ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Before moving to the Twin Cities, Matt Brickman thought he knew all about the Juicy Lucy. So, when he asked for your help finding the Best Burger in Minnesota, he expected to end up where the burger got its start.

Instead, your votes sent him to a place relatively new to the Juicy Lucy game, The Blue Door Pub in St. Paul.

“The legend begins in south Minneapolis, most point to Matt’s although the 5-8 Club is also in the running for an origin story,” said Jeremy Woerner, co-owner of the Blue Door.

The Blue Door has taken the simple idea of stuffing cheese in between two patties and run with it. Their flagship, the Juicy Blucy, is straightforward enough – blue cheese and garlic – but they stand out for their creativity.

“We’ve got a lot of combinations that no one else is really doing” said Woerner.

We’re talking egg, pineapple, pastrami, even peanut butter ends up on some of their burgers. 

Matt kept it relatively simple for his first “Juicy” – ordering the classic cowboy. Cheddar cheese stuffed between two Angus beef patties, then topped with more cheese, sandwiched between two giant onion rings & smothered in the Blue Door’s homemade BBQ sauce.

It’s a winning combination, if have plenty of napkins handy.

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  1. Darren says:

    I think the Juicy Lucy at Buffalo Tap in Savage is one of the best around!