MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — He’s not a household name in Minnesota, but a man who played a role in one of America’s greatest political dramas has died.

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Kenneth Dahlberg, who was 94, was a war hero, a successful businessman and an unwitting player in the Watergate scandal.

Dahlberg was a decorated war hero who earned the Distinguished Service Cross in World War II.

Later, he became a prominent Minnesota businessman who founded Miracle Ear and was chairman of Buffalo Wild Wings.

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Many might remember him for his pivotal role in the Watergate scandal, later made famous in the movie “All The President’s Men.”

The burglars who were hired by Nixon campaign operatives to break into Democratic headquarters in Miami were paid with funds from a check made out to Kenneth Dahlberg.

At the time, Dahlberg was midwest chairman of the Committee to Re-Elect the President.

The money was a campaign contribution funneled through the Nixon campaign for illegal activities.

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Dahlberg, who was unaware of illegal campaign activities, was never charged with any wrongdoing related to Watergate.