ALBERTVILLE, Minn. (WCCO) — An 81-year-old man has been charged in the killing a special education teacher in Albertville, Minn., and his son has been charged with being an accomplice.

Delbert Huber, of Paynesville, Minn., was charged with second-degree murder in the death of 43-year-old Timothy Larson, who taught at St. Michael-Albertville Middle School West. He was shot and killed over the weekend in Kandiyohi County.

According to the criminal complaint, Huber and his son were at the victim’s father’s residence last Friday. When Larson arrived, they told him that his father had hired them to do chores on the property while he was out of town over the weekend.

The charges state Larson asked them to move their machinery — which included tractors — off the property and not to come back until Monday, because he was planning to stay there over the weekend.

The next morning, the criminal complaint continues, they allegedly came back to perform chores. They confronted Larson about their “stuff getting busted up.”

Huber’s son Timothy Huber also believed he had $50 missing from his wallet and thought Larson had stolen it.

The complaint says Delbert Huber brought a rifle with them, and ordered his son to continue doing chores.

Delbert Huber told investigators that he became involved in another argument with Larson by their car that morning, and admitted to pointing the rifle at him.

“I thought I could scare him to get him to give the money back,” he told investigators.

Delbert Huber said he shot Larson, but according to the Kandiyohi Sheriff’s Office, he didn’t call them until late Saturday evening to tell them about the shooting.

Timothy Huber allegedly heard the gunfire and ran back to the car, but was told by Delbert Huber to keep working.

When deputies arrived at Larson’s farm in rural Burbank Township, they found him dead with what appeared to be a gunshot wound.

The victim’s father told police that he hired only Timothy Huber to do work, and not Delbert Huber.

Timothy Huber has been charged with liability for second-degree murder, as well as being an accomplice after the fact.

Delbert Huber was ordered held on $5 million bond, while Timothy Huber had bail set at $1 million.

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  1. red says:

    Lovely face- What an idiot and sad story

    1. d says:

      looks like elmer Fudd

  2. whatamug says:

    Popeye lives in MN apparently.

  3. Little John says:

    Now that’s a Halloween face if I ever saw one. Sad Larson got involved with these two idiots.

  4. Saddened up North says:

    They sound like trouble to me. Accusing Larson of busting things up and taking 50 bucks out of a wallet. They were looking for trouble. Sad thing is, someone had to die for the old mans stupidity.

  5. Guy says:

    Ah the next remake of “The Hills Have Eyes”

    (Just the face you wanted to see in a dark alley)

  6. sic sobs says:

    Wow – this is one sick and sad story
    I pray someone blows their friggen brains out …. by accident of course
    They have no reason to be walking the earth …. not a single one

  7. tragic says:

    he kinda looks like that hog they had at the Fair ‘cept he’s walking upright now.
    Someone dies over doing work and allegedly $50 ???? There was never stolen money there was a sick phuc with a gun and his kid needs to be chrarged with more too – he knew the gun was brought along.
    Like father like son ….. shoot ’em both between the eyes like slaughtering a hog

  8. Shirl Mann says:


    1. jackactionhero says:


      Were you one of his special education students? Yikes. Reading your comment made me weep for our society.

  9. Zing says:

    The father told the son not to worry and get back to work……..he had his eye on things.

  10. Marcus B says:

    Tea baggers for sure.

    1. Marcus A says:

      I saw those two protesting at the Occupy Wall Street rally in Minneapolis. They figured Larson was a “rich feller” and his money needed takin’.

      1. JNeg says:

        Funny how the convservatives never cause violence their rallys yet they get blamed for every violent act yet there is violence of some degre atevry liberal rally or protest and they are never equated to the violent acts. No liberal media bias there. And the poster above is definitely not brainwashed by all the liberal cool aide he has been drinking from MSNBC, CNN, ABC and NBC. Nope not at all.

        1. JNeg says:

          “degree at every”

        2. jackactionhero says:

          Dumbest Comment of the Day

  11. Michelle says:

    How sad that this poor guy had to run into these 2 crazy morons and lose his life because of it. What a waste. My heart goes out the the family.

