ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO/AP) — There is a new twist on a plan for a Minnesota Vikings stadium tonight and it involves a big giveaway.

A group of lawmakers teamed up Friday to suggest the state simply give the Metrodome to the Vikings, instead of building a new $1 billion stadium in the Twin Cities.

The Republicans and Democrats who want to do the Metrodome deal are strongly opposed to any public subsidy for a Minnesota Vikings stadium. They call it insanity, but stadium supporters are calling them “ridiculous.”

Leave it to the Vikings to unite the most liberal and conservative. Lawmakers in the state, they call the Vikings stadium subsidy “insanity.” They’re proposing to give the Metrodome to the Vikings for free.

“We are trying to offer an alternative because there is no sanity in this. Three-and-a-half to one the voters say no and the Ramsey County Board and the Capitol are talking about the largest subsidy in sports history?” said Democratic Sen. John Marty.

The 31-year old Metrodome is worth about $20 million. The Vikings would pay property taxes. The team would be permitted to renovate, retrofit or tear it down. But the governor’s point man on the stadium is not impressed.

Metropolitan Sports Facilities Chairman Ted Mondale calls the giveaway not thought out, and not helpful.

“I don’t know what to say. It’s one of the more ridiculous proposals that I’ve ever heard of. It doesn’t work,” Mondale said. “And why they are spending money and time and effort on this makes no sense. It’s not a solution.”

The lawmakers proposing the Metrodome giveaway said they are a reflection of how other lawmakers feel about a Vikings stadium, and a special session to pass it.

“We don’t want to take up a stadium. I think i speak for 90 percent of the legislature. We don’t think this merits the kind of urgency that would put it on top of everything else,” said Republican lawmaker Linda Runbeck.

One more interesting piece to this puzzle: The lawmakers Friday were all from Ramsey County, where a new Vikings stadium could be sited. They said there is little support among Ramsey County lawmakers for a stadium and predicted it will fail.

Vikings spokesman Jeff Anderson said the team isn’t interested. He says the Vikings remain committed to building a new, $1.1 billion stadium in suburban Arden Hills.

Gov. Dayton called the plan a distraction.

Dayton held a series of meetings this week as he pushes for a special session for lawmakers to vote on a Vikings stadium package. Dayton says he’ll keep meeting on the issue and hopes to release his own stadium proposal in early November.

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Comments (80)
  1. YA !!! THE ONE IN L.A. says:


  2. No taxes for a stadium says:

    re: Dayton … if brains were gunpower he wouldn’t have enough to blow his hat off.

    He used to drone on and on and on about being a people’s governor and talked about a people’s stadium, etc. Now he wants to stick the taxpayers over $650 million for his new rich pal’s playground.

  3. Cindy says:

    You really want the Vikings to leave?

    1. Tom says:

      @ Cindy

      The reason why this is a tough sell is that since that one year when the Vikings went 15 – 1 during the Dennis Green era. Since then the Vikings have been very so-so ever since. Now if the Vikings were a more proven winner then this wouldn’t be a tough sell. But it is very odd why the Vikings are willing to spend alot more money to build in Arden Hills rather than save money and build in Downtown Mpls. The Vikings must be getting some sweet deals in Ardin Hills.

    2. Carol says:

      Yes for the tenth time

    3. white says:

      Definitely yes, leave. The sooner the better.

    4. Walter says:

      Yes, with all my heart, yes.

  4. yo money says:

    650 million will pay by taxpayers? This is worst than people on welfare.

  5. Catilac says:

    I heard earlier today that their plan would be to sell Wilf the Metro Dome for $1.00 and he then can spend his own money remodeling how he sees fit. This seems to be a good alternative plan that would not cost taxpayer any additonal money.

    1. toomburger says:

      as much as I’d like to see a new stadium, this sure makes sense.

  6. Walter says:

    Terrible story:

    “…there’s strong public opposition to a current plan to build the new stadium on a suburban parcel in Arden Hills.”

    Dead wrong, we oppose our money being given to billionaires.

    The Vikings have these options:
    -Play in the dome.
    -Play at TCF stadium, it’s not used on Sundays.
    -Pay for their own damn stadium.
    -Move….if that helps them make more money.

