MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man who told police he was high on meth is locked up the Chisago County Jail, after a two-state police chase that lasted for more than an hour Tuesday night.

Police said the chase started in Wisconsin and ended along Interstate 35W in Lino Lakes, Minn.

The Minnesota State Patrol said they were contacted at 10:20 p.m. about a vehicle that wouldn’t stop in Wisconsin and was coming into Minnesota.

The driver, who police identified as 31-year-old Justin Patrick, was a suspect in a home invasion and stalking incident in Amery, Wis. that happened earlier in the day. The woman, 17-year-old Samantha, called 911 after Patrick allegedly came to her door and tried to take her with him.

“I was scared for my life,” she said. “I’ve never been so scared in my life. Scariest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

She said she never expected Patrick to show up at her door — she only met him a month ago through a friend. But he knew everything about her.

“He’s been watching me, following me, I never knew any of it,” she said. “I had no suspicions of anything.”

She said he showed up and demanded she go with him, even threatening her with a crowbar. But Samantha stayed strong. Patrick eventually left and Samantha called police.

Officers spotted Patrick in Amery, Wis., but he took off and led them on a long chase.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Forest Lake Police, Anoka County Sheriff’s Office and the State Patrol tried to stop his vehicle when it came across the border on Highway 8 to I-35, but he didn’t slow down. Police estimated that, at one point, he was traveling more than 100 miles per hour.

Officers said they put down stops sticks, which they know Patrick hit, because he drove on the rims of the car for a long time. He couldn’t go too fast because of that, but the State Patrol estimates he was going around 50 mph.

They said he never got below 40 mph because that’s the threshold for doing the pit maneuver — a process for stopping his vehicle by tapping it with the squad.

Patrick finally lost control of his car just south of County Road 23 on I-35W and slid right into the median.

Patrick didn’t resist arrest, but told police he was high on meth and was taken to Fairview Lakes Medical Center in Wyoming, Minn.

He will likely face charges for fleeing police officers in Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as the stalking charges of Samantha.

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  1. just sayin says:

    Which brings me to my final point: Don’t use drugs!

  2. Todd says:

    There is an interesting piece of trivia, when running from the cops be sure to maintain at least 41mph to avoid them pitting you. This ranks up there with the time they reported how much money you could steal from an ATM.

    1. Jeff says:

      Yeah smart, right? Actually, it’s not that they CAN’T pit you, but some (not all) agencies have policies that restrict a pit maneuver when a fleeing vehicle is traveling 40 mph or faster, unless deadly force is justified. Faster speed=more risk of injury. Some agencies won’t take on the liability without a serious felony having taken place. But I agree with you…why publicize it?

  3. lonely says:

    Like 99% of the people on this forum I just want to make noise. Nobody listens to me anywhere; here included.

    1. Get out of the house says:

      Now Now Lonely, Go back and hide in your closet. Come back out when it’s dark

  4. Jon Salle says:

    .…please drive over our state and enjoy our beautiful cities, lush forests and amazing welfare benefits!!…

  5. Very smrat says:

    Hey Mr. crackhead Justin Patrick –

    You might like to know that unless you’re going to kill yourself, or have the police do it for you, there is no need to cruise around on the rims of your car, because thay are going to get you. Just pull your dumb ass over and get it over with, foo.

  6. GOP says:

    Typical republican.

    1. Carl says:

      How do you know this? Are you withholding vital info from the police? You should contact them and tell them everything you know before it’s too late!

  7. anna says:

    hey guys. This happened at my parents house and he was stalking my sister. I talked…or screamed rather…on the phone with this guy last night when he was off running from the police. he is a registered sex offender. he’s not even supposed to be entering wisconsin. he came to my parents house to try to get my under age sister to leave with him. he had a tire iron, wanted to know who was in the house, thinking there was some “guy” there. Who does that??? He says he’s a nice guy, i’m like…really? you came to my family’s home threatening my sister and ready to go through their home? AWESOME. not. so glad this nasty creep was locked up.

  8. d dog says:

    He is an advocate for taxpayer supported bridge to nowhere at Bilgewater to Houlton WI.

  9. Jimbo says:

    anna , how is it then your sister was living with him in St. Paul for a period of more than 3 weeks now all of a sudden she doesn’t know him something doesn’t wash here, besides the fact your sister is of the age of consent !!! what he did is really messed up and there is more to this story than has been told I.E. your sister is not an innocent party in all of this she does have her part in this mess !!!!!

  10. anna says:

    First of all Jimbo, I do not know where you get your information, but she was not “living” with him in st. paul for 3 weeks. she was staying with a friend, met this guy and on the day she met him, they were both arrested. She never said she didn’t know him. She knew him for a few hours. Age of consent or not, that has nothing to do with what happened last night. he trespassed onto my parents property, walked his nasty scuzzy ass into my parents home, with a weapon, with the intention of forcing her out of the home. And no one ever said she was an “innocent:” party, but he had no right to be stalking her. if you’d like to talk about this face to face i’m all for it. i’m assuming you know Mr. Justin Patrick personally. What it boils down to was he was in my family’s home, and put a whole lot of people at risk of being in danger. THAT right there justifies his impisonment…oh, that and the fact he fled cops and was jacked up on meth.

  11. I Get it says:

    That must be another one of those Tax paying white citizens that must have been forced by either a black or mexican to take those nasty drugs and drive through two states while fleeing the police all for some trashy white girl because he wanted to convert her to christianity.

    1. you're an idiot says:

      trashy white girl? really?? wow

  12. D says:

    Im gonna have to agree with anna, because if she was living with justin, then why is it that she was with me everyday, and staying in our guest room for the month she was around.. I recall that the only day she was with this guy was when he was going to walmart and she wanted to go with, but turns out they never got there because Mr.Patrick stole a dealers license plate and got them pulled over and both arrested.. And after that i didnt Sam around anymore.. But yes anna you have all the correct information… This guy is obviously affiliated with justin, and most likely trying to cover a story that he has been telling.. Im just glad to hear that Sam’is ok

  13. anna says:

    Sam is fine. just glad her shinanigans didnt’ get us all killed. you know? yeah, jimbo doesn’t know jack.

  14. Gary P says:

    By the way I can personally testify to the fact that she was living in St. Paul. Because she was at MY house with him for better than 3 weeks and REFUSED to give any information of her real age. It was due to my calling of the police in Wisconson that contacted the Saint Paul Police Department and was sent to MY house to pick the little lying a** up! If you want to contact me be my guest. There is more than one person that can testify to this TRUTH! When they left here they went to Newport and stayed in motel there TOGETHER. So it is complete bullsh** that she only knew him for a few hours try at LEAST a few MONTHS!

  15. Gary P says:

    She also made comments as to how great the sex was with him and that she was turning 18 in March. Which is when I called the police. Not to mention she was planning on moving to Texas with him and to be married in March after her birthday. The truth came out of both of them JUST before the police arrived!
    You can protect your sister all you want but the TRUTH IS THE TRUTH!!!