MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Researchers fear a hunter may have killed a black bear named Hope who became famous when her birth in northeastern Minnesota was broadcast live to a worldwide audience over the Internet.

Lynn Rogers, senior biologist with the North American Bear Center and its affiliated Wildlife Research Institute, said Monday that Hope was last seen Sept. 14.

Rogers is waiting to hear from the Department of Natural Resources whether a hunter registered killing a bear matching the description of Hope. He said the local game warden told him he’d need to seek clearance from other DNR officials to release the information.

The center installed a camera inside Lily’s den and thousands of people watched over the Internet as Hope’s mother, Lily, give birth two winters ago.

Hope did not have a radio collar but often roamed with Lily, whose collar showed she visited the hunter’s bait station three times — on Sept. 15, 16 and 17. “Then she left and never returned to it. And Hope was never seen again,” Rogers said.

Lily’s Facebook page has over 132,000 fans and word of Hope’s potential demise has generated hundreds of postings on it, mostly from mourners and opponents of hunting. People in 132 counties and students at over 500 schools have been following the lives of Lily, Hope, and Lily’s youngest cub Faith, Rogers said. He said some teachers called him in tears over the weekend, asking what they should tell their students.

“There was so much we wanted to learn from this family,” Rogers said.

Rogers said he knows the hunter who maintained the bait station, and knows he would not shoot a radio-collared bear, which is legal but officially discouraged in Minnesota. He said the hunter answered some questions via email but did not say if he shot Hope.

“I’m figuring I’ll never release his name,” Rogers said, adding that the center’s goal is to “peacefully coexist with hunters. … We just want to know what happened and go on from there.”

Still, Rogers said he has to wonder if the hunter deliberately sought out Hope. He said the hunter has posted messages before on a Facebook page with around 50 fans called “Lily: a bear with a bounty,” where some postings last week spoke of “Hope jerky” or Hope cooked in a crockpot.

“It’s disappointing to see people without a care about science, education and the region,” Rogers said.

Hope and Lily’s territory is far away from a forest fire that has blackened over 146 square miles east of Ely, but Rogers said the same drought conditions that fueled the fire also dried up this year’s wild berry crop, making hungry bears more likely to feed at bait stations. But he expressed doubt that Hope’s contacts with him and other researchers made the bear too trusting. He said hunters tell him the center’s research bears are actually more cautious about bait, though he doesn’t know why.

Minnesota’s bear hunting season opened Sept. 1. Bait stations are legal but must be registered. An estimated 9,200 hunters took a total of 2,699 bears last year for a success rate of 29 percent, according to DNR figures.

Dennis Simon, the DNR’s wildlife management section chief, said officials are tracking down information for Rogers on the ages and genders of bears registered in the area, which he said are public information. Names and addresses of the hunters are private, he said.

Simon said DNR officials don’t know what happened to Hope, but that any licensed hunter legally could have taken the bear. He also said the state’s black bear population is now largely under control after several years when expanding bear numbers led to increased conflicts with humans. He said the DNR now manages them to allowing recreational hunting while maintaining the species at sustainable levels.

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Comments (168)
  1. oldglory says:

    How senseless. Poor thing.

    1. Joe says:

      Hope you say the same thing with one of our soldiers get killed. Some of you people have more sadness for animals dying then our fellow human beings. How sad are you people.

      1. Zing says:

        What a stupid comment Joe. Of course people are moved and feel grief for soldiers and their families when the ultimate sacrifice is made. Those same people are also allowed to feel sadness for the loss of an animal who was known through research efforts and was killed by someone who left food out for it as a lure. The animal had no knowledge of the person hunting it or a way to defend it’s self. It’s a simple act of completely unneeded predation by a much smarter animal. An animal that should have more of a conscious. I don’t eat meat or hunt because I don’t have to to survive and neither do most people. Destroying life for no purpose is about as sinful as you can get. My point Joe is that you should not be such a mean spirited tool.

        1. Sam I am says:

          Uhm excuse me Zing, but I have a soldier who has been deployed to Iraq and I can guarantee you there are people that have more sympathy for an animal then they do there fellow man.

          Joe was only pointing out that fact.

          1. Joe says:

            Zing… your the stupid one with the stupid comment. I’ve been to funerals where people are trying to get attention from the families of dead soldiers by calling them killers.
            I would bet you money that who ever (if it indeed happened) shot this bear it WAS to put food on their table. People up north may not have the money YOU have and DO see bear meat as a means of survival. So, just because YOU don’t eat meat don’t condem others that do.

            1. Josh says:

              I’m with Zing. Most people who would mourn the loss of a bear would feel tremendous sadness at the loss of a soldier -myself included. I feel sad that this bear was killed, but it doesn’t compare to the sadness that I felt when I lost a friend in Afghanistan earlier this year.

              Give people some credit.

      2. louise says:


        People are greedy and have huge ego’s and can control their own destiny’s.

        Bears were here long before us, and WE are destroying their environment, along with overpopulating the planet… who is controlling us? Not the bears.

        Men love conflict and fighting… ego again, thats where soldiers come in… they CHOOSE to be soldiers.

        Animals are worth a thousand times a human being……..you are the sad b…… here

        Louise Millington

        1. Barbi says:

          Well said, Louise. Get rid of all mne!!! Where’s my gun????

        2. I hate Ignorance says:

          Are you saying the military is a bad thing? Cus that’s what I’m getting from this.

