HASTINGS, Minn. (WCCO) – A 19-year-old Randolph man is accused of threatening a man and woman with a gun during an alleged road rage incident on Sunday On Highway 52 in Dakota County, according to charges filed Friday in Dakota County Court.

Matthew Ogden Hoey was charged with one count of making terroristic threats, a gross misdemeanor, in connection with the incident.

According to a criminal complaint, authorities in Dakota County were dispatched to a gun pointing incident on Sunday near the area of Highway 52 and Goodwin Avenue. When authorities arrived, a male victim told Dakota County deputies that he was driving his car on Highway 52 when a truck driven by a man with three passengers pulled alongside his car.

The victim told authorities that the truck’s driver flipped him and his wife off, then pulled out a gun and pointed it at their car, according to the complaint.

Authorities were able to get the license plate of the truck and responded to its registered address. They tracked down the owner, later identified as Hoey, who showed them the interior of the truck. Authorities located an airsoft pistol with an orange tip, the complaint states.

Hoey told authorities that the male and female were tailgating him and exchanged hand gestures with him. The female victim also threatened to throw a McDonald’s cup at him, the complaint states. Hoey told authorities he picked up the replica gun and showed it to the male and female victim in an effort to get them away from him.

If convicted, Hoey faces up to a year in jail and a fine up to $3,000.

Comments (8)
  1. gayfactoryworker says:

    HE shoudl have pulled the trigger.

  2. just sayin says:

    Anyone who tailgates me, I just slow down even more. Then as they pass, I just smile and pat my beautiful luxury car. 🙂

    1. dumb fool says:

      me too …. and the more aggressive and pizzed they get the slower and sloooower and soooooooo super slooooooooooooow I go.
      Admittedly I have a permit to carry so if they get real dumb and pull something on me I have an offset….legal one to protect me as they say.

      1. Tacos says:

        yeah but that would not make you a reluctant participant so therefore using your weapon even if you have a permit would be illegal.

      2. Justice4All says:

        Hey dumb fool…so we can expect two idiots shooting at each other on the side of the road? The permit to carry law makes me feel safer already.

  3. EdMunzl says:

    If he pulled an airsoft pistol why does WCCO show a picture of an over and under 12 gauge shotgun?

  4. curly_racks says:

    thats gangsta

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