FARGO, N.D. (AP) — The National Labor Relations Board has rejected a complaint by American Crystal Sugar union workers that the company failed to negotiate in good faith.

About 1,300 union workers have been locked out of five sugar processing plants in Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa in the company’s first labor impasse in 30 years.

A regional director for the labor board says the union failed to show that the company violated the National Labor Relations Act.

The board says the company made significant concessions after bargaining began.

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Comments (8)
  1. Carl says:

    “The company made significant concessions” Wow, looks like we have 1300 union workers looking for a new job. I sure hope the Union offers a job placement program.!

  2. GN says:

    What would put icing on the cake is if taxpayers could lock out unionized government employees!!!!!!

  3. d says:

    The unions got gready and it bit back! I hope they all are on the soup line

  4. Disappointed says:

    So pay my dues for 30 years and this is the representation I get? I was better off going in and asking for my own raise rather than counting on these bozos to negotiate!

    1. HDMC says:

      YUP. just like the rest of us. to get paid more, we learn more, do more and perform better and earn our pay.

  5. mexicomama says:

    Mostly white trash in factories these days. Let them suffer, the free riding losers.

  6. Mark says:

    It amazes me how many billionaires comment on these pages. It must be so nice to look down at others who are trying to provide for their families, who aretrying to send their kids to college, who are trying to retire with dignity, and who have all of you billionaires acting like Marie Antionette, saying “Let them eat cake!”

    I hope someday we can collectively realize that the 1% of the wealthiest control us and control 93% of the wealth, while the rest of 99%’ers fight over the 7% that is left, and ridicule and destry each other in the process, while those on the top look down and laugh.

    The day is coming, and soon it will be upon us. The unions aren’t the enemy. The immigrant is not the enemy. The top of the heap where the wealth resides is the enemy.

  7. serena blaze says:

    vote No to Joe

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