrushTheWeak says:

    The kid is weak. The weak should be bullied and held contemptible for their weakness.

    1. Lou Ann Watson says:

      it is you who are weak, making comments like the above while hiding behind the cowards shield of anonymity.

    2. Theresa says:

      Even so kid begin weak not all kids or grown up are strong but still no one deserve to begin bullis cause are weak and I support the mother to do this and will support every mother and fathe rthat will, hopefully there will come more mothers and father out and support her too.

  95. Lou Ann Watson says:

    the mothers action forced the school to address the problem much more quickly than if she had done nothing…the ban is ludicrous…you have a right to protect your child. if she went to the bus stop to bring her child there safely, there isn’t a thing that the school can do. it is public domain and their legal standing is slim to none. if i want to go to the bus stop every day, i can! it is my right as a citizen.

  96. Mandy says:

    This is why parents need to do what this mother did. The US education system wants the parent NOT involved with what is going on with their children and take actions like in this article to keep a parent away from the schools and no involvement. This leaves the education system to do what they want with your children’s minds and formation. Where is the ACLU to help this mother? No where.

  97. Tmom says:

    Yet she put her son right back on the bus. How can a parent send their child off somewhere where they are not allowed to go to to make sure he is ok?!

    I wish parents realized they do not HAVE to send their child off to this kind of situation. There are so many options for homeschooling if your child is in an abusive situation.

  98. Frank Zentura says:

    Pull the kid out of that useless school! and home-school if you can. The state is not the parent.

  99. John says:

    The Principal caqn’t ban this woman from a bus stop unless it’s on school property. I would file a lawsuit against the school district. Who does that guy think he is?

  100. Frank Zentura says:

    Pull money out of public schools and go back to homeschooling and community schooling. The public school system is a SHAM! They’ve all but destroyed math! If we had any kind of math sense, we wouldn’t be supporting these bloated government budgets!!!

  101. AtlasObjectivist says:

    It’s obvious she was reprimanded because she was not in the union.

  102. Richard Book says:

    The moment we parents are excluded from the parents/school partnership is the time to remove our children from school, if not sooner. That will force them to deal with the bullies, or the bullies will be running the schools before long, leaving teachers cowering in corners like they did in the turbulent 60’s and 70’s.

  103. desert dweller says:

    Who in hell do lthese communist school system people think they are? Banned from a bus stop? Someone please tell them to stick it in their communist ass!!! They are supposed to be teaching about a Free America, FREEDOM remember…te

  104. mac says:

    “Maintaining a safe and secure environment in the school district, including our school buses, is a top priority….” REALLY???
    If they are so concerned then why are the two (alleged) bullies still riding the bus????????
    Welcome to the land of the government running our lives for us!!!

  105. john says:

    The schools like to stick their noses into peoples affairs, even when it happens on a public street.
    The school talks real tough, but there is no way they can ban the mother from the bus stop. If the bus stop is on a public street, she has a right to be at that bus stop whether the school likes it or not.

  106. kinni88 says:

    Tanya Sydney — you are a taxpayer. The school district works for you! I support your actions 100%. There are the parents that take charge of their family and then there are the parents that let their children do what ever they want. The parents need to take their schools back! Keep up the fight!

  107. Jay says:

    There is only one way to deal with a bully. Stand up to them. Teach kids to stand up to a bully. Legislating against bullys will never solve the problem. There will always be bullies.

  108. Charles1014 says:

    If I was the mother, I would get back at the school and pull my child out for the rest of the year and either put the child in private school or home shcool. The loss of funds to the school will certainly get their attention. I believe, I would even go so far as to hire a lawyer to extract the funds from the school system to pay for that education, seeing how she could probably prove her child is in danger.

  109. Cowboy says:

    When did a bus stop become school district property that a school principal can regulate? How can a principal order who can or cannot be on someone else’s property or public property?

    1. Carol Herbert says:

      good point!

  110. Hank Warren says:

    Useless school policies, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  111. Kusokurae says:

    Ok, now the bullies will pick on the kid because he needs his mommy to protect him. Nothing would have been solved by the parent confronting the bully. The victim needs to be taught the skills to deal with the bully on his own terms, i.e., martial arts. The only way to defeat a bully is to stop being the easiest target around. A child who can stand up and defend himself will also have the power to defend others, and in turn, reduce the amount of power that the bully has over everyone else as well. I was at the receiving end of bullying for quite some time while growing up, and I’m certain that if my parents had done the defending instead of me, things would have been much more humiliating.

