MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A car rear-ended a rickshaw Wednesday night in downtown Minneapolis.

The rickshaw, or PediCab, was carrying three passengers down Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis around 2:30 a.m.

Two men and a woman in the rickshaw suffered minor injuries. Two of them were taken to the hospital.

The woman driving the car was fine.

She told police that she just didn’t see the rickshaw.

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  1. JackieM says:

    Are there any lights on that thing? Injuries could have been a lot worse. Glad everyone lived.

    1. D says:

      That kinda of pedicab didnt have lights.. also them kinda of pedicabs are very unsafe anyways..

  2. Lara Wallace says:

    She didn’t see the rickshaw? Have another drink.

    1. Charles Johnson says:

      Or put the damn phone down..

  3. AD says:

    it was a woman driving the car? get out of town!!

  4. Beavis says:

    Rickshaw!!!!! Rickshaw!!!! Rickshaw!!!!

  5. Ziggy W says:

    Rickshaw. It’s the romance of the Handsome Cab without the guilt or dander of the equine.

    1. Neuman! says:

      Indeed. Seinfeld-esque isn’t it? Can you still see Neuman’s face in a deathmask, barreling at you in an unmanned out of control rickshaw? Reality was invented to mirror Seinfeld. It’s not karma, it’s Krama’

  6. TL the alligator says:

    between all the stupid bike riders who try to act like cars and stupid car drivers there will be more incidents like this…..bikes should stay to the SIDES of roads and quit riding in the traffic lanes AND TURNING LANES……………………….better yet we should ban bikes on the roads all together….$60,000 water fountains should also be banned as well as $40,000 street lights per unit…..we should also ban the Mayor of Mpls Ryback from being and acting in Mpls., god knows he’s done enough incompetent damage to this city.

    1. me says:

      Actually they need bike only paths that are not on the same road as a car…and as a pedestrian…I’m sick of drivers thinking the walk light gives them the right of way to turn into me the pedestrian who is crossing at a walk light. They need to give cars…a road of their own…and come up with a walk way for pedestrians that don’t involve taking them across lanes of traffic. Either that or, drivers just need to realize it’s not always about THEM.

      1. Guy says:

        In downtown; they DO have a “walk way for pedestrians that don’t involve taking them across lanes of traffic” – its called THE SKYWAY SYSTEM.

      2. you says:

        Me, This happens to me everyday. Drivers put the pedal to the metal to get around me cuz the light is green, and I have the riight of way. People, we aren’t bowling pins.

  7. Jan says:

    Sorry this happened and agree the woman was probably at fault.

    However, I was almost hit by one of these Pedi Cabs when I was leaving a Twins game and I had the right of way to cross. 2 of them were running the light. I’ve also seen them racing around the streets. THe Pedi-Cabs need some regulation, hours, etc. too.

    1. d says:

      We do have regulation. Lets not put down the whole would of pedicabs. sorry to hear that happen to you!!

  8. tom says:

    Rick Shaw was a friend of mine. He had a lot of turmoil in his life in the past and was beginning to get things together again. My thoughts are with him!

  9. Doug T says:

    Rick-Shaw got hit by a car … no kidding.? Wow who would have ever thought this might happen……

    Rich-Shaws are a dumb idea in the first place and now we know why

    Cant wait for the snow to fly – ya you know some will still try and be out there…

    1. D says:

      yes we will be out look just for you!! To put that pedicab that was hit in the same lines of real pedicabs is wrong. That pedicab has to be the most unsafe thing i seen. Now i drive a pedicab and hope in this day of age people would love to have people working and having a job

  10. why says:

    Why do motorists feel like they own the roads. Pedestrians…Bicyclists…and Rickshaws also have a stake in the road as well.

    1. Guy says:

      Probably because we PAY for them with our gas taxes.
      How much gas tax do Pedestrians, Bicyclists & Rickshaws pay again?
      (Of course a lot of our supposedly road-dedicated gas tax gets siphoned
      off to pay for things like bike lanes.)

      1. you are not the only one on the road says:

        How much wear and tear do pedestrians and such do to the roads? Do you think you have to pay gas taxes because cars require a lot more upkeep? You should notice that walkways and bikeways take much less upkeep and are a lot cheaper to install. Gas tax helps cover the upcharge needed to accomodate cars.

        1. Guy says:

          So why are ANY amount of GAS tax used for BIKE paths at all?? Keep my gas money for the roads that I use & use YOUR bike money for the bike paths … oh wait – you FREELOADERS pay NOTHING AT ALL. Hint “cheaper to install” is NOT the same as FREE. I’ll be happy to pay for the wear my car puts onto the roads if you pay for your OWN bike paths. Guess who will be riding in the mud?

          1. Greg says:

            Actually, your gas taxes don’t pay for local roads. However, if they did…I also have a car so I pay those taxes. In reality, our road systems are heavily subsidized by non-road related taxes. If roads had no such subsidies and drivers had to pay for all their road use, the average driver, on the other hand, would need to fork over $3,000 more a year. The typical cyclist (who only bicycles, which is atypical) would pay less in overall taxes/tolls. Why is this? Because driving, with cars, is heavily subsidized by non-gas taxes and borrowing. Automobile drivers are, by far, the largest freeloaders of our free highway and roads systems. I’d be more than happy to pay for all my bike paths…if you were willing to pay for ALL of your roadways!

          2. Greg says:

            Plus, smart cities want cycling as cyclists use less resources, don’t require new, expensive highways being built, create less pollution, and create less congestion. I don’t have to bike, but if I drive my car…that is one more car in your way. However, I mostly bike to work and don’t use gas…this creates less of a demand for gas, keeps your gas prices lower, and keeps our country from transferring just a little less wealth to countries/places you probably don’t like anyway. Guess what as well. Cycling keeps me healthy. I haven’t had to visit a physician, for illness, in 15 years. Guess what this does for YOUR health insurance rates? You’re welcome.

  11. Rico Suave says:

    As long as I can drive on the sidewalk, I don’t where the bikes ride.

  12. other guy says:

    I’m sure the woman interrupted her phone call to let the police know she had hit them. I see it constantly, people talking on their phones while trying to drive in that area. I don’t suggest all drivers pay for bike paths…it should be a tax on just the ignorant ones that love to use the word FREELOADER to all that can hear them while they drunk drive home out of the area. A tax on you would be more than satisfying.

  13. sheesh says:

    Those things are full of lights. Someone not seeing it is either not looking, drunk at 2:30 am, talking on the phone, or all three. It’s like saying, “but officer, the baby stroller wasn’t FULLY in the crosswalk” . Rear ending anyone is always your fault.

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