MENOMONIE, Wis. (AP) — The driver of a car that struck and killed a University of Wisconsin-Stout student has been acquitted of charges.

A jury in Dunn County Thursday night found Isaac Storandt not guilty in the death of 24-year-old Michael Dixon of McGregor, Minn. Storandt faced several charges, including homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle. Storandt’s blood alcohol was nearly .12 percent, above the legal limit of .08.

Dixon died last March, 11 days after he was struck while crossing a street in Menomonie. The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram says Storandt’s defense attorney argued that Dixon had also been drinking and dashed in front of Storandt’s vehicle.

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  1. Boozed and happy says:

    Begs the question – is it not allowed to drink AND walk?
    No mention of the alcohol level of deceased …. I’m not saying it wasn’t a factor in this but jeez. The driver was .. repeat WAS fricken drunk, Behind the wheel and driving a vehicle. He walks?????

    Maybe the prosecuter shoulda charged with manslaughter but ….
    pays in WI to get drunk and drive vs walk and drunk. I was charged 22 years ago with walking drunk in Hudson at 0.10 and fined. My buddy got a DUI and he to walked. Crazy

    1. markH says:

      Yes, it is crazy. It just goes to show that despite all the tough talk about cracking down on drunken driving, Wisconsin still considers it to be analogous to running a stop sign or Jay walking. I find it absurd that 34,000 new graves are dug each year in this country for victims of drunken drivers and yet we get nonsense issue that make the news like “gay marriage” and “Intelligent Design” being taught in schools. I would think that if there was something causing 10 times the number of deaths as occurred on September 11th each and every year, that problem would be front page news-but not so.

      1. gordokong says:

        Of those 34,000 how many were actually victims of a drunk driver? If you are going to spew numbers let’s find out what the real numbers are. Alcohol related is NOT always a drunk driver.

      2. B in MPLS says:

        Your 34,000 number is bogus.

        According to the CDC:

        In 2009, 10,839 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (32%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States.

        1. B in MPLS says:

          And for the record, there are 13,000 married gay couples in MN, even though it isn’t even legal here yet. So, to call that a “nonsense issue” is also absurd.

  2. godless says:

    It is cheese head state, what do you expect? Everything they over there are cheesy.

  3. One who knows says:

    He didn’t dash in front of the car. He was crossing the street at an intersection wihen hit. He the driver should be in jail.

  4. No justice in Wisconson says:

    In Wisconsin, a person who causes death with any type of motor vehicle while legally intoxicated may be liable and charged with homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle. Culpability lies with the perpetrator. In 2003 the maximum prison term for conviction on that charge was reduced from 40 years to 15 years imprisonment. The length of sentence is now equivalent to a charge and conviction in Wisconsin of second-degree reckless homicide.[23] In Wisconsin, as in most states, vehicular homicide occurs when the act is not perpetrated during a felony, because driving while under the influence is not a felony.

    No charges for this person is misplaced justice. He was guilty of killing a person while intoxicated and is allow to walk.

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