MARQUETTE, Mich. (AP) — A federal judge in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is threatening to have a Minnesota woman arrested if she doesn’t appear in court for a littering violation at Isle Royale National Park.

Judge Timothy Greeley says Ginger Postells has been given more than a year to take care of the matter but has missed at least two court hearings. The next is Nov. 8 in federal court in Marquette.

Postells of Braham, Minn., is accused of littering at an Isle Royale campground in July 2010. The government says $225 would have closed the case, but Postells hasn’t paid.

She couldn’t be reached for comment. There is no phone number listed for her. Isle Royale is a national park in the northwest corner of Lake Superior.

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Comments (12)
  1. jan says:

    She should be arrested. Some people think the laws don’t apply to them and they can do whatever they want because other people aren’t as important as they think they are.

  2. jld says:

    I’d like to know more about this case; if she was CAUGHT littering (at the exact moment it happened), why not just ask her to pick it up? If she was asked and refused, I can see the reason for the fine, but then again, how much did she leave behind? $225 seems quite high for littering, but since the story doesn’t say for sure, maybe it was more than just a gm wrapper or cigarette butt? While I believe she should be held accountable, shouldn’t authorities spend time going after rapists and murderers? There’s too much of this story missing to come to a logical conclusion about what should or shouldn’t be done.

  3. bubba55124 says:

    Lock her up!!!! If you treat the land like a dump,you belong in jail.

  4. Kenny G says:

    Yeah, that would be a great use of taxpayer dollars. Retrieve, arrest, incarcerate, feed, provide lawyer…how stupid is this judge?

    1. Well then says:

      I guess we shouldn’t do anything then, right?

  5. Kent says:

    I hate litterbugs. Especially the idiots that trow their fast food bags out the car window. That’s when I wish I was a cop.

    1. Exp says:

      Those and lit cigarette butts out car windows. If it stinks up your car too much, then don’t smoke. Especially in this dry weather, they end up in the ditch starting a fire that we have to pay to have put out, and/or damages people’s land/house which costs THEM money to fix.
      I agree that we need more info on what’s going on here, but she should have just cleaned up after herself. It’s not that difficult.

  6. Kayla says:

    It seems pretty obvious that this woman is irresponsible. She litters in a national park, misses two court dates, and all she had to do is pay the fine. She has brought this entirely on herself. She deserves all the penalty she receives.

    Furthermore, I live in the UP. Many people come to camp, fish, etc. If every one of them was littering, this place would be a dump. You can say its a waste of taxpayer dollars to prosecute this woman, but isn’t it also a waste of money to have to find someone to clean up after litterbugs like this woman.

    This woman should step up and take care of her responsibility. Its pretty clear she thought she could run home and never have to think about it again.

    1. Funlife says:

      Everyday there are comments from people that say they live 100’s and 1,000 of miles away, do you people scroll every cities news outlets for stories to comment on?

  7. Walter says:

    If this is what the cops and courts spend their time on, we have too many cops and too many courts.

  8. Yes!! says:

    I’m glad they aren’t letting this thing blow over. People need to be shown that the no littering law is to be taken seriously.

  9. Good neighbor says:

    If you would take a look at Ginger Postells you would not want her in your jail. I have no doubt the litter fell directly off her body. This thing is no less than 450 lbs and bathes one per year.

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