SHEBOYGAN FALLS, Wis. (AP) — Police say bystanders subdued a would-be robber who attacked a female customer while trying to hold up a gas station in Sheboygan Falls.

Police Chief Steve Riffel says the 22-year-old suspect demanded money from the clerk at the Q-Mart late Tuesday night and pretended to have a weapon in his sleeve. The clerk refused to hand over any money, so the suspect attacked a 62-year-old woman standing in line. Riffel says the man dragged the woman out of the station and punched her in the face several times while trying to take her purse.

The Sheboygan Press says other customers came to the woman’s aid and held the man to the ground until police arrived.

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Comments (9)
  1. Pathetic human or rather animal says:

    I hope, I truly hope from the bottom of my heart, that they didn’t just hold this punk down but rather stomped him, bit off his ears and then sliced him up into ribbons before the police got that.
    Punching a 62 year old woman deserves this and more – Thank You and God Bless to all that took this punk down.

    1. just sayin says:

      Dang. You said it before I could. 100% spot on!

  2. Great job people says:

    A reflection of the society and lack of moral values that exist inside.
    Great job to all who grabbed this perp. And if you castrated him in the process I owe you a dinner. Nice work

  3. Kevin says:

    Leave the poor guy alone!

    1. Michael Clark says:

      Kevin?? What planet do you live on? He deserve to get the book thrown at him for attacking a 62 year old woman

  4. RaeRae says:

    Worst part is, he’s going to have to have a hearing, likely a public defender, and waste a whole bunch of taxpayers’ money even though he was caught and held immediately. Granted, it’ll be quick, but this is where the ancient law of ‘you steal, we cut off your hand’ would be nice.

    Really dude? You picked on an old lady? Real tough guy.

  5. Well I say says:

    give him a fair trial then execute him.

  6. Hocks and Balls says:

    His nards are in a pickle jar at the Skanky Bar on Broadway and Boozer. I wouldn’t recommend anything pickled there at this time

  7. Mayor Kelm says:

    The AfricanAmerican community call this behavior “Keepin it Real”..Al Sharpton & the rest of those geniuses will usually remain silent when crimes like this occur.

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