ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Gov. Mark Dayton is in Washington for meetings related to his service on the National Governors Association Executive Committee.

Dayton’s Thursday schedule includes an afternoon meeting at the White House where he and other governors will meet with White House Chief of Staff to discuss jobs.

Dayton is also joining fellow Democratic governors for an afternoon meeting with House and Senate Democrats on the federal deficit reduction committee, and attending a lunch hosted by several governors and U.S. senators.

Dayton has kept a busy travel schedule in recent weeks. Since returning from a trade mission to Japan and South Korea less than two weeks ago, he also traveled to North Carolina for a Democratic Governors Association meeting.

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Comments (5)
  1. dan says:

    I’m sure Dayton will be “Neutral” on job creation!

  2. G.Young says:

    Is he sure it’s sfae to go back there?What if he’s still on the terrorists hit list?What an embarrassment.

  3. Daen says:

    Gov., Why don’t you just stay in No. Caralina. You aren’t doing anything good or important for us here in Minnesota anyway, All you’ve accomplished so far is to spend taxpayer money on foriegn vacations.

  4. bud says:

    With all this travelling for jobs, we should be seeing loads of them.

    Where are they Gov? What are the payoffs for all the money we are spending sending you on some wonderful vacations at the tax payers exense.

  5. Rock says:

    Governor Goofy at it again.

    I heard his latest great idea was to open a Big and Tall store in Japan.

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