EVELETH, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota’s taconite plants will get a smaller tax rebate than they were expecting.

The Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board voted Thursday to chop a taconite production tax reimbursement nearly in half. The five plants will get nearly $5 million instead of nearly $10 million they expected this year.
The money saved will go instead to public works projects on the Iron Range.

Rep. Tom Anzelc, D-Balsam Township, originally proposed completely eliminating tax break, which dates from the early 1990s and is meant to stimulate reinvestment in mining facilities. He calls it corporate welfare at a time when the mining companies are doing well.

The board voted instead to halve the rebate.

The Iron Mining Association of Minnesota says financing will now have to be re-examined for plant improvement projects.

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  1. pat says:

    Now half the welfare given out to the free loaders in this state. The so called “Non-Corporate Welfare recipients” and the tax payers of Minnesota would be freed of another unnessesary burden.

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