  112. Pete says:

    Policies and “no-tolerance”
    Definition: Directives for people involved in an actual situation designed to relieve them from the responsibility of having to apply a single independent thought (or common sense) to resolve the situation. Typically welcomed and encouraged because these people are either too stupid, too apathetic or too lazy to exercise the effort. In any case, it’s easier just to “obey” a “one size fits all policy” created to cover everyone’s ass in every situation. No thought, just obey. “Sorry, it’s policy”.

    Another question we should all be asking, how the hell does the SCHOOL DISTRICT have the jusrisdiction or authority to ban a person from standing on the street!!! (bus stop)

  113. tankette says:

    “Banned from the bus stop”? Sorry…The school doesn’t own the bus stop.

    1. Army Mom says:

      Then the bus company can simply say they’re not going to stop there any more, or that the child cannot ride the bus. They DO have that option. At least they do in the district I drive a school bus for!

  114. Isa says:

    I had a bully situation with my son, and after I actually witnessed something happening, you bet your sweet bippy I stood there and yelled at the kids. I then went to their house to talk with their mother and told her I yelled at her kids. She had no idea it was going on and it never happened again. How about find out where the bullies live and try to take care of things without the school’s involvement?

  115. Bill says:

    Ummm….a school board can’t legally bar someone from a bus stop. It isn’t their territory. Nor can the police for that matter. It’s public property. I’d tell them to shove their bus stop order up their rear ends.

  116. psadie says:

    Report these brats to the school for aggressive behavior and ask them what they plan to do about it. If it happens again, sue the school and sue the parents of these snots. They all deserve it.

  117. Molly says:

    When my son was in 6th grade, he had two boys on the bus that would bully him daily. He was very slight of build and actually afraid of them. His sister rode the same bus, and reported the bullying to me. I took my son aside and (like Ingrid Bergman in the Bells of St. Mary) gave him a quicky lesson in self-defense. I assured him that if he kept his fists flying, he wouldn’t get hurt. Next day on the bus, when the bullies started, he slammed the bigger boy in the face with his backpack and a fight ensued, and proceeded into the school yard until a teacher broke it up. Score: my son: fine, and enjoying new found respect from all of his schoolmates.; bully: big black eye. and no longer a problem.
    End of story – my son is now six feet four, a graduate of a U S academy, has served in Iraq, and nobody would even think of bullying him now..

  118. SeeingDouble says:

    My favorite part of the story is that the school made the bullied child apologize to his bullies. Outrageous! Same thing happened to my kid when he complained that another boy had kicked him, a boy who was known to have beat on other kids. These post-modern halfwits running our schools aren’t fit to teach a class let alone run the whole show.

  119. Macdaddy804 says:

    Where is the Zero Tolerance policy on bullying now? Why weren’t these 2 hoodlums expelled or arrested?

  120. MA says:

    My husband is a long time principal of an elementary school. He regularly rides the buses with the children. No one knows which bus he will choose to ride on, it varies of course each day, depending on his schedule. He knows where nearly each child lives. The children know that he knows them personally and they also know that misbehaving period, whether on the bus, bus stop or classroom, will have consequences that are followed through with. This takes a lot of extra time and effort for him to do this. He arrives home hours later than he would otherwise, but since he began doing this many years ago there is rarely, if any, incident of bullying or any trouble reported on his school’s buses.

  121. ClearyJ says:

    And school systems wonder why people despise them. Where are the good teachers and administrators who will side with the mom and tell the idiots in this story that they punished the wrong people? Until that happens, I will paint with the broadest brush I can. All teachers are vermin. All administrators are vermin, too. Don’t like it? Tell them to stand up to the real vermin, or be lumped in with them.

  122. Jim Bob says:

    We don’t know much about what Jesus did when he was a kid growing up or as a teenager. But, I’ll bet he was like most other kids in the neighborhood. He did say to turn the other cheek. That means after 2 strikes to the head all bets are off. With God on his side, he couldn’t loose. Not even a fair fight. Love to have seen that one.

  123. Jimmy Bob says:

    We don’t know much about what JES*us did when he was a kid growing up or as a teenager. But, I’ll bet he was like most other kids in the neighborhood. He did say to turn the other cheek. That means after 2 strikes to the head all bets are off. With G*od on his side, he couldn’t loose. Not even a fair fight. Love to have seen that one.

  124. dor says:

    My son was being bullied, and I went to the yard monitor, teacher, principal, etc. As an adult, you don’t approach or intimidate children, period. Here’s why: the child who was bullying my son told his dad that my son was, in fact, bullying HIM! The dad came up to my son and poked his finger into my son’s chest and yelled in his face until he was crying and traumatized. You talk about civility? Civilized adults don’t get into arguments with CHILDREN. Civilized adults help investigate, try to get details and information, use critical thinking skills, and come up with an action plan with appropriate authorities. Nothing wrong with being a very vocal thorn in someone’s side, but that someone should be an administrator – not a CHILD.

