ELY, Minn. (WCCO) — A hunter has come forward and admitted to shooting Hope the bear, according to the Wildlife Research Institute.

A posting from the Wildlife Research Institute says that, although there has been no confirmation yet from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the hunter contacted the them directly. That posting has been confirmed by the institute.

The hunter reportedly said he shot Hope on Friday, Sept. 16 after she wandered into his bait site, according to biologists Lynn Rogers.

Rogers says he knows the hunter, who, he says, has helped out the North American Bear Center in the past. He said he just wishes the hunter wouldn’t hunt so close to the research area.

“He’s been hunting in that same spot for years. Of course, I wish he wouldn’t hunt so close, but if it’s not him, it would be somebody else that we didn’t trust as much,” said Rogers, who supports bear hunting.

Rogers said Hope did not have a research collar, as do some other bears they follow.

Biologists Lynn Rogers Talks About Hope

The hunter said he would never have intentionally shot a collared bear; however, even if Hope were wearing a collar, it is actually not illegal to shoot a collared research bear in Minnesota.

Hope was one of the most prominent bears in Minnesota and online. Hope’s mother, Lily, became an Internet sensation when a camera in her den captured Hope’s birth in January of 2010.

The institute said they have no intentions of releasing the hunter’s identity.

“I appreciate he came forward and let us know what happened,” said Rogers.

He said he’ll ask the hunter for Hope’s hide.

“There’s such a story behind this bear that if he would let us have the hide for taxidermy,” Rogers said. “It’s an amazing story to tell.”

Lily, Hope and her sister, Faith, are a part of a long term study of black bears at the North American Bear Center near Ely, Minn. Rogers called Hope “the most famous bear in the world.”

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  1. Mary says:

    I would like to thank the hunter for coming through and letting Doc and Sue and everyone that has been worrying about Hope, finally no the truth. It’s just so hard to believe our little bear is gone, but she will be loved for years and years to come.

    1. djp says:

      I agree! Hopefully there will be more bears in the future. I was at the center this summer and it sure is fun to watch those bears!!

  2. JT says:

    You’re not really hunting bears when you bait them to your hunting site. Baiting bears should be illegal.

    1. Karin says:

      Bear baiting is cowardly and not a sport. “Hunters” feed them over weeks and then hide behind a tree and shoot them.

      1. Mr. Right, always right says:

        If you’re so mad at baiting perhaps you should write your senators and congressman to change the law because it’s perfectly LEGAL!!!

        1. sw says:

          Good idea – I will.

          1. Jackie Du Charme says:

            I did write the politicians. And am not done writing yet.
            Don’t think you can bait grizzlys. So why black bears?

        2. Firestorm says:

          You mean always WRONG….I bet you have small hands and feet, too! hehe

  3. Craig Minneapolis says:

    Another jerkwad siitting behind his keyboard hating on groups of people he doesn’t even know… why don’t you stay in your mother’s basement, where you’re safe.

    1. @Craig says:

      Craig – I hunt here and in many states. There is some truth to the baiting bit and I sure as hell never would. It cheapens the sport and damages the game of the hunt. Not unlike playing a video game — to easy and not right in my book

    2. Baitingisnothunting says:

      Why dony you crawl in †he hole you came out of!

  4. Derek L. says:

    Hunting is NOT a sport; if the animals could shoot back THEN it would be a sport.

    1. They do says:

      they can and they do…..got 2 ripped tents and destroyed boat as proof. Mamma blacky and 2 cubs. Cute but nasty nasty nasty. They lucky I wasn’t carrying a rifle

      1. Jake says:

        I NEVER go into the woods without a gun. I have at least a .38 special or .45 auto, just in case. I don’t carry such a gun to kill an animal, but to protect myself against any threat. It is my RIGHT. Sometimes I carry something heavier, especially during the ‘mating’ season. Those of you who think that I am crazy evidently DON’T HAVE A CLUE, beyond your back yards.

    2. just sayin says:

      There has been some attacks and deaths this year on hikers. So, what comes around goes around. 🙂

      1. Jackie Du Charme says:

        No, its not go around comes around. Accidents happen. And if anyone is going to plant their tent in bear country or canoe in bear country expect company. Bears do not understand people. They don’t know they aren’t supposed to intrude on their land.
        And some people prefer animals to people which I can understand.

        1. Brandi says:

          I certainly prefer animals to people…

      2. Charlie says:

        Buses hit twits like you. It should happen more often but usually folks like you are in the park watching children play.

    3. Jake says:

      Then you don’t know what hunting is all about. Put down your video game for change and put some effort into bagging a nice piece of game. You will find that it isn’t cheap, easy, or always a lot of fun.

  5. Huh? says:

    Can you do that for deer hunting? Leave out a little corn and fire away? I agree that he did nothing illegal but where is the sport in that?

    1. JT says:

      Baiting deer is illegal. Not sure why you can bait bears. Make hunting not a sport. Just sit back and shoot.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        It’s not illegal to bait deer in Wisconsin.

        C’Mere Deer gets it done!