  7. ray says:

    this plan cuts out the idea of public input. they are trying to push though a plan that cost the working person more in tax so that big money willbe made even richer.I think that if the vikings want to leave let then,they don’t put any food on my table ,but they do take it off.let mark dayton pay the tab. the people need their say,this is america not russia.if the public has to pay then we must get our say, not buch of milllionares.

  8. red says:

    The Vikes are pathetic and appear they will be for awhile so why in the heck would we want to spend our $ on a new stadium? The twins have been at least a bit more exciting in recent years and show some promise

    1. Nancy says:

      Ummmm…did you watch them at all this season??

      And based on their farm system and current talent…it ain’t gonna get any better.

  9. jan says:

    These comments show the truth–the majority of the people are strontly oppossed to public funding for a vikings stadium. There must be some reason the politicians are not listening. Could it be they smell money?

    1. I'm Just Sayin' says:


      These comments show that the liberal readership of this web site want to give more money to people who do not work and do not produce, but not to an organization that pays millions in taxes. It also show that the people that read this web site are really bad a math. The dome paid for itself FIVE TIMES OVER, what will this new facility do for Arden Hills and the North Metro?

      1. Guy says:

        I would suggest remedial reading. Your reading ability is subpar. The MAJORITY of comments on this site object to welfare – FOR ANYONE – poor or RICH.

        Its that simple.

      2. Walter says:

        If the dome paid for itself “FIVE TIMES OVER” why don’t they use THAT money to build a stadium.

        Because it didn’t and you are a liar.

        1. chad says:

          Exactly, Walter. Plus, they never rescinded the tax that was added 30 years ago to build that stadium either–we are still paying it! If these stadiums were such a sure-fire investment then private investors would be lined up to invest in them. They aren’t, so you can be certain they are not profitable.

      3. Tom says:

        @ I’m just sayin’

        They do work and do produce something called “Sports Entertainment”!!

      4. chad says:

        I am very conservative and I don’t want any tax revenue given to the Vikings so they can have a new stadium. Period.

      5. jan says:

        Then why are cities cutting firemen and policemen and cutting library hours? Why are so many bridges falling apart? I thought our tax money went to those things and to help out people who are unable to work, not people who don’t want to work.

  10. zippy w says:

    Someone should tell Zippy that moustaches went out of style 10-15 years ago.

  11. Vince says:

    Some thoughts:

    A win/loss record has NOTHING to do with a new stadium. This season will be long gone by the time the stadium is built. Two years ago, we were one win from the Super Bowl. Two years from now we may be there again. The win/loss/”Vikings Suck” argument is unintelligent and does not hold water.

    Some argue that other teams “make due” with what they have. Even the Packers and Bears recognized that there was tradition associated with playing at Lambeau and Soldier Field, and spent millions to upgrade the stadiums. Minnesota does not have that tradition, but a new stadium can establish that.

    Finally, non-Vikings fans…we get it. You don’t want tax-payer money spent on something you don’t participate in. Noted, noted, and NOTED. The fact remains that the final plan has not been published or approved. There is only a preliminary plan. All Minnesotans, Vikings fans or not, need to wait until the final plan is laid out before throwing the flag.

    1. Guy says:

      No; we SHOULDN’T “wait for the plan” … because the PLAN should be NO NEW STADIUM AT ALL.

      1. Vince says:

        You’re right, Guy. I’m sure if you tell the owners and legislators to just stop the process right now, they’d listen.

    2. Justin says:


      I really wish more people had the same opinion as you and me. This bothers me so much. All the people who scream and this page and post about not wanting to spend their tax money on a stadium need to wake up and smell the damn coffee. They act as though every tax dollar they’ve ever spent was for something they always approved of or didn’t mind paying money for. Ask the average tax payer out there, and they have no idea where a majority of all their tax money even goes. And seriously, we’re talking very miniscule numbers here when you think about how much a person would pay if the tax or whatever it be goes through. What, maybe $5 a person? Seriously, $5. I would be surprised if it even amounts to that.
      Absolutely ridiculous.
      And yes, the win/ loss record. Thank you for bringing that up. I remember 2 years ago there was a great deal of public support for a new stadium when they were winning, but the legislature was lacking and couldn’t realize that they would be in more of a pickle now so they shot all efforts down.

