EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says a photo of a cougar taken in Juneau County is legitimate.

The agency says two DNR wildlife biologists verified the photo, taken by a trail camera Sunday night.

The DNR says the photo shows a young adult cougar moving against a nighttime background of native grasses. The camera was located more than two miles north of Mauston.

DNR officials learned of the photo on Friday. The landowner hadn’t checked the camera for several days, but a time stamp establishes when the photo was taken.

DNR wildlife biologist Adrian Wydeven says it’s likely a male cougar in search of new territory.

It’s the seventh time a trail camera has captured a cougar in Wisconsin, although three of the instances probably involved the same cougar.

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Comments (15)
  1. Murph says:

    Way back in the late sixties,early seventies I reported a cougar near Zimmerman ,Mn .The DNR told me I saw what was probabaly a deer!! I replied to the guy on the phone” you know that deer had a world record long tail on it”..and hung up! The DNR is out there to write tickets and observe people!!!.It is the people who are out there to observe nature! It’s time the news people realize who the experts really are!There is more out there than they want you to know!Observe a cedar swamp long enough and you will see what they don’t want you to ever see,bring a camera.! What they want you to think is fantasy follows you a few yards out and fewer yards behind,take it to the bank! Not talking cougars here!

    1. insignificant says:

      i hear ya murph…here in wisconsin the DNR always said,’there aint no cougars in wisconsin”, and i’ve personally seen one myself…DNR seems to have a listening problem for the people who actually get out in the wilderness,eh?

      1. Spot On says:

        Their next denial is that it is someone’s loose pet. They will never recognize that their are still wild cougars in MN & WI. What a joke.

  2. Murph says:

    There is but ONE refridgerator freezer,maybe two in the wild.A cave or a cedar swamp! In the cave the ice will be far back,be it in sandstone or limestone! In the cedar swamp it is inches below the mushy surface! Don’t be afraid,you are not walking inches from water.In a cedar swamp you are walking on 3 iches or more of spongy lichen roots! A few inches below that is permafrost! Whatever the DNR does not want you to find is right THERE! Wether they know it or not,there are those who do know what secrets are down there! The proof,the dna,the bones are all there for the finding.Be not afraid for the danger is all out of proportion to reality! It is mothers nature ‘s gift to those who refuse to acknowlege it! Truth can be and often is stranger than you think.There are those who prefer it that way,for whatever reason! We call it government!

    1. fred says:

      dude….drop that reefer and step away from the mushrooms

    2. Jan says:

      I get you Murph. Now I’m going to have to go find a cedar swamp and see what’s down there! (There are no caves near me.) You got me thinking, that’s for sure.

  3. Jake says:

    That’s a big puddy tat. Somebody has been feeding this one well.

  4. Fed Up says:

    I think “Murph” has been living in the woods and eating wild mushrooms for a bit too long.

  5. Yuuuuuup says:

    Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

  6. Watch out says:

    I think that is my mother in law on the prowl,

  7. Here to Stay says:

    Why does the DNR always seem to say the cougar is looking for new territory, that they’re just passing through? So as not to frighten anyone? I think everyone knows that cougars are here and are not going anywhere. Why lie about it? Why not educate everyone on how to stay safe in a cougars ‘territory’? How long will it be before some hiker is mauled, or some kid is killed?

    1. jimbo says:

      Probably a hundred years before someone is mauled. Look up the stats buddy. Let them be. Every right to live here as we do.

      1. Here to Stay says:

        I’m with you there – they have every right to live here. I think education is the key – quit denying thay there are cougars around here and educate the public on how to behave in a cougars territory, so it’s less likely someone will be hurt by one. People have lived around grizzly bears out west for how many years? I think we can live with cougars.

  8. Russ says:

    Any one even think about the mouse that big boy is huntin?

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