      2. Carrie Lampert says:

        I’ve been hunting bear now for 5 yr. You don’t punish everyone for a few who are ignorant. I’ve passed on 3 bears and this yr. have baited since Sept. first and have not yet even seen one. My husband lost his job and we need the meat for winter. If we didn’t bait bears, you would never see one, ever. They would start invading garbage cans, peoples garages, barns and even come through your kitchen screen door at the smell of a baking pie. To me it is not a sport, its food on the table. Also been hunting deer since 1980. We never have to buy meat and it saves hundreds of dollars. I make sure its a clean shot, no wounding and no babies. Most hunters I know are very ethical, the few who aren’t I cannot be responsible for there actions, only my own. When I do shoot an animal, I do cry and say a prayer to God for allowing me to take one of his creatures to put food on my table and always treat the dead animal with the greatest respict. So for many people, it isn’t a sport. Don’t assume that all hunters are alike in their behaviors. I live by Jewish/Christian values/beliefs Carrie Lampert

        1. Carrie Lampert says:

          And I forgot to say, in five yrs. I have not gotten any bear meat to bring home yet. But I’ll keep trying. You people who don’t know anything about hunting should do some research on the subject. Also, Hope was not collared or identified, I would have shot her to for the meat. I would shoot a collared bear. I saw Lynn Rogers in a show and he was hand feeding the bears on his property. You gotta be kiddin’ me! Honestly, we don’t need research on bears. Why waste the money. Let animals exsist without human interference. There is nothing we can learn from researching bears or other wild animals, that will help us in our daily lives and living. Lynn Rogers has made millions of dollars on writing books on the bears that he feeds, is that exploitation or what!? I don’t believe in zoos either. I do believe in certain animals used in a humane way to do research on helping us medically, I have a heart transplant and have been alive for 18 yrs. because of it. Without medical research I would be dead. Thank God for all animals. Carrie Lampert

          1. Love for animals says:

            You disgust me! Why would a woman do such a horrible thing? Put food on the table, it sounds like we need to take food off your table. Eating too much meat did wonders for your heart, eh? Maybe we should use you for research. No self respecting woman would do such a thing, I am embarrassed for you. We have plenty to learn from animals, they are far better than humans!

            1. carrie lampert says:

              I feel sorry for you, that your life is filled with so much anger and pain, I’ll keep you in my prayers and ask God to take away your conflict and give you peace. Meanwhile maybe a therapist could help you.

              1. Love for animals says:

                No need to feel sorry for me, It is I that feels pity for you and your neanderthal existence. My life is filled with joy and happiness, I have no use for people like you or any hunters for that matter. You are what’s wrong with this country!

                1. Love for animals says:

                  Thanks for the prayers, though. I will pray that you and all hunters stop hurting God’s creatures.

          2. john scott says:

            I would not shoot a bear, one of nature’s beautiful animals. But I would happily shoot you. And be in no uncertain terms that as a military sniper with three tours of Afghanistan under my belt, I would not miss. You ‘hunters’ are akin to pathetic bullies and I would happily face any of you and teach you a lesson you would never forget. You make me sick.

  6. jschau says:

    Me man! Me kill! Me Man!

  7. Tom says:

    I’m a real man…I can bait and shoot wildlife with a high powered rifle….disgusting…and a good thing this loser’s name will not be released…hunting is not a sport…its murdering wildlife….nuff said!

    1. Mr. Right, always right says:

      bleeding heart liberal…boo hoo hoo, go cry somewhere else Tom, loser

      1. Anne Flynn says:

        Baby killing Republican… boo hoo hoo, you go cry somewhere else ,stupid knuckle head.

    2. Tim says:

      And what if his name was released? Are you going to do something about it? The hunter did nothing wrong in harvesting a wild bear. You use the term half tame, wonder why that is? Interference from humans in the natural course of a bears life. If you want to see tame bears, then go to a zoo. I hope that with all the comments you make, that you are a vegetarian too !!!

    3. steve says:

      murder?! really??? murder is when someone kills a human not an animal.. christ!

    4. Carrie Lampert says:

      Your only responding out of your manly thinking! Your right, its not a sport to most people, its food on the table! I’m a woman. You need to look a most mens mentality. Starat with yourself.

  8. Tom says:

    Bait and then shoot a half tame small bear. I envision this guy to wear large shoes with red nose that makes funny sounds. Strange mentality.

    1. you know says:

      half tame?? Are you stupid? I hope you don’t have kids. Maybe you can teach them to play with Pandas too.

    2. Jake says:

      Yeah, like this hunter knew that this specific bear was “Hope” and HOPED to kill it, just to start a firestorm of protest. Riiiight. Get a life. My guess is that you have never hunted anything, at least not seriously.

  9. Sheri says:

    I would also like to Thank the hunter for letting us know what happened to sweet Hope! It closes this chapter on her, I will miss her deeply.

  10. Daniel Gillett says:

    It’s a wild animal, not a human people………………..

    1. C Jensen says:

      No regard for life….sad Humans suck!

      1. C Jensen says:

        This is NOT my post

        1. Firestorm says:

          Sure looks like your post.

  11. jo says:

    My comments are this: Thank you to the hunter for FINALLY TELLING DOC AND SUE ( aka MOM AND DAD) to these bears they have been wondering/been sick with worrying/ wondering since that date of not seeing Hope with Lily and Faith anymore. We all who go to that site daily have been wondering you kept that a secret long enough. You know how many thousands of people who go to the site daily, and you just sat on that info, shame on you for the time frame it took, But that said I have seen many of pics since coming to the NABC website of Lily, Hope, and now the latest Faith, and all three are different sizes, not sure that this matters, and really don’t care but doesn’t a person who hunts these bears know that Hope was not a full sized bear,??? I would think they know this, Is small bear better the larger bear?? but either way she was a yearling and ummm baiting bears as a few have said above is not hunting in the right manner maybe it’s legal , but then why isn’t baiting deer legal ??????? that blows my mind, to learn that it is illegal to bait deer, but not bear.
    But I do get the whole hunting thing but I guess I’m still mad about Hope.