    2. Karma says:

      I Hate hunters!!! I once saw a hunter at a gas station in Michigan with a deer on his hood, like he was some kind of tough man. I cut that deer off his truck and pushed it on the ground, then when he came out of the store I threw the blood all over him. I hate hunters they are ignort fools. I hope that the man that killed Hope the bear dies a slow death from an animal!!!

      1. Bobby says:

        most ridiculous comment I have EVER read. YOU are a moron!

      2. mike says:

        Why so bitter Karma? I feel sorry for you.

      3. C Jensen says:

        We hate you too, make no mistake on that.

        1. Die Hunters, DIE!!! says:

          Blah blah blah….all I heard is…I am a stupid ignorant hunter…

          1. C Jensen says:

            Sorry, I just got back from my porch where I was pickin’ my banjo and slappin’ my wife….. we still hate you however.

      4. bear kabobs says:

        I like my bear on the grill

        1. stupid tree huggers says:

          I like putting a bullet through their hearts and exsploding them to pieaces and frying them up bear deer rabits they are all pretty tasty I bet hope will make a real nice rug. Stupid people

          1. Hunter's SUCK! says:

            Learn how to spell, FOOL!!!

      5. tim says:

        What a stupid lie !!! I will tell you, if that had been my deer and you did that, I would have whupped the tar out of you just for being an idiot. Also, do you just carry blood around to throw on others ???? What a joke !!!

  2. Ann campbell says:

    What is senseless is baiting bear. Explain that to all the school children who followed Lily and Hope in their classrooms.

    1. mike says:

      Sorry Ann, but life and death is part of nature and all the school children should be made aware of that.

      1. Louise says:

        @Mike – shooting is not nature, no one is born with a gun in their hands, it is a conscious decision.

        1. Justin says:

          Hunting, however is a part of nature, not just human nature, but nature in general. Before there were guns there were bow & arrows, spears, rocks etc….

      2. Karma says:

        Mike you are a moron!

        1. mike says:

          Like I said before, Why so bitter Karma?

    2. This teacher says:

      All take a crack at this one Ann……OK kids, gather round. Hope the bear was taken legally by a licensed hunter. Tomorrow we’re taking a field trip to the taxidermist to learn how the early settlers and native Americans skinned the bears they took and made them into useful household items like coats to keep them warm in our Minnesota climates as well as food to eat. Can any of yoyu kds tell me examples how how nothing was wasted in the old days, like their claws and bones and fat and fur? Can any of you kids draw a cointrast between that and our current president who has made a career of and become famous for waste?

      1. mellyanne4 says:

        Terrible teacher you would make. Nothing like taking a learning expirience and driving your political ideals down future generations’ throats. Not to mention the validity of such statements. You represent exactly what is wrong with a bunch of Americans. Every conversation does NOT need to come back to what a terrible, horrible, President you personally believe we have. I pray you are not in charge of developing minds!

        1. This teacher says:

          And what political ideals are being jammed down these kids throats right now? Or have you been in a coma for the last fifty years? Not one chance is missed to put the liberal spin on each and every subject being taught in the schools today you dolt! How about a little equal time for a change??? This bear was taken legally by a hunter and I can hear the liberal talking points being made in classrooms now. Thou fool.

          1. jim says:

            ACTUALLY … there is no proof the bear was taken leagally, or even taken at all by a hunter.

            mellyanne4 makes a valid point. there is no connection between our president and the missing bear. your making a connection isn’t a valid argument of any kind. this phenomenon of linking two distinctly different occurances … even if neither is actually factual … is a decidedly conservative trait. i suggest you stick to facts.


            if you ARE a teacher, I suggest you take a refresher course in spelling.

      2. charla says:

        Well first off as a teacher you would know that shooting a young bear at a bait station is really a sign of a inexperienced hunter and the indians didnt bait their kill and it seems the same as luring a child to your car with candy.I would hope with your spelling and being a teacher that mabey you should spend less time teaching children past history and teach them up to date material that is needed to live in the real world.Yes people hunt and yes people eat their kill but thats up to the parents to teach their children and up to the teacher to teach them how to live in the real world of today..with the comments above others have sick,twisted minds and must not care about the feelings of all the students that have been following these bears.I feel sad for you all..

        1. Jared Elliss says:

          A hungery indian would do anything to obtain game. Hunting for them was life and death. There was no such thing a a noble kill. The fact is if they failed to kill they didn’t eat. Baiting has always been acceptable. Just ask any fisherman.

  3. mike says:

    Bear meat is pretty darn good. I’ve never had the opportunity to harvest a bear, so I have to rely on my fellow hunters.

    1. Die hunters, DIE! says:

      You fellow hunters are stupid rednecks!!! You don’t harvest animals, you harvest crops!

      1. Keith says:

        You are the moron, taking game animals has been called harvesting forever.

        1. Karma says:

          Hunting is not a game, these are animals that have feelings and families, like you do. You are not more important than they are. I would save an animal before I would save a hunter…FACT!