  125. skip_g says:

    This is the failure of the “education system” as it is called, in America. A kid who gets picked on is piled into the same category of guilt as the kid who picks on him. This has gone on for decades… no blame is assigned in an assault amongst school children! The victim is treated as a guilty party, too. “It takes two to fight.” Well, yes, but in a simple assault, the person who instigates is the guilty party, and the one who defends him or herself is the victim. But in modern American schools, everyone is a winner, and everyone is equally guilty.

  126. ZK says:

    I applaud this parent. It’s difficult to see your child hurting but to have two gang up on one is just frightening (for the parent as well as the child). Wonder if the bullies would be so brave when they’re alon and don’t have an audiencee. The school’s action put the power in the hands of the bullies (once again). If the two boys who bullied were disciplined by their own parents, scenes like this might not happen.

  127. Charles says:

    OK – Well the school is over-reacting here – BUT…….. the Mom responding in the wrong way for this time and age – You can’t just get on the bus and cause a disturbance or else you will look like a nut which will get you in trouble.
    Hence being banned now from the school –

  128. fedupwithpc says:

    The mother did the MATURE thing and should be handled by discussion and punishment of those involved. She handled it like the bus driver SHOULD have…like the principal SHOULD have….bullying should never be tolerated.

    The SCHOOL is now Bullying the MOTHER! Schools don’t need money. They need a mechanism for solving these problems properly.

  129. charles says:

    OK – Well the school is over-reacting here – BUT…….. the Mom responding in the wrong way for this time and age – You can’t just get on the bus and cause a disturbance or else you will look like a nut which will get you in trouble.
    Hence being banned now from the school –

    So ?? what should one do?

    Info you need to get –
    The bullies name – grade Bus # route – Bus Drivers name.

    Go to the school and fill out a formal complain – In here case her husband will need to do that now.

    Now since the school wants to play hardball with her – the next time the son is hit – the trump the school and call the police and file a police report – trust me that will get their attention really quick – making note that the bus driver is incapable or unwilling to address the issue

    Now here is the kicker – Most busses are owned and operating by 3rd parties these days and not by the school or city – and that is intentional for various reasons.

    Hmm also being “Banned” from the school and the bus stop – I am not sure they have any legal authority to ban someone from a bus stop as the school does not own the public property in which in sits – The city could probably do that but when need a court order to do so.
    I also don think they can ban her from the school – either – if she shows up – what are they going to do ? unless they have filled additional paperwork with the court to do so (which may have happened as news reports are poorly reported)

    anyway – her first course of action is the boys that are being bullies – and if they do not straighten up get them banned from the bus.. There are legal ways in which to do that – and you have to follow the legal method as set forth in the state you reside in – she does not necessarily need an Attrny but should consult with one to deice a course of action here. BOttom line – dont take matters into your own hands when their are kids involved – find out the best legal recourse and allow the laws to work in your favor and not against you.

  130. fedupwithpc says:

    It is NOT the child’s fault. In US MOVIES…HOLLYWOOD bullying is half of the movie plots…that is not the behavior of a civilized society sorry to say. This mother was mature and responsible and showed the teachers how they should have behaved.

    To ignore it is useless. And how can you expect a frightened child to deal with something overwhelming. It’s adults who are supposed to show them how to stand up as this MOTHER rightly did.

  131. Malcom says:

    It would be time to sue the city for taking your tax dollars and allowing bullying to take place. ALL families should pull the kids out of school until the problem are addressed the demand the principal is fired. The schools need to understand they are there for the students NOT the other way around.

  132. Bobbiepin says:

    Take it one step further, Mom and fight tough with tough: call the police on the offenders, charge them with assault – I guarantee your son won’t have any more problems.

  133. miws says:

    A school has no authority to ban someone from a school bus stop. That would be absurd where I’m at being that my kid’s bus stop is on my property. Additionally, I’d sue the bullying children, and their parents, for assault, the driver for negligence and the school for incompetence.

  134. Mike Alright says:

    Isn’t it nice that there are full time police officers working in our schools now. Feminism and the out of control judicial branch in this (once free) nation have worked wonders. Thank you baby-boomers for creating such a wonderful modern country.

  135. Peter says:

    America is one f**ked up country, I am real glad I don’t live there and feel for the people that do

    1. billybeer says:

      How much “foreign aid” money does your superior country take from this f**ked up country, you JOAH?

  136. Ruth says:

    This Mom was right. I would have done the same thing. It is up to me to take care of my child, not the school’s. They are there to teach the child, nothing else, and they would not ban me from a spot either in or outside the school. This is a public school, meaning the taxpayer pays for it. Time to stop these Liberals from taking over. I stand with the Mom, Good for her. Now she should get a good lawyer and sue for her rights.!!!