  12. Guy says:

    Crack ho’s have too much class to “do” somebody that looks like this …

    1. JNeg says:

      The ignorance of America is shown fully in your post. How has Michelle B every shown she was a sl*t or Wh*re in anyway. She hasn’t, so your comment affiliating her with Be%st*ality is totally off base adn just flat out liable. I don;t suport her politically, but there is no reasy to associate her or anyone else with s#xu*l acts with animals. She also does not support killing anyone in cold blood, so to infer he was a follower of her adn therefor killing per her lead is also ignorant and unfounded. Please keep your foolish liberal rants to yourself. The only reason someone would be against conservatives, is becuse their policy ideas on moral issues. Liberal economic policy makes no sense, so the only reason anyone would support liberals is to be able to indulge in moral degredation and overlook the economic stupidity. So if conservatives are pushing for more moral policy why would they teach or encourage followers to kill other people. Any by the way the guy who got shot was ten times more likely to support Bachman or the Tea Party or the Conservative movement. Get a clue, educate yourself and please comment in a way that is oriductive to society, not insulting, unfounded and totally fulll of cr*p.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Nobody supports Bachmann.

        How old are you anyway? You write like you’re about 19 and dropped out of HS.

  13. Marlis says:

    Now theres a FACE for ya!!! How creepy!!! wouldn’t ever want to have to live anywhere near these two disgusting creep-os. That poor school teacher; that he had the terrible misfortune of encountering these two horrible men (they should never been allowed to walk among us) the prisons can have’m now and have to look at’m.

  14. dirt balls says:

    why burden the prisons? And make us pay the tab?
    let the friggen mutts out in a slug zone and the deer hunters will happily address the proper remedy
    My thoughts go out to his family …. and I heard the old man was a card carrying right winger, ain’t gonna take no ones bullchit kind of guy. Maybe Bachmann trained them to be anti-system and do my own laws by my book kinda cross training. Hope to he!! they aren’t card carrying NRA members…we dis-own them if so. lol

    1. JNeg says:

      Guess what. Most right wingers as you calll him believe the Bible and believe Thou shalt not kill. So I doubt what you heard is truth at all. Whay to spread hate and division though with heresaya nd something that is not a fact. This guy is just a hateful person who pulled the ultimate FAIL. His political stance has nothing to do with it. You ahve really drank alot of the MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC liberal cool aide if you believe that right wingers are like this. There are nut cases in all political movements. Conservatives just do a better job of keeping the nut cases out of political positinons. Liberal vote them into office as often as they can.

      1. JNeg says:

        Sorry for typos. Typing in a hurry.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          You should have just not bothered. You didn’t make any point.

          I think we have gotten your drift here that all democrats are bad, but all republicans are awesome. Got it.

          Now disappear already. Geez.

  15. KegHead says:

    St. Louis anyone?

  16. Tim P says:

    Poster children for the tea party.

    1. Jneg says:

      Your ignorace is not becoming. Not once has a Tea Party Movement encouraged or participated in violence. Just because they don;t wnat the goverenment regulating the number of breaths they breath doesn’t make them go shoot people. How many liberal protests include some sort of violence or defamation of property??? Almost everyone. Are there a few fringe nut jobs in every political of movement, group, idealogoy? Yes. Even if a couple nutties claim to affiliate with a certain group, if you look at the whole of the activities of teh group that is what you have to judge it on. Tea Party Members involved in violence – Few to None. Liberals Involved in violence – 100’s- 1000’s….basically every protest or rally they do. Are there nutty conservatives (tea party or not) sure there are some and we do not include them and we discourage their craziness whneever we can. Are there nutties in the libs camp? Yup and the libs do their best to get them in office or media popularity as fast as they can (Prez Obummber, Joey, Pelosi, Kennedys, Weiner man, Michael More the list goes on.). Just because you don’t like the tea party does not mean that you have to associate them with killers. If these nut jobs said they were tea party supporters, they probably were not welcomed by the tea party because this is totally against the ideals of conservatives.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        You are an idiot.

  17. Kent says:

    CCO just loves to put this picture up!

  18. Thug says:

    Dee + Dee= DeeDeeDee

  19. CITBOC says:

    PURE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Dana says:

    Wow. What a dumb decision to make. Now will spend the rest of their lives in jail.