  4. cycle of life says:

    I’d personally rate bear meat at the bottom of the wild game menu myself

    I feel for the bear if taken but the fact is the hunt is active and she may have been collarless as they admitted so blaming the hunter is nuts.
    I know many kids in 1st grade who are heartbroken when a hornet is killed – so I dunno how to respond to that comment. 😉

  5. dunno says:

    I’d personally rate bear meat at the bottom of the wild game menu myself

    I feel for the bear if taken but the fact is the hunt is active and she may have been collarless as they admitted so blaming the hunter is nuts.
    I know many kids in 1st grade who are heartbroken when a hornet is killed – so I dunno how to respond to that comment. 😉

    1. MC says:

      Not exactly blaming the hunter. Everyone knows it was legal. The question is the morality of it.

      TR Michels is a professional guide for turkey and bear hunts and this is what he had to say in the Star Tribune. “As I stated in the Blog, if a hunter set up knowingly in the area of Lily and Hope’s home range, then they knew to expect to see either of them. And, since bears, particularly juveniles, tend to stay within their home ranges, any juvenile bears (of about the age of 1.5 years old, which would be noticeably smaller than any adult or trophy bear) seen in the area of that bait would probably be Hope. The fact that any young bear was not wearing a collar, is not an excuse to kill such a small bear, particularly one that in all likelihood was Hope. I can see no excuse (except if the person was completely unknowing of the age and relative sizes of bears, or the hunter was an untutored juvenile) for killing a juvenile bear. Most hunters choose to shoot adults, or at the very least, large juvenile bears. As I asid, if this was on purpose – it is unexcusable.”

      I think TR says it all.

  6. Gloria says:

    Sick, stupid humans just love to kill! There doesn’t seem to be a bit of concern of how we’re ruining our environment and destroying natural habitats, killing any animal just to prove we’re “Big Hunters”! Baiting animals so you can later slaughter them isn’t sportsmanship!

    I hope they find Hope, and she’s okay, but it doesn’t sound hopeful.

    1. Huh? says:

      That is why I fish with a bare hook. Too bad I’ve never caught anything.

      1. sharpen the skills says:

        I fish with my hands and I have 😉

    2. Big Hunter says:

      its called the food chain and we are at the top of it.

      1. Karma says:

        It doesn’t give you the right to kill everything…no one eats bear…idiot!

        1. Dion J says:

          LOTS of people eat bear, Karma.
          Based on your comments, I’d say that you are in no position to call anybody else an idiot.

    3. Bobby says:

      Gloria- The DNR allows hunting in an effort to manage wild game populations. If your “pet” bear was killed legally, then there is no reason to complain. Would you rather the bear starve to death because there isn’t enough food to go around for all the bears? Or maybe it would be better if it were hit by a car and killed?

      1. Patti says:

        It was very enjoyable watching Hope and her babies. I smoke and it is legally but enough people complain about that. I have grown up with hunters and it usually just the thrill of killing something. It is not like most hunters need the food anymore.

    4. Joe says:

      Wow, if it was not for sick stupid humans that have killed in the past, you young lady would NOT be here today period.

  7. Feonia says:

    I would bet who ever shot it has very small hands and feet!!

    1. Bobby says:

      andi bet feonia has a very small mind!!

      1. Ginger says:

        I bet Bobby has baby size hands and feet…really little realllyyyyy little

        1. Bobby says:

          wow…a personal shot Ginger. Where does your anger come from? Why are you such a hate filled person?

          This was a LEGAL act. For the record, I don’t hunt, but protect the hunters rights because it IS LEGAL. If you can’t handle that, then go back and stick your head in the sand.

          A research bear, maybe? It was not collared, so again, no way to know if it was or not.

          1. Ginger says:

            I’m not against hunting I go duck and deer hunting but to shoot something with a collar on is just wrong. If the bear took the collar off, fair game… I thought the small mind was a personal shot to Feonia you don’t know her

            1. Bobby says:

              The bear DID NOT have a collar.

              and you got me on the personal shot at Feonia. I am guilty.

            2. Barbi says:

              Women who hunt are disgusting pigs….Do you do that to try and fit in with the boys, heifer??? There is nothing cool about killing a helpless animal…..You people need help!

  8. TW says:

    No, I am not a bear hunter but I have enjoyed some bear roast with potatoes and gravy. It was deliciously tender and moist. If the hunter took that bear or another one and did it legally then get over it. Move on, nothing to see, there will be more bears, the MN DNR is not going to let hunters take them all.

  9. confused says:

    Hmmmm …. Jack the Ripper and Son of Sam hunted people I guess.
    Think some of ya woulda been as uppitty with them 2 ???? Sure would hope so but since they had only 2 legs I dunno

  10. Kathy Maheny says:

    The followers of Lily are thousands of people that support bear research. They love the bears because they read about them daily. Did you know that as a group they helped to achieve the donations for the Bear Center, Ely Schools, and also the Soudan Underground Mine Park up by Tower. The funding has improved things for the state of Minnesota. They also purchase things for the bear center out of pocket so that when visitors come to Minnesota they can learn more about the bears which are a wonderful part of our state. As a group they have tirelessly worked for the betterment of Minnesota. Hunters and Followers need to respect each other and appreciate what this research has done for all.

    1. No one knows yet says:

      It’s sad if she was killed. To blame thge HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of hunters for the harvesting of animals is plain crazy too Kathy.
      If she shed her collar and was there by just another bear you cannot blame a hunter either.
      These bears were waaaaay to familiar with human contact IMO – any wild animal that is in contact often loses it sense of danger and fear of man. That is almost guaranteed to not have a good outcome. From the day we were kids we should have learned that and if not my bet is one was raised w/i a city and doesn’t truly understand things anyway

      1. kathymahaney says:

        I didn’t blame hunters, I said we need to respect one another. The person who killed Hope is known, knew the area, knew the bears, and probably knew she wasn’t collared. I am just sayin….