  137. Factchecker says:

    There are more covert ways to handle little bullies.

    Ways the nanny state cannot track.

  138. sodacrackers2 says:

    As a former teacher, I can tell you that the whole bullying thing is blown way out of proportion. If you do not know as a parent that you are not getting the whole story from your child, please assume you are not and tell your child that you are only concerned with what they do. Parents need to help their children deal with normal childhood behavior. It is just another excuse not to teach actual subjects but to teach our kids to be whiners and “feel good” about themselves instead of teaching them respect, loyalty, self-control.

  139. SuzanneL says:

    There is no way in hell I would allow my child to continue to attend a school whose building I could not enter, for “Winter” concerts, for teacher conferences, for anything. If I’m not good enough for them, he’s not good enough for them. Yes, it’s great she stood up to the school bus bullies. My mother did the same for me once, and I did the same for my daughter once, over the back yard wall. What is WRONG with that woman to now step back and give those same idiot educrats possession of her child every day?

  140. bmcsswret says:

    The only people who bully more than once are those that have been or are currently being bullied on a regular basis themselves. When a child bullies another, remove them from the original bully’s home and expose them to normal group social interaction. They can be taught. When an adult is a bully at work or home, the damage has been done. Put them down like the 6 year-old pit bull that mauls a puppy or a neighbor’s child. Their is no recovery for them. Protect the litters, or continue to litter the rest of OUR society.

  141. JOe Dutra says:

    Mam, I praise you for the concern you showed for your son..

  142. JOSE says:


  143. Doug says:

    “The school district released a statement on the matter Wednesday, saying they can’t comment on the incident because of data privacy laws.”

    This is code for “We don’t have a leg to stand on and we have an audacity of hope that if we just ignore it for a while it will blow away”.

    “Our schools take allegations concerning bullying very seriously and have a protocol to address these types of situations,”

    Remarkably similar to the 457 step 5 year protocol for firing teachers caught sexually harassing their students, no doubt…

  144. Bob Nuckolls says:

    Garden variety schoolyard bullies are but despotic progressives in training. Keep mind that our Supreme Court, in a 8:1 vote, affirmed Fred Phelps’ first amendment rights to be an a-hole at funerals. The school-yard bullies make for good control of the narrative in the news. It distracts us from the realization that the only difference between street gangs, bus stop bullies, the Supreme Court and Congress is the relative degree of power they hold.

    They are all examples of children who never grew up, Infants must be despotic progressives to survive. Somewhere along the way, under the guidance of honorable parents, they are expected to transition into responsible citizens of a civilized society. After multiple generations of children raising and teaching children, we get the current crop of judges, bureaucrats, legislators and yes, presidents.

    Where have all the adults gone?

  145. Ted C. says:

    We seriously need to disband Department of Education. Schools are forced to be so politically correct they can’t discipline children, and instead refer unruly children to psychiatrists who drug them out of having personalities. Meanwhile, parents and children with intiative and a healthy sense of traditional values are penalized. And we keep falling behind the rest of the civilized world in education. It has to stop. All edcuation should be local and reflect the value systems of those being served.

  146. Annabel Leasowe says:

    Good for that mother. I’d do the same thing. I’d give those bullies AND their parents a piece of my mind. She nipped it in the bud which is what should happen. Legally the School cannot prevent the mother from being at a bus stop. How dare they even suggest it.

  147. Patriot 1776 says:

    Due Process Violation, inter alia.

    An attorney who is an expert in Constitutional and Civil Rights Law will make fools out of this school district. This one is an easy one to win. The district could be forced to pay that woman 100s of thousands, if not a few million, in damages.

  148. Jay Twila says:

    Typical woman

  149. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    “The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to put down dissent and originality” ~ H. L. Mencken

    ————– http://911essentials.com

  150. Rocky says:

    They don’t have the legal authority to ban her from the bus stop because the street and the sidewalk are both public property not school property!

  151. Dennis Rick says:

    At that age, I had the same thing happen to me. I was the skinny cast off being raise in a home (Not parents) Until one day I said enough is enough and over the course of a couple of days I took the bullys on, one at a time. The bus driver even told us to stop fighting or he was leaving us…He left us..I could not stop, not now. To me at that age it was do or die…Well, I had to walk to school a few times and at age 10 5 miles was a very long ways. However in the 50″s there was no fear of the nut jobs out there like now. Those bully’s never brother me again nor the rest of the kids in the home.

