MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Hundreds of demonstrators continue to stream in and out of the Hennepin County Government Center plaza as some make plans to stay overnight spreading their anti-Wall Street message.

The group held a rally at dinnertime Friday. Earlier, several hundred marched to the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank and back. No arrests were reported.

Organizers say it’s hard to know how many people will participate in what they’re hoping is a multi-day “occupation” in solidarity with nationwide Occupy Wall Street demonstrations seeking higher taxes on corporations and the wealthy. Police are letting them sleep on the plaza in sleeping bags but not allowing tents or campfires.

Organizers are hoping for a larger crowd Saturday. They say demonstrators will stay until they see signs of an impact on the larger political discussion.

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Comments (46)
  1. Sam says:

    Why are all the comments removed? WCCO didn’t like the way it was going???

  2. Harry says:

    Please ‘CCO, do Minnesota proud! Everyone on the LiveFeed is talking about how much they love & prefer ‘CCO news and are going to be watching the 10pm newscast. Don’t let us down!

  3. Jack M says:

    Wcco radio was mocking the movement this morning.

    People losing there Jobs-homes-and future. Milk going up,gas going up,clothing going up and wages going down. As we watch thise same banks that get bailed out with our money, foreclose on our homes. That effects everyone, RepublicanDemocrat.

    There is something very,very wrond with this nation. The fed reserve is the first place to look for DEEEP Greeeedy corruption.

    1. Thomas Keim says:

      you got that right throw them all out both sides

    2. snowman says:

      If you heard WCCO mockinf the movement, then please boycott their sponsors
      This is the best way to get their attention

      1. jimmy says:

        You can’t get their attention. They have been losing money ever since they changed to their right wing agenda. Radio today is just a propaganda tool for the right wing.

  4. Thomas Keim says:

    hurray there here

  5. zeke says:

    What a bunch of brainless people

  6. Andrew S says:

    Bad photo WCCO. I was at this protest the whole day and you pick the photo with the one guy wearing a t-shirt with a few pot leaves on it. Shame on you and bad reporting. Get some scruples.

  7. Garry Freeman says:

    I wish all the Wall street Protesters were like Steve jobs, He quit college and created Apple, These losers are no life commies that want to steal from people who do work and are successful, They also are way too lazy to be innovators and creators of jobs, way too lazy to go to work. Their laziness steal from working families as well. I see the community organizer is at work again

    1. snowman says:

      No startup money available from banks to create jobs

      1. Rasputin says:

        Steve Jobs didn’t have any startup money from banks, snow dork.

  8. Spy nets says:

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  9. Bob says:

    100’s of people eh? I wonder how many of the people in the photo are actually “protesters” . . .I wonder how many are there because they were bored today – nothing else to do (until their parents send them more money?) WCCO (AKA WDFL) will spin this in the end in some liberal way .

  10. kdp says:

    It never ceases to amaze me just how uninformed the general public is and the total meltdown of the news media is to blame. If you are relying on CBS/ABC/NBC for your news coverage good luck. They cover about a tenth of what’s important and get about ten per cent of that right. The “End the Fed” demonstrations have very little to do with the Occupy Wall Street protests. End the Fed is about calling attention to the real problem, the Federal Reserve system. (which by the way is a private enity no more Federal than Federal Express) The Fed prints our money and then loans it back to the government AT INTEREST and has been doing so since 1913. It is a system of perpetual debt, You can never get even. Thomas Jefferson said, “A centralized bank is more dangerous than a standing army”. How the American public ever got snookered into such an evil scheme is beyond me but then reading some of the above comments I guess I see how it could happen.

  11. Lemmy J says:

    It IS the Federal Reserve system! That is where the heart of the corruption is!

    Notice who is saying that “Occupywallst. is GOOD now? They want the attention to be on wallstreet and not the real monster Federal reserve and the big banks that own it.

    1. @Lemmy says:

      Hey Einstein who do you think Wall Street is? Good Lord, did someone read this article to you?

      1. Leemy J says:

        There trying to get the focus ON JUST Wallst and Capitalism. Fine, just dont forget the heart of the beast. The big banks running the Fed.

  12. Deep Thinker says:

    A Wall Street banker adds absolutely nothing to our society, yet gets paid millions (even when they fail) yet the poor guy fixing your car is actually providing a needed service & barely eeks out a living. If Republicans can live with that, it’s on their consience, not mine.

    1. Bob Kohns says:

      Who made the car? Was it the mechanic’s retirement account that he invested in “Wall Street” that funded Ford that made the car that allowed him to fix it. Remember, Wall Street is made up of the car mechanic’s of the world’s money. Any banks, that’s the deposits of the car mechanic.

      Did you miss something in school? Like try attending.

      The problem is Congress, forced by home ownership advocated (churchs, residential real estate groups, etc.) to approve every home loan and “hide” them in pools of AAA rated mortgages. Retirement accounts around the world purchased them and found out the were LIED to.

      Understand banks are VERY broke they need to make money. If that means reducing your lifestyle that’s what it means. If 40% of them fail like they should the other 60% will go down as well. That means you wouldn’t be able to buy a car / house or have student loans. Sleeping outside in Minnesota’s winter’s isn’t fun!