        1. tim says:

          Good Grief, you don’t even know if the bear was even killed by a hunter. Use your head for something other than to hold your ears apart !!!!

  11. kit says:

    He did nothing illegal. Quit whining.

    1. Patti says:

      Again, I mentioned this is a earlie post, I smoke and enough people whine about that so just because something is legal apparently does not make it okay

      1. at Patti says:

        what ya smoke there Patti????
        care to share some ??? thx

  12. Lori says:

    Why didn’t these bears have special collars or identifiers on them? If the DNR uses them for promotion and education, then they should be paid back for what they gave us, with immunity from being hunted. I was raised on what my dad was able to put in the freezer. He hunted ethically and legally. And I beleive hunting has its place. But I also think taking a bear that has been seen and watched by so many, should have been protected. Otherwise, just open the zoo gates.

    1. mellyanne4 says:

      very well put.

    2. @ LORI says:

      It was collared … many times. The deal was Hope liked to shed the dang thing like most animals would do….. so they think it was w/o and hence would be fair game to any hunter.
      Not that we know for sure this was even the case – injury, car, many things could have happened. My bet is a hunter but who knows????

  13. C Jensen says:

    Where are all you bleeding hearts while MN hunters take 50,000+ banded waterfowl every year? Collared or not, if I spend hundreds of dollars and 50+ hours of my time, I’m gonna kill the bear.

    1. tim says:

      Kinda stretching it, aren’t you? I really doubt that 50,000 banded waterfowl were harvested by Mn hunters. Where did you get that number??

      1. C Jensen says:


        Ahem, 524,000 ducks taken in MN in 2010. 1 in 10 ducks I take are banded. There are my numbers.

        1. Karma says:

          So stop taking them idiot!! Who the hell do you people think you are?? You’re not men, you are sad excuses for human beings. I wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire!!

          1. Ted says:

            I keep the duck bands on the fireplace mantle, over the bear rugs and right below where I hang all of the radio collars. Beautiful collection really

  14. just sayin says:

    I find it hilarious how mostly women in here are so offended by hunting.

    And those schools that followed hope – probably give children the impersonation that bears are harmless, fuzzy little creatures that you can pet.

    I bet Fozzi was sure tasty!

    1. Joe says:

      Just Saying,,,your right, I wonder also how many children who see this stuff in schools would walk right up to a bear and want to start playing with it. I also wonder what those teachers and parents would say and do after their child has been killed by this same bear in which they watched on video. Hummmmm

  15. Kaylie says:

    Do you know the characteristics of Psychopaths? Might be worth looking up! The very same traits as a hunter, but just remember this; you don’t need to fit all of the traits, but hunters fit most of them. Killing is killing, end of. The fact that hunters go out and take a life and then show no remorse for that life says a lot. Scientists come up with theories when they have other theories to comapre it with, that makes it pretty much a stable theory. So, compare hunting to what a murderer might do, and how a murderer might feel/think – one and the same. Don’t be so arrogant as to assume that you are in some way ‘above’ the animals, go educate yourself, or even better – go back to your little redneck shack that was built in the early 1900’s and stay there. Don’t ever come out.

    1. Justin says:

      Humans are animals, animals kill other animals for food. That is how it works.

    2. C Jensen says:

      Where do I even begin with such an arrogant, ignorant, insulting, unfounded comment such as yours? Hunters are psychopaths? Who in the hell do you think funds the state with millions of dollars annually? Who do you think pumps hundreds of thousands of dollars into the local economy every year? Hunters and sportsman make it possible for all you verbally abusive hippies to take your hippie ass nature hikes, pick flowers and whatnot in the WMA’s that WE fund. Now you call us psychopaths because we embrace a human trait of survival and instinct which also happens to be legal? Go to hell.

      1. kaylie says:

        Get a grip and get out of the dark ages, no bear was attacking you, no fight for surviival, it was minding it’s own business. BTW im not a hippy hahaha, these are scientific facts (the traits of a psychopath), I study research for your info. also, tax dollars come from everywhere, not just hunters. You’re outdated and love nothing more than to take life because it makes you feel powerful and bigger than other life. I know hunters, and to me they are very sick in the head. ‘pseudo-psychiatry’? ha! none, I work on facts and figures and these are my observations and points of view. You don’t need to hunt and eat these bears, go to a supermarket if you want meat. I am a very educated individual, probably more so than your whole family put together in fact. All i am saying is open your mind and notice the similar traits. You talk about going back to basics – well there you have it nice and raw. I am not saying that all hunters are criminally insane, not at all, I am just saying there are noticable characteristics and that is my point of view/take on the matter.There is no need to hunt any longer, we have means of mass production to suit our needs.Getting enjoyment from taking a life should not feel normal.

        1. Bobby says:

          Kaylie- I don’t thiink anyone called you stupid, or uneducated did they? You may be educated and intelligent…that doesn’t mean you aren’t ignorant.

          Hunting is a legal activity and it serves an important purpose. I would bet everything I own that hunters have more respect for nature, and the animals they harvest than non-hunters. (although there are some bad apples out there) The majority of hunters are great people, who are enjoying a great sport.