    1. C Jensen says:

      Baiting deer is not legal because they are usually baited with corn, which does not grow in the middle of the woods. The deers digestive system is not accustomed to the corn unless it eats it regularly for greater than 2 weeks. If not, the deer will get sick and get a gastrointestinal bloat similar to horses. So, do some research before you accost hunters for baiting bears, which is LEGAL. Bears digestive system is much less particular than a deer. Also, people generally don’t take kindly to bears running all over their yards and roads like we have all gotten use to seeing deer do. Bears NEED to be managed to prevent bear/human encounters as urban sprawl destroys more and more of you natural resources.

      1. Sam3g says:

        Humans need to be managed to decrease human/bear encounters. Just like you said.

        1. C Jensen says:

          Amen, Sam! People are the problem, not the bears!! Stop killing bears!

          1. C Jensen says:

            This post is NOT mine

            1. Firestorm says:

              Again, looks like your name….

              1. idknockthebottomoutofit says:

                Firestorm, you need the bottom knocked out of it, don’t you?

                1. Firestorm says:

                  Feelin froggy??? Jump! Scared???

  12. jody says:

    I feel sorry for this young bear who had such a short life. I also feel for the people who did all this research to teach us and our children more about how this animal lives. To the hunter who shot Hope. Do you feel by baiting a bear that is really hunting ? Did you not see the collar around her neck? Since you seem to be watching that area. To our Minnesota DNR you people need to sit down and think about what we as adults are teaching our children.You also need to come up with better laws so are research money doesn’t go to waste.because the DNR doesn’t have the time to deal with these issue. I come from a family that hunts but I can tell you this they never baited any animal nor would they have killed a studied animal.
    I totally understand why people hunt to control over population of “some” animals but have we as americans become that greedy and self centered that we can’t stop and look at the big picture before we do something.

    1. how dumb are people says:

      Because we haven’t had enough research. I think we all know how bears live and breed.

    2. tim says:

      did you not read the article? The bear did not have a collar on. And as far as research money, Rogers has spent many years studying bears and should have enough research to conclude most of his so called studies. You say you come from a family that hunts, but has never “baited” any animal? Deer scents, decoys, and anything you use to gain an advantage over a wild animal could all be considered baiting, it just depends on your mindset. Maybe it is you who should look at the big picture.

      1. frozenrunner says:

        There is a big difference between decoys and feeding an animal regularly so you can shoot it in the name of sport.. By continually putting out bait you are altering the animal’s behavior.
        In regards to your lack of knowledge on the bear studies, the more you observe, the more you learn.

        1. jody says:

          Thank you Frozenrunner you are so correct on all points. makes you wonder why people do some of the stuff they do or say.Maybe if they did a little more observing before speaking or doing our world won’t have as many problems as we do.

        2. tim says:

          Oh geez, I didn’t realize you were an expert, and I never claimed to be an expert on bear studies. If you would refer to C Jensen’s comments then you may learn something.

    3. Larry F. says:

      WOW Jody, read the story or stop trolling

      1. jody says:

        Hey Larry I read the story at least twice. Trolling really please think you need to find some thing better to do. Sorry I have something to say. I just don’t agree with everything that happens in our country. Do you?

  13. kate says:

    People eat deer meat, I eat deer meat, its good. There are too many deer and need to be hunted to keep the population down or there would be even more car accidents-which there is plenty already because deer dont stop and look both ways! Not sure what the point is of luring a bear to a feeding place then shooting it, doesnt sound like “hunting”to me.

    1. C Jensen says:

      Deer meat is disgusting…any meat is disgusting. That hunter knew it was hope and he did it because he is a coward POS.

  14. bunch of babies says:

    It’s a wild bear. Get over it. You all act as if it was your own baby. Geez get a life!

    1. Tim says:

      I fully agree. Most of the posters on here complain about bear baiting, yet do not have enough knowledge of the outdoors to know that it is illegal to bait for deer. At least they could know what they are talking about before they spout off their emotionally filled mouths !!

      1. frozenrunner says:

        And your comment on research shows that you should watch your own self and not label others. Talk about pot calling the kettle black

        1. Jake says:

          Maybe you should take your own advice. If you think that you can run the DNR better than it is being run, by all means, APPLY FOR THE JOB.

        2. tim says:

          You come off as a merely stupid person who doesn’t know anything. What does the comment “watch your own self ” mean? Just so you understand , I am labeling you an ” Idiot”.

  15. Yogi'sBigBrother says:

    Someone should bait the hunters… put a bunch of NASCAR clothes, some camo gear, maybe a few Miller High Life’s and some Skoal… and just wait for the rednecks to come…

    1. BigcatMPLS says:

      So if you drink Miller High Life you some type of lowlife? Oh for shame!

    2. 30.06 says:

      I hunt deer, elk, bear,boar and bird. I would love for you to come out to the woods and try to hunt me tough guy

      1. Firestorm says:

        Tell me where you are and I will take you down!!

