LE CENTER, Minn. (AP) — A Le Sueur County sheriff’s deputy is facing a wrongful death lawsuit after fatally shooting a man he confronted about his driving.

The federal lawsuit filed by the father of Tyler Heilman accuses Deputy Todd Waldron of violating his son’s constitutional protections from unreasonable force. The 24-year-old Heilman was killed outside a Kasota apartment building in 2009 and the plain clothes deputy confronted him about erratic driving. Witnesses told investigators Heilman had Waldron in a choke hold before he was shot.

The Free Press says a grand jury did not find grounds for criminal charges against Waldron after hearing testimony from 21 witnesses in November 2009.

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Comments (21)
  1. just askin says:

    hmmm. Not enough info to really weigh in here. Plain clothes??? What is that?
    You mean to say he was off duty? What?

    Come on writers! You can do better than this.

    1. BB Esquire says:

      If I remember right, the deputy had had contact with this guy several times before. They were not unfamiliar with each other. If the deputy took time to stop this guy about his driving, odds are good he was on duty. This lawsuit will go nowhere, especially knowing a grand jury didn’t see fit to charge the deputy with a crime. Check out Graham v. Connor. There’s a standard of “objective reasonableness” that needs to be met. If this guy was choking the deputy and witnesses are going to testify to that, federal court going to drop this case like a hot rock. Wait and see….

      1. snoman5831 says:

        Your “objective reasonableness” is thrown out the window when it comes to a “Civil suit”

        1. Jeff says:

          Actually, it isn’t. Graham v. Connor was a civil suit. And the standard of “objectively reasonable” is what was established in that case. It’s the standard used in all cases like this.

      2. Dave says:

        You are completely right. But not after it costs him a butt-load of money to defend himself and get legal advice. He should be able to file a counter suit for a ‘wrong-full” lawsuit. That guy sounds like he was a career trouble maker. What a Load!!!!

  2. Kevin says:

    Lesson is do not fight with a cop and do not try to grab his gun…..and you will not get shot……I have lived many years and I can not recall once……throwing down with a cop…….hence…I am still alive….

    1. sad says:

      unfortunately it doesnt take fighting with a cop or even breaking the law for the cops to use deadly force anymore

      1. happy says:

        You’re a fool…

  3. CF says:

    don’t choke someone if they have a gun….. they should teach this in school or
    at home or on the streets somewhere cause it doesn’t sound like it’s common sense I guess.

  4. Lester D McDonald says:

    I have two relatives that are police officers. I know they act tough, which they are. But I also know killing someone is the last thing they would ever want to do. it is a job that I would never do. Most fathers would grieve if they lost a child. But money can do awful things to people. As always we don’t know the full story. Time will tell.

  5. KIller Teeth says:

    Some people just need to be shot. Not sure if this guy deserved it but many many do.

  6. You're all wrong says:

    Not enough info in the story. Come on CBS.

    Anyway, federal law permits a regular citizen to NOT stop for an unmarked squad car trying to pull them over, until they get to a populated area. Then they MUST stop. Citizens then have a right to demand proper ID from unmarked/ plainclothes Officers.

    This is for safety purposes. Remember the dude in White Bear Lake dressing up as a police officer, packing heat, pulling people over and robbing them. True or not, these things happen. How about the California homeowner killed when “cops” came to the door and demanded entry. Of course, they were not cops.

    I’m siding with the victim here. How could Heilman know if the plainclothes cop was or was not a thug trying to rob him? Deputy Waldron did use excessive force, plain and simple. Good thing it wasn’t someone like me who knows martial arts AND use a gun. Someone in street clothes brandishing a gun trying to subdue me would end up pushing up daisies.

    1. Copper says:

      Really, This did not happen that long ago, they were in a populated area. In a small town where the suspect (not victim) had not only been arrested sevral times by the deputy but knew who he was. So you can stick that arguement out the window. As for you tough guy KNOWS MARTIAL ARTS AND HOW TO USE A GUN. playing Duck Hunter and watching re-runs of Steven Sagal movies does not count. Get a life… If you think this job is so easy and great feel free to apply

  7. Huxley says:

    You are not alone in your thinking. We currently live in a soviet-style police state.

    1. brian says:

      B.S. the guy choked a cop. He deserves every bullet he gets.

      1. snoman5831 says:

        And apparently the cops behavior has no bearing on this according to a fool that obviously always sides with the gang in blue.

  8. curly_racks says:

    the cop got beat up and then settled the score with his gun… I wish I was on the jury

  9. NealnBob says:

    The guy was gay and cop though he was a little too close.

  10. snoman5831 says:

    by the way the post’s get deleted on this site, one would believe that it is a communist online rag!

  11. You'reALLwinners says:

    It is so easy to get thru life without dealing with police, im 36 I havn’t even had a talk with a cop in 6years, I drink almost daily, spend 2 days a week at the bar, yet never find trouble. Listen if you’re constantly involved with the police either you, or a close friend, or relative is a waste of oxygen. Its so simple to never deal with the police, try acting like a normal human being it might help!!!!