          The verbal attacks on hunters is just ignorant and ridiculous.
          My advice to you, is get out of the classroom. Go on a hunting trip with some experienced hunters and see for yourself. After that experience, you may not agree with hunting and you might not like it, but I GUARANTEE you will respect the hunt. And the hunters.

        2. sig heil kaylie says:

          Oh get off your high horse. You take a politically correct stance to ease your own conscience and then judge others using pseudo-scientific nonsense. You are the one with the closed and narrow mind. You are a very educated individual? Knowledge is only one component of wisdom, and not the most important. Get out of the dark ages? Who are you to judge what others need. Who are you to condemn us to mass produced food. Who are you to judge whether or not hunting, practiced by humans since the beginning, should feel normal. Your judgemental arrogance is a frightening reminder that our rights and democracy are never safe from those who think they know better than everyone else. You do not know hunters. If you did you would not make such absurd claims. You constantly claim to be educated, study research, and work on facts and figures, yet you spout only arrogant and misinformed bias. You hate and insult anyone or anything that doesn’t fit your narrow view of the world. To call you a hippie would be the ultimate insult to the movement.

        3. C Jensen says:

          Do not ever compare me to a psychopath again. You have no idea who I am, what I do, how I live. Your broad generalizations based on NOTHING but some BS you heard from a liberal, angry college professor are getting you nowhere in life. I live in reality, and now I’m going to toss a few roughed grouse I shot yesterday on the grill and then decorate my house in wild game pelts.

        4. tim says:

          I will just follow my gut instinct and conclude that you are an idiot !!!!

        5. Keith says:

          Maybe they’ll get “Change” next.

      2. tim says:

        I fully agree with you on that. Those that don’t pay surely shouldn’t complain about those who do.

    3. oh brother says:

      What a crock. So since the ability to hunt and eat meat allowed humans to spread around the planet and adapt to different environments, all humans must be psychotic. Killing is killing? what brand of pseudo-psychiatry do you subscribe to? The idea that hunters think like a murderer is absurd to the extreme. This bogus assertion, much touted by the likes of PETA, reveals the small and contrived world you live in. Animals, humans included, are all part of nature and the food chain. In many instances humans are not at the top. In your little world you can eat what you want when you want, so you think you can ignore human history and dictate how everyone else should live. You need to educate yourself, go back to Starbucks, and don’t ever come out.

    4. Joe says:

      Wow, what world do you live in Kaylie

    5. just sayin says:

      Kaylie do you have any understanding of economics at all?

      What do you eat, grass?

    6. mark trail says:

      @Kaylie – you are making quite a few generalizations. As a hunter, I have great respect for any animall that I hunt, whether I harvest it or not. The human race has thrived because we are hunter/gatherers that have also domesticated animals and raised crops. No need to wander after game any longer, or move with the seasons.Now some of us are able to live in cities, become educated and bash anyone who hunts??? Do you know the definition of Self righteous hate? Turn off your stereotypewriter and educate yourself about hunting. And yes. I do know that all groups. hunters included, have a few idiots. YOU have reminded me of that. Thanks.

    7. Keith says:

      PETA. . .Person Eating Tasty Animal. . . .Yum

      1. Karma says:

        Yeah, never heard that before…What an idiot

  16. Bear Lover says:

    This hunter did not shoot a bear…he shot a RESEARCH bear…Big difference!
    We all know that the hunters have the legal right to hunt….But, all the nasty comments are really unnecessary!

    GROW UP!

    1. so silly it's pathetic says:

      HE MAY NOT HAVE KNOWN IT WAS A RESEARCH BEAR …. do you people not read things??? The bear was KNOWN to shed the collar — OFTEN.
      It did not like being a collared human beat ….. get it ????? It is a wild animal. WILD
      Man – some people need to hold hands and swing around in a big circle while praying to the sky I guess. laaaaaalaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaalalalalala

      1. MC says:

        Not exactly blaming the hunter. Everyone knows it was legal. The question is the morality of it.

        TR Michels is a professional guide for turkey and bear hunts and this is what he had to say in the Star Tribune. “As I stated in the Blog, if a hunter set up knowingly in the area of Lily and Hope’s home range, then they knew to expect to see either of them. And, since bears, particularly juveniles, tend to stay within their home ranges, any juvenile bears (of about the age of 1.5 years old, which would be noticeably smaller than any adult or trophy bear) seen in the area of that bait would probably be Hope. The fact that any young bear was not wearing a collar, is not an excuse to kill such a small bear, particularly one that in all likelihood was Hope. I can see no excuse (except if the person was completely unknowing of the age and relative sizes of bears, or the hunter was an untutored juvenile) for killing a juvenile bear. Most hunters choose to shoot adults, or at the very least, large juvenile bears. As I said, if this was on purpose – it is inexcusable.”

        I think TR says it all.

      2. Karma says:

        He knew you moron….he thought it was a game. Dumb stupid man…figures. He will die a slow death…no worries!!

    2. worse yet says:

      Not only a research bear but one that had a PhD

      1. Doctorate is good says:

        LMAO — maybe the best comment here so far.
        I hope Hope is fine. If not , well , tomorrow things will be even goofier. 😉

    3. mark trail says:

      Don”t know that it was shot by a hunter, hit by a car or had a stroke for that matter. The bear was not wearing a collar people! Lets wait for some more info before we rush to comment further. Thanks

  17. give it a rest says:

    We still have little idea what happened to Hope, yet WCCO continues to fan the flames by prematurely blaming hunters for her disappearance. Recall that Rogers stated Hope was not wearing a collar. How then are hunters to blame if she was shot? This is irresponsible and yellow journalism. Why not wait to see what really happened to this bear rather than engaging in continual unsupported speculation? I love how the anti-hunters are allowed to be as denigrating, insulting, and violent as they please while those who respond to this are scolded for being nasty. What hypocrisy.