        1. tim says:

          Mr. Tough guy. I bet you got beat up for your lunch money when you were a kid..

          1. Firestorm says:

            I’m a girl, smart one….stupid redneck…point proven!

    3. tim says:

      What a stupid comment, Yogi’s Big Brother !!

    4. Jake says:

      Maybe someone should bait YOU. What are you attracted to??

      1. Sam3g says:

        Pic-a-nic baskets!

  16. sadinminnesota says:

    Baiting a wild animal and then shooting it is nothing more than a coward!!! Why shoot a bear? So you can hang it on the wall as a trophy? I don’t get it.

    1. Jake says:

      Then your over-simplistic analysis of the hunting process is MOOT. It’s a challenge, to most hunters. Yes, some pay THOUSANDS to have a trophy animal placed in a ‘no lose’ situation, but most hunters to out in the woods, knowing that they probably won’t bag a nice animal, just an average kill. They spend a lot of money, a lot of time, and they often do it with family, it’s a ‘family’ thing. Yes, even school teachers get ‘involved’, believe it or not. It’s not as easy as you may think. If you are not a regular hunter, then you don’t have a CLUE.

      1. Firestorm says:

        That is bad parenting if you take a kid to hunt….You people need help!!! Dumb stupid rednecks….Why don’t you just take a picture of the animal, that would be the manly thing to do! What if an animal killed your kid and hung it on the wall? Doesn’t sound so appealing now, does it???

        1. Betty says:

          You ancestors just rolled over in their grave. Truly disgusted in their offspring! Majority still rules in this country and you my friend are a minority!

          1. Firestorm says:

            Animals hunt other animals, not us. Majority of what?? Idiots??? I am happy being the minority of smart people. I bet you’re a big ugly redneck girl, Betty….Aren’t you? Why would they be disgusted? They are disgusted looking at your big fat stomach!

            1. tim says:

              You only think you are smart, then you open your mouth and remove any possibility of that. Leave Betty alone, she is only expressing her opinion like the rest of us. Who knows, you may be the woman who no one looks at twice. Thank you, Betty for attempting to set the record straight wikth this “smart” person.

  17. Chana Bushnell says:

    MMMMMMMMMMM Meat. Taste just like Hamburger. Bear stew, Bear cheeseburger, Bear sausage. Did he get it processed or give it a bear funeral after he shot it? Hmmm I wonder.

    1. sw says:

      Is this comment supposed to be funny?

      1. Chana Bushnell says:

        No its a fact. People eat meat. It was a bear. There was a hunter. The hunter shot the bear to eat it. period

        1. sadinminnesota says:

          Well then don’t get upset next time a bear kills a human….MMMMMMMM Meat!! Fair is fair.

          1. Chana Bushnell says:

            I didn’t say anything was unfair at all. If your not into hunting, oh well. But don’t rip on the people who put meat on our tables. Is everyone that is making negative comments on here non-meat eaters? If you don’t want to get attacked by a bear stay out of thier living space. If you think any other meat that you buy at the store is killed in a more humane way, get real. Hunters shoot to kill instantly. Beef cattle, Pork, lamb…Is raised to be killed and consumed.

            1. C Jensen says:

              Chana, you are a disgusting pig! They don’t kill bear to “put meat on the table” they do it for fun. Get real….Hunters are like Obama supoorters, they all ignorant fools!

              1. C Jensen says:

                NOT my post…

      2. Chana Bushnell says:

        Poor flies, they don’t stand a chance. Mean spiders put up spider webs to trick butterflies and bugs of all sorts. Setting traps. Maybe we should knock all spider webs down and save the butterflies.

        1. Firestorm says:

          Exactly…spiders suck!

  18. sw says:

    Why are people hunting bear in the first place? Do they actually eat the meat? I doubt it….I wish people would stop killing animals period.

    1. Tim says:

      OK, so you made your point, you don’t like anyone killing animals. I have never hunted bear and have never tasted their meat, but that is not to say that in the future I won’t. If you don’t like killing animals, I sure hope you are a vegetarian.

    2. get a clue says:

      Yes, they do eat the meat.

  19. TL the alligator says:

    …while shooting a bear is legal during bear season it is morally despicable and reprehensible……there is NOTHING sporting or that can be called “hunting” when it comes to baiting an unsuspecting animal and then shooting it from a safe vantage point with a firearm or bow…..it is killing and killing for no reason…..i pity the pathetic person who kills animals like this and then think they are some kind of “hunter” when in fact they are usually weak minded inadequate losers who KNOW they wouldn’t qualify or make the grade in more demanding pursuits.

    1. Jake says:

      There is NOTHING reprehensible about taking a bear, if it is taken LEGALLY. Get a LIFE. You know NOTHING about what it takes to take down a bear, so get off of your high horse. It takes a lot of work and patience to be successful. The success rate of bear hunters is far lower than that of deer hunters. Apparently, you haven’t been very close to one to know how dangerous these animals can be. I have. They have the ability to kill you in the blink of an eye.

    2. C Jensen says:

      Perhaps we should create a government agency to eliminate all forms of baiting on earth. We could start by eradicating those morally despicable venus fly traps. Then we could anihilate every spider web on earth. Designate prison time for any human being who utilizes fly paper, decon, bug spray, mouse traps…..

  20. Bearskin Bob says:

    Bear hunting is not that easy even with bait. You don’t just put a little food out and and a bear instantly comes along and you shoot it. A lot of ignorant fools posting here. Please go play some more guitar hero.

