HASTINGS, Minn. (AP) — The woman caring for her 11-year-old nephew whose father is accused of abandoning him says the boy is “flourishing” and is busy with school, sports and therapy.

Sebastian Cross’ mother is also back in his life. She has been granted visitation rights after losing parental custody when he was a toddler. The boy’s father, Steven Cross, was in Dakota County court Wednesday to face a charge of child neglect. He’s accused of leaving his son a note July 18, then taking off for California.

Cross was released from jail Thursday. The St. Paul Pioneer Press says he posted bond of $6,000 and is due back in court Monday.

Reports say Sebastian stayed with neighbors for more than a month after his father disappeared. Since then, the boy’s aunt, Kimmie Porter of Minneapolis, has cared for him.

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  1. laupforod says:

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    1. JustSayin says:

      Thank you for posting a comment that has absolutely zero relevance to the article.

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