      UGH UGH AND UGH. Get it done. Shut the people up. If they cry about it, so what. They eat at McDonalds one less time each of the next few years.

  12. Michele says:

    The Metrodome site makes the most sense, at the least cost, with the most existing infrastructure, and the least risk. The Vikings are a statewide asset and any public involvement should reflect that and strictly limit any future risk to the taxpayers.

  13. Brandon says:

    Simple – no public money should be used for private enterprise. I don’t care who it is.

  14. JJ says:

    The Vikings pay $20 million annually in State and local taxes. A report from Convention, Sports & Leisure said a new stadium and the retention of the Vikings will generate $26 million annually in tax revenue.

    What’s the fuzzy math again on a 40 year lease?

    Local restaurants, bar, hotels, real estate and future new investments in this state. What I am missing?

    1. I have an answer to your question says:

      A brain.

  15. Swamp Fox says:

    Why wasn’t this old/new venue proposal brought forth years ago? At this rate, by the time all the political wrangling and location BS gets gets straightened out the Vikings will be history and long gone to the sunny climes. When are Minnesotans and the nitwits they elect going to learn that constant political squabbling only makes matters worse and more costlier in the end?

    As a taxpayer, I would say ‘ouch’ to a tax increase for the Vikings new Arden Hills venue proposal. BUT< there is money &/or revenues to be made by the state and local area if folks see the light of the future. What happened to vision and faith for a better life or prosperity etcetera that a dynamic public works project, like the new stadium venue could bring to the state?

    Remember folks, that if we subsidize this project we own it; the Vikings are just one, the main tenant, for a whole development of things to come. In the end, if wiser heads prevail, the revenue streams to the state will far exceed the initial subsidies. In the end it's a win/win situation for al Minnesotans. We have to see the light of the future and progress.

    Build the new venue and people will come. Don't build it and see the economic or political turmoil the resulting whirlwinds of stupidity that will wreak havoc on us all! THINK about it!

  16. brains says:

    build the stadium. you have to spend money to make money. oh my god, what about the taxes??? shut up morons

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      AMEN!!! Somebody sees the light! I hope the naysayers hear you. There’s money to be made. Why can’t Minnesota get in on the action? If only Marty and Runbeck could see this light.

      1. chad says:

        If there was “money to be made” this would’t even be an issue. Private investors would be lined up to buy shares. I believe you may be a shill for Ziggy?

    2. Walter says:

      But it’s a net loss. The money extracted from other sectors of the economy causes those sectors to become depressed. You lose those jobs and those tax revenues.

      Only a politician would take your money and tell you that you’re benefiting from it.

      Only a fool believes them.

  17. Guy says:

    @Vince (crummy website won’t take a response)

    I have … and MY rep has pledged that HE will not support ANY state money for a new stadium.

    Sounds like a lot of others are going to be following THAT “plan” as well.

    Bye bye Vikes – hope you like Cali

  18. JD says:

    People are so worried about public money going into this stadium. When the Vikes leave and the state looses that $20 million/year in tax revenue, how do you suppose they are going to make up for that? Oh…

    1. Walter says:

      I’ll repeat a previous post cause you obviously did not read it:

      It’s a net loss. The money extracted from other sectors of the economy causes those sectors to become depressed. You lose those jobs and those tax revenues.

      Only a politician would take your money and tell you that you’re benefiting from it.

      Only a fool believes them.

  19. JJ says:

    When Vikes leave town, I will take my money and business and leave town also, and I wont be the only one….. Minnesota will become another South/North Dakota or a Iowa.

    1. No taxes says:

      If I’m not mistaken North Dakota has the lowest unemployment in the country. I don’t think South Dakota or Iowa are doing that bad either. Not sure where you people get the idea that building a new stadium for billionaires is a good investment. How do you think they became so riich…..?

  20. Clark says:

    The Vikings Owner should fund any investment/expense with his own funds or borrow funds or raise needed funds thru shares of stock sale. If it does not make good business sense to do any of these funding options then it does not make good business sense period to invest in a new stadium.