  21. DeannaPixie says:

    It may not have been illegal – But, to me – it was Unethical!! This hunter has probably done one of the worst things ever for good and ethical hunters. He/She KNEW that the whole world has been watching this yearling and family. He/She KNEW the area that they have been living in. He/She KNEW how important the research is for everyone. And yet…
    I don’t understand this person AT ALL.

    1. Jake says:

      Do you mean to say that this specific hunter specifically TARGETED this SPECIFIC BEAR, so he/she could unleash a firestorm of protest against hunting bears? What PROOF do you have of THAT?? Did this bear walk around through the woods with a NAMETAG that said “Hope” on it, in clear view? Get a life. Most bear hunters, even with BAIT, don’t even SEE a bear, let alone get a shot at one. Leave the hunter alone. If you want to protest inexplicable killing, complain about all of the senseless murders that happen in the state each and every year.

      1. DeannaPixie says:

        Well, maybe I am saying that he/she did target her?? I DON’T KNOW and I wouldn’t think you do either…?? I have NO proof of anything. I stated known information that the hunter knew these things – and yet – still hunted in the area. Questionable judgement in my opinion. I just completely don’t understand the hunter and I’m still trying to see how on earth he/she could have done this without knowing. I have a life, thank you, and a brain – and I intend to keep using it. My thoughts are just that – my opinion. I completely agree that people should be allowed to hunt, bear arms, etc. They just need to have common sense, be ethical and use their brains alot more when it comes to weapons or killing anything.

      2. Firestorm says:

        Jake, it was wrong, you know it was wrong and that hunter is a coward! Period! HE KNEW!!!!! If he didn’t, then why did he come forward and say that he did??? Hunters are all the same, no regard for anyone but themselves. There was NO NEED to kill this bear. There is a grocery store on every corner! That hunter should have his license revoked…FOREVER! All hunters should…Heck give me his address, I’ll go teach him a few things.

        1. dan says:

          And at the grocery store you can worry about meat tainted with chemicals and the nasty stuff on the floor before they take a snow shovel and put the meat back on the conveyor belt.
          Sorry but this is a legal activity and unless the DNR makes killing a collared or suspect research bear illegal your comments are worthless.

          1. Firestorm says:

            Dan, you are a tool…I don’t eat meat and I never will because no animal should have to die to sustain me. Meat is so nasty… My comments are right on and I will do everything in my power to make bear hunting illegal, I have the money to do it, too!

            1. dan says:

              Good luck with your one man march against hunting in Minnesota. I wish you the best!

            2. bow down all says:

              Oh wow your omniscient, perfect, moral, AND rich. And you can make bear hunting illegal. Man, this is awesome, some sort of deity is posting here. We are honored by your holy hatred.

        2. steve says:

          So it is ok for you to kill a cow and buy it at a store?? your wacked!
          The guy mistake was telling that nutjob rogers that he did it.. t he bear was not collared or tagged… he did nothing wrong

          1. Firestorm says:

            Read the post again, I clearly said, I don’t eat meat. I know that you inbred hunters can’t read well, so take it slow! He did something morally wrong….look it up in the dictionary if you don’t know what that means! POS

            1. oh calm down says:

              There you go, call hunters inbred and POS. You got ’em writhing in the grasp of reason now! Your moral code must be amazing.

        3. he knows says:

          He’s a coward and he knew! And ALL hunters are the same! Wow, so that’s the source of your arrogant self-righteousness: you’re omniscient! Way cool. Everyone should respect your hatred because you know everything!

          1. Firestorm says:

            I don’t know everything and I don’t claim to, I do know that this hunter KNEW about Hope and did it anyway and that makes him a coward. All hunters do not care and are only interested in the “kill”. They don’t realize that an innocent animal looking for food is the victim. Not to mention, they feel pain just like you or I do and have families, too. I hope you feel the fear and pain that the animal does then maybe you will see my point.

  22. Jake says:

    The reason why it’s legal to bait bears is twofold. One, there was a time where you could shoot a deer or a bear during deer season. When that was the case, a lot of bears got taken, because there were a LOT more hunters out in the woods, and their numbers went down. So, the DNR created a SEPARATE hunting season ONLY for bears. Guess what, there aren’t that many hunters who are willing or able to spend a lot of time in the woods, with virtually no chance of even SEEING a bear. So baiting is allowed to give those hunters at least a CHANCE of taking a bear. Current hunter success is about 30%, which is about what deer success is. Bears are less predictable in their movements, so without baiting, hunter success would be close to ZERO, and no one would hunt them, and their numbers would explode. Bears are not cuddly pets. They are powerful WILD animals, and can KILL YOU in the blink of an eye. Get over it. It was stupid to call this bear “Hope” and think that it would live to the age of ten. Hunters contribute much to wildlife, and if they follow the laws, they have NOTHING to be ashamed of.

    1. Bearskin Bob says:

      Jake, excellent post. Baiting of deer was legal until about 1992 or so if I remember right.

    2. DeannaPixie says:

      I agree with baiting the bears because if/when you do see one during hunting season – I learned from the NABC website that there is a better chance that it would be a kill shot rather than wounding one. However, this hunter did NOT Need to hunt where he was hunting. And YES, I have been by a few wild bears in Canada. Kept my distance… or ran a few times. Also, It’s really not JUST about following the laws – that’s ignorant. Common Sense and Ethics MUST be involved. Again, my opinion.