  152. DoctorJ says:

    Americans only want to know 2 things – what is the school going to do to the bullies, and why did the bullied kid have to apologize to the bullies? If these questions can’t be satisfactorily answered, the bus driver, school principal, and superintendent of schools all need to be dumped and better personnel brought in…

  153. John Smith says:

    Obviously, the School District was not protecting the children from little “Gutter Snipes” who could have been delt with. But No, we will punish the Victimes./////
    How thoughtful………… I am ashamed of these Money Grubbers who sit in their “Ivory Towers”
    Mother went after the Perps. Good for her.

  154. typenamehere says:

    Minneapolis, the parent is well within her right to defend her child, even if the offender is another child. As someone who was bullied I can testify that going through the proper “protocol” gets nothing done. The only way to defend yourself from violence is with a loud voice and your own two fists.

  155. JT says:

    About 50 years ago, my dear departed Mother got a hold of two bullies who were tormenting me and my brother and knocked their heads together. Literally. It was in front of the crossing guard who had done nothing for weeks but watch these kids as they took our belongings and trashed them.

    My Mom was eight months pregnant at the time and when one of the kids said he was going to go home and tell his Father, she told him ‘Go ahead, send him to my house and I’ll take care of him too!’

    NO ONE could have told her that she was forbidden to show up to protect her kids. I am not a litigious sort, but I would be scrambling for a lawyer right now if I was that mother in Minnesota.

  156. 2BFree2B says:

    How can a tax paying — and i mean school — be banned from school and banned from public property. I’d call a press conference and call in the school superindent, my local and state reps and let the whole world know that the issue is and how our stupid politicians deem to handle it. Time to picket, tie up phone lines, get friends and neighbors together and have a big ole sit in.

  157. Mike Garcia says:

    She should have smacked both those little brats upside the head. The she would have been banned for a real reason.

  158. Jodi says:

    My son has been bullied for years. He is in the 7th grade now. In fifth grade during basketball practice and there was 3 boys that had cuted him in line and he was trying to get his place back. They started punching, pushing and kicking him. The coach didn’t see it or didn’t care. I do not see how he didn’t. So I slammed down my book and went straight to them and said what do you think you are doing. They said he cut in front of us. I said no you guys came up after he was already in line. I just let them have it in front of everybody. My son was in the school and had three boys on him and no one said anything but his Mom. I have every right to protect my son. My son has been threw hell. He was punched in the face last year after he took a boy talking nasty about his sister. And finally he said something, but it was about the kids Mom which he knows was wrong. The kid came up behind him and swung and hit him in the mouth when he did not know it was coming. Last week a kid was calling him fatty and kept on saying it and called his mom a name. My son is not fat either. The boy latter came up behind him and punched him in the back of the head. I called the school and it was on video thank goodness. We as parents have to protect our kids, and that woman had a right to confront those mean kids. I am living proof of bullying and it is so sad to have a child go threw it. I have cried countless times over it. I just want it to stop. My son last year said ya know Mom kids have killed themselves over what I go through. I about died when he said that. I If anyone ever need to talk get a hold of me.

  159. Sylvie says:

    I can guarantee you that back in the 60s and 70s, if a parent showed up at a bus stop and had to go on the bus to reprimand two students for bullying, the bus driver would have been fired for not doing it in the first place! There was a lot less bullying going around during those decades because we as parents held our children accountable for their actions, as well as bus drivers and school staff. Children should be held accountable for their actions. There should be consequences for unacceptable behaviors. This is why the corrections system is overwhelmed by the population explosion in their system. Unaccountable children are growing up to be unaccountable adults.

  160. Truth says:

    What are the Unions afraid of?

  161. Johnnycomelately says:

    Why did her son need to apologize to the bullies? “Sorry for hitting your fist so hard with my face”. The school acted as if the victim is just as at fault as the bullies. With such actions the bullying will not be stopped at that school. The principal and his pals are in way over their head.

  162. Alaine says:

    Gosh, are we forgetting that teachers and administrators are soooo overburdened these days, having to work six or seven hours a day in the schoolroom, for so little pay and a big ugly ol’ union to protect them from being fired. Poor things. Get the parents out of the way so the government can take over. The parents of college students, for whom they pay tuition out of their life’s savings, are not allowed to see the student’s grades without the student’s permission. Thanks to that idiot Dr. Spock, parents are abusers if they use the good old reliable paddle or hand on the backsides of their kids. Kids can sue their parients. No wonder we have little terrorists on school busses; teenage gangs, and a generation of kids who have not an atom of respect for authority. These are the kids who will be running this country in the future. What a travesty.

  163. Al says:

    At no time should a parent be allowed to enter the bus while children are riding it. As a bus driver, I follow that policy that the school system has set up. We have 4 cameras per bus and if there is a problem, it is handled that day. If a fight or bullying happens and I am aware of it, I immediately stop the bus at the safest place possible and take control of the situation. A parent can call either me, which they all have my cell phone number, or the bus garage to lodge a concern for their child.