      1. Citizen says:

        Some historical perspective:
        “Fleecing of the flock is the term the money changers use for the process of booms and depressions which make it possible for them to repossess property at a fraction of its worth. In 1891 a major fleece was being planned. “On Sept 1st, 1894, we will not renew our loans under any consideration. On Sept 1st we will demand our money. We will foreclose and become mortgagees in possession. We can take two-thirds of the farms west of the Mississippi, and thousands of them east of the Mississippi as well, at our own price… Then the farmers will become tenants as in England…”

        1891 American Bankers Association as printed in the Congressional Record of April 29, 1913.”

        1. Reality sucks says:

          And… further down the line, the hoards of orchestrated (over valued) gold, either held or invested in by the citizens, will be confiscated at cost for the good of all, to replenish the stolen national supply and bring legitimacy to a dead currency and a nation’s “security”.

      2. Deep Thinker says:

        Nice try, but I doubt you even drove by a school, you make no sense at all. But I guess if you are gullible enough to support the fleecing of the middle class it shouldn’t surprise me that you make no sense

      3. Deep Thinker says:

        You know, the more I read your post, the dumber it gets. How does anything you posted make it acceptable for Wall Street goons to make millions of dollars for doing nothing……You seem to have taken something simple & used it for your own podium to shout down from….

  13. jth says:

    socialist dems will loose in 2012

    1. snowman says:

      Power to the people!

    2. Steve says:

      What will they “loose”? Their neckties? Shoelaces? Be more specific, please.

  14. Steve says:

    Love the guy with the pot print on his shirt, that sums them all up

    1. jo says:

      In what pleases you to call your mind.

    2. say what?? says:

      Using blanket statements and saying that the guy with the pot shirt sums them all up makes you look incredibly ignorant & clueless.

  15. snowman says:

    Just try to be innovative,and start your own company. Its impossible
    to get starup money from the banks

  16. dphilips says:

    Most of these people are not proud to be jobless Nobody is on unemployment
    because they want to be. Big corps have billions sitting on the sidelines,,
    refusing to hire. Its just about impossible to find a living wage job..
    Gender bias,age bias, not to mention race.

  17. snowman says:

    Everybody that heard Dave Lee mocking the movement on his show,
    should boycott WCCOs sponsors,and Emali the program director

    1. sid says:

      Why, were all mocking the movement.

      1. Joe says:

        “were”? You mean you WERE mocking it, and now are embracing it?

        1. Steve says:

          Not to mention the lack of a question mark. I guess good grammar and a proper education is the sign of a hippie/commie.

    2. Jake says:

      Well, after watching and listening to the ‘protesters’ for the past few days, I’d say that a great percentage of you are dumber than a bag of hammers. Slamming WDFL (oops, I mean WCCO) won’t help your cause. Having Jesse there didn’t help at all. Those who are trashing downtown Manhattan look and sound stupid. Wall Street is laughing at you all the way to the bank. What you should be doing is protesting the dems in the U.S. Senate at the U.S. Capitol.

      1. snowman says:

        Boycotting WCCOs sponsors will sure help rhe cause

  18. Citizen says:

    Having grown up in the 1960’s, I remember well the derogatory comments about the young people protesting in the streets about the Vietnam War. Many of them were returning vets from that war. Doesn’t matter the credentials of the people protesting, they will be reviled by the ignorant and the uninformed even as their exercise their Constitutional rights. They will be reviled by those who will ultimately benefit from their demonstrations of courage and their courage to put their values and beliefs out in public. Most people enjoy the passive/aggressive stance of complaining about the status quo in all things, but heaven help them if they would ever take a stand to make things better–just complain, be derogative, and point fingers. And then SLINK AWAY to hide in their holes. You go, protesters! Good luck. As the 4 student protesters learned at Kent State in Ohio, some of you may pay with your lives.

    1. Jenny says:

      get real…..what a joke

      1. Steve says:

        I love that this has been the extent of anti-99%ers responses. “What a joke,” “get a job,” ‘take a bath.” So utterly juvenile. Can’t believe we still try and include them in grown-up discussions…

  19. Phid says:

    Look at all the whities in the picture above – not a single person of color in sight. If the media is able to make comments about the Tea Party racial makeup (and draw unfounded conclusions), they we should the same not be done when the libs gather together? Remember, photos do not lie.

  20. Citizen says:

    These guys get free tickets to all Gophers games. GImme a break.

    1. Deep Thinker says:

      Free tickets to Gopher’s games are a form of punishment

    2. Citizen says:

      Ah, the fake “Citizen” again using my posting handle. Anyone who reads my posts know I don’t spew such nonsense.

  21. Krystal Stover says:

    I am not sure why the news keeps asking what we want. common sense would tell you first that laws are in place to protect the middle class in this country. We want affordable health care….we dont want to loose our house due to getting put in the hospital or laid off so the rich can make another buck! WE WANT THE SECOND BILL OF RIGHTS FDR WOULD HAVE GIVEN US SHOULD HAVE GIVEN US!!!

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