    3. Firestorm says:

      They have EVERYTHING to be ashamed of they are COWARDS! I HOPE a bear does kill you in the blink of an eye! Hunters are a bunch of brokeback mountain rednecks shooting whatever they feel like for fun. Disgusting PIGS with baby hands and feet!

    4. Tim says:

      Great post, Jake !! The sad thing is that it will not matter how many comments from people like you who are experienced and informative are posted, the anti’s will just continue to play the emotion card every chance they get.

  23. Jake says:

    The chances of seeing a bear without baiting is extremely rare. I have been hunting deer for 30 years, and have never seen a bear. Same goes for my brothers. Yet, my nephew saw one his first time hunting deer a few years ago. I know that they are around. If you can’t bait them, it’s pointless to buy a license and “hope” that you will see one, let alone get a chance at a good shot at one. They are solitary and don’t run through the woods in groups like deer do. They don’t follow common paths like deer do. For all you non-hunters, just be glaad that MN doesn’t allow dogs to be used to track and tree bears, like other states.

    1. DeannaPixie says:

      Yes, they do follow common paths. Maybe you should do some reading about some RESEARCH and you could learn a few more things.

  24. Sick of Bear Hunters says:

    I understand hunting, my family hunts BUT we DO NOT hunt bears, bob cats, lynxs, cougars, we only hunt deer, duck and fish. Our family does NOT do bag limits, we hunt what we need for the group at camp and thats it! we do not take home the “extra” nor have we ever taken more than 2 deer for our hunting party per year, there are 8 of us who hunt, 2 deer is plenty for all of us.

    We hate the bear hunters, there is no reason for this so called “sport” it is not a sport it is a excuse to show off and hunt a animal that is not needed in your food group. This “sport” needs to end for the the public, if and when bears become trouble leave it for the DNR personal to deal with it, they I know would be more humane then these “sport” hunters.

    1. C Jensen says:

      Please stop hunting immediately. You are giving us all a bad name with your stupid comments.

      1. Brandi says:

        You stop hunting immediately! You gave yourself a bad name with your stupid comment!

      2. C Jensen says:

        I think hunting is cruel and should be illegal, it is sad to watch a beautiful animal die for no reason. It’s not a sport, it’s not fun, it’s a waste of time.

        1. C Jensen says:

          Once again, NOT my post

          1. C Jensen says:

            Just kidding, yes it is.

    2. Jake says:

      IF you don’t want to hunt bears, FINE. It’s illegal to hunt cougars in MN, in case you didn’t know THAT. If 2 deer for 8 of you is all you ‘need’, FINE. However, in my party, we generally consume far more than that, so if we go ‘6 for 6’, guess what — we process all of the meat, I get the hides tanned, and little goes to waste. Nice racks get mounted on a nice piece of oak, and whatever is left is left to the wildlife in the woods, which usually disappears within a month. Some people eat bear, but I don’t. That doesn’t mean that I should say that nobody should eat bear, just because I don’t. I don’t eat DUCK either, so should I demand that you stop shooting ducks? What’s so ‘sporting’ about putting out mechanical decoys so you can shoot a defenseless bird that can’t hurt you one single bit?

  25. jody says:

    tim (dearest) Sorry you are right I did go back and read the story again. She had no collar. As for the money we still waste money we spend or raise on any type of research. Also I’ve read all of your comments on this post today. Yes I do know that you can’t bait deer and is to included feeding them in side the cities.

  26. mamamn says:

    Too bad Hope didn’t live long enough to have a baby bear herself.

  27. Lynn Sullivan says:

    Dear Yummy, You have won the prize tonight (so far) for the most offensive comment. You got extra points for bad spelling.

    1. Lynn Sullivan says:

      It is That’s because you are saying That is what I was hoping for.

      1. Lynn Sullivan says:

        Also, you missed the mis-spelling of Lily’s name.

          1. shut up yourself says:

            What a troll you are. You have no idea whether or not this hunter knew the bear was hope. You spout hatred and threaten violence and then try and shout down someone who actually speaks with reason and civility. What a cowardly troll.

            1. Make Me! says:

              He KNEW, he was told by the researchers and did it anyway! Like a little kid he went and did it out of spite! Pathetic human being!

          2. Lynn Sullivan says:

            I will “shut up” when I decide to, Karma. Such an ugly phrase “shut up.” Let people voice their opinions in a civil way.

            1. Karma says:

              What are we FIVE? Shup up is such an ugly phrase….Gimme a break. Go back to the retirment home where people actually like your banter! BTW ~ In case you haven’t figured it out, my opinion is the only one that matters, so give it a rest Dr Phil!

              1. Charlie says:

                TROLL! Shup up. Just asking you kindly to shut up. You need help, you should seek help. Asking you kindly to seek help. You are sick and need help.

                1. Karma says:

                  Why exactly do I need help, Charlie? Seek help for what? Being right?

                  I’m good….and right, too! 🙂

  28. Hunterhater says:

    Baiting an animal an then calling it hunting…outrageous. Poor Hope.

