By Esme Murphy

MINNETRISTA, Minn. (WCCO) — A man died after getting trapped in a garbage truck early Wednesday morning in Minnetrista.

Officers from the Minnetrista Public Safety Department were dispatched to 1195 Sunnyfield Road N., and upon arrival found a 61-year-old man pinned in a hydraulic arm of a garbage truck.

The man was dead when officers arrived.

Police say they are looking into whether or not the worker had a medical emergency.

The case is still under investigation but police say there are no suspicious circumstances.

Esme Murphy

Comments (20)
  1. just sayin says:

    umm how did he end up in there is my ?

  2. jackactionhero says:

    Grow up. A man has lost his life.

    1. me says:

      Exactly….there are sick people out there…

    2. Hello says:

      I agree to this comment

    3. @jackactionZero says:

      And you lost your manhood

  3. Hello! says:

    Jeff~ Blame it all on Obama, I do not think so! I economy was bad even before he got in the office. Because of the wars and etc. Also how sad for that guy that was killed.

  4. My Prayers says:

    HELLO ~ I agree Obama is trying to fix the problems and it is hard cuz of so much debt we are in and they do not want to raise the tax prices on the rich so the rich get richer how sad and greedy. Will when the time comes and the world comes to the end those who are greedy will answer to GOD. My prayers go out to the family of this person that was killed.

  5. sometimes1001 says:

    Too bad garbage men don’t work in pairs any more. This wouldn’t have happened.

  6. Really people! says:

    A man who I personally know has lost his life. Have some respect. I pray his family doesn’t read some of the insensitive comments some of you have left.

    1. Ashley says:

      Well said. I am appalled by the ignorant and disrepectful comments left here by people who have no idea what they are talking about. A man lost his life and as a member of the Minnetrista community my thoughts and prayers are with his family.

      1. jan says:

        Me too, it’s awful to joke about something like this.

  7. seriously says:

    Oh, wonderful, another proof of how little human life is valued in our society.

    Personally, I think that if WCCO is going to have an open comment section, they could dish out a few bucks to pay someone to approve the comments before they are posted. It is very disrespectful to report on a person’s death and then put an open comment section below it where people are allowed to to be trashy.

    To the family, I am so sorry that you have lost your loved one. I am also sorry that the death of your father/brother/son/husband was commented on in such a disrepectful way. I hope that you can find peace in the knowledge that your loved one now walks with God.

  8. jackie says:

    This comment section needs to go away. Too many disrespectful comments.
    I’m very sorry to the family and friends who lost their loved one today. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. leslie dunlapo says:

    Mark was a nice man, owned this company, and this is a tragic accident. I send my love any prayers to his family, and will miss seeing his smiling face.

  10. Really people! says:

    I am glad to see inappropriate comments are being deleted. Not all ill conceived thoughts need to be published. His son worked with him, I just think how horrible it would be to come on here and read about my Dad in such a manner. To just sayin” you do know you can run a garbage trucks hydraulics from the back, right? Ever see the men get out, pick up the can pour the trash in and hit the switch to pack it in?

  11. Lena says:

    I am sickened by the ignorance I am reading!!!! What is wrong with you ppl? This man lost his life and his family lost a father and grandfather! Take your political junk elsewhere and show some respect! You ignorant ppl would be threatening lawsuits on the news station if this was about someone you cared about!!!! GROW UP AND GET A LIFE!!!!!!!

  12. Jake says:

    Same thing happened when Dan Wheldon got killed in that auto race in Las Vegas this past weekend. He had no chance. He never dissed anybody. Yet, the vitriol that was unleashed in blogs all across the country was unimaginable. He was a true gentleman, professional, father, and husband, not necessarily in that order. There is a certain segment amongst our population that is truly sick, and beyond help, who feast on the detriment of others. I can’t explain it, I can’t understand it, it is just sick. Some say these people should be put away, in a way I agree, but I could see how it could get out of hand.

  13. Carol says:

    My thoughts are with Mark’s loved ones. My husband & Ivery much liked, appreciated and respected Mark …he will be missed.

    Ed & Carol Matheson