MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Ramsey County attorney is urging Roundy’s Supermarkets to reconsider its firing of a St. Paul grocery store manager who said he suffered emotional distress after he was stabbed by a customer.

County Attorney John Choi’s office prosecuted the man who stabbed Scott Ostrom at Rainbow Foods in St. Paul in a debit card dispute. Choi says the community needs to do a better job of dealing with crime victims and their emotional after-effects.

Roundy’s told the state Ostrom was fired for “absenteeism or tardiness,” but Ostrom said he had to leave the store on breaks to deal with his anxiety.

The Milwaukee-based Roundy’s, which owns Rainbow Foods, did not immediately return a call seeking comment, but spokeswoman Vivian King told the St. Paul Pioneer Press her facts about the case differ from those described by Ostrom.

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Comments (19)
  1. mnsnoman says:

    since when is a termination of employment any business of the county attorney unless it involves the county? Government needs to stay the heck out of our business

    1. Schae says:

      In this case, Mr. Ostrom was terminated for being the victim of a crime while working at Rainbow. Rainbow and their parent company, Roundy’s, were WRONG to terminate Mr. Ostrom’s employment. This was brought to Choi’s attention because his office was handling the prosecution of Mr. Ostrom’s assailant. So, yes, Choi does have the right to tell Roundy’s to right their wrong. Besides, this is typical behavior of Roundy’s.

      1. MNSNOMAN says:

        Of course you totally skipped over the part where the Roundys spokespersn states that the story line does not fit the facts OF THE CASE.

        1. Jim says:

          Roundy’s denies the facts. WHAT A HUGE SHOCK. LOL.

    2. Yeah!! says:

      All businesses should be free to discriminate against anyone they want. Including who they serve at the lunch counters.

      1. Whitey Fjord says:

        Leave it to a Lib to break out the race card and cry foul without learning all the facts. Great job YEAH!!, you’re a shining example of what’s wrong in this country.

        1. Jim says:

          Race card? Where? Yeah!! didn’t mention race, you did. People are discriminated against for all kinds of reasons, race is just one of them. Leave it to a Con to misunderstand the issue, as usual.

        2. Ummm says:

          It’s called sarcasm. Seems to be something that really confuses you TeaBaggers.

        3. Yeah!! says:

          Geez Whitey. I don’t want to serve gays, women or Mormons. I don’t care about race.

          Leave it to a Con to jump to conclusions!!

  2. jan says:

    I think it was terrible that Roundy’s fired that manager. For God’s sake, he was stabbed while detaining an irate customer. He should have been rewarded for what he did, not fired. Since when is it a manager’s duty to get stabbed while working in a grocery store? PTSD is no joke, I will never shop there again until they re-hire that manager. He deserves whatever time it takes to deal with his anxiety..

  3. Cub Guy says:

    Roundy’s stores are so ghetto

  4. Sam says:

    Interesting how people are roasting Roundy’s, without knowing any of the facts. Their own spokes person said their story was completely different from the the employee’s.
    Wait for the facts people, don’t just be another lemming.

  5. Samisdumb says:

    To Sam, OF COURSE Roundy’s will say their story is different. They are defending themselves against getting caught discriminating against an employee, you stupid a$$!!

  6. Jim Shapiro says:

    You’re a pathetic moron to defend Roundy’s in this instance.

  7. Heywood Ja says:

    Minnesota is considered an “at will” employment state. For those that don’t know what that is, it means you can be terminated from your job with out being given a reason.

    I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin….

    1. Realist says:

      It’s not that black & white. I recommend you research the relevant case law.

      1. Hewood Ja says:


        Ha! Silly Wabbit! Might I suggest you take your own advice? Here, let me help you get started on the path to knowledge and prosperity.


    2. Workers says:

      Yes, “at-will” if it does not discriminate. It’s called Employment Law…maybe you should read it!!

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