  29. Tim says:

    While it is not legal to “bait” deer, it is legal to bury salt licks, plant attractive crops for them (corn, apples, alfalfa) on your land and clear paths and shooting lanes to draw them to you and make shooting them easier. Hunters have been doing this forever. While I don’t personally see the attraction to hunting bears (and feel the level of baiting far exceeds what I would deem reasonable for sport), it is legal and the man that shot Hope went above and beyond to report what he had done (which he was in no way obligated to do). He put himself at great risk to insure that people knew the fate of that bear. If his name gets out, someone will most likely make his life unpleasant.

    1. Other Tim says:

      By the way, this is from a different Tim than the other posts. Sorry for the confusion.

    2. Brandi says:

      I HOPE his name does get out!!! He had the OBLIGATION to report the kill!!! He is a coward and a fool….PLEASE release his name, please!!!

  30. Brandi says:

    That man is a disgusting POS and should be ashamed of himself. Hunting should be illegal! I bet his family is real proud of that TURD!!

    1. dan says:


      Let me guess, you are 25 yrs old, graduated from a Lib College with a degree in Philosophy.
      Good Luck in your small world

      1. Brandi says:

        Let’s just say, I am WAY smarter than you! Not a liberal…eww

        1. dan says:

          So I nailed the age and degree! 2 out of 3 is not bad!

          1. Brandi says:

            Not even close….

  31. Ann says:

    I am vegetarian and also never wear leather. I have never intentially harmed any living creature. I am terrified of spiders but get my husband to put them outside and I collect snails and slugs from my garden and take them to the woods.

    I sleep at night knowing I have never hurt a living creature. Just how do hunters sleep at night? There is no need to hunt for fun or food. Ever heard of supermarkets?

    1. the delusion of the civilized says:

      You live in an industrial technological society built and maintained on the exploitation of the natural world. Your dwelling and everything in it was produced at the expense of nature, yet because you make a few meaningless and politically correct gestures your conscience is eased. How naive. It is fascinating how the thin veneer of “civilization” allows people to think they can exist in this society without having a direct impact on the natural world, and provides the delusion of separation from it. You don’t eat meat. That’s your choice. You don’t kill spiders. Well bully for you. But unless you have lived your politically correct life naked in the woods since birth, you are responsible for the death of wild creatures as whatever you purchase in consume was ultimately done so at their expense. You can’t avoid being a part of the circle of life, no matter how hard you try.

  32. oh yada yada says:

    Hope is dead. She wasn’t wearing a collar or ribbons and was taken by a hunter. There are approximately twenty thousand black bears in Minnesota. It is a healthy, well managed population for which there is a hunting season. Rogers knew this and agreed at the very beginning that his bears would have no special protection. His only real accomplishment has been to generate useless controversy and provide anti-hunters with an opportunity to vent their hatred. But it changes nothing Minnesota will remain a state where hunting is a valued past time, so cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it.

    1. Lynn Sullivan says:

      Seems to me that there is alot of hate, mockery and sarcasm on the hunters’ side as well. Clean up your own first before starting in on others.

      1. what goes around comes around says:

        As if “your side” should not? The levels of hate, mockery and sarcasm on both sides denies either the right to any moral high ground regarding the comments on this forum.

        1. Lynn Sullivan says:

          Just take care of your own side first. And which would that be?

          1. neither says:

            I have no “side” to take care of. Do you?

            1. Brandi says:

              I have enough HATE for hunters for EVERYONE!!! Next point!

              1. twisted sister says:

                I think that says it all. You are one sad twisted little girl.

            2. Lynn Sullivan says:

              I think at this point in the dialog my only real hate is bad spelling and grammer and people who post things on my facebook page and then send them to the Star Tribune, as if I had done so. I have enjoyed observing Dr. Rogers and Sue at work, something totally new to me and and interesting. I dislike beligerance. It doesn’t get people where they want to go and it is not persuasive. So far in my several days of observing what people have to say, I am surprised not so much by the sadness of the Lily folks, me included,, but by the anger, etc,. of the hunters. Not everyone in Minnesota who enjoys the same woods you do has any interest in hunting at all. I say if the hunter abides by the laws, then go hunt. I think this particular hunter who shot Hope could have picked a less controversial place to hunt, and been more forthcoming sooner. Now tell me what you think and have observed

              1. the hate is sad says:

                Finding a place to hunt is not always easy. The land where Rogers conducted his research was land hunted long before he began his project. The DNR agreed to his project with the condition that the bears would not be protected. The bear shot was not wearing a collar. Why should the hunters be forced to move when they were in the right? They followed all the laws. The hunters near the research sight told Rogers they would not target his research subjects, but as Hope was not wearing a collar, how is the hunter to blame? I have read that one of the hunters near the research area posted on a Facebook page that advocated targeting the bears. That was not a smart thing to do. Can you understand considering the anti-hunting hatred exhibited here, that he would be afraid to come forward? I agree with you that the tone of many posts here are disturbing, but you reveal a real bias when you say that it is excusable for anti-hunters but not those responding. It is the posts from the anti-hunters that advocate the taking of human lives in retaliation for their engaging in a legal sport. Do you think that should be tolerated when this hunter did nothing illegal, just because they are upset that Hope was killed? Yes, there are many people out there in the woods besides hunters. The difference is, you do not find hunters hating what they do and threatening their activities and very lives. There is room for everyone in the woods where they have legal access, to do their thing without hating each other. I had hoped all of Rogers bears would make it, as they are valued research subjects whose death even by legal hunting stirs up anger and hatred towards hunters and hunting. Then there’s angry words in return, and everyone thinks their side is the right one and the other side are the real haters. It is emotional venting that serves no purpose. It is too much too expect of human nature, but I wish everyone, Hope fans and hunters, could have expressed their feelings without rancor. Sorry to read what was done to your Facebook page, that is really creepy. P.S, I checked my spelling carefully, but I’m not perfect.