    But once again…no person is allowed to enter my bus for any reason for the protection of the children I drive!

    1. JP Knight says:

      More insanity. Any parent has the absolute right to get in or on any vehicle transporting his/her child. You live in a fantasy world.

  164. Andrew says:

    Do your kid and yourself a huge favor and pull him out of that school. Public school is nothing but a cage to keep your child in during the day. There are much better alternatives.

  165. Steve says:

    Bullying = Criminal Assault. The only difference is the age of the perpetrators. But the punishment should be comparable. And anyone who punishes the witnesses instead of the thugs is insane and should be fired.

  166. Mickey B says:

    I was the smallest kid in class. A few tried to bully me. I stopped it by just wooping up on some others were taken care of by what ever weapon was handy. Bullies are cowards and if stood up to will leave you alone. Some even wanted to be my friend after they found that I wouldn’t take bulling. I didn’t take to their friendship either.
    That was over 60 years ago. I guess I would now be jailed along with my parents who approved of my actions.

  167. Debi says:

    This all just boils down to the government taking away parental rights. If the parent did nothing and knew about the bullying then the parents get charged with child neglect or child endangerment. Yet, if we try to protect our children, we get treated like this poor lady in this story.. we are once again treated like criminals by our own government. It seems once our children start school, we lose all our parental rights as Americans. People need to wake up and see how the government is stifling our freedoms as parents. I feel more and more like we live in some socialist regime instead of the United States.

  168. retrocon says:

    Pull the child from the school. Since mom is the legal guardian of the child, the school cannot force the child to attend and prevent the legal guardian from also being on the property. If we’ve let society get to that point, then the left has really succeeded in making this a nanny state.

    Also, if the bus stop is public property (a sidewalk or some such public area), the school CANNOT ban the mother from accompanying the child.

    Final point, if the kid every gets even touched by anyone on any school property, file a major law suit. By preventing her from protecting her child, and not protecting the child themselves, they have opened themselves up for major liability.

    1. Andrew says:

      You said left, but I believe you meant lawyers.

    2. Andrew says:

      Sue, sue, sue (-happy!)

  169. Nate P. says:

    As an educator I like to see parents be more involved in their kids lives. If my kid was being bullied on the bus I probably would have done the same thing. I just find it ironic how schools want more parent involvement but when they get it the parent gets banned from school. While I agree that schools have policies in place to protect against the crazed parents swing golf clubs or something crazy like that, situations like this require some common sense on behalf of the schools. A one year ban from school property and bus stops is an overreaction and and to some extent an overreach by the district by dictating parenting techniques.

  170. Allen Smith says:

    God bless the mother. She was exactly correct in her actions. If more parents got involved at the grass roots level we would have fewer bullying issues. i did the exact same thing in a similar situation and it corrected the problem immediately. School administrations are incompetent when it comes to such matters. if your child is being threatened take the matters into your own hands……the schools will always elect to do nothing in hopes the problem just goes away. It doesn’t….so take charge and avoid the dire consequences of inaction…….

  171. Jeff B says:

    So the Mom got in trouble for doing what the school district should be doing. The bus should be a safe mode of transportation for the students and the school should be a safe place for the kids to be. Many school districts have an aid on the bus to keep an eye on things that maybe the driver can’t. many also have cameras on board. Sounds to me like someone at the school needs to be fired for not doing their job.

  172. Jim says:

    School cant have it both ways, they are always complaining that parents are not involved in their kids lives, then when they do get involved the parent gets punished. this superintendent should be embarrassed by his/her actions

  173. IGetItAlready says:

    Public School Mouthpiece: Our jobs are incredibly difficult and those difficulties are compounded due to the lack of concern and involvment on the part of parents.

    We’ve all heard it a million times. Due to the teachers unions, tenure and a childlike mindset on the part of educators we get BS excuse after BS excuse as to why the public schools in America suck. A favorite among BS excuses is the one claiming parents are not involved.

    But don’t you dare have the audacity to BE an involved parent. If you do, the school will be forced to create the impression that they are in fact on the job and don’t need your help. Going so far as to make you look like a lunatic for valuing your child’s safety.

    Educators in America need to either do their job, accept the help from the parents that they like to CLAIM is so critical to the education process, or grab one of Obama’s shovels and start digging a ditch somewhere while effective educators using proven methods do the job that they can’t.

  174. Japes Macfarland says:

    Julie wrote:
    “School administrators do not belong to the teachers’

    Yet the State taking over education has changed the whole culture of government run education. Kids used to pray for their teachers every morning (that was a main part of the prayer) So the secular left banned this and now kids are more likely to curse their teacher than pray for them. I mean, how hard is this to have predicted? It’s not rocket science.