    1. chad says:

      This is how its done…… Why dont people understand that an NFL team is an asset. The owners are offering up the 3rd largest contribution for a stadium in the history of the NFL…..

      1. Some asset says:

        Oh big whoop. So maybe it starts with the public paying the owner for the privilege of building him a new stadium. Next the public just pays for a stadium – 100% of it. Next, the public pays 90% and so on. Now we have Wilf, who’ so generously willing to allow the public to pay about 75% of it and you want to call him a saint?

        I don’t think so. This is a wonderful deal for Zygi and a terrible deal for MN.

        1. Justin says:

          Are you a fool? How can you say “big whoop”?

          If Zygi was offering 100M then okay. But no. He’s offering to pay more than $400M. THIRD largest contribution ever means something. I wish I could get something through your head but apparently there’s no brain in there to realize anything.

          Who pays for your local brand new city hall building? why don’t you find out and then get back to me. realize where your money is being spent even though you may not like it.

          1. Let's vote on who's the fool says:

            Look in the mirror – it will tell you who the fool is.

            Zygi will probably pay only about $250 million – remember, the NFL “might” pay $150 million WHICH COMES OFF ZYGI”S PORTION, NOT THE TAXPAYERS’ PORTION.

            The taxpayers will get stuck for at least $650 million in total – it doesn’t matter that $350 million comes from the local community and $300 million comes from the general fund – it’s still from the taxpayers of MN.

            Those FACTS alone take Zygi out of the “third largest” category and, what difference does it make anyway? Stupid is stupid. Being stupid enough to give a billionaire money for his personal enrichment is stupid regardless of how it compares to what other communities elect to pay their billionaires.

            Now who’s the fool? Still can’t decide? Fine, then let the voting public decide – yes, build it, or no, don’t build it.

  21. stupid says:

    Yeah follow around the vikings. Pick up your life and move because of a sports team. You must have alot of friends. Just saying…

  22. Minnesotan says:

    Buh-bye, Vikings. Don’t let the deflated dome roof hit you on your backside as you move out of the state.

    1. Justin says:

      you’re so funny. never heard that one before.

  23. IT says:

    The win/loss argument also does apply here. If your team is good you bring in fans, you bring in ticket sales, you bring in business to local businesses, you bring in money. When your team is not good you are not generating revenue as you are not bringing in the people. If a stadium is ever built the only thing the vikings will bring Arden Hills is bad news…it will just turn into another ghetto suburb and ruin one of the very few decent suburbs left north of the twin cities.

  24. SEE YA !!! LOOOOOSERS!!! says:


  25. JJ says:


    Its the micro economics that people dont understand, the small mom and pop stores, bars and services in the downtown will leave town. On 40yr lease at taxing 26 million a year brings in how much? my fuzzy math says over a billion….what a bunch of idiots….I must be talking to the same idiots who are protesting wallstreet..

  26. J says:

    still arguing this thing: three years ago I pointed out Pontiac, Michigan and the plans for Vancouver’s Metrodome as counterarguments to any suburban stadium. Rich STOP DEBATING and say ahhhhhhhhhhhh:

  27. Hello Cali? says:


    First off you dont know how much tax revenue you will bring in because a stadium is not built and those are only “estimates”. Secondly they want tax payers to produce half the over 1.1 Bil for the stadium that comes out to what 550 mil? so 550 mil divided by 26 mil comes out to 21.15. That means only after over 21 years the revenue from the stadium will pay for itself. I would rather invest my money elsewhere where there is a societal benefit other then throwing it to a bunch of millionaires and billiionaires

  28. mike says:

    Hey everyone, let’s not forget the Vikes or not just a professional team, but also a vital role in our state’s economic sector! I for one just happen to work at the Metrodome being part of the security on the field. That’s one of my jobs that I have had there for nearly six years, besides letting alone the fact that I’m one of big die-hard fans to the Vikings, and had even once dated one of the Vikings’ Cheerleaders within my tenure working at the Dome. So let’s all stop fuming with each other over the silly rhetoric regarding the team and the NFL’s stringent political views and let’s think vigorusly about the future of our state and the economic status. This could be your job and future that may depend on this too!

