By Jason DeRusha

As you know, I’m a huge Twitter and Facebook user. I enjoy the interaction with friends and viewers, I enjoy all the knowledge being shared, and I enjoy the ability to make a sarcastic remark in 140 characters.

I realize that Twitter isn’t for everyone, and I certainly realize that Twitter isn’t for Joe Soucheray.

Joe hosts a radio show called “Garage Logic,” and he unleashed some of that ol’ fashioned logic in his Pioneer Press column this morning.

Joe got the logic started right from the headline: “If you’ve got nothing to say, Twitter is right for you.” It’s hard to even analyze that it’s so ridiculous. It’s like saying, “Television is garbage” or “Newspapers are good for wrapping fish.” Yeah, some TV is garbage, some newspapers are better suited for fish-wrapping, and some of Twitter is nonsense.

Sample pearl of wisdom, which Joe gleaned from a discussion in 2008: “Twitter, in other words, is a means by which people, mostly using their cellphones, send out the thoughts that just popped into their head, believing those thoughts to have weight by virtue of the technology used to disseminate them.”

I tweeted about Joe’s column this morning (because that’s what Twitter is REALLY for — mocking people who hate Twitter), and that led to Taylor Carik creating a hashtag “#FutureSoucherayColumns.” Taylor started with: “my new car’s XM Radio has too many stations #FutureSoucherayColumns”

Some of my other favorites:

@Brigie6 Brigitte Leininger “If you’re not home, you don’t deserve to watch the tv you missed. #futureSoucherayColumns”

@justacoolcat David: “I don’t understand the Internet, but I can say it’s worthless. #futureSoucherayColumns”

@MorningWXGuy Mike Augustyniak “Balloons that inflate on impact during a car crash? That’ll never work. #futureSoucherayColumns”

@panopticon13 Kevin Hoffman “Smart Phones: Refuge of the Stupid” #futureSoucherayColumns”

@_taylor_ “People aren’t having enough kids like they used to even tho I don’t like kids #futureSoucherayColumns”

@_taylor_ “streetlights are too bright and also too expensive #FutureSoucherayColumns”

It’ s a fun game to play at home.

Anyway, I’m fine with not liking Twitter (follow me at @DeRushaJ and @DeRushaEats), but the best thing to do about that is to not use Twitter. Just because you don’t get it — doesn’t mean it’s stupid. It just means that … well, it means you don’t get it.

Jason DeRusha

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  1. Kate-Madonna Hindes says:

    I invited Joe to coffee to educate him about Twitter. Let’s see what happens. Great post, Jason! 🙂

  2. gtV says:

    What a waste of DeBlog space to comment on Soucheray’s Twitter views. You can do better than that. Joe made his points and why add to the dissonant Twitter din. Life’s too short to be worried about the mental conditions of Twitter users. Soucheray made his points with aces.

    Sometimes all this new technology is frivolous and consumptive. Twitter is no exception to this corollary. Society’s problems and inadequacies can’t be solved by rambling limited Tweets have no redeeming qualities except displays of buffoonery, ignorances, and ersatz entertainment value for the fleeting inane minded. Sorry to be so harsh here but when folks hide behind the anonymity of Tweets, technology, cyber-communications, and the ignominy of foolish displays ignorant eComm pronouncements what is this world coming to? Must human thought be given to the ethereal vagaries of cyberspace? Now there’s your “Good Question” for today!!!

  3. betsy says:

    Oh gtV! I giggle at your disses that particularly call out anonymity, when you used an anonymous moniker to make such statements!

    In fact, your whole argument is so full of contradictory statements, it leads me to wonder what your actual point is?

    1. gtV says:

      Touche! Love your comments. If you question what my “actual point(s)” of my anonymous statements are–I rest my case! You got(?) the message of what I was trying to convey and show about Twitter and, for that matter, eComm in general. Think about what I said. Get the message.

      Maybe, Marshall McLuhan was right; “The medium[ maybe] is the message.”; no matter how convoluted.

  4. justacoolcat says:

    I’ll take a tweet over an Internet comment any day. No matter how much time someone spends alone ,avoiding the cruel daylight, with their thesaurus.

  5. betsy says:

    Ohhh coolcat! Well said. I also suspected there was some serious thesaraus use in crafting that post.

    1. gtV says:

      Never underestimate the value of a liberal arts baccalaureate education in English and Literature!!! A little ‘lexiconology’ goes a long way in expressing one’s inner feelings.

      1. gtV says:

        “Lexiconology” should be “Lexicography”. Even us writers make an idiomatic spelling mistake on occasion. LOL!

        1. justacoolcat says:

          I was only kidding about thesaurus anyway. It was I that had to use a thesaurus for “daylight”. I didn’t want to call it the humanly visible spectrum of the sun’s electromagnetic radiation. You know?

          I don’t think anything idiomatic or lexiconical is quite the point. The point is that criticizing twitter is like criticizing the telephone or any number of mediums. In my opinion most people that actually talk on the telephone just gab away pointlessly, but that doesn’t mean the phone isn’t a valuable tool.

          The address book in my telephone is full of awesome, much like the list of twitter accounts I follow.

  6. AD says:

    get a room, weirdos.

  7. Jake says:

    I’d rather take the worst of Joe’s ‘garage logic’ seriously than the BEST of jason derusha’s PC BS any day of the week. jason is about popularity. joe is about truth and realism. twitter is bs, and will be obsolete within a few years. It is for the simple minded, and I have yet to hear about it solving anything meaningful. It’s like the ‘ultimate alpha page’ for teenagers, and like minded folks, who can’t communicate any better, because they don’t know how to type or don’t have the intelligence to say anything more.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Easy Jake! Jason is only doing his job and catering to the milquetoast generation who can neither type nor write[cursively]or even write an intelligent sentence. The world has gone crackers with technology in mindless ways. Yes, I too feel Twitter will fade into the ether of cyberspace one of these days. I hope none too soon.

      1. Jason DeRusha says:

        You guys are so much fun.

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  9. richard says:

    Joe S. is way too narrowminded for me. I listened to him for awhile and could not believe some/most of his inane opinions. Most of us who grow “older” tend to get a little wiser. Not Joe, he’s stuck in a world of black and white, right or wrong where his opinion is the only one that counts. I stopped listening to him a long time ago…