  175. Marybird says:

    Since when are school bus stops school property? They aren’t, and I don’t think the school was within its rights to ban this mother from the bus stop.

  176. ontie1 says:

    We had a incident like this and the principal blamed all the wrong people, so I took him to task in a public meeting and made him look like the irresponible tax paid public servant he actually was. It took me telling the local paper that if the principal could manage to do his job and apologize to those he wronged , it would go no further. My son evolved into a 6’4″ 225lb nice guy who is a solid citizen and someone to be proud of.

  177. kate says:

    This makes no sense at all unless part of the story was left out. Why cant a parent get on a school bus? what if a child forgot something and the parent was giving it to them? Perhaps a parent wants to check the safety on the bus. I have never heard of such “protocol” that it is against school code and conduct for a parent to board a bus. Next, unless this woman used foul language or made threats against the boys I see nothing wrong here. This school obviously is NOT handling bullying issues and is trying to cover their own behinds. I cannot imagine a school banning a parent from the whole school for a year WITHOUT a warning. If I was this woman I would file a suit against the district and be taking my child elsewhere for a DECENT education. Also better yet Id follow the bus after school and see where these kids live then I would stop and talk to their parents- if thats what the school would rather parents do? lol

  178. JP Knight says:

    The action of the school can be summed up in one word: “Insane.” She is a good mother. This is a very very very bad school.

  179. Satchmo says:

    GIVE the KID A GUN!!!!!


  180. She was banned for telling kids who were bullying her son to stop, and her son the victim had to apologize to the bullies? Absurd.

  181. robert g says:

    Hey mom. Teach you kid how to plant an uppercut to the jaw. He can’t rely on you for the rest of his life.

  182. Bob says:

    I’m sure the mother ran that ghetto mouth with plenty of MF’s and such.

  183. Sanjosemike says:

    Sometimes it is necessary to get lawyers involved. The mom with the threatened son should start instituting a lawsuit against the local school district and principal.

    Parents have a right to protect their children from bullying. When school districts fear multi-million dollar settlements against them, THEN you get their attention!


  184. Ashley Lewis says:

    I wanted to say wow! I was a bus driver for 5 yrs until I quit this past march, I totally agree with the mom in this matter although I would have done things differently as a mother myself. the person at fault here is the bus driver. No one should be punished but him. He should of took care of the matter way before it got to this point where a mother felt that she had to take care of it by her own hands. I have witnessed such things with my own kids on my bus in the past, its not right. Kids will be bullied all the time. Its a sad situation in this evil world. If the school and bus driver had been doing their jobs this mother wouldn’t have to have gone this far.

  185. 454548754545 says:

    The State wants to be your parents and parents aren’t allowed to discipline or defend their own children. The best way to combat this is to send your children to private schools or home school. Another good way to combat this is to move to a country that has more liberty. Countries with more liberty also have better economies.

  186. DC Dude says:

    Parents can’t fight their kids’ battles. That kid should beat the pulp out of his tormenters. I put up with bullying as a kid until one day I’d had enough. I beat my bully until he puked blood. He didn’t go to school for a week & when he returned, he had the remnants of two black eyes. It took one time & thereafter I had a rep of an affable guy who was downright psychotic when bullied. Never dealt with the problem again.

    1. 454548754545 says:

      I had a very similar experience. It took me a few years but I fixed it. But now, the State forbids defending yourself as well.

  187. albert8184 says:

    The government’s long term objective is to take away parental rights and emancipate children from their control – to make them loyal only to the state of course. History bears this out.

    It is time for Americans to seriously begin weighing the matter of open resistance to the evil overtaking them – first with passive resistance, and then with outright force if necessary. The Constitution needs to be restored as the law of the land..

  188. Knightflyer says:

    Bukkies aside,that white man needs to be bullied…Period.It is a digusting situtation to see this type of marrige.My heart goes out to the offsprings of this sick engagement.Please read the “Turmer Diaries” for useful info and tips/

  189. keven beeken says:

    this is not political and has nothing to do with repubs or dems, this is about people who let their kids run wild and allow them to do what they feel like this is about school officials who are scared to do anything that mite offend, and give the bullies an excuse to file a law suite, we are no longer allowed to defend our selves and that is another part of the problem, mostly though it is about lazy or uncaring parents you live what you see at home,

  190. Bawlamer Merlin says:

    I went to school in the 1960s. We had boxing clubs. If someone bothered you, you could challenge him to a round in the ring. I would guess that about 90% of the time, the victim was the one standing over the bully after the round. And none of us took Ritalin, either. I’m thinking there’s a connection. 🙂

  191. Leigh Hardy says:

    We just spent an entire week dealing with another suicide from school bullying and the governments answer is to punish the parent for doing what the government will never do; punish bullies.