    1. MC says:

      Not exactly blaming the hunter. Everyone knows it was legal. The question is the morality of it.

      TR Michels is a professional guide for turkey and bear hunts and this is what he had to say in the Star Tribune. “As I stated in the Blog, if a hunter set up knowingly in the area of Lily and Hope’s home range, then they knew to expect to see either of them. And, since bears, particularly juveniles, tend to stay within their home ranges, any juvenile bears (of about the age of 1.5 years old, which would be noticeably smaller than any adult or trophy bear) seen in the area of that bait would probably be Hope. The fact that any young bear was not wearing a collar, is not an excuse to kill such a small bear, particularly one that in all likelihood was Hope. I can see no excuse (except if the person was completely unknowing of the age and relative sizes of bears, or the hunter was an untutored juvenile) for killing a juvenile bear. Most hunters choose to shoot adults, or at the very least, large juvenile bears. As I asid, if this was on purpose – it is unexcusable.”

      I think TR says it all.

  18. BettyBoobhead says:

    Ban GUNS !!!!!!!
    Ban the bully hunters too.
    Bad Bad Evil Guns and people who hunt…BAD

    1. Joe says:

      Hey Betty,,,,They band guns in Germeny in the 30’s and 40’s ,,,,Your right, maybe we should,,,then they could take good care of people like you.

      1. StackedKimmi says:

        I sense lil’ Joe-Joe lived in the woods and they didn’t have schools anywhere around him. Must be self taught and home schooled but the teacher couldn’t spell either. lol

        1. Hung-jo says:

          beg to disagree
          bet Joe is in kindergarten right now and can’t reply
          whatca mean there StackedKimmi wit the stacked…. a deck of cards?

    2. @bettyboobhead says:

      Betty luv-we need to get together and discuss what all collars can be used for besides bears….ya free after 10?

    3. Karma says:

      AMEN, Betty Just keep some guns to kill all the hunters!!!! Wooohooooo

  19. Ben Dover says:

    BettyBoobhead did your parents have any children that lived?

  20. Betty Boobhead says:

    boys,,,,you are terrible. I cannot get aroused when all I think of is my poor bear bear.
    Ban Guns
    Ban men from the woods

    1. Justin says:

      Ban women from cleaning, cooking, voting, driving. as well. Or would that not be OK since only men can get their rights removed?

      Or maybe you should just stop being ignorant and realize that people hunt, not just men, both sexes hunt.

      1. BettyBoobhead says:

        Oh Justin you are such a little boy ! No excuses for your baby boy comments.
        You need a real woman to set you straight on things.

        1. Joe says:

          Hey BettyBoobhead,,,,Just do what you normally do,,,go sit by yourself and play with your boobs while sucking on a banana. That’s probably as much as you’ve ever done with a man.

    2. AllBeef says:

      I cannot get aroused at the stench of a bear either there Betty
      but after a shower __ everything is different

      1. Have to confess says:

        I require clean fresh meat also ….. just saying

    3. shut up says:

      Oh go to troll hell

  21. Headline read says:

    “Hunter May Have Shot Hope The Bear”

    or the bear may have run into a wolf pack
    talk about speculative headlines…sheesh. This is truly poor journalism IMO…not a fact to be had other than a missing bear.

    1. MC says:

      The GPS devices that Hope’s mother and sister were wearing puts the family squarely at the bait site several times during the week that Hope went missing. They were there in time shortly before Hope went missing. The people responding here are far too emotional to consider the facts.

  22. HairyJen says:

    My goodness this is sad sad sad
    I need a wax job since I am looking like a bear

    1. glad-he-ate-her says:

      And I need to floss. We should get together.

  23. Stiffwood4ya says:

    They found Hope

    1. michaelen says:


  24. PertTippers says:

    So happy to hear the news !!!! How long before they get this site current ????
    There’s Hope for us all !!!!!!!!!!

    1. michaelen says:


      1. wrong says:

        she is in my crock pot,,,,well, some parts are
        Dinner at 7:00pm CST

  25. Really says:

    What is this “Hunter may have shot Bear??” Yes, or no? Really, this poor to even give a statement so vague. This story is about as dumb as the 3 hikers in Iran.

  26. alex says:

    I’m a hunter but am completely against bear hunting. What a joke put food out for bear wait for them to come eat said food then shoot them! That is not sport hunting that is just shoot to kill what a waste of a life!!

    1. alex lol says:

      I guess ya wouldn’t use decoys for ducks then huh?
      Ot bait on a hook
      Or drive a deer?
      Go crawl back under the puzzy rock there alex

      1. alex says:

        Hahahaha never drive deer and setting out decoys does not mean you’ll get any ducks. How many times have you been skunked on the lake after you’ve baited your hook? HAHA you must be such a great outdoorsmen that you’ve never been skunked. Probably cause you have all the latest gadgets and do dads that point you in the right direction lmao!! friggin weekend warrior you. None of what you said is the equivelent to baiting for bear hahaha!! Enjoy your bear rug dork!