  29. JJ says:

    @Hello Cali

    26 million a year is from vikings only….I think you have to ask yourself how much tax revenue would be lost when they leave town? and what other taxable businesses that would also leave town too…how about the lost of future investments and taxes over the next 50 years. Its more then 11 players playing the game of football we are talking about…….

    1. Walter says:

      I’ll repeat a previous post because you obviously did not read it:

      It’s a net loss. The money extracted from other sectors of the economy causes those sectors to become depressed. You LOSE those jobs and those tax revenues.

      Only a politician will take your money and tell you that you’re benefiting from it.

      Only a fool believes them.

  30. DJones says:

    why is it when the going gets tough some of your legislative leaders stick their head in the sand ? Its sad you haven t resolved this yet. Build it it does make sense .It puts alot of people back to work !!!

  31. LaW says:

    for a state tht is so far in debt this shouldnt even be a topic of disgussion…if they want a new field keep it where it is and they pay more of the money to do it because tax payers are footing enough on our backs let alone putting more on the tax payers backs, we cant keep loading more on top….NO TO A NEW STADIUM and if they dont like it let them leave!!!..nothing at all wrong with offering them where they are the stadium for free, Unless of course someone will whine more (again) to get their way..stop the nonesense and START listening to the PEOPLE..

  32. Jason says:

    Wow! to think it took this long to print what everyone has had on their mind. Use the metrodome or leave already! Remember just three months ago our state was shut down due to lack of money.

  33. shawn sommer says:


  34. lzzrdgrrl says:

    The only important issue for the State of Minnesota is how much of State GDP is going to cover the interest on incurred state debt. Did everybody forget what happened last july? The government shut down because the operating budget exceeded funds available. Again. Money was borrowed from somewhere to reopen shop and nothing was fixed. Foodling around with a 1.1 billion dollar bonding issue among other things solves nothing and brings us closer to the day when the debt coming due exceeds all state funds and income available to pay it……

    Then Minnesota goes bankrupt………

    Time to throw everything into the fire. Light rail, education, public pensions,,,,,, the stadium. ahh…. the Vikings. Chop their purple heads off and watch the monkeys dance. It’s not that they’re that much, but they make a great example and warning for others. It’s the big picture here, that’s why you gotta do this…….

  35. james2 says:

    No, that works. Simple. Let’s not overthink this.

  36. Ken Alverson says:

    Why can’t Minnesota just buy the team instead of paying for a new stadium. Money spent that way insures the team will never leave or demand a new stadium again for all time. Please all tax payers get the benifits from owning the team instead of one guy.

  37. rockfish says:

    I am glad the adults see the long term benefit to getting this done. I look forward to the first game there. BTW, the NFL does not allow public ownership anymore. Not a solution.

  38. Pat says:

    Small thinking, Minnesota. The Vikings are on their way out. Maybe North Dakota will pick them up!

  39. No says:

    No to ziggy. No to vikings

  40. TW says:

    I don’t know who reads these messages other than the (often weird) people who write them but having the vikings stay in town is a good thing. The problem is who pays for it. I am opposed to any public support forced upon the citizens. However I think those people and businesses who receive benefit from the team should be the ones who help assure its success. Why not sell shares in the new stadium or require all games are only on cable TV with pay for view. Include all concessions and memorabilia profits are used to the benefit of the patrons; not Zippy. If Ramsey County is forced to pay up like Hennepin’s additional sales tax is paying for the Twins stadium perhaps the Vikings should be required to rename the team “Ramsey County Vikings”.

  41. hey wally says:


    Will these same sectors even exist when the vikings leave town?

  42. richard says:

    Ziggy should “man up” and pay for the damm thing himself. If he can’t he should partner up with some of his billionaire friends, if he can’t do that, he should go to the banks and get a loan(s) like other businessmen do. Afterall, how many times have we heard that pro sports is a “business”. Also, a lot of these people whine about poor people on welfare but they don’t have a problem with “corporate we;fare” for billionaires.

