ROCHESTER, Minn. (AP) — A Rochester School District official says 18 John Marshall High School students have been suspended for a hazing incident last week.

District spokeswoman Jennifer Pozanc declined to describe the nature of the hazing to the Post-Bulletin. She says the suspensions are expected to last two to three days.

Pozanc says no John Marshall students were injured by the hazing. She could not say whether alcohol was involved.

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Comments (6)
  1. Mr. Right, always right says:

    So a story about nothing with no details, great job WCCO

  2. DJ Abraham says:

    WOW!!!!! Does anyone know CPR? I think I was just bored to death.

    1. STOP IT says:

      News is not always exciting. It is meant to be informing. The details will probably get released in a week or so. Its people like you that cause media to only focus on HUGE IN YOUR FACE stories and stories that are not even true because they want the ratings. So stop it!

    2. Zing says:

      If you’re a lady I do.

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