ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Herman Cain won an early test vote in Florida that lacked most of the leading candidates’ participation.

Cain captured 37.1 percent of the vote at Saturday’s Presidency 5 straw poll in Orlando, with Texas Gov. Rick Perry coming in second with 15.4 percent. Mitt Romney came in third with14 percent and Rick Santorum followed with 10.88 percent.

While all declared candidates were on the ballot, the first-tier candidates did not compete. Perry bought hundreds of activists’ breakfasts on the sidelines before heading to Michigan. Romney skipped and didn’t send representatives to the forum.

The results were unlikely to shuffle the campaign’s standings. Instead, they were mostly a popularity contest among the delegates selected by local party organizations.

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Comments (20)
  1. nobama says:

    Anyone would be better then what we have now

    1. Mike says:

      Anyone would be better than another Republican administration that can’t keep our country safe or start another economic depression like the current their policies caused.

    2. Robert says:

      Like Bush who lied about going to war? And that war has cost 7,000 lives and almost a trillion dollars and will cost more. And an adminstration where the vice president was part of a huge corporation and that corporation went into Irag and got all these contracts by no bid contracts. . . . . yeah justt what we don’t need again another Republician regime.

  2. Mike says:

    Anyone would be better than another Republican administration that can’t keep our country safe or start another economic depression like the current one their policies caused.

  3. Ron Paul 2012 says:

    That dog can hunt!

  4. Lawis Duprece Slaughter says:

    They must didnt have RON PAUL DA TRUTH in that poll..

    1. Frankie says:

      Ron Paul 10.39%. Truth seems to evade you like many of the other GOP

      1. Dog says:

        Did that “hope and change” evade you yet? They need to run Hillary.

        1. Framkie says:

          Little dog lost? Diid trickle down send you to riches beyond yourr wildest dreams?

          1. Dog says:

            Yes things worked out well after getting educated > a job >and taking care of myself and others. Taxing the rich >to help the middle class>in turn helps the poor. TRICKLE DOWN. Why do you ask if I like it? Obama likes it so you must too. You’re a smart as@ who needs a keyboard timeout, needs to move out of the parents house, and needs to stop beatin on the kids. Angry democrats are so ugly.

            1. Frankie says:

              Your education did not make you a decent human being. Your education did not teach you how to think very well. Where did I ever say anything good or bad about Obama. Trickle down is the economic policies set forth by Regan and continued by the Bushes.

  5. Mel says:

    I wonder of the DNC has thought about getting another democratic candidate to run against President Obama in the primaries. Has that ever been done before, someone running against a sitting president in the primaries? It would be very interesting if that happened. I don’t think Pres. Obama has a lot of support right now, even among his original base. This will be a very interesting election.

    1. Mike says:

      Mel, it has never been done successfully and besides, President Obama will do fine once people realize that electing a Republican is not going to fix what they broke. Their is one reason we are in the economic trouble we are in and that is a result of Republican policy. Never in the history of this country has tax breaks worked during a recession! Tax breaks do not create jobs, demand does. Until wages are increased, their will be no recovery. People do not have money to spend on discretionary items and jobs are not available because of that reason. Homes are falling in price because of foreclosures. People can not afford them! It’s all about wages that are eroding because of greed by the corporations that abandoned America for cheap labor. It’s catch 22. We are in turmoil, it’s a result of Republican policy. Vote Democrat or you will not only suffer in the short term with Republican policy, but you will also watch your social safety net (SS, Medicare and Medicaid) ripped from existence and that will only leave you prayer to keep from falling into a dismal abyss.

      1. jm says:

        I thought Clintons trade agreement with China caused these lost jobs.

      2. Reality sucks says:

        @Mike Read about “demand-side economics” rather than Reagan’s supply side. It’s a known Keynesian “trickle down” strategy that risks the result of stagflation. Just to give you some Ammo—supply-side economics is a concept of Marx. Fun! We know demand-side from the 70’s Carter years. Taxing the upper to increase revenue, to isolate inflation, doesn’t work (for long). And that is the point, by the way. Obama splashes “middle class” in his stumps eloquently but it doesn’t mean anything—he is raising revenue on the top and padding the pockets of the middle to isolate inflation as a shot in the dark. The FED has lots of printed make believe money flying around out there. The real answer is in tax reform. Obama’s plan proposes taking the “minimum tax” from the middle class and throwing it on the upper. RED FLAG! Those guys know better than anyone how to find a loophole. Tax REFORM—not tax alteration. But hey, Bill Clinton is saying to just leave everything alone and is a fan of Huntsman. So….

        1. frozenrunner says:

          Perhaps someone needs to come up with a whole new idea on economics. The very rich would appear to be able to make money regardless of system. Government spending is inherently inefficient thus is not the solution. If economics were easy the politicians could solve the problem rather than creating it.

          1. Reality sucks says:

            Agree. I say skip the theories and get right to reform. Simple, standard, no deduction/no loophole everyone pays out of their paycheck (same day) kind of reform. I have no idea of the hypotheticals or results of flat tax but wouldn’t it be great if everyone just had 9% swept right from their check, never have to file a tax return’cause you already paid kind of system? Just make it simple, make everyone pay the same percent, and maybe (just maybe) we can make it so Grandma not only gets her social security forever, but she wouldn’t have to pay a tax on it too!

      3. Go Get a Job says:

        Spoken like a good Democrat afraid of losing his welfare check. They voted for your Democratic Party last time and were all suffering, We can;t stand another 4 years of your hope and change. Now having said all that, we know by your statement you won’t work for a Corporation. Leaves only one conclusion. Your a welfare leach like most who vote democratic

  6. Murph says:

    Poor Michele got just 1.5 % of the vote! I guess they have seen enough and heard enough of her Tony Montana [Scarface] routines a few too many times now!

  7. tired of the same ole story says:

    One more bigot who happens to be black. Can’t the Republicans come up with somebody who has compassion for ALL people? UGH!

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