  43. Pavel says:

    The Vikings don’t want it because they can’t get enough “freebies”. They want a big piece of property free that they can develop and make bundles of money by land development. In addition they want “tailgating” and all the money from parking. Right now they make nothing on parking. It is all about money!

    This new idea is the only sensible solution. All the transportatioin, parking, etc. is there.

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      The Wilf’s won’t get anything for free if cooler astute heads prevail. Until I final offer/proposal in stone is put before all concerned then all the BS spoken on this thread is for naught!!!

      There is money to be made by all especially the state and metro governmental and business communities. REMEMBER, if the state subsidizes this venue and development, in any way, shape or form, then the people own it in the end. Think about it! The state will make money or lose it depending how “intelligently” they work this whole deal out.

      Just think Pavel of the revenue streams that can be had for the state coffers. The people will gain if they plan ahead and not squabble over the present mess this situation is in. Think about it! If the Vikings leave Lutefiskville we all suffer in the end in more ways than our present selfish ways. Think about that!

      1. Dome's a Deal says:


        Remember that at this time the new stadium will only host 10 games a year. The Dome hosted around 100 – or 10 times the number of games. Vikes 10 games. Twins approx 80 games, MN Gophers about 10 games.

        Maybe if the new stadium was built to hold 200,000 fans and sold out each of the 10 games, maybe it would stand a chance. Other than 10 games from Sept to Dec – what revenue will it bring??? They gripe over the loss of money at the Dome for high school play-offs – would be even worse at TCAAP Field.

        As others have pointed out, if this deal made business sense, Ziggy would have partners lined up. At this point he’s just looking for a corporate hand-out. Exactly what the OWS folks are protesting.

        Ziggy is looking for $300 million from the state – that’s about the Dome’s book value. He didn’t specify cash.

  44. thefacts says:

    For those that feel this will create jobs and produce I would start doing some research with a real financial analyst/ planner/ accountant, because the fact is a new field no matter where it is put will be no gain. It will never pay for itself before they want a new one.

    As far as those that do not work, the fact is that there are “not’ enough jobs out there for everyone to work. Another thing you can research. 25% of America is out of work and counting and even hiring people to build a stadium will only create builder jobs temporarily and again, it won’t pay for itself. Also, what about those that already work at the dome? Lay them off and hire new, how does that benefit?

    There are also people here complaining about welfare again, another fact: You cannot get welfare in the state of MN unless you are working or have a “brand new” baby and then you are limited to an early age that you are to return to work.

    In addition, what happens when people are just giving away their tickets again and not buying because we have had such a terrible team in the last 20 years. Okay, we had one exception, the first year Brett Favre was here, so what…

    We should not have built a stadium for the Twins either. They are all rich enough to do it on their own and not one of these stadiums pays for itself in a persons lifetime.

    Personally, I think it is pathetic that any team would ask the average person trying to budget to pay for a stadium while they all run around without a care. It shouldn’t matter if you are working or not, they can all pay for a stadium themselves.

    There also was a person here that did not seem to have an idea that this stuff goes on every day at the White House and at the MN state Capital, along with all of the rest of the State Capitals, it does. This is also why people are marching on the streets right now.

    If you want facts, look them up.

    1. Swamp Fox says:

      “If you want facts, look them up.” Practice what you preach. I can’t the hard rock facts that you are spouting what are your sources for your nonsensical commentary? Put up or be quiet. There is too much misinformation about this issue already!!!

  45. Swamp Fox says:

    [Note: Corrected for typos.]

    “If you want facts, look them up.” Practice what you preach. I can’t find the hard rock facts or sources that you are spouting off about or alluding to. What are your sources for your nonsensical commentary? Put up or be quiet. There is too much misinformation about this venue issue already!!!

  46. grint says:

    Leave this state if you hated the Mn Vikings… packers sucks.

  47. Lee says:

    It seems (at this point in time) that the Vikings will leave MN. I hope history accurately reflects that the Republican MN legislature’s refusal to raise taxes on the state’s wealthy, and robbing the schools led to the backlash against subsidizing millionaires at taxpayer’s expense. Had the MN tax revenue collection been balanced, we’d now be talking a bout a bipartisan financing solution.

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