MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s official. The last week of nice weather marks the longest stretch of temps in the 80s, during the month of October, since 1953.

And hot temps mean big business for some Minnesota companies.

While a sign outside of Beiswenger’s hardware store touts “Snow is coming,” temperatures in the 80s suggest otherwise. Long lines indicate store customers are taking advantage.

“It’s great when it’s this kind of weather, cause then we get to work and make some money,” landscaper D.J. DeMars said.

Customers were out buying everything to help them with their outdoor projects — from lawnmower blades to deck stainer, even bird seeds.

Some of those not choosing home improvement projects are instead opting for a little “staycation.”

“No room at the Inn” has become a repetitive phrase for Old Jail Bed and Breakfast Inn-Keeper Kate Holland.

“Our weekends are all booked through Nov. 12,” Holland said.

Stunning views of fall foliage are drawing crowds to the Taylors Falls area by the masses.

Scott and Sue Peterson chose to spend their anniversary at the Old Jail Bed and Breakfast.

“Down here tonight, Taylors Falls, and then tomorrow, down in Stillwater,” Scott said. “We were lucky to find the last one at a little bed and breakfast down there.”

Peterson’s wife said they’re walking away from their weekend getaway with a little learning experience.

“Book early, plan in advance, something that I don’t do very well,” Peterson said.

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the perfect mix of rain and weather patterns is resulting in the best fall colors our state’s seen in 10 years.

The DNR’s website has a fall color report with a breakdown of where you can find the best foliage.

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  1. j speedbag 64 says:

    scott peterson……what the…….

  2. somy says:

    I like fall weather better than hot, summer weather. Give me low 60s anyday. These temps just mean winter is going to hit us before we know it.

    We also need rain. Weather forecasters act like this weather is awesome but we need rain. We are basically living in desert conditions.

  3. Don't doubt it. says:

    Climate change.