        1. C Jensen says:

          Actually, baiting a hook IS indeed the exact equivelent to baiting a bear. The only difference is that most fishermen let the fish die out of water over a period of minutes ( I do the same ). When I kill a bear it’s instant. So tell me, how is it any different at all? Bait the hook, fish bites hook, fish dies. Bait the bear, bear eats bait, bear dies…..

          1. Karma says:

            I hope that someone poisons your food….sick, sick man

      2. realtree7 says:

        I am also a hunter , and I have never hunter bear, but it is illegal to bait in my state. I have not went on a deer drive, but do use decoys. I think the difference here is this hunter was in an area he was well aware had research bears. And collar or not he prob would have known those families of bears if he had been there and passed up one of the families with collars already. This is not just any black bear , but one that has been made famous by the media and research and being followed by many. If I was not 100% that was not one of the research bears in that area I dont think I would have taken that shot. And if I did, and made that mistake, I would at least provide closure to the researchers that have been watching this bear since birth. This is not really about hunting in general, or hunters in general, but that is what it is coming out to be. If that hunter chose to hunt in an area with research bears around him, he had to well know what he could be getting himself into. This comment in particular from the article above says something “Still, Rogers said he has to wonder if the hunter deliberately sought out Hope. He said the hunter has posted messages before on a Facebook page with around 50 fans called “Lily: a bear with a bounty,” where some postings last week spoke of “Hope jerky” or Hope cooked in a crockpot.” Just my opinion, and we all know opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one” but just sayin…..

        1. charla says:

          so well said and such a mature response to this all..Like above My hubby hunted with out deer drives,without bait(which is illegal here and for food for our family who was below poverty and definately not in the boundries of a research center and never would have put comments that were so cruel to the bear watchers and reasearchers and dr rogers mind does need to be put to rest as many viewers..Even in the past he hunted ,this story makes him very sad..

    2. at alex says:

      Then alex you are not a “hunter” ……. I’m not knocking you but that be the facts.
      Now you could have stated I am not a bear hunter and …… get the drift there junior?

  27. messy says:

    2 hikers in Iran released cuz they don’t taste good. Nor look good. Nor smell good I suspect. They sure all 3 aren’t boys???? just wonderin’ is all

    1. ?? says:

      The “gal” does make one pause. lol
      I keep thinking they are brother and sister …. and that is even more disgusting.

      KSTP said Hope was located ….. that alive or not?

  28. Yogaditty says:

    …the note u just wrote tells me how to cope but sure did a dodie when we went to pop hope caues bares ant no scare if they got you on the run but u stop em dar tracks with lil’ joes gun…

  29. All is good says:

    Alive and well

    1. ain't buying it says:

      Yea – Martin Luther King said the same thing and look where that got him

  30. herb says:

    Man is no longer required to hunt to eat. A man or woman will hunt only to satisfy their need for power or the illusion of it! There is no sport or skill involved in “baited” hunting, only the need to prove perceived “masculine” standing or “ego” to those other small, like minded peers. Some say that hunting is a tradition and as such should be revered and practiced as a personal choice. War is a tradition too, often brought on by that same need for power, greed and ego gratification as hunting. Senseless killing, just to kill is psychopathic, legal or not. If killing makes you feel good, you need to seek immediate professional psychiatric help!

    1. Oh right says:

      Which man are your referring to? Typical arrogance of the so called civilized. You obviously no nothing about hunting. War is not a tradition, it is human conflict brought on by many things besides a need for power. But hey, who cares about the bear right? This is just another opportunity for you to bow down at the alter of misguided political correctness. You don’t hunt, so you have to do something to feel powerful right? Doesn’t it feel awesome to be so smug?

  31. Pat says:

    Where is it being reported that Hope is alive?

    1. michaelen says:


      1. at michaelen says:

        If they that close why don’t they capture her and carry her home????

  32. hope says:

    at my church yesterday they were saying it.
    on the radi today they said the bear Hope was
    which one ya wondering about?

  33. TW says:

    I have a notice that this post is waiting moderation. OK, moderate away if that is how it goes. There is nothing in my post directed to any one person and the words are not vulgar. I find it amazing that people can get so fixated on a research animal that when it is taken by legal means by a hunter that person or the group of hunters is demonized. This is MN, hunting and fishing are not only legal but widely supported. My friends that live on sovereign lands such as Grand Portage hunt year round, moose, bear, deer. They use what they harvest and don’t apologize to anyone. They do emphasize respect for the gift of the animal taken and I like that.

  34. Live free or die says:

    This poor bear was being exploited by the DNR and a bunch of voyeuristic school kids who should ashamed of themselves. I’m sure bear the probably committed suicide by hunter because it was so miserable. Now it’s free at last, free at last, thank man almighty it’s free at last.

    1. C Jensen says:

      HAHA, I love this….. Thanks for the levity !

  35. Scott Alan says:

    Hope is on a bus to Madison.. Chill out!

  36. Jake says:

    I ‘hope’ she turned into a really nice RUG.