  192. pathbu says:

    maybe it is time for a real parents “union”The current PTA’s are controlled by who? The teacher’s. who are what? union members.when is the last time you read about some PTA standing up and complaining about some stupid ruling coming from Washington or school board

  193. Michael Hampton says:

    Of course. This happens in Michelle Bachmann’s state. She is despicable and so are the policies of the school districts in her state. Maybe if she tried to fix something in the state where she was elected instead of focusing on trying to win a presidency that she has no chance of winning, maybe things like this wouldn’t happen.

  194. jw5745 says:


    The ongoing death of common sense in America.

    Thanks, liberals!!

    1. andrew says:

      You’re the one with the insane laugh.

  195. RD Neal says:

    I have to laugh. The school officials ban a parent for protecting her child, but they take no responsibility when something goes bad. The principle should be fired for being incompetent. Disgusting to see how low government will go to protect their own sorry backsides.

  196. Shalee says:

    Why weren’t the bullies kicked off the bus for a year?

    1. Theresa says:

      Agree Shalee.I wonder too why wasn’t the bullis off the bus kicked off the bus for year too, actually the school is giving the kids bad meaning that is bullis others kids here by not doing so, it like saying is OK to bullis others but not OK for paren’t to do something about it.

  197. Other says:

    The problem is society’s!!! In the ancient times, when I was a child, any parent in my small Texas town would correct me if I was misbehaving. If I showed them any disrespect my parents would hear about it, and trust me, they wouldn’t complain/abuse/sue the correcting adult. “I” we be the one feeling their wrath!!! The lack of discipline instilled in our youth is the basic root of many of our problems today Since we already have a generation of adults raised that way the problem will only get worse. My suggestion? Bring back corporal punishment and the draft!!

  198. poe says:

    Who’s job is it to teach your kids the right way to behave? The teachers? Or the parents.

  199. Brian Graham says:

    So the schools say parents should step in if they know of bullying, but the schools take legal action against a parent who DOE something about bullying?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  200. Conserva says:

    Welcome to Obama’s Amerika!

  201. Ed says:

    It sounds like she needs to demand a SPED outplacement to a private school due to the trauma to the child. That will cost the district about $20K/year and ought to give them second thought about all of this…..

  202. demoncat4 says:

    the mother was defending her kid. she had every right to lay down the law to the bullies. and yet some how doing so she gets suspended from the bus and school grounds. when do not think the principal has the power to suspend a parent students yes parents no. for the mother was in the right to defend her kid. the principal and bus driver were proably afraid of a lawsuit by the parents of the bullies over the mothers actions.

  203. Chana Ruth says:

    They made the victime apologize to the bullies????? ****ing liberal Pacifists! They endanger our kids. If I knew the school system, I’d be on the phone RIGHT NOW.

  204. DIMITRI says:


  205. sarabell says:

    Are you kidding me!!

    Excellent one-sided journalism!! If its in the media it must be true. I guess fact-checking is a thing of the past. Schoolsl cant do anything about a problem they have no knowledge about.

    Excellent lesson for our children though…why dont we solve bullying(if in fact that is what this was) by parents doing the bullying instead. What about the bus load of children that were terrified by this womans actions. Thank God my children were not on this bus I would slap another restraining order against her.

    There is a reason that parents or any adult for that matter is not allowed on a school bus…safety. And if safety was this woman’s real concern I think she would have handled things differently.

    I dont condone any type of bullying but having irate parents jumping on any school bus they want and threatening and terrorizing all the children is definitely not the answer!!

    And by the way last commenter….this woman wasnt “wright” because “wright” isnt a frickin word!! She wasnt “write” either….I believe the magic word you were looking for was “right” ! Which i dont think anything about what this woman did was right. As a parent I understand wanting to protect your children but adding parent bullys into the mix isnt going to solve anything….its only adding another fuel to the fire.

    Yeah thats right children….its wrong when kids are doing the bullying but when adults or parents start bullying and threatening they become heros?!?! That is exactly what this is teaching them….

  206. sarabell says:

    Yeeeeeeeah violence…..that’ll solve all the worlds problems!!

    Age or politics has nothing to do with this.

    All I know is that as a parent I definitely dont feel comfortable with other parents running up and down the bus terrorizing every child. And if my child was one on that bus I would be thanking the school for preventing it from happening again. Maybe if the child had informed someone besides his mother something would have been done….and in a way that didnt involve bringing tens of other kids into the mix. The first step was this woman taking things into her own hands and that is not right…or wait is it wright or write????

    Im a jerk for stating my opinion?? Thats exactly what this is a comment page….Im not the one calling people names for their beliefs. And Im not the one harassing a busload of children

  207. Donna Horn says:

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