ST. PAUL Minn. (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is losing her pollster and senior adviser in a staff exodus that raises questions about the viability of her White House bid and her campaign finances.

Pollster Ed Goeas plans to leave the campaign after upcoming debates in New Hampshire and Nevada, and senior adviser Andy Parrish is returning to the Minnesota congresswoman’s office where he served as chief of staff.

“Given the changing caucus and primary schedule, we will not be utilizing full-time polling consultants and (will) concentrate heavily on retail politics in Iowa,” said Alice Stewart, a Bachmann spokeswoman. “Ed will work on several projects with us this month, then we shift focus to Iowa and he will shift to other projects not associated with the campaign.”

An adviser who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss personnel moves confirmed Parrish’s departure. Parrish had moved to Iowa last summer to build support before the state’s leadoff 2012 caucuses.

The moves signal an effort to preserve money three months ahead of the first Republican nominating contests. Bachmann began July with about $3.6 million, most of which had been transferred from her congressional campaign account.

Bachmann has struggled to match her vast reach among small-dollar givers with checks near the $2,500 maximum donation. An update on her campaign’s financial health is due by Oct. 15.

In other staff changes, Doug Sachtleben, a deputy press secretary, had transferred back to the congressional office after only a couple months with the campaign. So has Bachmann’s scheduler, Kimberley Rubin.

In a statement released later Monday, Stewart said the moves were part of a longstanding strategy to “shift people and resources as needed.”

“We are adding staff in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to meet the demands of the changing caucus and primary schedule. With Congress back in session, we have shifted some employees back to the congressional office to meet the demands there,” Stewart said.

Last month, Bachmann’s campaign manager, Ed Rollins, and his deputy stepped down. Rollins cited health reasons and deputy David Polyansky attributed his departure to differences over the campaign’s direction. Their exit came within weeks of the candidate’s Iowa GOP straw poll victory.

Bachmann’s standing in the race suffered when Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced his candidacy. She fell further in opinion polls after suggesting an unproven link between vaccines and mental retardation while trying to criticize Perry’s executive order requiring young girls to get immunized for the human papillomavirus, a sexually spread virus that can cause cervical cancer.

Bachmann, a favorite among tea partyers and evangelical voters, is betting her campaign on Iowa. She hopes a win there would propel her back into contention with national poll leaders Perry and Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor. She planned to spend parts of Monday and Tuesday in Iowa.

Bachmann is midway through her third term in the House. She suspended her congressional campaign efforts when she announced for president but hasn’t explicitly ruled out a re-election bid. She would have until next June to decide, although many party insiders are doubtful that Bachmann will try to reclaim her seat.

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Comments (25)
  1. Going, going, gone says:

    She’s pretty. She’s sincere. But she’s a little far out.

    1. So Long Michele says:

      She’s sincere? That’s funny……she’s a hypocrit, what is bad for others is ok for her, she’s a nutcase. I wish I had all the money that the government has given to Bachman & her family, I could retire.

      1. Tom says:

        @ So Long Miichelle

        And saying that she is a little far out is being very nice! And yes I do agree with you she is a MAJOR hyprocrit!

        1. Don says:

          Can’t either one of you spell “hypocrite”? More poorly educated Obama supporters.

          1. Dawn says:

            How about idiot: more accurate.

            The rats are leaving the sinking ship.

    2. Porky Pig says:

      She’s an oinker! I love it!

  2. I can't believe people support this dope says:

    Why doesn’t Marcus just pray Michele’s way into the White House. It would be easier than actually praying away someone’s “gayness”…………Marcus & the Village People sitting in a tree..k..i…s…s…i…n….g

  3. Papa K says:

    Well I’ll be damned … the wheels are coming off the bus … that didn’t take long.

    Honestly … she differentiated herself from the other GOP candidates. Some say a little too much, but I suspect the wheels are coming off the Tea Party Express too.

    I’m not necessarily happy about her failed candidacy but what are we going to talk about … Maybe Sarah Palin will run?

  4. Murph says:

    ” Drivin’ that train,high on cocaine!!!!…… well,the inevitable happened! Marcus,go ahead and wish me to Hell and all that but… you know what?.. I had the last rights read over me 60 + years ago and SURVIVED! You and dork girl might spout your religion ,but….You ain’t the solution ,so,that makes you part of something else.Problems just don’t happen,they are driven by something.In respect for your obvious confusion,I will leave it at that !

  5. helpermonkey says:

    A fond farewell to this terribly misguided, delusional woman and her “gayer than red panties” husband. See you at the Rapture!

  6. Deep Thinker says:

    The Republican nomination should go to the winner takes all game of Trivial Pursuit between Bachman & Palin, of course it would take 20 years for them to finish the game so maybe that wouldn’t be fair.

  7. Murph says:

    I do appreciate Marcus and his obvious religious investments ,commitments and attitudes.However ,he amongs’t all of us should have and could have well realized far before now how over the edge Michelle has fallen.Wether it is a trip to Luther Camp or or a bus ride thru Iowa.The result is always the same… the girl just ain’t right!

    1. where's Marcus says:

      Sorry Murph, but Marcus has been occupied at an airport bathroom for a while. What’s he doing in there? Praying?

  8. realstory says:

    Look people, the campaign is over. You’ll agree dem or repub. Bachmann is waiting to release the book she invested 1.3 million dollars writing. If she quits now she shoes out a potential 5-7 million. Simple math, dem or repub.

    1. Murph says:

      And the title will be????

  9. Tom says:

    Not a huge surprise. They saw the writing on the wall. And besides I am sure they realized that when she would have to start talking to people who actually have a brain she would have been a goner!

    1. Murph says:

      Tom,are you saying…heaven forbid.. that those people in the RED states are a bit under the percentage when it comes to brain cells? Just because they keep electing people who make their coal more objectionable than if they let algae ponds grow in the south? Just because the GOP can ‘sucker’ their vote by pretending to be religious, and..just because they can pay them less than people who are not in the bottom 10% of wages as they themselves are in Alabama ,Mississippi and etc! I read once where they hung “carpet baggers” .Yet they accept the same slavery that blacks are smart enough to move away from if not fight head on! Stupid is,as stupid does! If they keep electing republicans and their fake party of TEA sippers.They deserve what,unfortunately all the rest of the country will suffer! Why did bush refurbish all those internment camps? Ask jesse Ventura,if they have let him live! I fear poor people are going to be Soylent Green!

  10. AntiTeabagger says:

    Took them long enough not to run with a moron

  11. Ho Hum says:

    Slapstick loses it luster after awhile.

  12. Erik Knutson says:

    What!? Michele has AIDS!? Must be from her gay husband!? Let’s hope she leaves the presidential campaign next!!!

  13. Boberto says:

    I prayed her away, hey it actually works!

  14. marcus is gay says:

    How are we doing with the Michele Bachmann Halloween costumes?

  15. Don says:

    Forget Michelle Bachmann! Our Leader is calling on us to stop whining, stop being soft, put away our slippers and put on our marching shoes. Don’t miss this historic opportunity to support the greatest President since Lincoln. No President has ever faced the challenges that this brilliant man faces, yet he never gives up opposing the evil forces that oppose him. How fortunate we are to have him as our leader and the leader of the free world.

    1. Boberto says:

      Yes all hail Satan

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