  37. The story that never ends says:

    Will we never hear the end of Rogers and his pets? The only thing his project has done is generate controversy because the world won’t stop and help him violate his original agreement with the DNR. The DNR will think very carefully before they give someone like Rogers a permit to collar bears. He violates the protocols of objective research by interacting with and interfering in the lives of the bears, and then makes them Internet celebrities to give his failed research some sort of reason to exist. Then he decides to use their celebrity status to pressure the DNR to give his bears some sort of special status in violation of the original agreement. Now that one of his bears, who was not even wearing a collar may have been killed. Oh goody, more controversy and attention for Rogers. And we owe WCCO a great debt for helping to make that happen. Three days and three non-stories engaging in speculation deliberately designed to generate more controversy. I am willing to bet most of the whack job anti hunting comments in this forum aren’t even from within the US, much less our state. This is a state that overwhelmingly supports hunting, and Rogers is rapidly becoming the pariah he deserves to be. Take your collared and ribboned pets and start a petting zoo somewhere far away.

  38. Jake says:

    OMG, a bear may have died. It’s the end of the world, fer sure.

  39. tom says:

    Good, I hope he enjoys eating the tasty meat. Putting food on the table for the family is where it is at.

  40. rw says:

    just what is there to study about bear? waste of $$$$$. lets eat her and be done with it.

  41. Baiters different than a real Hunter says:

    Growing up in the northern part of the state and being in a family of avid hunters. It is one thing to hunt bear, hunt deer, pheasants, etc. However, baiting them and not being truthful and registering it, immediately is illegal. I agree with hunters (I hunt as well), but to shoot something just to shoot it to make a statement (ie the hunter knowing full well he baited the bears, and he knew for a fact he was in Hopes area) reallly stinks of poor sportmanship. I agree, a bear being shot isn’t the end of the world, however, when the pleas were put out about the vacinity of the bears, and the colored collars, just leave them alone. It really isn’t that hard to do. Plus, stop the baiting. It is illegal. DNR wastes more money and time on chasing “baiters” than anything. end the DNR too, they are worthless. A whole other sotry. But in the end, geez people have some compassion for the loss the researchers are feeling, and the loss of not having a “hunter” male or female just step up and say they did or did not kill Hope! I hope they didn’t. Go ahead and tell me how stupid I am and how I don’t know the laws and know nothing about hunting, cause all you city slickers, really know the laws of hunting and how hunting is up north? correct? Have a great day all. Hunt legally, and down in the cities. 🙂

    1. Huntin' says:

      We try to hunt down here in the cities but they got all these new found dealybobs called cameras and such and …… you wait, they’ll get up there in time too. 😉

    2. tell me more says:

      Which do you maintain was illegal, baiting or failing to register the animal? The regulations state that it is legal to hunt bears with baiting stations. It is also my understanding that a hunter has until 24 hours after the close of the season to register his animal. Do you read the regulations differently? I think it is interesting to hear your perspective as a native of Northern Minnesota. I live and hunt in the southwestern part of the state. Here we have to have all bait removed (for big game) well before the start of the season. I have only read about black bear hunting and talked to those that have, so I do not feel I have he right to judge the ethics of how others hunt. From your experience, do most bear hunters use bait stations, or are there other ways to hunt: such as placing a stand in a strategic location? I agree with you that deliberately taking a research bear is stupid and counterproductive. However I would ask you to remember that this bear was not wearing a collar. How then was the hunter supposed to know that it was Hope? I have read that Hope was a juvenile. Is it considered unsporting to shoot a juvenile bear up there? It is sad if Hope was shot by mistake, and it would be an unnecessary tragedy if she was deliberately targeted. Anyway, just a plainsman asking for more of your North Woods hunting perspective.

      1. tell me more says:

        To clarify my position a bit: I have a good spot for my deer stand, and have never felt it was necessary to use bait. Use of bait for deer down here is a pretty hot topic. I have read in the Outdoor News that baiting violations are a big pain in the DNR’s butt. Is baiting for bears a hot topic up there?

  42. Baiters different than a real Hunter says:

    As I clearly stated, I am not here to debate with people. What I was saying is that he is “baiting” right where the research bears were and the GPS location of them , was not a secret. Is that intent to get a “research bear”? Or is that intent to “get some wild non gps’ed” family bear? I am not saying what he did was wrong, but the ethical “hunt” right in that “specific” location, leaves a lot of questons open. Huntin’. very funny, was speaking of hunting down here where it is legal. Such as south of the cities, etc. 🙂 Have a great day!!!!!!

    1. tell me more says:

      No no no, I don’t want to debate with you, I’m just a plainsman hunter with questions. I promise to respect your opinion and not get contentious.

      1. Baiters different than a real Hunter says:

        Please stop your juvenile antics

        1. sorry says:

          Sorry. Just a Rock County hunter that wanted to know more about how you hunt in the North Woods. Didn’t mean to make you mad. Have a good one.

    2. Bill says:

      Why were the researchers researching bears where someone wanted to hunt?

      If the hunter paid for a tag then he has more of a right to the bear than the “researchers”

  43. Baiters different than a real Hunter says:

    Also one more Point—Hunters hunt for the Trophy right? WELL WHAT BETTER TO DO, AND BAIT, AND SHOOT A RESEARCH BEAR? Point given. Again happy hunting, hope you don’t have baited traps for all your kill! Have a great rest of the year! Enjoy the HUNT!!!!!!!!! (meaning get off your porch and “hunt” for the prey!

    1. snap says:

      Guess you’re just another ahole after all.

  44. cheryl seaberg says:

    So he finally comes forward! What a poor excuse for a hunter
    shooting a bear thats still nursing
    I come from a family of hunters that looks for a trophy not babies!
    what a loser…………..