                1. Karma says:

                  It’s not a sport! It’s disgusting! Hunters need to stay at home married to their sisters. The bears would make it if the dumb ignorant hunters would leave them alone. She was targeted by this so-called hunter. He will get what’s coming to him!!

                2. Lynn Sullivan says:

                  I’m not perfect either, but I try to make an effort with grammer..I didn’t say that it was excusable for anti-hunters but not those responding. I have asked to have several posts removed from here due to incivity on both sides I said that I could understand the Lily folks being very sad, but not so much the hunters who have done nothing wrong and seem to be in a position of strenght. When people are mourning and sad and are confronted with invitations to a Hope barbecue and descriptions of bear rugs, don’t you agree that gets things off to a bad start? Nobody, no matter how hurt and upset should advocated violence against another human being.

    2. Hunter says:

      I agree 100%. Furthermore, I’ like to know why the Mn DNR is making the Ely area a personal playground for Mr. Rogers? If you want to study bears, buy enough land to keep them in captivity, and study them! What we have here is people hunting on private land they buy, or public land they pay taxes on, and have to walk on pins and needles because they shouldn’t shoot one of these unmarked bears. All bears outside of captivity need the collars REMOVED during season. Landwehr, what is it like as commissioner to be told to get out of his playground, like you were?

      1. Brandi says:

        Wow, you are a smart one. How do you study bears in the WILD if they are not in the WILD? Why do they have to be kept in captivity? They have every right to wander free, more right than you or I. They were here first and we are no better than they are. He knew that was Hope and he did it anyway. He is a coward, as are you, I am sure and he did it out of spite. He is an uneducated POS and I HOPE his life turns into a living hell for this! No bear should be shot, period! Especially if they have a collar on, THEY ARE NOT FOOD!! Hunters are disgusting people that have no morals or education!

        1. hunter says:

          Or is your question, “How do you study tame bears in the wild?” Being they are not marked, do you ask them their name? Or do we find out what the tame bears names are, and just start shouting randomly, “Faith!”, Hope!” , Lily!” Then they will answer? Obviously, you being absolutely brilliant, have an answer. I bear hunted in Ely this year, and will for many more years. You ma’am, certainly don’t help your cause!!

  33. TW says:

    A memorial service will be held later at the Lake Wobegon town hall. After everyone has had a chance to speak and give their eulogies a meal will be served in Hope’s honor. A vegetarian option will be available……bring your own veggies or eat the flowers if you don’t want any roast with potatoes and gravy. All memorial gifts will be given to the DNR to continue their fine job of providing quality hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation choices in this fine state.

  34. C Jensen says:

    Well, isn’t it just like a liberal to not only hide their identity, but now they pretend to be other people….. Kinda sad that I come on here and see that somebody has used my name to post unintelligable, ignorant remarks. If my name is above an anti-hunting post, then it is NOT my post.

    1. Lynn Sullivan says:

      People doing that to C Jensen–please stop. It is not necessary to provoke any one here. Feelings are running high…

  35. Nicole Sangi Will says:

    WCCO has an amazingly uninformed audience– no matter what side they take in ANY discussion. When did any person’s off the street call-in comment, begin to be an enlightened, informed, educated statement which merits air time. When did actual informed, intelligent talk radio cease to exist?

  36. Hmmm. . . says:

    I wonder if Jane Goodall faced this kind of conflict.

  37. Karma says:

    @ Lynn Sullivan What about violence towards animals? No one seems to care about that. I don’t care if it is legal to shoot bear or anything else, it’s wrong and this hunter is WRONG and disrespectful! He knew and still did it anyway. So get off you high horse and shut your pie hole! Report the comment because you are a big baby….Grow up

    1. Lynn Sullivan says:

      Whoa, Karma. I think violence against animals is horrible, and I’m sure many people agree. I have nothing but respect for Dr. Rogers and Sue and the work they do, if you will check my previous posts. It sounds as if you are advocating the end of bear hunting in Minnesota, which will probably be an issue raised as a consequence of Hope’s death. Until then, hunters in Minnesota have alot of political clout. I don’t live in Minnesota anymore, so what I propose is a civil discussion on both sides I made it clear that I thought the hunter could have made a less controversial choice of hunting ground and that he should have come forward way sooner. If more reliable stuff comes out that he knew it was Hope, etc, I will respond accordingly.

    2. Charlie says:

      You grow up Karma, better yet if you think people are wrecking nature please be the first to take it into your own, cowardly, hands and an hero.

  38. dhal says:

    @Hummm… Yes, Jane Goodall did face conflict. As did Dian Fossey giving her life for her Gorillas in the Mist ! For you others…HUNTER-definition : (Animal) an animal that catches and eats other animals (Human) someone who chases and kills wild animals. Humans will also hunt bounty, fortunes and souvenirs. I find “baiting” can also pertain to words or phrases that are posted

  39. joanne says:

    Cold answers from a cold hearted killers, killing for fun to satisfy your own ego,. ALL KILLING ANIMALS FOR FUN SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. saying this three times isn’t enough.

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