GOODHUE, Minn. (WCCO) — Authorities are investigating a fatal crash west of Goodhue, Minn. after one vehicle broadsided another along Highway 52.

The crash happened near the intersection with County Road 9 at about 7 a.m. Tuesday.

The Minnesota State Patrol reports that a 1998 GMC Sonoma was traveling eastbound along the county road and crossing Highway 52. The Sonoma was then involved in a broadside crash with a 2002 Volkswagen Golf.

One of the two drivers was killed in the crash. The condition of the other was not reported.

The intersection of Highway 52 and County Road 9 is where crews installed new high-tech signs that use video cameras and sensors to detect traffic, and then pass the information to lighted signs.

Comments (7)
  1. tom says:

    hiway 52 is nowhere near Goodhue, mn. I think they mean Googhue county

  2. bob says:

    CR 9 east off of Hwy 52 brings you directly to Goodhue, MN – no other towns between, aprox 10 mi.

  3. wondering - not really says:

    Wasn’t there another crash there late last week?

  4. Hey says:

    Yes, same intersection where two Illinois folks died earlier this month. Time to fix those electronic signs posted there or at least educate folks on what they mean.

    1. Monica says:

      I’m not familiar with that area, and you mention electronic signs, what are they for?

  5. Franklin says:

    Hiway52 & 9 are in Goodhue County. October 8th 2 died in the same intersection. While lives continue to be lost here we waste money on the intersection to NOWHERE in the middle of a field in Pine Island!!!!!!
    The time for study is over. This is a deadly intersection. We cant afford to wait 10-20 years to do something at this intersection.

  6. Obasuyi Ik Prince says:

    Getting involved with an accident is definitely an unlucky function but what goes on in the event the additional car owner ends up to get … The actual MIB will be funded through most generator insurers in britain…. Uk Car accident

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