MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Everyone can expect to pay more in property taxes next year, according to a new report by the non-profit think tank Minnesota 2020.

The report finds the average homeowner will see an increase of about 4.6 percent next year. Rental properties will go up about 7 percent.

The public policy group’s founder, Matt Entenza, said their findings are based on non-partisan data from the state legislature.

“The impact is hardest hit in communities like Brooklyn Center and Fridley and Columbia Heights and others that are post-war communities that have homes that are of slightly lower values and don’t have big, commercially-industrial bases,” Entenza said.

Entenza said communities are forced to raise taxes, not just because local aid has been reduced, but also because the homestead credit has been cut.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Someone has to pay for illegals and immigration…..suck it up….for mexcian immulsion…..chineese immulsion…..etc…….

  2. mt says:

    Immulsion? What are you talking about? Should have stayed in school, troller.

  3. Exp says:

    Worked so well for the state to cut, cut, cut, cut, didn’t it? Now it gets passed on to the property owners through property taxes. This effectively aggravates class gap because now low income areas don’t get as much state help for schools and infrastructure, and can’t collect as much property taxes so they have less money than more affluent areas. Way to knife in the kidneys 30 years of working to equalize education for all Minnesotans, politicos.



  5. Citizen says:

    During the debate about the budget and the state government shutdown, plenty of people predicted this would happen. The fact that the homestead credit was cut behind closed doors and not even reported to citizens, is even more despicable. There is, however, a bill to restore this credit. I urge everyone to contact their representative to see that it gets passed. Exp is so right in that inequality between wealthy school districts and poorer one (tax base-wise) is here. And, I predict, if any attorneys are paying attention, so is a civil rights lawsuit over that inequality.

  6. gdog says:

    The problem is they did not cut enough. Actually, they didn’t cut anything. So, we are stuck still paying for everything, nothing changed. Until this state/country gets serious about true reform, our taxes will continue to go up and there is no end in sight. If you really want everyone to do their fare share, they will stop collecting welfare and get out and get a job. And I’m sorry, but there are jobs out there, people just don’t like to go through the hassle of getting up everyday and going to work, it is much easier sitting back and collecting welfare and putting in a hard days work. And sorry, I do know what I’m talking about because I know many people on welfare that fit the description to a tee, they just don’t want to work. Trust me, those on welfare know how to work the system and as long as we allow it to go on, they will never get off and will continue to drain this country dry. Enjoy the higher taxes, they will never go away until we change our mindset in this country.

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